Iraq News and Information Links February 2004
   February 29 2004

Estonian Soldier Killed in Iraq:
An Estonian soldier trying to defuse a roadside bomb was shot and killed by insurgents in Iraq, an Estonian government spokesman said today.

Iraqi National Congress faces growing number of investigations:
The Iraqi National Congress, long championed by officials at the White House, Pentagon and on Capitol Hill, is facing a growing number of investigations into its provision of bogus intelligence on Iraq and whether some of its members may have tried to cash in on the fall of Saddam Hussein.

In Iraq, America Gets The Opposite Of Its Wish:
The United Nations is about to save the Americans from themselves in Iraq. In doing so, ironically and most embarrassingly, at the same time as revelations that Britain and America spied on the U.N. secretary-general and U.N. diplomats in the weeks leading up to the invasion of Iraq.

A Family in Baghdad: Blog:
The power in the US is in the hands of the wealthy and these like to direct things according to their interests and destroy everything in their path. We and the American public will be the losing victims.

Tariq Ali: The price of occupying Iraq:
The whole world knows that US President George Bush and British PM Tony Blair lied to justify the war, but do they know the price being paid on the ground in Iraq?

British army to face Iraq lawsuits:
Britain's Ministry of Defence is facing a series of lawsuits relating to the deaths of civilians killed by British troops in southern Iraq.

UK: Officers failed us in Iraq, say soldiers:
The most notorious example of the planning failures involved the death of Sgt Steve Roberts, who died after he was ordered to hand over his body armour to an infantry soldier.

'I've gotta get out of this country':
It is a sentiment shared by the thousands of American soldiers who are nearing the end of their year-long duty in Iraq and preparing to make way for fresh units.

Video: Hot Talk: Karen Kwiatkowski:
The retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. discusses policy decisions leading to the Iraq war. "Reality has never been a constraint" to Neoconservatives. "They are not the kind of people that America as a nation are proud of."

Iraq more than Bush bargained for :
The best laid plans of mice and men . . . And of generals and secretaries of defense. . . No one has ever wanted a long war. Those who start wars assume that they will win quickly and easily.

February 27 2004

U.S. forces to pull out from Baghdad:
A senior U.S. army commander in Iraq said U.S. forces will be pulled out from Baghdad gradually as of the beginning of April.

Shiite cleric calls for Iraq elections by year's end:
In a statement from his office in Najaf, Grand Ayatollah Ali al Husseini al Sistani said he would accept the assumption of power by an unelected administration when the United States returns sovereignty to Iraqis on June 30, but he called for a U.N. Security Council resolution to guarantee that elections would be held soon afterward.

Jim Lobe looks at the New York Times and its role in manufacturing consent for the invasion of Iraq and its subsequent failure to correct all of its ...

U.S. forces to pull out from Baghdad:

A senior U.S. army commander in Iraq said U.S. forces will be pulled out from Baghdad gradually as of the beginning of April.

Shiite cleric calls for Iraq elections by year's end:

In a statement from his office in Najaf, Grand Ayatollah Ali al Husseini al Sistani said he would accept the assumption of power by an unelected administration when the United States returns sovereignty to Iraqis on June 30, but he called for a U.N. Security Council resolution to guarantee that elections would be held soon afterward.

A lesson in 'disappearing the dead' :

Since casualties are inevitable, special pains must be taken to explain them away. But how to do so? The Bush administration has taken spin to a new level.

Report: Disappearing the Dead: Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Idea of a "New Warfare":

War and Perception: the battle to enable American power.

Baghdad Burning: Angry Arabs and American Media…:.

I wish everyone could see Al-Hurra- the new 'unbiased' news network started by the Pentagon. The news and reports are so completely biased, they only lack George Bush and Condi Rice as anchors.

Who'll spend $18.6 billion?:

Charles A. Krohn, the U.S. Army's top civilian public affairs officer, is back at the Pentagon after three months in Baghdad. Krohn now provides the details of a nearly successful money-grab by Washington-based agencies.

UN chief stood in way of war plans :

In the last few weeks before the invasion of Iraq it became clear that President George Bush, with Tony Blair in tow, was bent on war – and one of the key people standing in his way was the UN secretary general, Kofi Annan.,2763,1157528,00.html

February 26 2004

More attacks in Iraq :

Iraqi police say a bomb planted in a police car parked outside a restaurant killed a police officer and injured eight other people.

UN says Iraqi security is worsening:

The United Nations' special representative for Iraq says security has worsened since his previous visit to the country last July and this would keep the UN away.

Dutch troops 'may not use guns in Iraq' :

The simmering controversy over the death of an Iraqi at the hands of a Dutch soldier grew on Wednesday as MPs demanded answers about a prosecution letter declaring that troops may not fire even warning shots in Iraq.

U.N. Joins Debate Over Iraq Government :

Rather than breaking the impasse over how to form a new government, a much-awaited U.N. report has simply told the Iraqis it's up to them to determine how to form an administration to take power from the Americans on June 30.,1280,-3787312,00.html

Demonstrations in southern Iraq over U-S selection of local leaders:

Along with violence, there's been a new wave of civil unrest in Iraq — as coalition leaders and Iraqi officials work to create a successful formula for establishing a new government.

February 25 2004

US helicopter 'downed by missile':

A US military helicopter crashed today into a river west of Baghdad, police said, and a witness reported seeing a missile hit the aircraft.

U.S. helicopter crashes in western Iraq, two killed;:403cb43a:9e2c3b6

Deputy police chief assassinated in Iraq :

Gunmen assassinated the deputy police chief in the northern city of Mosul on Wednesday, and militants warned of further attacks on Iraqi security forces and Kurdish militiamen, accusing them of protecting "infidel" Americans.

Kurds demand vote on independence:

Kurdish activists have collected 1.7 million signatures on a petition demanding a referendum on the future of northern Iraq's Kurdish region.

Insurgent and soldier: two views on Iraq fight:

Ahmad says the motivation underpinning his cell of insurgents is a blend of devout religious belief coupled with a strong sense of patriotism.

Insurgency Growing? Soldier injured in Kuwait:

A South Dakota National Guard soldier was injured Friday when the truck in which he was riding hit an explosive device in Kuwait, the state Guard said Monday.

Dangerous illusions of a democratic Shi'ite Iraq:

Only a constituent assembly selected separately by the ethnically/religiously separate components of the Iraqi population jointly working out a federalist constitution with far-reaching autonomy provisions has any chance of maintaining a unified Iraq.

The missing people-shredder :

The horror of one of Saddam's execution methods made a powerful pro-war rallying cry – but the evidence suggests it never existed,3604,1155399,00.html

Controlling Iraq's Skies: The Secret Sell-Off of Iraq's Air Industry:

Despite CPA claims that it intends to return control of the country's air industry to the Iraqi people, a document obtained by OSI shows that a backroom deal has already sold off 75 percent of the country‚s air sector to a single family.

Iraq to get only 500 million dollars before power handover:

World Bank: Iraq will only receive some 500 million dollars out of the 33 billion pledged by donors up to the June 30 deadline for the handover of power, a senior World Bank official said.

R.P. team for Iraq stranded; U.S. funds withheld`:

The deployment of 43 Filipino replacement personnel for the humanitarian mission in Iraq was deferred after US officials failed to release funds for the augmentation force.

Soldiers 'given 5 bullets for Iraq war':

A serving solider has risked his career by speaking out over equipment shortages in the Gulf conflict. Just five bullets each were issued to him and his men, who were serving along frontlines in southern Iraq.

February 24 2004

Guerrillas Kill 3 Iraqis Working with U.S. Military :

Three Iraqis working for the U.S. military were killed by guerrillas who opened fire on their car, hospital officials said Tuesday, in the latest deadly attack on Iraqis cooperating with occupying forces.

The Iraq war is the Suez of our time:

Tony Blair is unable to grasp why his deceit will never be accepted,3604,1154580,00.html

UN Report: Iraq 'needs more time to prepare for poll' :

But warned that in the meantime the country's political class was becoming fragmented, sectarianism entrenched and intercommunal politics increasingly polarised.

Shiite Leader Sistani Threatens Intifada Against U.S. :

Iraqi Shiite Leader Seyyid Ali Al-Sistani yesterday warned that he would call for an intifada (uprising) if American soldiers stayed in Iraq after the handover of power on June 30, 2004.

Rumsfeld warns Iran, Syria about helping militants:

"Syria and Iran have not been helpful to the people of Iraq", he told journalists during a visit to Baghdad. "Indeed they have been unhelpful.

US suspends 17 troops in detainee abuse probe:

U.S. forces investigating allegations of mistreatment of Iraqi detainees at a prison west of Baghdad have suspended 17 soldiers including a battalion commander and a company commander.

UK: Father fears whitewash over Iraq deaths:

THE father of one of six military policemen, killed by an Iraqi mob, fears a cover-up will prevent him ever knowing how his son died.

February 23 2004

Rumsfeld Assesses Iraq Security; Bomb Kills 13:

A morgue official said a suicide car bomber killed 10 people and wounded 42 in an attack on a police station in Kirkuk, the latest in a relentless campaign against Iraqis seen cooperating with U.S. occupation troops.

Iraqis Say Deal on U.S. Troops Must Be Put Off:

The delay could put the Americans in the position of negotiating an agreement with leaders they did not appoint on such sensitive issues as when the use of force would be allowed.

Robert Fisk: Gunned down with abandon:

Iraqis who fail to see US military checkpoints, who overtake convoys under attack—or who merely pass the scene of an American raid—are being gunned down with abandon.

Soldiers accused of another fatal beating:

The family of an Iraqi headmaster who was seen being beaten with a rifle butt by British soldiers before they took him away, was told he had died in custody of a "sudden heart attack".

Oil pipeline attacked in southern Iraq:

An oil pipeline was sabotaged in southern Iraq while deadly violence flared in the north, as the war-torn country awaited the release Monday of the UN's findings on the best way forward.

Iraq in 'civil war' risk:

Iraq is facing a real risk of civil war because of discontent among the country's Sunni Muslim minority, the Archbishop of Canterbury's envoy to the country warned today.

Fort Bragg soldiers wounded in Iraq cope with permanent changes :

Staff Sgt. Maurice Craft woke up in a hospital bed in Iraq after a roadside bomb attack and asked why he could not feel his left leg. He pulled back the blanket to find that his leg was gone.

WHO Œsuppressed‚ scientific study into depleted uranium cancer fears in Iraq :

Radiation experts warn in unpublished report that DU weapons used by Allies in Gulf war pose long-term health risk

Effects Of War And The Use Of Depleted Uranium On Iraq:

According to a report from the Guardian newspaper 1000-2000 tons were delivered on 51 local areas in different Iraqi cities. I witnessed the A-10 planes for three days delivering the depleted uranium rounds against the tanks and armor vehicles near Basrah airport and at the southern parts of Basrah city.

Depleted Uranium: The War Crime That Has No End:

“Depleted uranium is a crime against God and humanity.” Dr. Doug Rokke, U.S. Army health physicist

Stunned Kuwait demands clarification from Iraq over new land claims:

It was Kuwait‚s first official reaction to the council‚s president who said on Saturday that Baghdad could consider territorial claims over neighbouring Jordan and Kuwait in the future.

February 22 2004

Kurds Reject Key Parts of Proposed Iraq Constitution :

Kurdish leaders are demanding far broader autonomy, including the right to control military forces in Kurdish areas and the freedom to reject laws passed by the national government.

Start-up Company With Connections:

U.S. authorities in Iraq have awarded more than $400 million in contracts to a start-up company that has extensive family and, according to court documents, business ties to Ahmed Chalabi, the Pentagon favorite on the Iraqi Governing Council.

A Soldier's Story: 'Keep Your Conscience Clean':

If you kill somebody, it's because they were going to kill you. And that's why people say, 'All those f---in' 'Raq heads' (slang for Iraqis). You dehumanize them so when you kill them, you're just killing a 'Raq head. 'Don't worry about it. It's no big deal.' We were supposed to kill them."

US soldier on frontline in battle for refugee status:

Family moved to Canada after private refused to fight in 'dehumanising' Iraq war

Special forces quitting to cash in on Iraq :

BRITAIN‚S elite special forces are facing an imminent crisis because record numbers of men are asking to leave their units early, lured by high wages on offer in a growing security industry in Iraq.

February 21 2004

UK Troops Accused On 18 Iraq Killings :

The incidents, hitherto unreported, are separate from the suspicious deaths of seven Iraqis who were being held by British troops in the notorious Camp Bucca detention centre near the port of Umm Qasr, south of Basra.

‘They were kicking us, laughing.

It was a great pleasure for them’ : When Daoud Mousa, a stout colonel in the Basra police force, arrived at the British military morgue to identify his son’s body he was confronted with a bruised, bloodied and badly beaten corpse.,2763,1153012,00.html

Four U.S. Troops Wounded, Iraqi Killed in Ambush:

Four U.S. soldiers were wounded and their Iraqi translator was killed on Saturday when gunmen ambushed their convoy south of Baghdad, the U.S. army said.

U.S. withheld Iraq arms details:

The acknowledgment, in a Jan. 20 letter to Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., contradicts public statements before the war by top Bush administration officials.

Red Cross Visits Saddam in U.S. Custody :

While Iraq U.S. administrator said some experts believe it could take up to 15 months to organize an election that Shiites want as soon as possible.

The Truth Always Comes Out In The Wash:

Chalabi was made to order for the people who wanted to invade Iraq — and it is abundantly clear that his intelligence was made to order, too.

Apartheid Enforcers Guard Iraq For the U.S:

In its effort to relieve overstretched U.S. troops in Iraq, the Bush administration has hired a private security company staffed with former henchmen of South Africa‚s apartheid regime.

It’s official: U.S. Is A One Party State:

Daschle satisfied with war progress:

Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D., praised the Bush administration’s war and nation-building work in Iraq and said he has no serious concerns about the lack of weapons of mass destruction.

[Or the 10,00 Iraqi civilians and 514 U.S. troops slaughtered in the needless war!]

Kerry Backs Iraq Invasion & U.S. Militarism:

Just over 30 years after he passionately advocated against the Vietnam War, John Kerry took one of his most controversial votes: giving President Bush the authorization to invade Iraq.

In case you missed it:

America tore out 8000 pages of Iraq dossier:

THE United States edited out more than 8000 crucial pages of Iraq’s 11,800-page dossier on weapons, before passing on a sanitised version to the 10 non-permanent members of the United Nations security council.

UK; Ministry of Defence Issues Depleted Uranium Warning Cards to Troops:

The British Ministry of Defence has issued cards to troops deployed to Iraq warning that they may have exposed to depleted uranium dust and offering uranium testing.

February 20 2004

US ‘to drop’ Iraq caucus plan:

One of the central planks of the Bush administration’s plan for post-war Iraq has been abandoned, according to reports from Baghdad and Washington.

Iraqi, US officials debate elections:

The spiritual head of Iraq’s Shiite majority Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, who had threatened mass demonstrations if the country’s next government was not elected, told the German weekly Der Spiegel Thursday that any delay “must not be long.”

United States Expects Troops to Remain in Iraq For Years. :

Senior Pentagon officials said Thursday they were confident that the Iraqis, once given political control, would agree U.S. troops should stay. But some outside the government question whether that would hold true once an elected Iraqi government took over.

US soldier wounded in bombing as troops leave Iraq

In case you missed it:

Revisited – The Real Reasons for the War With Iraq:

A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken Truth Although completely unreported by the U.S. media and government, the answer to the Iraq enigma is simple yet shocking — it is in large part an oil currency war.

White House Denials on Iraq Continue:

The historical record now shows that the Bush administration alone ˆ not Congress or the United Nations or President Clinton ˆ is responsible for sending the country to war based on false pretenses and ideological judgments about disputed intelligence information.

February 19 2004

Annan discounts June election in Iraq, three killed in bomb blast :

UN chief Kofi Annan discounted holding elections in Iraq before US-led forces hand over control on June 30, as yet another roadside bomb killed two American soldiers and an Iraqi in western Iraq.

Bremer: Iraqi Power Transfer Date to Hold:

U.S. administrator L. Paul Bremer said Thursday that the formula for establishing a new Iraqi government could be changed but the date for the U.S.-led coalition to hand over power remains firm.

U.S. Weighs Shift in Iraq Self-Rule Plan :

The Bush administration is considering a major shift in its plan for transition to Iraqi self-rule, possibly extending and expanding the U.S.-appointed Governing Council so it can take temporary control of the country on July 1, a senior U.S. official said Wednesday.,1280,-3764279,00.html

UN to defy Shia clerics and call for delay in Iraq poll :

The United Nations is set to side with the White House and against the wishes of Iraqi Shia clerics in concluding that direct elections in Iraq are not possible before June 30.,2763,1151425,00.html

Iraq: Anybody Got a Plan?:

Bremer’s caucus plan appears to be dead. Planning Iraq’s political future may be back in the UN’s hands,8599,591704,00.html

“It’s Time to Get Over It”: Kerry Tells Anti-War Movement to Move On:

“Progressive internationalism.” It’s a concept concocted by establishment Democrats seeking to convince potential backers in the corporate and political world that, if installed in the White House, they would seek to preserve U.S. power and influence around the world, but in a kinder, gentler fashion

Report says military distorts war deaths:

By refusing to make public its estimates of civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon has made the postwar stabilization of the two societies more difficult, according to an independent report to be released today that accuses the Pentagon of appearing indifferent to the civilian cost of war.

UK troops accused of POW brutality:

British soldiers in Iraq kicked and punched hooded prisoners as they screamed for mercy, according to a witness who says he saw one Iraqi detainee beaten to death..

Missing in action in Iraq:

Americans hear about their 500 dead soldiers. What about the 10,000 dead Iraqi civilians?

The Permanent Scars of Iraq:

‘’There’s a voice that rings through all these guys who’ve paid the price to survive war. No matter how much science or technology you have, those memories never leave you.’

Suicides in Iraq, Questions at Home:

Pentagon Tight-Lipped as Self-Inflicted Deaths Mount in Military: Stephen L. Robinson, who visits the hospital regularly and is executive director of the National Gulf War Resource Center, a nonprofit advocacy group for veterans and soldiers, said there was no public record of the deaths. “They just covered it up,” he said.

Pentagon offices face probe on Iraq claims:

At issue are the activities of the Office of Special Plans and the Counter Terrorism Evaluation Group, which operated under the auspices of Douglas Feith, undersecretary of defence for policy and a leading Pentagon hawk

Chalabi stands by faulty intelligence that toppled Saddam’s regime:

An Iraqi leader accused of feeding faulty pre-war intelligence to Washington said yesterday his information about Saddam Hussein’s weapons, even if discredited, had achieved the aim of persuading America to topple the dictator.;$sessionid$5RM3YWKKUZDFXQFIQMGSFF

A must read.

Ahmad Chalabi and His Iranian Connection:

Chalabi, like any anti-Hussein leader, clearly would have had a vested interest in providing the United States with information that would lead it to invade Iraq and open the door for a new regime — particularly a regime in which Shia would play a leading role. It ought not to have been a surprise that intelligence coming from the INC and Chalabi would tend to entice the United States to war.

Data From Iraqi Exiles Under Scrutiny:

In the years before the war in Iraq, an exile group set up a team of analysts in Washington, underwritten by United States government funds, to distribute a steady stream of reports on Saddam Hussein to the government and the news media, according to government officials and a document the group submitted to Congress.

February 18 2004

Baghdad attack leaves 11 Iraqis dead:

At least 11 Iraqi civilians and wounded dozens, including more than 30 coalition soldiers, officials said.

Insurgents attack Polish military camp in Iraq:

Insurgents attacked a Polish army camp near Hillah Wednesday morning, injuring eight soldiers, including six poles, a Hungarian and an American.

Iraq bombings reveal bigger U.S. problems :

Nobody knows when the bloodshed will be stanched, but by now it’s apparent that the Americans can’t do anything to stop it.

US election plan in Iraq founders:

An American plan to select a transitional Iraqi assembly through a series of regional caucuses has been effectively abandoned by Iraq’s interim Governing Council.

Tariq Ali: How Far Will the US Go to Maintain Its Illegitimate Primacy in Iraq? :

The whole world knows that Bush and Blair lied to justify the war, but do they know the price being paid on the ground in Iraq? First, the blood price – paid by civilians and others this week as every week.

The high price of war leaves one man broken:

After just a few weeks in combat, Massey said he came to the realization he could no longer be an effective Marine. He was haunted by the knowledge that U.S. forces, himself included, were killing civilians, not terrorists.

No regrets about Iraq, Bush says:

President Bush on Tuesday defended the war in Iraq to cheering troops here and then had lunch with a National Guard unit on its way to Baghdad, a visit that combined Bush’s role as commander in chief with his political need to rebut attacks on his own service record and foreign policy.

Maimed in Iraq, then mistreated, neglected, and hidden in America :

They had been kept in living conditions that are “unacceptable for sick and injured soldiers.” One officer characterized conditions for the wounded by saying, “They’re being treated like dogs.”

Disappearing the Dead: Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Idea of a “New Warfare” :

During the course of the Afghan and Iraqi conflicts the US Department of Defense (DoD) conducted “perception management” campaigns that obstructed the public’s appreciation of the wars’ human toll.

February 17 2004

Bombings Kill 3 Soldiers, Wound 6 in Iraq:

Roadside bombs have claimed more American lives, killing three U.S. soldiers in separate attacks in Baghdad and Sunni Muslim areas to the north of the capital. At least six soldiers were injured in the attacks, one critically.

Few Americans see caskets come home:

A news media blackout instituted to ensure privacy for soldiers’ families also protects policymakers as war casualties mount.

Shiites fume over Bremer veto threat as violence continues in Iraq :

Religious Shiites warned Iraq’s top administrator Paul Bremer against the risk of a crisis should he carry out his threat to veto an Islamic constitution for the country, as violence continued.

Syrian PM: Israel benefitted from Iraq:

Syria’s prime minister has claimed Israel is the sole beneficiary of the US-led occupation of Iraq.

Australian troops told Saddam could not use WMDs :

AUSTRALIAN troops preparing for the invasion of Iraq were told that Saddam Hussein did not have the means of launching weapons of mass destruction against its neighbours, it emerged yesterday.

Australia: Agencies targeted in Iraq fallout:

“It’s buck-passing of the highest order,” said one intelligence source.

Noble lies and perpetual war:

Leo Strauss, the neo-cons, and Iraq : Leo Strauss was a great believer in the efficacy and usefulness of lies in politics. Public support for the Iraq war rested on lies about Iraq posing an imminent threat to the United States ˆ the business about weapons of mass destruction and a fictitious alliance between al-Qaida and the Iraqi regime. Now that the lies have been exposed.

The Great Iraq Heist: Iraqis are paying for the war waged against them:

What makes Iraqis especially indignant is that theirs is a nation of engineers and scientists who are left to watch as the billions in reconstruction funds go outside their country. . . . Iraqis can see that their country is being divided among the victors

‘’America will lose the war in Iraq’’:

Now that is a bold claim to make, considering America’s overwhelming military victory that took about less than a month.

Iraqi women, children in US custody:

The US occupation forces in Iraq have been arresting the wives of suspected resistance fighters in an attempt to force their husbands to turn themselves in.

Police poised to probe Iraq leak:

The Australian Federal Police may investigate claims by a senior intelligence official that the Federal Government was told before the Iraq war that the Bush administration’s claims about weapons of mass destruction were exaggerated.

U.S. Sees Al-Qaeda Everywhere :

In an apparent attempt to downplay the internal Iraqi dynamics sparking ongoing attacks, the Bush administration has been blaming al-Qaeda for much of the violence.

February 15 2004

Soldiers’ bodies found in river:

THE bodies of three US soldiers who went missing last month were found in the Tigris river by Iraqi police, a US military spokesman said today.,4057,8690146^1702,00.html

Two U.S. convoys attacked in Baghdad, one Iraqi bystander killed; officials investigate Fallujah attack

Bremer: U.S. Open to Ideas on Iraqi Power Transfer :

The U.S. administrator in Iraq suggested Sunday the Bush administration might be open to compromise on how the transfer of power in Iraq takes place.

British spy op wrecked peace move:

A joint British and American spying operation at the United Nations scuppered a last-ditch initiative to avert the invasion of Iraq,2763,1148623,00.html

Spying games on the road to war:

While Downing Street was seeking a UN resolution to avert conflict in Iraq, a US-led spying operation which involved Britain’s GCHQ had another agenda

Shadow of civil war threatens to eclipse any hopes of Iraqi peace :

Iraq is a country in meltdown, where innocent civilians and soldiers continue to die daily, and ethnic factions prepare for fighting as they battle each other for control

Revealed: Britain’s arms deal with Iraq:

The government has rubber-stamped special export licences for weaponry, including sub-machine guns, pistols, riot shields and smoke grenades in the past few weeks alone as ministers admit the threat of continuing civil unrest is seriously hampering reconstruction efforts.

Rendezvous with a secular ayatollah:

Ibrahim al-Shawi describes a revealing meeting with Ayatollah Ali Sistani

February 14 2004

Raid on police kills 23 in Fallujah:

“We have received 23 bodies, including 14 policemen, five civilians and four attackers, as well as 35 wounded,” said the head of the Fallujah hospital, Abdel Wahab al-Lusi.

American plan for Iraq needs complete overhaul, United Nations envoy warns :

He distanced himself from the controversial US plan, hinting that it would have to be drastically rewritten or shelved.,2763,1148065,00.html

The bloody price of occupation :

How far will the US go to maintain its illegitimate primacy in Iraq? The whole world knows that Bush and Blair lied to justify the war, but do they know the price being paid on the ground in Iraq? First, the blood price – paid by civilians and others this week as every week.,3604,1147921,00.html

Drowned Iraqi ‘was forced into river by five US soldiers’:

Five American soldiers have been accused of driving a 19-year-old Iraqi civilian to his death in the Tigris river in one of the main centres of resistance to the occupation.

UN official says early Iraq elections impossible:

A UN official has dismissed talk of early elections in Iraq, saying they cannot go ahead until after the US-led authorities transfer power to an Iraqi government in June.

Iraq Shi’ites Warn of Problems if Polls Delayed :

Supporters of Iraq’s top Shi’ite cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said on Friday an assessment by U.N. officials that elections are not possible before June 30 could stir revolt against their U.S. occupiers.;jsessionid=MNN1DV

Cronkite: Iraq-Vietnam parallels inescapable :

Walter Cronkite said the American presence in Iraq strongly resembles the military´s adventure in Vietnam during the height of his career, which included 18 years as CBS Evening News anchor.

Government ‘warned’ on intelligence:

Intelligence agencies told the Federal Government in the weeks before the Iraq war that some of the Bush Administration’s claims justifying an invasion were exaggerated, according to one of Australia’s most senior intelligence officials.

February 13 2004

Another U.S. Soldier Killed In Iraq:

The U.S. command says it happened Thursday night when some sort of bomb hit an American patrol in a suburb of Baghdad. It’s the 375th U.S. combat death in Iraq since the war began and the 538th American death overall.

Former Iraq administrator sees decades-long U.S. military presence :

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Jay Garner, the former interim administrator of post-conflict reconstruction efforts in Iraq, said Thursday that a U.S. military presence in Iraq should last “the next few decades,”

UN now backs elections in Iraq:

Sistani’s clout increases as world body supports his call for elections over US plan for transfer of sovereignty.

Sovereignty for Iraq may have to wait, Powell says:

Secretary of State Colin Powell signaled Wednesday that the administration might delay plans to return sovereignty to Iraqis by July 1, telling a congressional oversight panel that violence continues to vex U.S. and Iraqi officials.

Secret report warns of Iraq ‘Balkanisation’:

The report, which is based on military data and circulated to foreign organisations by the US aid agency USAid, diverges with public statements by US officials who claim that security in the country is improving.

U.N. envoy sees potential for civil war in Iraq:

Some Governing Council members seek alternative to U.S. plan for transferring power; GI killed in Baghdad attack,0,5136105.story?coll=bal-nationworld-headlines

Poll: Americans think Bush stretched truth on Iraq:

A majority of Americans think the Bush administration exaggerated the threat of lethal weapons in Iraq to justify the war, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Leak reveals ministers’ fears over Iraqi contracts :

Campaign to stop British firms being cut out by US,2763,1147271,00.html

Operation Iraqi Sweatshop:

Halliburton is hiring temps to work in Iraq: $100 a month for locals, $300 for Indians and $8,000 for Texans. Meanwhile taxpayers are getting charged top dollar, prompting investigations from the United States military.

Blix Fears Iraq Weapons Reports Distortion :

-Former chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix said Thursday he was sure President Bush’s election campaign would twist his reports on Saddam Hussein’s arsenal to justify the war in Iraq.

The invasion was justified:

Based on my concrete, meticulously substantiated evidence, they’ll be convinced. I know I am.

Dutch troops refuse to remove radioactive debris :

Residents of As Samawah in Southern Iraq are unduly exposed to radioactive debris as Dutch troops stationed in the area refuse to remove remnants of war contaminated with depleted uranium (DU).

February 12 2004

Chilean Delegation In UN Was Eavesdropped :

The telephone lines of the Chilean mission in UN was tapped during the debates on the Iraqi war last year, an official statement of the Chilean Government announced

Baghdad bomb kills two US troops:

Another soldier was wounded in the blast, in a western suburb of the Iraqi capital.

Iraqi deaths rise but no count on bodies:

Independent thinktanks estimate as many as 10,000 civilians may have died as a direct result of the U.S.-led military intervention in Iraq, either during the war or in attacks aimed at uprooting the occupation. U.S. authorities in Iraq say they keep no official tally.

The usual suspects :

Russian observers estimate Iraqi military losses at 30,000 deaths and 120,000 seriously wounded. This means that many Iraqis now know that in the name of their “liberation”, the Americans have killed or maimed 200,000 people. When something like this happens, you don’t need any help from al-Qaeda to fuel your anger.

The unseen cost of the war in Iraq:

The true extent of US casualties in Iraq are still unknown. This has fuelled suspicion that the administration may be hiding the true human cost of the war and its aftermath. Channel Four News has been allowed a rare opportunity to meet some of America’s wounded soldiers.

7 Soldiers Meet Death in Iraq at 18

Of the more than 500 U.S. troops killed in Iraq, seven were just 18. ‘It’s a big waste of his life,’ one embittered father says.,1,1532903.story

Bomber kills 46 Iraqis, Americans get blame:

Shiites turn against U.S. amid growing despair

U.N. agrees need for Iraq election:

A U.N. envoy has said after talks with Iraq’s most powerful religious leader that the world body backed his call for elections

Pentagon: 3 Months in Iraq Cost $14B:

Officials previously had said the occupation of Iraq is costing $1 billion a week.

Public vs classified versions of Iraq intelligence report differed:

February 11 2004

Up to 47 die as car bomb strikes Iraq army centre :

UP to 47 people died today when a suicide attacker blew up a car packed with explosives in a crowd of hundreds of Iraqis waiting outside an army recruiting centre in Baghdad.

US forces kill ‘’10 armed Iraqis’’ as four Iraqi officers shot dead in Baghdad area :

Money for Iraq fight running out:

AS the carnage in Iraq continued last night, US military chiefs warned they would run out of money for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq at the end of September unless President George W. Bush asked Congress for more funds,5744,8656953%255E2703,00.htm

Pentagon eager to wash hands of Iraq mess it created:

The only question is whether Rumsfeld and Company can keep the lid on all the boiling pots until they can pass the CPA and the whole nation-rebuilding buck to the State Department.

Six U.S. governors make surprise trip to Baghdad:

With violence persisting in Iraq, the trip was kept secret journalists were not allowed to report on their arrival on a C130 military jet until hours later

February 10 2004

Scores killed in Iraq blast:

Up to 50 people are feared dead and dozens wounded after a car bomb ripped through a police station south of Baghdad.

Iraq governor feels heat of democracy:

Sabri al-Rumayith’s plight in this Shi’ite town of a million highlights problems faced by U.S. occupiers as they try to shape Iraq’s future.

Iraq: Uranium Contamination:

Recently completed laboratory analyses show two members of Uranium Medical Research Centre‚s (UMRC) field investigation team are contaminated with Depleted Uranium (DU).

February 9 2004

War on Iraq, not a defense of America:

Nuclear weapons — a Bush fiction: On October 6, 2002, George Bush declared that “we cannot wait for the final proof — the smoking gun — that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.”

In a tight spot on Iraq, Bushies just lie :

Don’t look now, but you’re about to see this administration pull another fast one on an all too gullible American public.

Gore Says Bush Betrayed the U.S. by Using 9/11 as a Reason for War in Iraq :

In a withering critique of the Bush administration, former Vice President Al Gore on Sunday accused the president of betraying the country by using the Sept. 11 attacks as a justification for the invasion of Iraq.

Two US soldiers killed:

“There were two US soldiers killed and two wounded in northern Iraq in the Sinjar area while conducting EOD operations.”,5744,8638835%255E1702,00.html

Police major in attack on US troops:

“The attacker who was killed was identified later as an active Iraqi Police major,” said a statement from the Fourth Infantry Division.,5478,8627331%255E401,00.html

Ignorance is no excuse :

This war is not just killing Iraqi civilians, resistance fighters and coalition soldiers. It’s murdering any pretence that we live in countries that value, let alone practice, the principle of democratic accountability. It calls into question our ability to rein in political excess and to root out state-sponsored incompetence.,2763,1143986,00.html

Jimmy Breslin: Bloomberg Fails to Ask Why:

Bloomberg’s request was about a 19-year-old who was shot dead in a war in Iraq that was started and continues because of George Bush and no one else. The blood of 525 Americans is on his hands.,0,4749677.column

February 8 2004

The terrible human cost of Bush and Blair’s military adventure:

10,000 civilian deaths: UK and US authorities discourage counting of deaths as a result of the conflict. But academics are monitoring the toll and have identified a grim new milestone

We were misled, say families of British dead:

When Tony Blair was preparing Britain for the war in Iraq 12 months ago, he had the unanimous backing of the families of the nation’s troops who were being sent there. But now many of the relatives of the 58 Britons who have died in Iraq are openly accusing Mr Blair of having misled them about the case for invading the country.

Naomi Klein: Hold Bush to His Lie:

If you believe the White House, Iraq’s future government is being designed in Iraq. If you believe the Iraqi people, it is being designed at the White House. Technically, neither is true: Iraq’s future government is being engineered in an anonymous research park in suburban North Carolina.

Bomb at Police Station Kills 3 in Iraq :–

A bomb inside a police station exploded soon after the morning roll call, killing three police officer and injuring 11 others, officials said Sunday.

Daily U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq :

As of Friday, Feb. 6, 529 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq, according to the Department of Defense.,1280,-3721643,00.html

Armor From Home:

Amid Shortage of Gear, Some U.S. Soldiers Must Equip Themselves

Soldiers may be charged over Iraqi death in custody:

Army prosecutors have been asked to bring charges against a number of soldiers after the death of an Iraqi civilian prisoner in British custody in Iraq.

February7 2004

Two killed in Iraq checkpoint attack:

Two Iraqi men have been killed and two teenagers have been wounded after US soldiers returned fire after an attack on a checkpoint in the northern town of Samarra, witnesses and medics said.

U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa, via Jordan :

The Prime Minister’s Office, views the pipeline to Haifa as a “bonus” the U.S. could give to Israel in return for its unequivocal support for the American-led campaign in Iraq.

Bomb Wounds Two Soldiers In Baghdad :

Roadside bombs are a major threat to U.S. troops across the country. A review of Pentagon casualty reports shows that of 39 deaths in January that the Army attributed to hostile action, 23 involved attacks with homemade bombs, which the military calls “improvised explosive devices.”,13319,FL_bomb_020704,00.html

Insurgents attack Iraqi soldiers:

Insurgents fired a rocket propelled grenade today at a bus carrying Iraqi soldiers west of Baghdad, wounding five of them and a civilian bystander, officials said.

Puerto Rican Soldiers Depart For Iraq :

At least 12 soldiers from Puerto Rico or of Puerto Rican descent have been killed in Iraq. The island’s 4 million residents cannot vote for president and have no vote in U.S. Congress. They were made American citizens in 1917.,13319,FL_depart_020704,00.html

Army chiefs snub soldier who lost leg :

A WEST Lothian soldier whose leg was amputated due to the lack of vital surgical equipment in Iraq has been refused compensation by Army chiefs.

Military Sexual Assault Probe Ordered :

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has ordered an investigation into the treatment of servicewomen in the Gulf war zone who report sexual assaults by their male comrades-in-arms, the Pentagon said Friday.,1282,-3719827,00.html

Iraqi detainees allege mistreatment and abuse:

Though they have received minimal attention in the U.S. press, allegations of mistreatment of detainees have been surfacing persistently for at least the last six months.

February 6 2004

Iraq threat was limited, troops told:

Australian troops fighting in Iraq were told in an official briefing days before entering the country that Saddam Hussein did not have the capability to launch weapons of mass destruction against its neighbours.

U.S. Soldier Killed, One Wounded in Mortar Attack :

One U.S. soldier was killed and another wounded in a mortar attack on U.S. military installations near Baghdad airport Thursday, a U.S. Army spokesman said.

Blind Into Baghdad :

The U.S. occupation of Iraq is a debacle not because the government did no planning but because a vast amount of expert planning was willfully ignored by the people in charge. The inside story of a historic failure

Washington conceals US casualties in Iraq:

Estimates on the number of US soldiers, sailors and Marines medically evacuated from Iraq by the end of 2003 because of battlefield wounds, illness or other reasons range from 11,000 to 22,000, a staggering figure by any standard.

US Soldier: “Sometimes it is a soldier‚s duty to tell the truth, no matter what” :

“Sometime you have to weigh your duty to your government, and the duty to your fellow soldiers to protect them and keep them safe. I feel the duty to my fellow soldier out weighs any loyalty to my government. I do not see this as treason or betraying my command, especially in light of how badly the government has betrayed our troops at every level.

Iraq Shiite leader targeted by assassins :

The spiritual leader of Iraq’s Shiite Muslim majority escaped an assassination bid, as two young Iraqis accused by insurgent groups of collaborating with US occupiers were shot dead by masked men in the restive town of Fallujah west of Baghdad.

Iraqi cleric ‘was not attacked’:

Supporters of the spiritual leader of Iraq’s Shia Muslims, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, have denied reports that he has been the target of an attack.

Support for War in Iraq Drops:

Today, Americans are evenly divided on whether it was worth going to war at all, and more people disapprove than approve of the way President George W. Bush is handling the situation in Iraq.

The Realities of War :

Well America, welcome to the real world of Warfare. American Soldiers and Marines can and do get every bit as vicious as any Iraqi that ever lived. Maybe it hasn’t reached the point of total insanity in Iraq yet, but it will.

Alleged Nuclear Offer to Iraq Is Revisited :

Memos Indicate Attempt to Sell Pakistani Bomb Plans, Equipment on Eve of ‘91 War

February 5 2004

Iraq Eyewitness Reports:

Devastation and brutality of the war, occupation and the continuing effects of pre-war sanctions

U.S. Opens Door to Possibly Delaying Iraq Handover:

Senior U.S. officials opened the door on Wednesday to delaying the planned June 30 handover of sovereignty to Iraqis by saying they could not rule out considering this possibility.|top|02-04-2004::17:12|reuters.html

Insurgent Iraqis Vow to Take Over Cities:

A coalition of insurgent groups has vowed to take over cities vacated by U.S. troops, and warned of “harsh consequences” for Iraqis who resist, according to pamphlets circulating in this hotbed of anti-American resistance.

Iraq: US rethink of 30 June deadline? :

US officials have hinted for the first time that the date of handing power over to Iraqis could be negotiated.

Banking on Empire:

Iraqi ministries will now be able to borrow billions of dollars to buy much-needed equipment from overseas suppliers, but only by mortgaging the national oil revenues through a bank managed by New York-based multinational JP Morgan Chase.

Investigation Reveals Reconstruction Racket in Iraq:

A team of investigative reporters in Iraq have found a pattern of waste, fraud and abuse among U.S. companies receiving multi-million-dollar reconstruction contracts in the country, including massive over-charges for projects; shoddy work or a failure to complete tasks; and ignoring local experts who contend they could do the job better and cheaper.

February 4 2004

US apologises for killing Iraqi child:

Colonel William Mayville acknowledged that his forces were responsible Tuesday for mortar fire that killed an Iraqi boy during a major Muslim holiday as his family picnicked in the northern oil region of Kirkuk.

US soldier killed, 1 injured by roadside bomb in Iraq:

The deadly blast went off some 35 miles south of Baghdad on Tuesday. US officials say the troops had been working to clear roadside bombs out of the area.

Death toll hits 101 in suicide attacks on Kurds:

The death toll from weekend suicide attacks on Kurdish offices in northern Iraq rose to 101 yesterday, and the UN secretary general said he would send a team to the country to try to solve problems over the handover of power.

Doubts Arise as U.N. Readies Iraq Elections Team :

Some observers doubt the world body will be able to present an unbiased perspective of the view on the ground, because of U.S. opposition to the proposed vote.

Pentagon Can Deny Media Access to Troops :–

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the Pentagon has no constitutional obligation to provide the media access to U.S. troops during combat.,1282,-3705305,00.html

US war machine nearly fell apart, army reveals:

While it is well known that many army units ran low on fuel and water as fast-moving armoured forces raced towards the Iraqi capital, the study offers vivid new details of a supply system nearing collapse.

South African hired guns flock to Iraq :

More than 1 500 South Africans are believed to be in Iraq under contract to various private military companies. And the number will grow as the hired guns increasingly fill the void left by departing American and British forces.

February 3 2004

Abuse of Iraqi prisoners common, Marine says :

A former Marine guard testified yesterday that it was common practice in Iraq to kick and punch prisoners who didn’t cooperate ˆ and even some who did.

Betrayal in Ranks:

Thousands of women have been sexually assaulted in the United States military. This time, the women are betrayed by the military itself.,0,36~30137~,00.html

War Comes Home in a Coffin:

Kimberly Hampton, like most of the soldiers killed in Iraq, was from a small town. And for everyone there, her death was a big deal.

February 2 2004

Bush’s next request for Iraq and Afghanistan may reach $50 billion :

The White House budget chief says the administration will ask Congress in the coming months for up to 50 billion dollars more for the ongoing military missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

War Comes Home in a Coffin:

Kimberly Hampton, like most of the soldiers killed in Iraq, was from a small town. And for everyone there, her death was a big deal.

Bush to Announce Iraq Intelligence Probe This Week:

In a reversal of his position, President Bush will announce this week the establishment of a bipartisan, independent commission to investigate apparent flaws in intelligence used to justify the Iraq war;:401d7f50:3acd8ee6927ab1?type=

A Tactical Retreat on Iraq:

Bush implicitly concedes that pre-war allegations appear to be wrong.

Americans deserve Bush’s profound apology:

Imagine how appalled the friends and the beloved of Iraq’s casualties must have been last week to hear David Kay, the recently retired chief U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq tell the world, “It turns out we were all wrong.”,0,6569930.story

Kay Questions U.S. Pre-Emptive Strike Doctrine:

“If you cannot rely on good, accurate intelligence that is credible to the American people and to others abroad, you certainly can’t have a policy of preemption,” Kay said

UK: No 10 set to decide on WMD inquiry :

Downing Street appeared today to be on the brink of a climbdown over granting an inquiry into the intelligence basis for the war in Iraq.,12956,1137113,00.html?=rss

Intelligence services to be blamed for WMD failures:

British and American intelligence services look set to share the blame for the spectacular failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

A half-truth may not be a lie, but it is still dishonest :

No matter what Lord Hutton says, the prime minister has been deceitful,3604,1136791,00.html

How drone went from solid proof to a red herring:

The story of the UAVs is emblematic of how US intelligence on Iraq often was wrong, even when officials made efforts to cull the strongest material from a torrent of information.

Iraq war ‘increased terror threat’:

Britons are more – not less – likely to be the target of terrorist attacks as a result of the war in Iraq, an influential group of MPs claims.

Iraqi police a law unto themselves:

Accusations of police corruption are rampant across the country. Iraqis complain that police set up checkpoints for the sole purpose of shakedowns, threatening arrest unless a bribe is paid.

No Iraqi sovereignty if US forces stay :

The Bush administration may be prepared to recall American administrators from their desks in Baghdad, but the three- and four-star generals and forces under their command will remain for an indeterminate period.

Iraq: Kurdish Politician Concerned By U.S. Stance On PKK:

Mahmud Uthman, an independent Kurdish politician and a member of the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council, told RFE/RL that Ankara’s accusations regarding the PKK are unfounded and that the United States is only seeking to pacify its NATO ally Turkey

Scott Ritter: Israel knew Iraq had no WMDs

American Soldier Killed in Central Iraq :

One American soldier was killed and 12 others injured in a rocket attack Sunday on an Army base in central Iraq, the U.S. military said.

In case you missed it:

Saddam Extends Invite to CIA :

Saddam Hussein’s adviser Amir al-Saadi on Sunday invited the CIA to send its agents to Iraq to point out to U.N. inspectors sites the Bush administration suspects of weapons development.,2933,73685,00.html

Words From The Front-Lines:

“It’s nothing like what the people back home have been hearing. They’re saying the war’s over. The war’s not over. Now, it’s more of a guerrilla war. The waste and frustration, everything that goes on over there, it’s just a nightmare.” – Army Sgt. Michael Badgley Jr.

February 1 2004

More than 100 dead in Iraq suicide blast: Arbil:

More than 100 people were reported killed or wounded when two suicide bombers blew themselves up Sunday in this northern Kurdish city, after US Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz flew into Baghdad.

US officials knew in May Iraq possessed no WMD :

The disclosure that US military survey teams sent to visit suspected sites of WMD, and intelligence interviews with Iraqi scientists and officials, had concluded so quickly that no major weapons or facilities would be found is certain to produce serious new embarrassment on both sides of the Atlantic.

A scandal greater than Watergate:

It turns out President Saddam Hussein, whom Bush repeatedly branded a “liar,” was in fact telling the truth all along when he said all of Iraq’s old weapons systems had been destroyed. It was Bush and British PM Tony Blair who weren’t telling the truth.

Tinker, Tailor, Jurist, Spy:

When it came to acting on intelligence about Iraq, there were none so blind as those who would not see. The Bush administration didn’t want to acknowledge the likely costs before it started shooting. That kind of intelligence˜just straightforward information, really˜might have scared off the public.

The scandal of the shambolic search for Saddam’s WMD:

“My impression is that the Iraq Survey Group is going to splutter along, dying the death of a thousand small cuts,” Mr Isenberg said. “As long as it exists, the US and Britain can say it must be allowed to complete its work, and that could last interminably,” he added.

Weapons of misperception:

With various patriotic pundits proclaiming the exoneration of George Bush and Tony Blair by the Hutton report, it’s becoming increasingly evident the truth no longer matters

Are we all mad, or is it Hutton? :

Henry Porter, a leading writer and journalist specialising in intelligence affairs, watched the Hutton inquiry unfold in the summer. In this searing indictment, he argues that the law lord’s findings clearly contradict the evidence he heard,13845,1136453,00.html

Shocking Report Uncovers Conditions In Iraq Children’s Hospital Under U.S. Occupation:

A child will still most likely leave the place worse off than when she arrived, as CBC correspondent Michael McAuliffe saw when he dropped by.

This is a must listen

Bremer: Saddam to be handed over to special court:

ICRC spokeswoman Nada Doumani told AFP last week that Saddam cannot be tried in Iraq until the country regains its sovereignty due to Genenva Conventions restrictions.

Iraqi officials ban Aljazeera:

The Governing Council took its decision based on the station’s programme “Opposite Direction”, which it said had criticised the interim government.

Iraq death toll :

Lost in all the primary election campaign’s talk of the rights and wrongs of war were the names and faces of the week’s war dead.

Ex-CIA official faults agency’s work:

Richard J. Kerr, the former deputy director of the agency, said he found failings with the way the data was analyzed and presented, and gaps in the underlying intelligence itself.

White House Considers Intel Commission:

Until now, President Bush has reacted coolly toward the idea of a new commission, refusing to endorse it publicly. But his administration is under mounting election-year pressure to agree to an independent inquiry about Iraq’s alleged arsenal of banned destruction.

Blair fears being hung out to dry by Bush over WMD:

White House confirms possibility of independent inquiry into war. PM isolated over wait-and-see policy as weapons hunt flounders

MI6 chief to face new parliamentary inquiry:

The head of MI6 is expected to be called before a new inquiry into the intelligence that made the case for war in Iraq.

In case you missed it: Saddam Poses World Terror Threat, Wolfowitz Says:

“Disarming Iraq and the war on terror are not merely related,” Wolfowitz said. “Disarming Iraq of its chemical and biological weapons and dismantling its nuclear weapons program is a crucial part of winning the war on terror.”,2933,76456,00.html

Wolfowitz: We will completely remove PKK from northern Iraq:

Wolfowitz made assurances that would convince Turkey that no federation based on ethnicity will be established in Iraq.

Blast Kills at Least Five in Baghdad Neighborhood (Reuters)

A projectile slammed into a crowded residential area in Baghdad on Saturday, killing at least two people and injuring several others, witnesses and medical sources said.

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