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April 11 - 30 2005


IRAQ, the secret US visit, and an angry military chief
Guardian Unlimited – UK
The legality of the Iraq war exploded on to the agenda last week, causing
chaos to Labour strategy. … Iraq came back to bite the Prime Minister
last week. …,12956,1474258,00.html

DEATH toll rises as Iraq insurgents strike at will
New Zealand Herald – Auckland,New Zealand
A wave of violence has engulfed Iraq with bombs killing at least 60 Iraqis
and six US soldiers in a wave of attacks following the formation of a
new government …

TROOPS Who Shot Italian in Iraq Cleared, US Confirms
Reuters – USA
… He recommended a number of technical changes — some of which were
blanked out in the published document — to US checkpoint procedures in
Iraq. …

BLAIR concerned over Iraq effect
BBC News – UK
Tony Blair is concerned accusations about the way he took Britain to war
in Iraq could harm Labour in the election. Mr Blair said …

BRITAIN: Blair forced to publish legal advice on Iraq war – Italy
30 April 2005 – As the general election campaign enters its final stages,
the issue that all the main parties have sought to suppress—the Iraq
war—has …

IRAQ’S new cabinet
International Herald Tribune – France
Three months of jockeying among Iraq’s victorious Shiite and Kurdish parties
have finally produced a Cabinet that won quick ratification from a legislature

BOMB kills four US soldiers in Iraq
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) – New South Wales,Australia
… Elsewhere, Iraq’s neighbours met in Turkey to praise the formation
of Iraq’s new government. Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, Iran, Turkey …

HOWARD says voters should punish Blair for ‘lying’ over Iraq
Hindu – Chennai,India
… fighting against the odds to become Britain’s Prime Minister, branded
Tony Blair a liar – about the quality of intelligence in the run-up to
the Iraq war and …

US, Italy at Odds Over Killing of Italian in Iraq
Yahoo News – USA
… the United States. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi sent 3,000 troops
to Iraq despite strong opposition at home. In Rome, Italian …


IRAQ sets up first elected government in its history
International Herald Tribune – France
BAGHDAD Almost three months after the elections in January, Iraq’s National
Assembly voted overwhelmingly Thursday to approve a Shiite-led cabinet

BLAIR Defends Decision for Britain to Join the Iraq War
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
… April 28 – In an about-face, Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday
published the full text of the advice he received on the legitimacy of
the Iraq war, as he …

CHRONOLOGY-MAIN events in Iraq since Saddam Hussein’s fall
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
LONDON, April 28 (Reuters) – Iraq’s parliament approved a new cabinet on
Thursday, forming Iraq’s first democratically elected government in more
than 50 years …

ITALY may not endorse US report on Iraq killing
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… April 28 (Reuters) – Italy said on Thursday it would not endorse a
US report expected to exonerate the US soldiers who shot dead an Italian
agent in Iraq if it …

HOWARD says Iraq war was justified
This is London – London,England,UK
Michael Howard said he would not condemn the Iraq war just because it was
“politically convenient”. The Conservative leader has …

FACT check: Was the Iraq war legal?
BBC News – UK
Leaked documents suggest that Attorney General Lord Goldsmith changed his
advice on whether the Iraq war was legal. The opposition …

IRAQ’S President Approves New Cabinet
Guardian Unlimited – UK
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – President Jalal Talabani and his two vice presidents
approved most of a proposed Cabinet for Iraq’s transitional government
that would …,1280,-4968441,00.html

ITALY Opens Its Own Probe of Agent’s Slaying in Iraq
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
… on Tuesday. Berlusconi has been one of Bush’s most staunch European
allies in Iraq, where Italy maintains about 3,000 troops. The …

LARGER UN role in Iraq urged
Turkish Daily News – Ankara,Turkey
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Russian President Vladimir Putin,
at the conclusion of a landmark meeting, called Wednesday for a larger
UN role in Iraq. …

IRAQ attacks kill eight ahead of gov’t vote
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
BAGHDAD, April 28 (Reuters) – Guerrillas killed at least eight people and
wounded 33 in attacks across Iraq on Thursday, police and witnesses said,
hours …

POLITICS: Balancing the Iraq Equation
By Susan Wood
NEW YORK – A humanitarian aid worker’s death in Iraq last week is spurring calls for a public accounting of civilian casualties by the United States government and more attention to the issue by the U.S. media.

RIGHTS: Watchdog Demands U.S. Torture Inquiry
By William Fisher
NEW YORK – A leading human rights group demands that the U.S. government launch a sweeping inquiry into the torture of Iraqi and other prisoners by U.S. troops, and that it name a special prosecutor to probe high-ranking officials’ possible role in alleged abuses.

U.S.: An Army of the Unwilling
By Niko Kyriakou
NEW YORK – At the end of last month, the U.S. Selective Service System issued a report assuring President George W. Bush that it would be ready to implement a draft within 75 days. While stirring up a storm of speculation, this report may actually be the least compelling harbinger of a draft.

ITALIAN Premier Faces Uproar Over US Probe of Iraq Slaying
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
… Tuesday over reports that the US military had absolved its soldiers
of any blame in killing an Italian intelligence agent who had just rescued
a hostage in Iraq …

CROWDS mob Kennedy as Iraq boosts poll standing
Times Online – UK
… Campbell is defending Cambridge for Labour with a majority of 8,579
but the Lib Dems have targeted the seat to capitalise on student unrest
over Iraq and top …,,19809-1587177,00.html

36-MEMBER Cabinet for Iraq proposed
Houston Chronicle – Houston,TX,USA
BAGHDAD, IRAQ – Iraq’s prime minister-designate, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, proposed
appointing a broad-based 36-member Cabinet — including a deputy premier
from …

IRAQ militant’s laptop turns supergrass
Inquirer – Harrow,Middlesex,UK
A JORDANIAN militant who is responsible for hacking to death civilians
in Iraq, may be captured thanks to his laptop turning traitor. …

3 major factions part of proposed cabinet for Iraq
Detroit Free Press – Detroit,MI,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Under US pressure to end the political stalemate, Iraq’s
prime minister-designate proposed appointing a broad-based 36-member cabinet


IRAQ Government Impasse as Violence Continues
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Sunni Muslim politicians have dropped their demand to include former members
of Saddam Hussein’s party in Iraq’s new cabinet in a bid to get more ministries

IRAQ bursts on British election scene
Hindu – Chennai,India
LONDON: Just when it seemed that the Labour Party had got through the election
campaign without facing the widely predicted backlash over the Iraq war,
the …

BLAIR tries to stem Iraq war as issue
International Herald Tribune – France
Prime Minister Tony Blair offered a robust and spirited defense Monday
of his decision to join the invasion of Iraq as the war emerged for the
first time as a …

BLAIR under pressure as party member defects over Iraq war
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
… on Tuesday to regain control of the election debate ahead of polling
day on May 5 after a prominent member of his Labour Party quit in protest
over the Iraq war …

IRAQ gov’t delayed again, could come Tuesday
China Daily – China
… al-Maliki, who is a member of the United Iraqi Alliance (UIA), speaks
to the media at the end of the Assembly session Monday April 25, 2005
in Baghdad, Iraq. …

4 more arrested in downing of Iraq copter
San Jose Mercury News – USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – US forces arrested four more suspects in Thursday’s downing
of a civilian helicopter north of Baghdad, bringing the number apprehended
so far …

TWO car bombs kill six, wound 25 in latest Iraq violence
Taipei Times – Taiwan
… of stepped up attacks by insurgents, as a US-financed program trains
Iraqi military and police recruits in the hope they can improve security
in Iraq and one …

FOUR Car Bombings in Iraq Leave 21 Dead
Guardian – UK
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – An emboldened Iraqi insurgency staged carefully coordinated
dual bombings in Saddam Hussein’s hometown and a Shiite neighborhood of
the …,1280,-4960370,00.html

RICE and Cheney Are Said to Push Iraq on Impasse
New York Times – USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 24 – Worried about a political deadlock in Iraq and
a spike in mayhem from an emboldened insurgency, the Bush administration
has pressed …

A government at bay over Iraq war legality
Independent – UK
The Iraq war was thrust to the top of the election agenda last night after
the Attorney General’s advice to the Prime Minister over the legality
of the …


IRAQ Bomb Attacks Leave at Least 16 Dead
ABC News – USA
US soldiers secure a road leading to the Baghdad airport highway after
a car bomb exploded in the Hai Al-Furaat area of Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday,
April 23, 2005 …

19 killed in Iraq unrest
Daily Times – Pakistan
BAGHDAD: The fresh violence in Iraq claimed 19 people including nine Iraqi
and four US soldiers on Saturday. Nine Iraqi soldiers …

ATTACKS kill 11, wound 30 in Iraq
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Insurgents in Iraq continued to target security
forces on Saturday, killing 11 people and wounding 30 others in bombings
and a shooting …

US Activist Killed in Iraq Remembered
Guardian – UK
By BRIAN MELLEY. LAKEPORT, Calif. (AP) – An American activist who was killed
by a car bomb in Iraq earlier this month was remembered Saturday for her
dedication …,1280,-4958891,00.html

IRAQ abuse inquiry: Your views
BBC News – E,UK
A new inquiry into the abuses at Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq has cleared Lt
Gen Ricardo Sanchez and three of his top aides of any wrongdoing. …


SECURITY firm identifies seven guards killed in Iraq
Boston Globe – USA
RALEIGH, NC (AP) A private security firm Friday identified its seven guards
who were killed on a single day this week in Iraq, including a former
sergeant …

CORPSES keep coming from Iraq’s river of death
Australian – Australia
… younger brother. The shocking images come from Iraq’s new killing fields
– the small town of Madain, just 32km from Baghdad. In …,5744,15053578%255E2703,00.html

Special Broadcasting Service – Australia
A car bomb blast has ripped through a Shi’ite mosque in eastern Baghdad,
killing 11 people in the latest attack amid tensions between Iraq’s Sunnis
and …

BULGARIAN Company to Withdraw from Iraq after Downing of Its …
Voice of America – USA
By Stefan Bos. The chief executive of Sofia-based Heli Air, Mihail Mihaylov,
says his company will halt operations in Iraq. Mr. Mihaylov …

VIDEO shows Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq – London,UK
A video aired on Friday by an Arabic news channel showed three Romanian
journalists and a translator held hostage in Iraq since last month. …


* U.S. Funding Iraqi Militias Led by Baathists As Part of Counter-Insurgency
Operation *

We talk to Arun Gupta of The Indypendent on the proliferation of illegal
militias in Iraq. The U.S. government is not only aware of these militias
but is arming, training and funding them for use in their counter-insurgency


A Private Copter Crashes in Iraq; 6 Americans Die
New York Times – USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 21 – Eleven people, including six Americans from the
security firm Blackwater USA working for the United States military, were
killed …

HELICOPTER Shot Down in Iraq; Nine Dead
Guardian – UK
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – A commercial helicopter contracted by the US Defense
Department was shot down by missile fire north of the Iraqi capital Thursday,
and all …,1280,-4953590,00.html

US Senate Approves $81 Billion for Iraq, Afghanistan
Voice of America – USA
The US Senate has approved by a vote of 99 to zero spending $81 billion
for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and for victims of last
December’s …

AUSTRALIAN killed in Iraq named – Australia
AN Australian contractor among three foreigners killed in an attack in
Iraq has been named as Chris Ahmelman, from Queensland. The …,10117,15048496-26618,00.html

SECURITY costs drain funds for water projects in Iraq
USA Today – USA
… more than 90% of the municipalities around the country — seeps into
the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, the two main sources for drinking water
in Iraq. …


MYSTERY surrounds mass Shia deaths in Iraq
Financial Times – UK
The bodies of more than 50 people have been discovered dumped in the Tigris
river south of Baghdad, Jalal Talabani, Iraq’s president, said yesterday.

DOZENS of bodies recovered from river, Iraq’s president says
Kansas City Star – MO,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – (KRT) – Iraq’s president said Wednesday that the bodies
of more than 50 people had been pulled from the Tigris River southeast
of Baghdad …

IRAQ’S outgoing PM escapes assassination attempt
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
Iraq’s outgoing Prime Minister Iyad Allawi escaped an assassination attempt
late Wednesday when a suicide car bomb blew up near his convoy, a government

HOWARD Dean warns of danger in Iraq pullout
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – MN,USA
Howard Dean came to Minnesota Wednesday evening without the scream that
ended his 2004 presidential campaign, or the anti-Iraq war rhetoric that
started it. …

SENATORS propose more funding for armored vehicles in Iraq
Kansas City Star – MO,USA
… are pushing for hundreds of millions in additional funds for armored
Humvees, saying the Army is still far from solving the armor shortage
for troops in Iraq. …


SUICIDE bomber kills three in Iraq
Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… One of the main goals of the US-led coalition in Iraq has been to train
Iraqi security forces to replace American soldiers in the field, and insurgents
often …

IRAQ: Consoling victims of war
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
For Iraq’s vile insurgents, the deaths of Marla Ruzicka, a young American
activist, and her aide were collateral damage in a bombing aimed at a
security convoy …

AT Least 12 Killed in Several Attacks in Iraq
New York Times – USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 19 – Two suicide bombers detonated their vehicles
in separate attacks in Baghdad on Tuesday, killing four Iraqis and two
American soldiers …

IRAQ’S marsh wetlands still at risk
Taipei Times – Taiwan
Farmers and fishermen are devastating Iraq’s marshes, considered by some
to be the site of the Garden of Eden, with uncontrolled use of chemicals
and fishing …

HILL to visit troops in Iraq
ABC Online – Australia
The Defence Minister, Robert Hill, says he will soon be visiting Australian
troops stationed in the Al Muthanna province of Iraq. …


IRAQ defence official assassinated
Swissinfo – Switzerland
… Such reports of an assassination could fuel sectarian tensions during
a time of widespread violence and political uncertainty gripping Iraq.

ROADSIDE Bomb Kills US Aid Worker in Iraq
NPR (audio) – Washington,D.C.,USA
Description: A roadside bomb in Iraq killed Marla Ruzicka, an American
aid worker, over the weekend. … The conflict in Iraq continues to claim
innocent lives. …

PM won’t rule out Iraq troop boost
Melbourne Herald Sun – Australia
THERE are no plans to send more troops to Iraq, but Prime Minister John
Howard has refused to rule out sending more in the future. …,5478,15012706%255E662,00.html

MARINE from Va. Beach killed in Iraq
San Jose Mercury News – USA
– Marine Capt. James C. Edge, a Virginia Military Institute graduate, was
killed by enemy fire in Ramadi, Iraq, the Department of Defense reported
Monday. …

THE Grim Reaper, Riding a Firetruck in Iraq
Washington Post – USA
By Steve Fainaru. QAIM, Iraq — Marine Lance Cpl. … We want to give you
the opportunity to show firsthand what it is like to live and work in
Iraq. …


KIDNAP rumors sweep Iraq into national frenzy
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – MN,USA
… As the National Assembly met, Iraq’s top political figures warned of
a grave sectarian crisis. Even Iraq’s most revered Shiite cleric …

IRAQ Bomb Kills US Soldier, Wounds Another
Reuters – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A bomb has killed a US soldier in Iraq and wounded
a second, the American military said Monday. The soldier …

IRAQ Car Bomb Kills American Activist
ABC News – USA
… of the Washington DC-based human rights group Civic Worldwide, poses
with an Iraqi family that was helped by her organization in Baghdad, Iraq,
Friday, April 15 …

AUSTRALIAN troops heading for Iraq
Xinhua – China
… An advance group of around 43 Australian soldiers, part of a deployment
of 450 extra troops, arrived at an airbase in Kuwait on their way to southern
Iraq. …

AUSTRALIAN wheat arrives in Iraq
ABC Online – Australia
… contract secured late last year. Iraq has raised concerns about contamination
in two previous shipments. AWB says tests prove the …


BRITAIN ‘turned blind eye’ to Iraq oil smuggling – UK
… Carne Ross, the Foreign Office official responsible for handling Britain’s
Iraq policy at the United Nations between 1998 and 2002, spoke to The
Sunday …

ASIA ; S.Korean mulls plea bargain in UN’s Iraq oil-for-food …
Keralanext – Kerala,India
[Asia News] SEOUL : A South Korean charged with acting as an illicit agent
for Iraq in the UN oil-for-food programmeme was quoted as saying he was
mulling a …

11 detainees escape from US detention facility, largest in Iraq
CBC News – Canada
BAGHDAD (AP) – Eleven detainees escaped Saturday from the US military’s
largest detention centre in Iraq, and at least 13 Iraqis and one US soldier
died in …

BID to free Shia hostages in Iraq fails
Daily Times – Pakistan
… The new unrest flared as talks continued among different political
factions on forming a new government with representation across Iraq’s
religious and …

BODIES of Kuwaitis unearthed in Iraq
CNN International – USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) — The bodies of 41 Kuwaitis believed killed during
the first Gulf War have been unearthed in a mass grave in southern Iraq.


BRITISH trader denies US claim of role in Iraq scam
Scotsman – UK
… general, that the UK and the US had turned a blind eye to illegal oil
smuggling in the 1990s, particularly to Turkey and Jordan, allowing Iraq
to make billions …

BOMBS Kill 4 Policemen and Wound 9 Civilians as Iraq Violence …
New York Times – USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 15 -A suicide bomber steered his car into an Iraqi
police patrol south of Baghdad late Thursday night, killing four officers,
and three …

US, UK to blame for Iraq scam: Annan
Times of India – India
… to fresh confrontation with Washington and London, UN Secretary-General
Kofi Annan has said US and Britain bore part of the blame for Iraq earning
billions of …

THREE roadside bombings kill four in Iraq
Taipei Times – Taiwan
… Pakistan yesterday urged kidnappers in Iraq to release a Pakistani
embassy official who disappeared outside his Baghdad home, as Al-Jazeera
satellite TV aired …

DEADLY day in Iraq as car bombs kill 15
Seattle Times – USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Two car bombs exploded yesterday only 100 yards from each
other during a traffic jam, killing at least 15 Iraqis in the deadliest
attack in …


19 killed in string of attacks across Iraq
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – MN,USA
BAGHDAD — Insurgents launched a string of suicide attacks and armed assaults
in central and northern Iraq Thursday, leaving at least 19 Iraqis dead
and scores …

AMERICAN Indicted In Iraq Oil Probe
Washington Post – USA
… acting as an “unregistered agent” of Hussein’s government and with
trying to bribe a UN official for relief from economic sanctions imposed
on Iraq after its …

US businessman abducted in Iraq urged other entrepreneurs to …
Winnipeg Sun – Canada
… But Ake’s frequent travels also made him a target. He was apparently
kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents during his second business trip to Iraq
in two years. …

SPURT in violence in Iraq
Hindu – India
MANAMA: At least 18 persons were killed and 30 wounded in a double suicide
car bombing in Baghdad, marking a sharp spurt in violence in Iraq. …

GAINS in Iraq, but no ‘tipping point’
Christian Science Monitor – USA
WASHINGTON — For US forces in Iraq, the good news is that they appear
to be making progress in their battle against an entrenched insurgency.


IRAQ Insurgents Maintain Campaign of Violence
Scotsman – UK
Iraq insurgents kept up their campaign of attacks and bombings today, targeting
a US military installation in Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit with
a car …

RUMSFELD seeks to temper desire for revenge in Iraq
San Diego Union Tribune – USA
BAGHDAD — US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s call for Iraq’s new leaders
to resist political purges has touched one of the most sensitive issues
in Iraq. …

KIDNAPPED American in Iraq shown on video
Japan Today – Tokyo,Japan
The station said he pleaded for his life and urged US troops to withdraw
from Iraq. … Ake’s company had been working as part of the effort to
rebuild Iraq. …

US hostage in Iraq pleads for troop pullout amid flare-up
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
BAGHDAD – A US hostage in Iraq pleaded with his government to withdraw
its troops as a spate of deadly bombings from Baghdad to Kirkuk coincided
with a visit …

STRAW suggests timing for Iraq pull-out
Financial Times – UK
Britain is likely to begin withdrawing its troops from Iraq next year,
according to Jack Straw, who sought for the first time to set out a timeframe
for …


MILITANT attacks kill four in Iraq
Taipei Times – Taiwan
Militants unleashed attacks in a northeastern Iraq city that left four
people wounded, officials said yesterday, as the country hosted US Secretary
of Defense …

BUSH Praises Troops’ Role in Helping to Free Iraq
New York Times – USA
FORT HOOD, Tex., April 12 – President Bush saluted thousands of troops
here on Tuesday for their work in moving Iraq from the dictatorship of
Saddam Hussein to …

KIDNAPPED diplomat ‘safe’ in Iraq
BBC News – E,UK
A Pakistani diplomat kidnapped three days ago in Iraq has again said he
is safe, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry says. Malik Mohammed …

DEMOCRACY seems to be creeping forward in Iraq, if not in the …
Guardian – UK
… of supporters of the radical Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr was one of
several recent signs that US-driven attempts to cultivate democracy in
Iraq may be …,2763,1458402,00.html

POLAND to withdraw from Iraq at end 2005
New Kerala – Ernakulam,Kerala,India
(upi News) WARSAW, Poland, April 12 : Polish Defense Minister Jerzy Smajdzinski
said Tuesday his country would begin withdrawing troops from Iraq at the
end of …


‘ABDUCTED Pakistani official in Iraq safe’
New Kerala – Ernakulam,Kerala,India
(IANS News) Islamabad, April 11 : Pakistan Monday said an abducted embassy
official in Iraq was safe and that it was in touch with the Iraqi government
to …

INSURGENTS strike across Iraq; American kidnapped
Kansas City Star – MO,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – (KRT) – Iraqi insurgents struck Monday in ways large and
small and deadly, launching a concerted attack on US forces near the Syrian
border …

US troops cut in Iraq possible next year
Xinhua – China
WASHINGTON, April 11 (Xinhuanet) — The US-led military campaign in Iraq
is making enough progress in fighting insurgents and training Iraqi security
forces to …

US plans retreat from Iraq as Pentagon claims progress
Independent – UK
By Andrew Buncombe in Washington. The United States is planning to withdraw
up to a third of its forces from Iraq – possibly as early as next year.

STUDY Faults Halliburton Unit on ‘Poor Performance’ in Iraq
New York Times – USA
Serious cost overruns and “poor performance” have plagued the Halliburton
Company’s continuing $1.2 billion contract to repair Iraq’s vital southern
oil fields …


PAKISTANI embassy official kidnapped in Iraq
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
Pakistan said on Sunday in Islamabad that a Pakistani staff member working
in its embassy to Iraq has been kidnapped in Baghdad. …

AFTRA acting on Iraq deaths
Variety (subscription) – USA
… Artists has called on the Bush administration for an independent investigation
into 14 incidents resulting in deaths among media staff covering the war
in Iraq …

US Commanders See a Reduction of GI’s in Iraq
New York Times – USA
WASHINGTON, April 10 – Two years after the fall of Saddam Hussein, the
American-led military campaign in Iraq is making enough progress in fighting
insurgents …

ALLAWI bloc to join Iraq’s new government
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
Iraq’s outgoing prime minister has agreed that his parliamentary bloc will
join the country’s new government, and he is in negotiations on what Cabinet
posts …

IRAQ attacks claim at least 31 lives – Dalton,GA,USA
… Meanwhile in the southern port of Basra, two civilians were wounded
in another roadside bomb targeting an Iraq police convoy, police said.


BABY steps in Iraq democracy
Denver Post – Denver,CO,USA
Election of a president and appointment of a prime minister are hopeful
milestones for Iraq. But it would be foolish to ignore very …,1413,36~417~2806728,00.html

HUGE crowds rally in Iraq against occupation
Xinhua – China
BAGHDAD, April 9 (Xinhuanet) — Tens of thousands of Iraqis rallied across
Iraq Saturday, demanding a swift withdrawal of foreign forces two years
after they …

RICHMOND-BASED Army Reserve unit receives orders for Iraq
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
RICHMOND, Va. — About 900 soldiers with a Richmond-based Army Reserve
unit have received orders to deploy to Iraq, where they will likely remain
for a year …—

TWO years on, Saddam Hussein still haunts Iraq
Daily Times – Pakistan
… he’s part Nazi, Fascist and Stalinist tossed in with some oriental
flavours,” says Bakhtiar Amin, another Kurd and Iraq’s outgoing human
rights minister. …

29 killed in Iraq violence
Daily Times – Pakistan
BAGHDAD: Tens of thousands of Shia protestors poured into central Baghdad
on Saturday to demand that US troops leave Iraq as 29 people were killed
in attacks …

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