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March 11 2005
Suicide attack in Iraq kills 47
The Tribune – Chandigarh,India
… The local television asked people to give blood while the local Sunni Muslim leadership, fearful of reprisals, urged calm in Mosul, which is Iraq’s third …

Victims of Iraq suicide bombing buried
Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… As politicians put the finishing strokes on the written agreement that will form a coalition government and convene Iraq’s first democratically elected …

Senate Halts Iraq Intelligence Investigation
NPR (audio) – Washington,D.C.,USA
… The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee says the probe into whether the Bush administration manipulated pre-war intelligence on Iraq’s weapons of …
Medics saw war up close in Iraq
Boston Globe – USA
… Staples and Veiga are medics, trained at Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing, who recently returned home from a year in Iraq with the National Guard’s 118th …

US joins efforts to free Pinoy hostage in Iraq
Sun Star – Philippines
Tarongoy’s abductors set a deadline of 11 pm Friday (8 am, March 12, Manila time) for government to pull out Filipino troops and contract workers from Iraq. …
Iraq’s political wrangling
BBC News – E,UK
By Jim Muir. Nearly six weeks after the general elections in Iraq, the country is still waiting for the formation of a new government. …
CHRONOLOGY-Major bomb attacks in Iraq
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… Friday. Feb 1, 2004 – Two suicide bombers kill 117 and wound 133 in offices of the Kurdish two main parties in Arbil, north Iraq. …
UK went to Iraq war on one page of legal advice – London,UK
The UK went to war in Iraq on the basis of a brief, nine-paragraph summary of advice on the legality of the invasion, Britain’s top civil servant said. …

Physicians condemn failure to count Iraq casualties
Financial Times – UK
The US and Britain should to set up a commission to assess the number of civilian casualties in Iraq, an international group of doctors said in a statement on …
Bush names Afghan as top envoy in Iraq
Kansas City Star – MO,USA
… A US diplomat who has worked with reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan is President Bush’s choice to be the new American ambassador to Iraq, an administration …

US army held eight-year-old in Iraq prison
Independent Online – South Africa
Children held by the United States army at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison included one boy who appeared to be only about eight years old, the former commander of the …
Toll from Blast in Iraq’s Mosul Reaches 50 —US Army
Reuters – USA
MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) – The death toll from a suicide bomb attack on the funeral of a respected Shi’ite professor in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul has …
Philippines works to free hostage in Iraq
MANILA, Philippines – Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo faced pressure on Friday to give in to kidnappers in Iraq for the second time in less than a …
‘No long version’ of Iraq advice
BBC News – E,UK
The Cabinet was shown the “full extent” of Lord Goldsmith’s advice on the legality of invading Iraq, Britain’s top civil servant has said. …

Annan warns of rising Iraq violence – Qatar
After a brief lull, violence in Iraq has spiked again to pre-election levels, something the country’s new government must address quickly, UN Secretary-General …
New York Post – New York,NY,USA
… during a funeral in the northern city of Mosul yesterday, killing at least 46 people and wounding dozens more in a fresh attack against Iraq’s newly empowered …
From real to reel: A raw look at Iraq
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
… groundbreaking documentary hit theaters and before the media spotlight blazed, he was a filmmaker from Seattle quietly trying to put the war in Iraq into focus …
Blast in Iraq mars political progress
Houston Chronicle – USA
MOSUL, IRAQ – Yet again, almost as if scripted, a day of hope for a new, democratic Iraq turned into a day of tears as a bloody insurgent attack undercut a …
Farina names overseas stars for Iraq game
Daily Telegraph – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
SOCCEROO coach Frank Farina today named five locally based players in his squad for this month’s matches against Iraq and Indonesia and predicted more could …

A confused, compelling lookat troops living it up in Iraq
Boston Globe – USA
… Tucker came to Iraq to make a documentary about the security business and wound up with a faint and sometimes opportunistic echo of Robert Altman’s ‘’M*A*S*H …
Berlusconi denies any rift with US over Iraq killing
Taipei Times – Taiwan
… Berlusconi on Wednesday demanded “maximum collaboration” from the US in a joint probe into the friendly fire killing of an Italian agent in Iraq, but played …

Pentagon Report Clears Top Officers in Iraq Prison Abuse
NPR (audio) – Washington,D.C.,USA
… senior-level responsibility for abuses. The report covered facilities in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. A new report by …

Prolonged Iraq War Forces Rethinking for Pentagon
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – CA,USA
WASHINGTON — The war in Iraq is forcing top Pentagon planners to rethink several key assumptions about the use of military power and has called into question …
US aids RP secure release of kidnapped Pinoy in Iraq (11:04 am)
Sun Star – Philippines
… Friday that the US Government is helping the Philippines in its efforts to free abducted Filipino accountant Roberto Tarongoy from his kidnappers in Iraq. …

RUMSFELD discusses Iraq shooting – Australia
… a second time with Italy’s defence minister about the death of an Italian
intelligence agent who was killed in a shooting incident involving US
troops in Iraq. …,10117,12511420-23109,00.html

LEBANON is not Iraq
Café Babel – Strasbourg,France
… Analysts claim that this push for independence is the result of the
‘Iraq effect’. … But Lahoud is not Saddam Hussein and Lebanon is not
Iraq. …

TWO high-level police officials slain in Iraq
CNN International – USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Insurgents killed two high-ranking Iraqi police
officials and wounded a third in a series of attacks Thursday morning,
police sources …

SUICIDE Bomber Kills 47 at Iraq Funeral
ABC News – USA
… along with his two bodyguards when gunmen in two cars opened fire on
the vehicle carrying them in the Saidiyah neighborhood of Baghdad, Iraq
Thursday, March 10 …

SUICIDE Bomber Kills 47 at Iraq Funeral
Guardian – UK
MOSUL, Iraq (AP) – A suicide attacker set off a bomb that tore through
a funeral tent jammed with Shiite mourners Thursday, splattering blood
and body parts …,1280,-4856367,00.html
Iraq war revelation: There was no full legal advice
Independent – UK
Britain went to war on the basis of a single piece of paper setting out the legality of invading Iraq, the country’s most senior civil servant has revealed. …,10117,12511724-29277,00.html
Iraq task force commander named – Australia
DEFENCE Minister Robert Hill today announced the appointment of the soldier who will lead Australia’s 450 troops in southern Iraq. …
Suicide Bomber Kills 47 at Iraq Funeral
ABC News – USA
… along with his two bodyguards when gunmen in two cars opened fire on the vehicle carrying them in the Saidiyah neighborhood of Baghdad, Iraq Thursday, March 10 …,2763,1435181,00.html
Iraq allies accused of failing to investigate civilian deaths
Guardian – UK
… including the UK, today castigate the British and American governments for failing to investigate the deaths of civilians caught up in the conflict in Iraq. …

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