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20-30 July 2005


IRAQ Faces Deadlock On Charter
Washington Post – United States
BAGHDAD, July 30 — Factional leaders moved closer to a deadline for completing
Iraq’s new constitution Saturday without resolving their toughest dispute,
and …

TWO Britons die in Iraq as bomb blasts convoy
Guardian Unlimited – UK
A roadside bomb blew up beside a British consulate convoy in the southern
Iraq city of Basra yesterday, killing two Britons working for a private
security firm …,2763,1539677,00.html

REPORT: Terror Suspect Angry About Iraq War – Chicago,IL,USA
… newspaper in Rome reported Hussain told investigators that the plot
was to “sow terror,” not to kill and was motivated by anger about the
US-led war in Iraq. …

IRAQ Dances With Iran, While America Seethes
New York Times – United States
… go home. Iraq’s prime minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, left, getting a
helping hand in Iran from President Mohammad Khatami. It was …

ISLAM to Be Basis for Iraq Constitution
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
CAIRO, Egypt — The framers of Iraq’s constitution appear likely to enshrine
Islam as the main basis of law in the country — a stronger role than
the United …


LIST of Ohio casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan
San Jose Mercury News – United States
Christopher P. Lyons, 24, of Mansfield, died when his company came under
attack by small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades in western Iraq.

SUICIDE bomber kills 25 army recruits in northern Iraq
San Diego Union Tribune – United States
BAGHDAD, Iraq — A suicide bomber wearing a belt of explosives blew himself
up among Iraqi army volunteers in a town near the Syrian border Friday,
killing as …

THE Iraq war returns to US living rooms, as a television drama
Independent – London,England,UK
… It says something about our own era that the most visceral rendering
of the conflict in Iraq now being delivered to American households is
in the form of …

STATE loses 2 soldiers in Iraq
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Milwaukee,WI,USA
Two men who shared common attributes of dedication, leadership and patience
have been killed carrying out their military duties in Iraq, sending grief
through …

SUICIDE Bomber Attacks Army Recruits in Northern Iraq
New York Times – United States
BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 29 – A suicide bomber wearing a vest laden with explosives
blew himself up outside an army recruitment center in a remote northern
village …


US opening door for big pullback from Iraq
Sify – Taramani,Chennai,India
Washington: The US is laying the groundwork for a “substantial” withdrawal
of forces from Iraq beginning as early as next year, provided there is
clear …

US condemns killing of Algerian envoys in Iraq
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
WASHINGTON, July 28 (Reuters) – The White House on Thursday condemned the
killing of two kidnapped Algerian envoys in Iraq and promised to help
find those …

LIST of Michigan casualties in Iraq
Detroit Free Press – United States
… Michael Pedersen, 26, formerly of Flint, was one of six soldiers killed
in the crash of an Army Black Hawk helicopter April 2, 2003, during a
fire fight in Iraq …

IRAQ war explodes on the small screen – United Kingdom
The American love affair with the mini-series faces its ultimate test with
the launch of a gritty drama about the ordeals of soldiers in Iraq. …

SECURITY Costs Slow Iraq Reconstruction
Washington Post – United States
Efforts to rebuild water, electricity and health networks in Iraq are being
shortchanged by higher-than-expected costs to provide security and by
generous …


TOP US general says troop withdrawal from Iraq possible in 2006
San Jose Mercury News – United States
By Tom Lasseter and Mohammed al Dulaimy. BAGHDAD, Iraq – US Army Gen. George
W. Casey, the top US commander in Iraq, said Wednesday …

WORLD condemns killing of Algerian diplomats in Iraq
Xinhua – China
… July 28 (Xinhuanet) — Leaders of international groups and countries
Wednesday condemned the assassination of two Algerian diplomats by al-Qaida’s
wing in Iraq …

TIMING of cuts in Iraq outlined
Houston Chronicle – United States
WASHINGTON – The US military is planning a major redeployment of its forces
in Iraq in hopes of sharply reducing the number of American troops there
within the …

DEMOCRATIC candidates tout Iraq war experience
USA Today – USA
But if Democrats could design a dream candidate to capitalize on national
distress about the war in Iraq, he would look a lot like the tall, telegenic
Marine …

US failures ‘fuel Iraq militants’
BBC News – UK
A prestigious US political research body has accused the US government
of giving impetus to Iraq’s insurgency through a lack of post-war planning.


SUMMIT Set On Charter for Iraq
Washington Post – United States
… US officials in Washington said the gathering will take place Thursday
and Friday, if enough leaders — particularly members of Iraq’s Sunni
Arab minority …

IRAQ developments
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – MN,USA
… Syria rejected as “baseless” US and Iraqi accusations that it was not
doing enough to prevent extremists from crossing its border into Iraq.

IRAQ is a factor, admits Blair
Hindu – Chennai,India
LONDON: For the first time, British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Tuesday
grudgingly acknowledged Iraq as a factor behind terrorism, but he insisted
that …

PM visits troops in Iraq
ABC Online – Australia
… But earlier, he made a dramatic whistlestop tour to Baghdad and to
southern Iraq, where he thanked Australian troops for their efforts in
helping Iraqi forces. …

‘OVER There’ brings the Iraq war home
USA Today – USA
By Robert Bianco, USA TODAY. Setting a TV series in Iraq while the war
still rages is a risky and, some have said, a presumptuous proposition.


IRAQ’S constitution drafting on track after Sunnis end boycott
Xinhua – China
BAGHDAD, July 25 (Xinhuanet by Jiang Xiaofeng, Jamal Hashem ) — Iraq’s
Sunni Arab constitution writers agreed to sit at the drafting table again
in the run-up …

ALGERIA pulls staff out of Iraq
BBC News – UK
Algeria has withdrawn all its diplomats from Iraq following the kidnap
of two of its staff last week. “I can confirm that there …

HOWARD’S surpise Iraq
Advertiser Adelaide – Adelaide,South Australia,Australia
OPPOSITION Leader Kim Beazley has praised Prime Minister John Howard for
visiting Australian troops in Iraq but says the government should be working
on an …

BRITISH Muslims link London terrorist bombings to invasion of Iraq
CBC News – Canada
LONDON (AP) – A majority of British Muslims believe Prime Minister Tony
Blair’s decision to join the US-led war in Iraq was one of the reasons
behind terrorist …

HANOI Jane takes on Iraq war with US bus tour
Guardian Unlimited – UK
Hollywood star and activist Jane Fonda is planning to take a bus tour across
America to call for an end to US military operations in Iraq in a move
that has …,2763,1536158,00.html


SUNNIS to End Iraq Charter Boycott; Bomb Kills 25
New York Times – United States
BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 24 – With just three weeks to go before an important
deadline for the new constitution, Sunni Arab leaders said Sunday that
they were ready …

CANDOR welcome in assessing Iraq
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) – GA,USA
… Only half of Iraq’s police battalions are even partially capable of
operating against insurgents; the other half still has no fighting capability
whatsoever. …

IRAQ to draft constitution despite boycott
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
Iraq will finish writing a new constitution and hold elections at the end
of the year even if the country’s once dominant Sunni minority continues
to boycott …

THE Story of the Iraq Museum
Scientific American – USA
… When American troops entered Baghdad in April 2003, hordes of looters
rushed into the Iraq Museum, repository of the world’s greatest collection
of …

ENERGY beam weapon may lower Iraq civilian deaths
USA Today – USA
WASHINGTON — Troops in Iraq will soon be shooting an experimental weapon
that fires an invisible beam of energy instead of bullets to repel insurgents


IRAQ condemns terror bombings in Sharm e-Sheikh
Jerusalem Post – Israel
The Iraqi government Saturday condemned the string of car bombings at an
Egyptian Red Sea resort and wished Egyptian authorities success in defeating
“the …

AL-QAEDA in Iraq claims Algerian kidnap
The Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Al-Qaeda in Iraq says it has kidnapped the chief of the Algerian mission
in Baghdad, according to an internet statement. “Algeria …

IRAQ’S Guerrillas: Tougher, With Expanded Goals
New York Times – United States
… The danger is that the violence could overwhelm the intensive American-backed
efforts now under way to draw Iraq’s Sunni Arabs into the political mainstream

IRAQ: This is now an unwinnable conflict
Independent – London,England,UK
The war in Iraq is now joining the Boer War in 1899 and the Suez crisis
in 1956 as ill-considered ventures that have done Britain more harm than
good. …

VIEW: Make politics, not war, in Iraq —Jeffrey Sachs
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
The United States is once again learning the limits of military power.
In Iraq, America has unrivaled control of the air, but can’t hold the
ground. …


THORNY Issues Remain on Draft Of New Constitution for Iraq
New York Times – United States
BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 22 – With only about three weeks left before the parliamentary
deadline for the draft of a new constitution, a senior Western diplomat
in …

DANGER stalks diplomats in Iraq
London Free Press – Canada
… The chief of Algeria’s mission in Iraq, charge d’affaires Ali Belaroussi,
62, and another Algerian diplomat, Azzedine Belkadi, 47, were abducted
along with …

BOMB attacks in London not just about Iraq
Taipei Times – Taiwan
… The issue that divides them is, once again, the Iraq War. … Now the
question is forced by the London bombings: what role, if any, did the
invasion of Iraq play? …

QUESTIONS over NZ security in Iraq
TVNZ – New Zealand
The US embassy in Wellington says it’s not able to confirm reports that
the security of New Zealand civilians in Iraq has been reduced. …

FORT Stewart soldier, Georgian killed in Iraq
San Jose Mercury News – United States
A Navy petty officer from Georgia and a sergeant based at Fort Stewart,
Ga., have been killed in Iraq. The Defense Department said …


IRAQ: Algerian diplomat abducted by gunmen
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – MN,USA
BAGHDAD — Masked gunmen abducted Algeria’s top diplomat in Iraq on Thursday,
witnesses said, nearly three weeks after Al-Qaida in Iraq kidnapped and

ALGERIA’S Top Envoy Is Abducted in Iraq
Washington Post – United States
BAGHDAD, July 21 — Algeria’s top diplomat in Iraq was abducted Thursday
by masked gunmen, witnesses said, nearly three weeks after the group called
al Qaeda …

THE Britons ask why Iraq war has not made us safer? – London,UK
… They have seen how the majority of people around the world – particularly
outstanding in Britain’s massive anti-war rallies – opposed the war on
Iraq, how that …

IRAQ forces ‘not ready to fight rebels’ – United Kingdom
The Pentagon has given a stark assessment of the state of Iraq’s fledgling
security forces, concluding that only a “small number” of units are capable
of …

ITALY votes to keep troops in Iraq
CNN International – USA
ROME, Italy (Reuters) — Italy’s lower house of parliament has voted to
keep troops in Iraq at least until the end of the year, approving the
latest in a …


KILLING halts work on Iraq constitution
Houston Chronicle – United States
BAGHDAD, IRAQ – The Iraqi National Assembly’s rush to finish a new constitution
by mid-August ran into more trouble Wednesday when the drafting committee’s

IRAN’S Lari terms meeting on Iraq successful
IranMania News – Iran
… “Given that Iran has been deeply involved in the issue, placed special
focus on Iraq’s security from the beginning and suffered from the failure
to control …

WAR charges add to Blair Iraq woes – Australia
TONY Blair faced further pressure over the Iraq war yesterday as war crime
charges were laid against three British soldiers and opinion polls confirmed
that …,10117,15995144-38200,00.html

THE Iraq war is over, and the winner is… Iran
Salon – USA
Hamstrung by the Iraq debacle, all Bush can do is gnash his teeth as the
hated mullahs in Iran cozy up to their co-religionists in Iraq. By Juan
Cole. …

SURVEY: Morale Improving Among Soldiers in Iraq
Washington Post – United States
Morale among US soldiers in Iraq has improved since the start of the war
in 2003, and the soldiers’ suicide rate dropped by more than half last
year, according …

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