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Massive US Assault Underway In Fallujah; Situation Grim

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In massive assault, US forces have burst into southern part of al-Fallujah. Most intense fighting ever under way. Resistance commander calls for the prayers of the Muslims. High casualties are beeing reported and at the time of this report, the situation is grim.

In a dispatch posted at 10:45am Mecca time Mafkarat al-Islam reported that extremely massive and fierce fighting was under way in the neighborhoods of ash-Shuhada’, and al-Jubayl in al-Fallujah. US aggressor troops broke into the southern part of the city and seized control of the an-Nazal neighborhood as Resistance fighters withdrew from that district into ash-Shuhada’ where they were at the time of reporting waging extremely grueling combat with the American attackers on the edge of the ash-Shuhada’ and al-Jubayl neighborhoods. US troops are backed by F-18 and F-16 fighter bombers and are using heavy artillery, tanks, armored vehicles, and laser-guided missiles.

Shaykh Abu Nur, a Resistance leader, told the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam there that “the battle broke out when the US army attacked the an-Nazal neighborhood at 3am this [Thursday] morning. Grueling battles along all possible approaches, with the Resistance fighters inflicting great losses on the enemy. The battles continued until 8am, after which they [the Resistnace] pulled back based on orders from the military command after the attackers threw internationally prohibited gases on the Resistance fighters, including mustard gas, nerve gasses, and burning gasses in addition to the use of cluster bombs. Most likely on al-Kubaysat street they used a “nuclear tinged” weapon after they had been unable earlier to break in.”

Shaykh Abu Nur said that Resistance observers reported that the Americans pushed more than 4,000 soldiers and 700 tanks and armored vehicles forward. “We have been able to destroy 80 vehicles and killed dozens of soldiers and took 26 American prisoner. The Resistance killed them after we resolved to withdraw from the neighborhood, since transporting them would have been extremely difficult. Among them were seven high-ranking officers. The occupation forces now control an-Nazal but this is not the end.”

Shaykh Abu Nur went on, “We have lost 132 fighters who were all martyred in the fighting by aircraft attacks. Four of the Resistance commanders were among the dead. But we harvested as much as we wanted of them [the enemy troops] and their losses were very heavy.” He added, “We shot down a fighter plane with a SAM9. We also downed three Apache helicopters and five unmanned spy planes.”

“Right now we are fighting on the edges of the ash-Shuhada’ and al-Jubayl neighborhoods. I don’t know whether they or we will win, because their attack is as close as it can come to a suicidal assault.

They haven’t taken losses such as they’ve taken today on any previous day without giving up and withdrawing. The battle today is radically different though. Our one concern is to preserve the fighters in all ways, and to kill or capture as many of them [the enemy] as we want.”

The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam asked Abu Nur whether he thought the Americans could break into the areas now held by the Resistance. Abu Nur replied, “if they get in there, you won’t hear my voice any more, because I will have departed this world, and I hope to hear your voice in Paradise, God willing.”

The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam and eyewitnesses report that al-Fallujah now is a flaming ball of fire and smoke, where one can’t see anything.

Abu Nur concluded his interview with an intense call on Muslims: “We ask you not to forget us in your prayers. We ask you not to forget us in your prayers. Today is your day, so don’t be stingy with us. We have no people except you, and our brothers with us. God! God! God be with us!

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