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Iraqi Hospitals Ailing Under Occupation Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches

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Dahr Jamail reports on the struggling health care situation in Iraq.

The report surveys 13 Iraqi Hospitals, examines the actions taken by US military against hospitals and care workers that constitute war crimes as defined by the Geneva conventions, discusses and documents cases of US medical personnel complicit in torture through failures to document the visible signs of torture on their patients, and much more.

This report is endorsed by the B/Russell/s Tribunal, El Taller International, Asian Women’s Human Rights Council, Association of Humanitarian Lawyers, SOS Iraq, and Medical Aid for the Third World, a.o. I’d also like to thank 11.11.11 (a consortium of NGO’s.), who offered their facilities for the presentation of this report to the press.

/** This report is submitted as evidence to the Jury of conscience during the culminating session of the World Tribunal on Iraq , *//*Istanbul*//* 23-27 June*/**

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