Iraq News and Information Links January 2004
January 31 2004

At Least 12 Killed in Iraq Bomb Attacks:

A car bomb explosion in front of an Iraqi police station in the northern city of Mosul has killed at least nine people and injured dozens. And a roadside bomb killed three American soldiers in north-central Iraq Saturday morning.

Turkmen official killed in Iraq :

An Iraqi Turkmen party official was killed Saturday and another injured in an attack near this northern oil city, a police official said.

Dutch embassy in Baghdad attacked:

The Dutch embassy in Baghdad was engulfed in flames late on Friday after a rocket-propelled grenade struck the unoccupied building and sparked a major alert.

Ad Agency Is Sought To Pitch Elections :

The U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad wants to hire an advertising agency to sell the Iraqi public on its plans for a new democratic government

Iraqis divided as cleric’s role widens:

Sadr’s followers denied they were breaking with Sistani, they were also adamant in going well beyond his position, calling the UN untrustworthy and a tool of the United States.

Arab Press : A daily selection of views from the Middle East :

Unidentified Arab country offers Saddam asylum

Never forget that they lie :

Hutton’s charitable vision of our rulers flies in the face of experience,3604,1135709,00.html

Danger for Bush as doubts grow over prewar intelligence:

“They’ve made a pretty huge mess of it,” said one senior Republican who has been talking to Mr Bush’s top advisers about what steps they should take next.

Hill Probers Fault Iraq Intelligence:

Panels’ Early Findings Are Similar to Kay’s

In case you missed it:

Seymour M. Hersh: The Stovepipe:

How conflicts between the Bush Administration and the intelligence community marred the reporting on Iraq‚s weapons.

In case you missed it:

Sidney Blumenthal: Bush’s other war:

US intelligence is being scapegoated for getting it right on Iraq

“Charge of the Light Brigade”:

Bush administration blames the intelligence services and the services deny responsibility:

US’s Kurdish ban risks backfiring:

In news that must have been music to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ears, L Paul Bremer, the US proconsul in Iraq, on Wednesday announced that the United States-led coalition regards the Kurdish Workers’ Party, or PKK, as a terrorist organization.

Iraq: Sistani…What Are You Waiting For?:

The American people, in their apathetic and naive wish to see their government act in accordance to the lofty goals proclaimed by its Constitution and by its national values, ignore the truth in front of their eyes: their boys and girls in uniform are becoming pawns in a global, imperial chess game played by neoconservative ideologues and supportive corporations.

January 30 2004

Bremer moves against Kurdish workers’ party in north Iraq:

A coalition move against the PKK in Iraq would be likely to anger Iraqi Kurds. “These people are not terrorists. They are simply asking for their rights in Turkey,” said Mahmoud Othman, an independent Kurd and member of the US-appointed Governing Council. “The US took this step only to satisfy Turkey.”

Scott Ritter: ‘The public must look to what is missing from the report’:

By focusing on a single news story broadcast by the BBC, Hutton has created a political smokescreen behind which Blair is seeking to distract the British public from the harsh reality that his government went to war based on unsustained allegations that have yet to be backed up with a single piece of substantive fact.

The very secret service :

David Kelly referred obliquely to Operation Rockingham. What role did this mysterious cell play in justifying the Iraq war?,3604,1089931,00.html

McCain Calls For Intelligence Error Probe:

Parting company with many of his fellow Republicans, Sen. John McCain said Thursday he wants an independent commission to take a sweeping look at recent intelligence failures.

Soldiers, Families Oppose Bush:

A bipartisan poll published by Business Week in December showed approval for the president at a mere 36 percent among soldiers, their families and veterans. “I think the American people were conned into this [war],” said retired Marine Corps Gen. Anthony Zinni, a Bush supporter in 2000.

Rice doubts renew pressure on Blair :

Tony Blair’s former foreign minister has called on the prime minister to accept that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.,12956,1135273,00.html

Robert Fisk: US military authorized transfer of 19bn new Iraqi dinars:

There have been widespread claims from western businessmen that the American authorities and the Iraqi officials who work for them – not the businessmen with whom they deal – are guilty of fraud.

Democracy in Iraq :

I hear John Kerry express his regrets about voting yes on the war resolution only to find himself incorrect about whether Saddam hid nukes and other WMDs. If I knew Bush lied — without a security clearance or access to top spooks — the senator and his colleagues surely should have known.

The Halliburton Shuffle: Can you spell Halliburton? R-i-p- o-f-f:

War-torn Iraq has been a gold mine for Halliburton, yet another treasure trove of U.S. taxpayer dollars for a company that has no peer in the fine art of extracting riches from the government. A company that goes to great lengths ˜ literally to the ends of the earth ˜ to escape paying its fair share of taxes to the government that has been so good to it.

US Acknowledges Flaws in Iraq Intelligence:

“I think that what we have is evidence that there are differences between what we knew going in and what we found on the ground,” Condoleezza Rice

Pepe Escobar : The marja and the proconsul:

What Sistani wants is an Iraqi constitution written with no foreign interference, with no articles contrary to Islam. And he wants a secular government, but composed of good Muslims who respect Islamic principles.

Maureen Dowd: Dump Cheney Now!:

Thanks to David Kay, we now have an amazing image of the president and the dictator, both divorced from reality over weapons, glaring at each other from opposite sides of bizarro, paranoid universes where fiction trumped fact.

January 29 2004

Iraq roadside attacks kill one and injure 13:

A series of roadside attacks in Iraq have killed a local security officer and wounded at least 13 other people as insurgents mount fresh strikes against Iraqis seen as collaborating with U.S. forces.

“The Americans are treating us like animals.”:

Several witnesses said they watched as the US vehicle was exploded by the IED, then other soldiers opened up with gunfire, shooting everything in sight. Hammad Naif Ermil, driving a large truck, was shot and killed, as were other Iraqis riding in a bus behind him that was riddled with American bullet holes.

U.S. Foresees Troops in Iraq Through 2006 :

The Army’s top general told Congress he is planning for the possibility of being required to rotate a large force in and out of Iraq for another three years.,1282,-3682789,00.html

No mystery to untangling WMD puzzler :

How could U.S. officials have been so wrong about something so important — the stockpiles of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that we now know never existed? The Case of the Two Trailers may hold the answer.

David Kay and the CIA :

Even the most cursory investigation of David Kay‚s past reveals that the mass media is not reporting his political involvement with intelligence agencies and his financial connection to corporations involved in ‘administering’ occupied Iraq.

In case you missed it:

This gang lied before:

When George H. W. Bush ordered American forces to the Persian Gulf ˆ to reverse Iraq’s August 1990 invasion of Kuwait ˆ part of the administration case was that an Iraqi juggernaut was also threatening to roll into Saudi Arabia.

Who Will Pay?:

War Crimes: The Evidence File:

The video and pictures in this report contain images and descriptions, depicting the reality and horror of the U.S. – UK invasion of Iraq

Shh … Iraq (US) owes $200bn war debt :

The United States, as its taxpayers are likely to be the ones to have to pay up, is playing down the matter of the US$200 billion that Iraq owes in war reparations, mostly to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, not to mention Iran, which has yet to even make its claim.

The shadow of Iraq :

The Hutton saga is a sideshow. The real issue is who will pay the price for war and occupation. Hutton’s embrace of any construction of the evidence surrounding David Kelly’s death that might be helpful to the government is breathtaking in its sweep.,2763,1133900,00.html

Demands grow for inquiry into the case for war as Hutton is accused of a ‘whitewash’:

Lord Hutton failed to settle the crucial question of whether Mr Blair took Britain to war in Iraq on a false prospectus.

Half Britons say Hutton was “whitewash”:

Half of Britons believe the Hutton inquiry into the death of Iraq weapons expert David Kelly was a whitewash, according to a newspaper poll.

UK: How a judge’s narrow remit allowed Government off hook on vital issue of case for war:

There are few professions in the real world where it would be permissible to say, in effect, “we may have got it wrong but we did it in good faith”. For Britain’s senior intelligence assessors to fall back on this is extremely worrying.

Australia: No comfort for Howard on WMD:

THE Howard Government sought to embrace the Hutton report yesterday as a vindication of Australia’s involvement in Iraq – but the British law lord’s findings bear little relevance to Canberra’s participation in the war.,5744,8531218%255E2703,00.html

Iraq: Democracy, colonial-style: :

The Americans will be able to choose at least two-thirds of the members of the new assembly.

The GI’s weapon of choice in Iraq: dollars:

Congress recently allocated $180 million for aid to be disbursed directly by US soldiers.

ŒFresh Statistics‚ Show Iraq’s Sunnis In Majority:

The statistics, released by a reliable international humanitarian relief agency in 2003, suggested that Sunnis make up 58 percent of the Iraqi population and Shiites 40 percent.

U.S. Seeks Aging Soviet-Era Systems For Iraqi Military:

The United States plans to procure Soviet-origin platforms and upgrade them for the new Iraqi Army.

January 28 2004

‘We were all wrong’: former top arms hunter :

“It turns out that we were all wrong, and that is most disturbing,” Kay said as he testified before the Senate armed services committee Wednesday.

Error in Terror: “Honest Mistake” :

Hey, an honest mistake is an honest mistake! No one planned on killing anyone.

Suicide Bomber Kills Four in Baghdad :

A suicide bomber driving a van disguised as an ambulance blew up his vehicle Wednesday in front of a hotel frequented by Westerners, witnesses and police said. Iraqi police reported four people were killed, but the U.S. command said only the driver died.

Top cleric spurns U.S. plans:

Iraq’s top Shiite Muslim leader now says that American plans for a caucus-based political system are illegitimate because the idea for them came from another illegitimate body: the U.S.-appointed Governing Council.

UN to decide feasibility of Iraq election:

US looks to Annan for compromise over poll.The coalition provisional authority (CPA), has said it is impractical to hold direct elections so soon, because there is no fair electoral roll, voter registration or constituency boundaries.,2763,1132742,00.html

Kay Cites Evidence Of Iraq Disarming :

The discovery means that inspectors have not only failed to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but also have found exculpatory information — contemporaneous documents and confirmations from interviews with Iraqis — demonstrating that Hussein did make efforts to disarm well before President Bush began making the case for war.

Iraqi whispers mull repeat of 1920s revolt:

Whispers of “revolution” are growing louder in Baghdad this month at teahouses, public protests and tribal meetings as Iraqis point to the past as an omen for the future.

The First Lie: It is time to set the record straight.

The United States Congress never voted for the Iraq war. Rather, Congress voted for a resolution in October 2002 which unlawfully transferred to the president the decision-making power of whether to launch a first-strike invasion of Iraq.

President Bush’s Faith-Based Iraqi Weapons Program:

Despite all of the evidence now at hand proving that the justification for war was phony, the President persists in claiming that those weapons were really there and ready to be used. One thing you have to say for the man, his faith runs deep.

Cheney, King Of Clouded Cuckoo Land:

Q: When I was in Iraq, some of the soldiers said they believed they were fighting because of the Sept. 11 attacks and because they thought Saddam Hussein had ties to al Qaida. – I wanted to ask you what you’d say to those soldiers, and were those soldiers misled at all?,1299,DRMN_35_2565269,00.html

Editorials Question Bush’s Role in ‘Cooking’ Up a War :

A growing number are raising the possibility that Bush and his team may have “cooked” the intelligence to support their case for war.

Why We’ll Pay a Price for Bush’s Fibs About Iraq’s WMD:

The world simply doesn’t trust us any longer ˆ a reversal of goodwill in lightening time ˆ yet Mr. Bush pretends it’s only because of some silly difference of opinion over some petty difference about what was real and what was not.

Bush Tries to Reassure Turkey on Kurds :

President Bush sought Wednesday to reassure Turkey that the United States does not support an expansion of autonomy for Kurds in neighboring Iraq.,1282,-3680136,00.html

Kurds’ Dream Clashes With U.S. Plans :

There is growing concern among Iraq’s Kurds that the United States will once again abandon them midway in their age-old aspiration to set up a federal Kurdish state.,1280,-3679312,00.html

Iraq becoming al-Qaeda breeding ground :

Iraq threatens to become a breeding ground for al- Qaeda terrorists, Germany’s spy chief has warned.

US denies ‘imminent’ threat warning:

THE White House today denied it ever warned that Saddam Hussein posed an “imminent” threat to the United States.

BAGHDAD: 13 American soldiers court martialled :

Adultery, assault, drunkenness, kidnapping, stealing computers, abusing prisoners and attempting to flee to Syria are some of the offences US soldiers have been charged with in court martial cases since Americans landed in Iraq.

Iraq Bombings Kills 6 U.S. Soldiers :

The United Nations agreed Tuesday to send a team to Iraq to help break the impasse over electing a new government as the deaths of six more American soldiers in roadside bombings underscored concerns about security in the volatile nation.,1280,-3676276,00.html

Two CNN employees killed in Iraq :

Two CNN employees were killed and a third was wounded today when the cars they were traveling in came under fire in Iraq.

Sexed up: How London sold its war on Iraq:

Aside from jointly invading another country, it appears that the United States and Great Britain have another thing in common as a part of their “special relationship”. They both twisted and distorted intelligence to suit their political needs. That this has happened in the US is now well known, but the British equivalent has not been well appreciated outside of the UK. That is about to change.

Iraq posed no WMD threat:

It seems there was a weapon of mass destruction in Iraq after all: David Kay! The recently resigned CIA chief weapons inspector has just blown gaping holes in the Bush administration’s fundamental justifications for the war on Iraq.

Kay denies evidence Iraqi moved unconventional weapons to Syria:

Kay said that the allegations of some US administration’s officials have no real proof. “Iraq was totally free of weapons of mass destruction at the beginning of 1999 year, that is to say, four years before launching the US war on Iraq under the pretext of its possession of the said weapons,”.

White House’s WMD retreat weakens Blair :

THE White House last night signalled a further dramatic retreat on Saddam Hussein‚s weapons of mass destruction as it dropped the repeated assertion that banned weapons would be found in Iraq.

January 27 2004

7 Iraqi police are killed; search continues for GIs:

Insurgents fired a rocket at the headquarters of the U.S.-led coalition Monday night after gunmen killed seven Iraqi policemen in a pair of attacks west of Baghdad.

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Blast :

Three American soldiers were killed and another wounded in a large explosion west of Baghdad on Tuesday, the U.S. military said. Hospital staff said two Iraqi civilians also were killed.

Army says three Iraqi guerrillas killed during central Iraq raids :

U.S. soldiers killed three members of a suspected guerrilla cell linked to the former Baathist regime during raids Tuesday in a central Iraqi town, the Army said.

Iraqi policeman killed in Karbala firefight:

Iraqi fighters attacked the headquarters of Polish forces in the southern city of Karbala, triggering a gunbattle that killed one Iraqi policeman.

Iraqi who gave MI6 45-minute claim says it was untrue:

Sir Richard Dearlove, head of MI6, did not deny in evidence to the Hutton inquiry that the intelligence for the 45-minute WMD claim came second-hand from a single source who was a senior Iraqi army officer.

The Art of Camouflage: David Kay comes clean, almost:

There are tried and true methods to this art of camouflage. The idea is to deploy vague rhetoric and unchallengeable facts that seem menacing at first glance but on close inspection have no significance. The hope is that, if you play this game well enough, nobody will inspect them closely enough to notice.

Baghdad Is Bush’s Blue Dress:

Now, can we talk of impeachment? The rueful admission by former chief U.S. weapons inspector David Kay that Saddam Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction or the means to create them at the time of the U.S. invasion confirms the fact that the Bush administration is complicit in arguably the greatest scandal in U.S. history.

White House emissaries head abroad to recast war :

Seeking to recast its reasons for toppling Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq, the Bush administration is sending high-ranking officials abroad to justify the war as good for humanity, despite increasing evidence that Baghdad did not possess stockpiles of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

From Iraq to Libya, US knew little on weapons:

Doubts that Hussein had WMD raise questions about war’s rationale and intelligence reliability. “These intelligence estimates are not good enough to support a policy of preemptive war,” says Joseph Cirincione, of the nonproliferation project at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington D.C.

Iraqi self-rule splits White House:

Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld favor a proposal to turn over power early – by April 1 – to the Governing Council, a body of U.S.-installed Iraqi leaders, said senior U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Daniel Ellsberg : Leak against this war :

US and British officials must expose their leaders’ lies about Iraq – as I did over Vietnam. I served three US presidents – Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon – who lied repeatedly and blatantly about our reasons for entering Vietnam, and the risks in our staying there. For the past year, I have found myself in the horrifying position of watching history repeat itself.

Iraq: Water, sickness, and a brewing Storm:

I am here to state, unequivocally, that 100% of the people I spoke with in this area south of Baghdad have stated that their living conditions are worse now than when Saddam was in power.

Our doubts about Dr Kelly’s suicide :

As specialist medical professionals, we do not consider the evidence given at the Hutton inquiry has demonstrated that Dr David Kelly committed suicide.,3604,1131833,00.html

Noam Chomsky: What a fair trial for Saddam would entail:

In a (virtually unimaginable) fair trial for Saddam, a defence attorney could quite rightly call to the stand Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush I and other high officials who provided significant support for the dictator, even through his worst atrocities.

Rights group: Iraq invasion not justified:

The war in Iraq ended a brutal regime but there were no ongoing human rights violations on a scale which could justify the US-led invasion, Human Rights Watch has said in its annual report.

Japan Reportedly Pays • 75 million protection money to Iraqis to Guard Self Defense Forces :

The Japanese government is reportedly paying approximately 10 billion yen (• 75 million) to Iraqi tribal leaders to provide bodyguards for the Self Defense Forces (SDF) in Iraq. A spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office said: “It is rather cheap if we can buy security for our soldiers with that amount of money.

Hutton reveals timetable of report’s release :

Lord Hutton will deliver a statement giving a “substantial” summary of his report into the death of weapons expert David Kelly at 12.30pm on Wednesday,13812,1131546,00.html

U.S. suspects Iraqi moles at Baghdad headquarters:

Some senior administration officials suspect that Saddam Hussein’s followers have penetrated the coalition headquarters in Baghdad and passed information to guerrilla fighters.

Last refuge :

“I’m telling them to go to their clergy, go to their commanding officers, and to claim conscientious objection while in the military, and to fight it out like that. But if they’re considering pulling the trigger on themselves, I’m telling them to desert.

January 26 2004

Roadside bomb kills Iraqi as U.S. forces search for 3 missing soldiers :

U.S. Forces aided by Iraqis searched the muddy waters of the Tigris River on Monday in northern Iraq for a soldier and two pilots missing after a helicopter crashed while searching for a patrol boat that had capsized.

Kay: Lack Of Iraqi WMD Requires Review:

U.S. intelligence agencies need to explain why their research indicated Iraq possessed banned weapons before the American-led invasion, says the outgoing top U.S. inspector, who now believes Saddam Hussein had no such arms.

In case you missed it:

The Vanishing Case for War: Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction didn’t exist. This discovery ought to put the American people on constructive notice that the functioning of our democracy is threatened by the nexus of the White House and a too-pliant CIA.

This is a must read:

Cheney ‘waged war’ on Blair Iraq strategy:

Dick Cheney, US vice-president, “waged a guerrilla war” against attempts by Tony Blair, the British prime minister, to secure United Nations backing for the invasion of Iraq.

Cheney: US democratic reform demand:

Vice President Dick Cheney asked the EU to join the US in pressing for democratic reform from Iran to Mauritania. “If they (Americans) want to produce democracy in the Middle East, they’d better do it first in Iraq as they promised,” Arab League Secretary General Amr Musa told Reuters.

The CIA revolt against the White House:

Former intelligence official Larry C. Johnson blasts the Bush administration’s “outright pattern of bullying.” In my view, this administration is actually involved with aiding and abetting terrorists — because when you expose clandestine human intelligence sources, you aid and abet terrorists.

UK: Pressure mounting over WMD doubt:

Lewis Moonie, a former defence minister who was part of Mr Blair’s team at the time of the conflict, said the government may soon have to concede it was wrong on its main justification for war.

To Germans, U.S. Motives Now Suspect:

“We’ve gone from the lighthouse on the hill to an image of an aggressive imperial force that wants to control the world that uses everything from ICBMs to Starbucks coffee to get people to tow the line,” says John Kornblum, a former American assistant secretary of state who now heads the Berlin office of the international investment bank Lazard

Australia: Howard defiant over Iraq war involvement

“If you’re going to send Australians off to a conflict and the primary reason was to identify and eliminate these weapons of mass destruction and then subsequently, that’s an invalid reason and purpose, then you’ve got to up front and honest – talk to the Australian people about what went wrong.”

US must quit Iraq before vote, say Sunnis :

An influential Sunni Muslim group in Iraq said yesterday it was opposed to partial elections scheduled for the summer and wanted a vote taken only when American forces had left the country.,2763,1131099,00.html

U.S. Probes Killings of 4 Iraqis in Taxi :

Iraqi police accuse American soldiers traveling in a northbound military convoy of killing the Iraqis, including a woman and a 7-year-old boy.

Iraq: Truck Drivers Wanted. $125,000 per Year

Iraqi’s Need Not Apply

General: Fielding an Iraqi army could take 3-5 years :

Iraq’s newly forming armed forces might take longer to create than initially estimated and require untold millions of dollars, the director of the Iraqi military training program said Thursday.

Immunity Pact For American Troops in Iraq Still Unsettled :

The United States has yet to begin serious negotiations with Iraqis on an agreement to guarantee that American troops in Iraq will remain immune from arrest and prosecution by local authorities once a new Baghdad government takes over in June, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials.

Powell: Possible Iraq Had No Banned Arms :

Secretary of State Colin Powel held out the possibility Saturday that prewar Iraq may not have possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Iraq’s WMD: the big lie?:

The justification for war: With the resignation of David Kay from the Iraq Survey Group, the pressure could not be greater on Blair to explain where he got the idea that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

UK: Spy chiefs warn PM: don‚t blame us for war :

BRITISH intelligence chiefs launched a pre-emptive strike against Tony Blair last night, ahead of the publication of the Hutton report, and blamed the government for pressurising them into cherry-picking intelligence to justify the war on Iraq.


The 50 lies, exaggerations, distortions and half truths that took this country to war

Profiles of Americans Who Have Died:

The death toll in Iraq for U.S. armed forces now stands at 500. The following bios represent all but the last few who’ve died:

Army Copter With 2 Pilots Crashes in Iraq:

A U.S. military helicopter crashed Sunday in the Tigris River in the northern town of Mosul while searching for a soldier, and both pilots were missing, a spokeswoman said.

U.S. Arrests Nearly 50 in Iraq; GI Dies:

A U.S. soldier died Sunday of wounds suffered in a grenade attack on his Bradley vehicle that was patrolling a central Iraqi town of Beiji,1280,-3666487,00.html

Female GIs reporting rapes by U.S. soldiers:

Female troops serving in Iraq are reporting an insidious enemy in their own camps: fellow American soldiers who sexually assault them.

Stress epidemic strikes American forces in Iraq:

Up to one in five of the American military personnel in Iraq will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, say senior forces’ medical staff dealing with the psychiatric fallout of the war.,6903,1130771,00.html

Kucinich says Iraq policy will lead to military draft :

America’s policy in Iraq will lead to a resumption of the military draft, Democrat Dennis Kucinich told high school and college students Saturday.

Why democracy will fail in Iraq:

President Bush dragged our nation into this hornets’ nest by misleading us over weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein’s connection to terrorism; now all he has left as a justification for 500 dead American soldiers is Iraq’s democratization.

Saddam’s WMD hidden in Syria, says Iraq survey chief:

David Kay, the former head of the coalition’s hunt for Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, yesterday claimed that part of Saddam Hussein’s secret weapons programme was hidden in Syria.

Syria denies receiving Iraq arms:

Syria has strongly denied allegations that it has been harbouring Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

Christian Evangelicals in Iraq: A Time-Bomb Waiting to Explode:

The humanitarian aid work is the cover for the real agenda (which is converting Muslims to Christianity). The whole concept reveals a lot of racism, paternalism, arrogance, and ignorance. It is racist because it implicitly assumes that these Middle Eastern Arabs are not at the superior spiritual levels of whites (as measured by attaining Christian submission to Jesus Christ and his teachings).

Iraqi informer’s family is marked for death :

Nawaf al-Zaidan earned $30m by leading the US to Saddam’s sons. Now local tribes have sworn revenge,2763,1130223,00.html

Military Acknowledges Massive Supply Problems in Iraq War:

At least $1.2 billion worth of supplies got lost, according to an audit by the General Accounting Office.

Halliburton wins Iraq deal despite price gouging :

The Bush administration knew that Halliburton had overcharged the US government on an Iraq reconstruction contract before it awarded the company a separate lucrative contract last week to repair Iraqi oilfields.

January 24 2004

Saddam’s WMD never existed, says chief American arms inspector:

David Kay, who stood down yesterday as head of the Bush administration’s hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, said that he did not believe that any stockpiles of such weapons ever existed.

New WMD blow for Blair :

Survey chief resigns saying Iraq never had stockpiles,2763,1130333,00.html

US chief Iraq arms expert quits:

The head of the team searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, David Kay, has resigned. Mr Kay said he did not believe Iraq possessed large stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons.

Annan: Iraq weapons report should be taken seriously:

United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan has said a statement by the outgoing chief US arms hunter that Iraq had no stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction should be taken seriously.

“It’s Just Wrong What We’re Doing”:

In an exclusive interview, repentant Vietnam War architect Robert McNamara breaks his silence on Iraq: The United States, he says, is making the same mistakes all over again. ‘Yet we were wrong, terribly wrong. We owe it to future generations to explain why.”

Blair ‘must admit WMD defeat’:

Opposition MPs have called for a public inquiry : The prime minister must admit defeat on the issue of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, Robin Cook has demanded.

Cheney Delusional? :

Cheney claims al Qaeda link to Hussein : He also says regime had program for prohibited weapons

Exposing The Lies:

Cheney’s Iraq Deceptions Leave NPR Speechless

A History Of Lies:

WMD, Who Said What and When ?

Who pays for the lies?:

Five More GIs, several Iraqi civilians killeed In Iraq:

A car bomb exploded on Saturday in Khaldiyah, a town west of Baghdad, killing three American soldiers and injuring six soldiers and several Iraqi civilians, the military said. Two other American soldiers were killed earlier Saturday in a roadside bombing near Fallujah.

Who pays for the lies?:

Images Of War


President Bush’s “Bring Them On” Picture Album

Royal Flush:

Out of the blood and murk of Iraq, yet another sinister connection is emerging, a skein of corruption tying Dick Cheney’s Halliburton, the Bush Family fortunes — and a mysterious Kuwaiti company that peddles material for building weapons of mass destruction.

Ex-U.N. arms expert to head U.S. hunt in Iraq :

Despite the many reports he had written for the United Nations on Iraq’s arms, Duelfer recently expressed doubts unconventional weapons will ever be found.

In case you missed it:

Kay: Iraq search team making significant finds – Oct. 5, 2003

In case you missed it: Inspector

Optimistic About Iraq WMD Hunt:

David Kay (search), a former chief weapons inspector for the United Nations, said his search team is making new discoveries everyday that help expose “the full extent and nature of Saddam [Hussein]’s program.” August 01, 2003,2933,93470,00.html

Iraq Shiites split over UN:

Radical Shiite leader Moqtada Sadr branded the UN a “dishonest” body which served America’s agenda and had no role to play in future Iraqi elections.

Key US Iraq ally backs Shia chief’s elections demand :

Ahmad Chalabi, one of Washington’s staunchest allies on Iraq’s interim Governing Council, on Friday added to Washington’s difficulties with its exit strategy from Baghdad by joining calls for direct elections before the country returns to self-rule.

US, Hat In Hand, Back At UN :

It is with a certain air of controlled desperation that the Bush administration has asked for a bailout in Iraq from the long-scorned United Nations. Having invaded Iraq without a UN mandate last March, the administration didn’t think to mention any role for the world organization when Administrator Paul Bremer reached an agreement with the American-created Iraqi Governing Council last November for a transfer of sovereignty less than six months from now.

Of course the White House fears free elections in Iraq :

Only an appointocracy can be trusted to accept US troops and corporations,3604,1130138,00.html

January 23 2004

Shiite Leader Rejects U.S. Plan for Iraq :

The U.S.-backed plan for handing over power to Iraqis is unacceptable as it stands, according to a top Shiite Muslim leader who met with President Bush this week.,1280,-3660591,00.html

Iraq Office Explosion Kills Two Men :

A bomb planted in a meeting room exploded after a meeting of the Iraqi Communist Party, killing two men in an an apparent attack on supporters of the U.S.-backed government, officials said Friday.,1280,-3659260,00.html

Two Halliburton employees accepted kickbacks :

Two Halliburton Co. officials accepted up to $6 million in kickbacks from a Kuwaiti company that was awarded contracts to supply U.S. troops in Iraq, according to a newspaper report.

Wars ‘useful’, says US army chief:

General Peter Schoomaker said in an interview with AP news agency that the wars had allowed the army to instil its soldiers with a “warrior ethos”.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu says Tony Blair and George Bush should admit the war in Iraq was wrong.

Archbishop calls on Blair to admit Iraq war was wrong He said such a move would help persuade the people of Iraq the coalition is serious about the future of the country.

Iraqi police walk perilous beat:

At least 280 Iraqi police have been killed since the fall of Baghdad in April, 2003.

Soldiers’ flights home still left unpaid:

To the great irritation of Minnesota’s two U.S. senators, the Pentagon still won’t reimburse the full travel costs of many U.S. troops who have taken breaks from wartime duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Top U.S. Politician: Iraq WMD May Have Gone to Syria :

U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Pat Roberts said there was some concern Iraqi weapons of mass destruction had gone to Syria, and Washington vowed to carry on searching for such arms in Iraq.

U.S. made Iraq a hotbed of terrorism:

Russia: In its most damning indictment of the U.S war in Iraq yet, Russia accused the U.S. of putting Iraq on the brink of disintegration and turning it into a hotbed of terrorism and instability that may fuse with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Maureen Dowd:

Riding the Crazy Train: Can you believe President Bush is still pushing the cockamamie claim that we went to war in Iraq with a real coalition rather than a gaggle of poodles and lackeys?

Occupational hazards :

It is not just the Shias. Iraqis of all political, ethnic and religious persuasions want their country back. Most are glad that the dictator has gone. Most want an end to the US-led occupation. There is no contradiction in this.,2763,1128345,00.html

War is the ultimate crime:

Instead of lofty notions like “freedom,” this strategy aims to defend “vital interests” such as “ensuring uninhibited access to key markets, energy supplies and strategic resources.” Such a plan involves constructing a world system “open to U.S. economic penetration and political control, tolerating no rivals or threats,”

Repeating The Lies:

General Richard Myers US Army-Interview with SBS Australia. Video

January 22 2004

Three Iraqi women killed in Fallujah:

Unidentified assailants shot and killed three women working for United States-led forces in a central city while a young man was fatally shot on Thursday in the south, police said.

Iraqi police killed in Falluja attack:

Three Iraqi police have been killed and five wounded after they were attacked near the town of Falluja.

Mortar Attack Kills Two U.S. Soldiers, Wounds Another :

Two U.S. soldiers were killed and one was critically wounded in a mortar and rocket attack on a U.S. military base near the restive central Iraq town of Baquba, the U.S. Army said Thursday.

Iraq may be on path to civil war, CIA officials warn :

CIA officers in Iraq are warning that the country may be on a path to civil war, current and former U.S. officials said yesterday, starkly contradicting the upbeat assessment President Bush gave in his State of the Union address.

How Much Democracy Should Iraqis Have?

A fight is brewing over how much democracy Iraq’s people can handle. President Bush says he wants elections in the country that America occupies – just not right now. He envisions instead an appointed process likely to yield America-friendly officials in Baghdad.,1280,-3652854,00.html

Bush May Seek Billions for Iraq After Election :

President Bush may seek an additional $40 billion or more for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan next year — on top of the $400-billion military budget he will send to Congress next month, congressional sources and budget analysts said on Wednesday.;jsessionid=YELXP2DKDFV

In case you missed it:

N-bomb for Saddam in three years : SADDAM Hussein has the capability to make an atomic bomb within three years, and has stockpiled enough chemical and biological weapons to wipe out the world‚s population, according to the file on Iraq due to be released by Downing Street.

1,000 boots displayed in Chicago as memorial to soldiers killed in Iraq:

“These young men and women will not have died in vain if truth triumphs,” said Michael McConnell, regional director of the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker peace and social justice group that sponsored the memorial.

Scandal hits promoter that wows US troops:

The investigation found that the celebrities did nothing wrong, but US taxpayers repeatedly paid for first-class aircraft tickets, drinks and limousine services in violation of Pentagon and federal regulations.

Notice to Army Reserve members: don’t count on continuing to avoid mobilization.

“There will be some people who will say, `I do not wish to be a part of that kind of force,”’ Helmly said.

January 21 2004

US set for Iraq election retreat :

The US-led coalition in Iraq is on the verge of bowing to Shia Muslim pressure for direct elections before the handover of power on June 30.,12956,1127727,00.html

Kurds turn against US after losing control over oil-rich land:

Kurdish community claims it had more autonomy under Saddam

UK: Probe into ‘Government war crimes’:

The Government could face an international trial for war crimes following the invasion of Iraq.—Government-war-crimes—name_page.html

Iraq Bombing Hurts 3 U.S. Soldiers, Others:

A roadside bomb exploded Wednesday near the northern city of Mosul, wounding three U.S. soldiers and seven other people, the military and local police said.,0,3638303.story?coll=sns-ap-world-headlines

Names of soldiers killed in Iraq, by home state

UK: Kennedy renews call for Iraq war inquiry :

Charles Kennedy today tackled Tony Blair over what George Bush meant by the garbled phrase “weapons of mass destruction-related programme activities”.,12956,1128011,00.html

Supporting the Troops: A Critical Analysis:

It is not easy for an American citizen, with genuine loyalty to his nation, to ask these questions, for the answers bring nothing but shame and guilt. I, however, argue that Americans MUST ask themselves these questions.

January 20 2004

UN mulls Iraq return as Shia protest again:

Annan indicated on Monday he would consider sending a team to advise whether national elections could be held before a US-led withdrawal.

UK officials say Iraq elections by June viable:

British officials in Basra no longer oppose early elections in Iraq, saying security and procedural obstacles to polls could be surmounted before the transfer to civilian control on June 30.

Iraq’s Election Snag:

Senior Iraqi sources tell TIME that a top U.N. election official, Carina Perelli, wrote an internal report last summer concluding that elections could be pulled off in just six months. U.N. spokesman Fred Eckhard confirms the substance of the report, saying its conclusions on “the technical aspects” are sound.,9171,1101040126-578974,00.html

Give Iraqis the Election They Want:

Despite Bush’s rhetoric, the U.S. is opposing true democratic voting.,1,7658797.column

Iraqis Want Saddam’s Old U.S. Friends on Trial:

If Iraqis ever see Saddam Hussein on trial, they want his former American allies shackled beside him. “Saddam should not be the only one who is put on trial. The Americans backed him when he was killing Iraqis so they should be prosecuted,”

Unjust war is the only issue: Iraq changes everything:

America under Bush started a war, killed thousands of people, sacrificed hundreds of her own valiant soldiers and conquered a soveriegn nation, using the justification that this foreign government participated in a heinous terrorist attack and posed an immediate and serious danger to America.

U.S. Soldier Dies of Iraq Bombing Wounds:

An American soldier died of wounds suffered last week in a roadside bombing north of Samarra, the U.S. command said Monday.

January 19 2004

100,000 demand Iraqi elections :

Tens of thousands of Shia Muslims demonstrated in Baghdad today to demand prompt elections, the protest coming hours before US and Iraqi officials prepared to seek UN approval for their plans to transfer power in Iraq.,2763,1126468,00.html

Why the US is running scared of elections in Iraq :

Washington’s plan to transfer power without a direct vote is a fraud,2763,1126178,00.html

Iraqi Kurdish Leader Demands Guarantees :

A top Kurdish leader said Saturday that Iraq’s Kurdish minority would not sign on to guidelines being formulated for a transitional government unless Kurds were guaranteed an expanded region of autonomy and an ironclad commitment to expel Arabs settled in the area by deposed president Saddam Hussein.

Bombing rocks Shia holy city in Iraq:

Thirteen people have been injured in a bomb blast in the holy Shia city of Karbala in central Iraq. Hospital sources say one of the injured is in a serious condition.

Walking the Streets of Baghdad:

Growing accustomed to danger: It is not just about business when every walk down the street can be about life and death.

Shells found near Basra were not chemical weapons:

The conclusion, after a week of tests by British, US and Danish experts, is a further blow to the dwindling hopes of finding the barred chemical, biological or nuclear weapons whose alleged existence was the official reason for the 20 March invasion to topple Saddam Hussein.

Karen Kwiatkowski: About Those Neocons: Thinking Again, or Just Wondering?:

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace just published WMD in Iraq: Evidence and Implications. Well, who really cares, right? So what if we lied about WMD, misled as to “war on terrorism” objectives, and wasted well over $200 billion we didn‚t have, deployed 150,000 troops, and killed over 500 of them Look at the bright side.

Ray McGovern: State Of The Union: Will speech lack hyperbole that ‘justified’ war?:

Iraqi chickens are coming to roost as President Bush’s advisors attempt to draft a State of the Union Message without the embarrassing flaws of their last try. With last year’s hyperbole — replete with the knee-slapper about Baghdad’s seeking uranium in Africa — forming part of the backdrop, they have their work cut out for them.

Iraq soldier ‘sickened’ by amputation claim :

A SCOTS soldier at the centre of a row over the quality of equipment supplied to British troops in Iraq last night demanded to know if his leg was amputated only because there was a lack of medical supplies.

Families stunned, angered by units’ deployment extension :

The Pentagon announced this week that 1,500 soldiers, National Guardsmen and reservists would be forced to stay in Iraq beyond their one-year rotation dates.

The US has no idea what it has gotten itself into:

I am troubled by the mainstream news I see on the internet. What isn‚t being reported is the terrible living situation for millions of Iraqis, US troops being permanently disabled (physically and/or mentally) on what has become a daily basis, and generations of younger Iraqis being raised with a deep disdain towards the US and British who sanctioned, bombed, invaded and now occupy their country.

O‚Neill Tells All, And It‚s Not Pretty:

Long before the book appeared, administration officials attempted to dissuade Mr. O‚Neill from cooperating in its preparation. Old friends implored him, and officials whispered offers of sinecures and ambassadorial posts. He didn‚t want anything, and when the book‚s details began to leak out, White House operatives decided to get tough.

Better late than never!:

Edward M. Kennedy: A Dishonest War :

Of the many issues competing for attention in this new and defining year, one is of a unique order of magnitude: President Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq. The facts demonstrate how dishonest that decision was.

Oil: The illusion of plenty:

Oil supplies are finite and will soon be controlled by a handful of nations; the invasion of Iraq and control of its supplies will do little to change that. One can only hope that an informed electorate and its principled representatives will realize that the facts do matter, and that nature—not military might—will soon dictate the ultimate availability of petroleum.

January 18 2004

Car bomb attack in Baghdad kills 20, injures over 60:

The 8 a.m.attack on a major street in the heart of the Iraqi capital occurred a day before the top U.S. civil administrator is to meet with U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to ask for the world body’s help in rebuilding Iraq.

Two die in ‘botched’ Tikrit blast:

There has been an explosion in the northern Iraqi city of Tikrit, where a bomb went off inside a car, killing two Iraqis.

Australia’s soldiers acted pre-emptively in the Iraq war:

Australian SAS troops initiated pre-emptive combat in western Iraq on the evening of March 18 (Iraq time). The force, previously secretly inserted into Iraq, attacked Iraqi positions in the first hours of darkness, 16 hours after Bush’s 48-hour ultimatum to Saddam to cede power. US-Australian operational planning began in mid-2002.

Blair Faces New “War Crimes” Accusation:

An eminent panel of legal experts is to accuse Tony Blair of committing war crimes in Iraq in a formal complaint to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Kelly a liar, not martyr:

BRITISH Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has raised the stakes ahead of the release of the Hutton report into the death of David Kelly by claiming the government weapons scientist was “no martyr” and killed himself because he feared exposure as a liar.,5744,8426562%255E2703,00.html

Howard Zinn: The Logic of Withdrawal:

What is national security? This Administration defines national security as sending our young men and women around the world to wage war on country after country—none of them strong enough to threaten us. I define national security as making sure every American has health care, employment, decent housing, a clean environment.

Bush’s pipe dreams for reconstructing Iraq:

Nine months after the fallof Baghdad, as insurgentstarget oil installations and Iraqis queue for fuel, the Bush administration has abandoned its pre-war assertions that Iraq’s natural resources would largely fund reconstruction

Lakes of Sewage in the Streets:

“Nobody from the Council (US Appointed Iraqi Governing Council) cares about us here. We hear that companies are coming here to rebuild, but we haven‚t seen anything rebuilt”

UK: US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower :

GCHQ worker Katharine Gun faces jail for exposing American corruption in the run-up to war on Saddam. Now her celebrity supporters insist it is Bush and Blair who should be in the dock. Martin Bright reports,6903,1125805,00.html

Roy hopes Saddam’s fate for Bush:

Writer Arundhati Roy, who wants an ongoing anti-globalisation conference to launch a campaign to shut down US companies, said Sunday she hoped President George W Bush would share the fate of the captured Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

We’re winning, says Bush, as three more soldiers die:

US President George Bush will make his highest profile re-election pitch yet on Tuesday with his annual State of the Union speech, in which aides say he plans to defend the war in Iraq unapologetically.

Deadliest Attacks in Iraq War So Far :

A look at some of the deadliest days of attacks in Iraq since the war began March 20. President Bush declared major combat over on May 1.,1280,-3636012,00.html

US swallows pride to plead with UN:

This time last year the neo-cons in the Bush administration were cock-a-hoop about their Iraq policy. With or without weapons of mass destruction, they were going to take the US to war against Iraq, topple Saddam Hussein and restore democracy and freedom .

U.S. Contradicts Itself On Democracy In Iraq:

What the U.S. wants is a fractured country, with Shi‚a, Sunni and Kurds all having small sections of the country and a legislature that will be powerless .

Iraq’s former U.N. envoy says U.S. not sincere about establishing democracy:

“Elections pose a big threat to the future of America’s presence in Iraq, and the Americans sensed this,” al-Douri said in the interview late Saturday in a chic Ajman apartment overlooking the Gulf. “They do not want a stable, democratic Iraq … this is not in their interest.”

Powell maintains Saddam was a threat:

United States Secretary of State Colin Powell says there is no question in his mind that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was a threat to the world while he was in power.

In case you missed it:

Powell Admits Saddam, “has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction”: February 24th, 2001

[Is he lying now or was he lying then?]

Damned lies and war loot :

More and more evidence is coming in. The jigsaw pieces are fitting into place. It is becoming appallingly clear that President George Bush is an arrant liar and “the most incompetent and dangerous president in living memory”.

Trust O’Neill, Not His Critics:

It was only a matter of time before the Bush administration contrived to sanction former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill for revealing the secrets of the temple.

Coalition uses 1918 British report on tribal system:

As the United States scrambles to end a dispute with Shia leaders over plans to elect an interim government in Iraq before July, it has emerged that American commanders are seeking to reach out to tribal leaders by relying on a report devised in 1918 by Britain, the country’s then ruler.

January 17 2004

Three U.S. soldiers and two Iraqi civil defence officials killed In Iraq:

Two Americans also were wounded in the attack, which occurred when a Bradley Fighting Vehicle struck an explosive device on a road near Taji, about 20 miles north of Baghdad

Clerics Urge Shiites to prepare for demonstrations, strikes and possible confrontations :

The calls increased pressure on the Bush administration and its handpicked Iraqi Governing Council to satisfy demands by Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, the country’s most influential cleric, for elections.

Bush to ask UN to return to Iraq :

WHITE House officials say the United Nations is to be asked to go back into Iraq to help oversee the transfer of power to the Iraqis. The United States will try to persuade the UN Secretary- General, Kofi Annan, to back the plan to set up an unelected government in Iraq by July.

U.N. Return To Iraq ŒTerrible Mistake‚: Former Envoy :

“The U.N. should not be in Iraq lest it would give legal respectability to the invasion and occupation of the oil-rich Arab country, or further promote the impression that it has collaborated against the Iraqi people,”

Iraq isn’t slowing Bush’s re-election bid:

President Bush heads into his re-election campaign with no apparent political liability for the U.S. failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

US probes abuse of Iraqi prisoners:

The US military has opened an investigation into “serious reports” of abuse of prisoners by US troops at a coalition detention facility in Iraq.

The $500 billion fire sale :

In a shattered postwar Iraq, there are rich pickings to be had – and for US businesses at least, it promises to be a risk-free bonanza.,3605,1125050,00.html

Halliburton wins bid on two-year Iraq contract :

Despite a Pentagon probe into alleged overcharging for fuel delivered to Iraq, Vice President Dick Cheney’s former company yesterday was awarded a $1.2 billion contract to rebuild Iraq’s oil industry.

UK: Hoon hints at resignation after Hutton:

THE future of embattled Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, was plunged into fresh doubt yesterday when he appeared to suggest for the first time that he may resign after the publication of the results of the Hutton Inquiry.

UK Soldiers Sent To Iraq… With No Bullets:

Members of the Bulwell-based South Notts Hussars said they were horrified when they were told to “ask around” British soldiers in Basra for bullets because there were not enough for everyone.

January 16 2004

Chief US WMD hunter in Iraq leaves empty handed:

David Kay, the chief United States weapons hunter in Iraq, has told the CIA he will not return to his post, a US government source said today.

See also: David Kay’s September surprise

Crackdown on soldiers questioning occupation:

Despite public disapproval, the number of soldiers refusing to serve in Palestinian territories is growing

Plane carrying Georgian defense minister comes under fire in Iraq; no one injured

One killed, five injured in Baghdad bomb blast:

A 15-year-old boy was killed and five people injured on Friday when a bomb exploded on a busy street in central Baghdad as US soldiers and Iraqi police were trying to defuse it, police and medics said

Bush, Bremer to meet on salvaging Iraq handover :

U.S. administrator Paul Bremer holds talks at the White House on Friday on objections by Iraq’s most powerful Muslim cleric to Washington’s plans for handing back sovereignty to Iraqis without first holding elections.

When Sistani speaks, Bush listens:

Who is the most powerful man in Iraq today? Not L Paul Bremer, the US viceroy of Iraq, not even Lieutenant-General Ricardo Sanchez, the commander of the coalition forces. It is, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani. He communicates with his followers through written edicts (fatwas), and everyone, including the US president, listens.

Iraq’s Shiites warn of fatwa over US handover:

An edict from Ayatollah Sistani could turn many Shiites against Washington as US-led forces battle guerillas in the minority Sunni Muslim areas north and west of Baghdad, heartland of support for now captive former dictator Saddam Hussein.

Kurds Head Towards Separation Up North :

Recent developments in Northern Iraq may lead to the division of post-Saddam Iraq along ethnic lines. Kurds plan to turn their tactical gains from their role as unflinching U.S. allies in ousting Saddam Hussein into a strategic and historic one — a Kurdish federation that would include one of the world’s richest oil reserves in Kirkuk.

The semantics of Empire:

Now, as the United States prepares to try Saddam for torturing, gassing and killing his own people, does this absolve us of killing the same people because they are not our own? Is the killing of Iraqis a crime only when the perpetrators are local thugs – once in our pay – and not when we take up the killing, and execute it more efficiently, on our account?

Organ Grinders: It’s all out in the open now.

The fact that the president of the United States and his top advisers deliberately concocted a false case for an illegal and unnecessary war — in plain terms, that they committed cold-blooded, premeditated mass murder — was confirmed last week by the most impeccable mainstream sources: George W. Bush’s own Cabinet officials, speaking for the record in America’s major media.

British defence secretary apologises to widow for soldier’s death in Iraq :

British Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon apologised to the widow of a soldier who was killed in the early stages of the Iraq war after being ordered to hand back his body armour.

Iraqi Women Decry Move To Cut Rights :

Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship did not touch those rights. But the U.S.-backed Iraqi Governing Council has voted to wipe them out, ordering in late December that family laws shall be “canceled” and such issues placed under the jurisdiction of strict Islamic legal doctrine known as shari’a.

Baghdad Burning: Shari’a and Family Law… :

On Wednesday our darling Iraqi Puppet Council decided that secular Iraqi family law would no longer be secular- it is now going to be according to Islamic Shari’a. The news has barely been covered by Western or even Arab media and Iraqi media certainly ren’t covering it.

Support PEACE in IRAQ through CHANGE at HOME :

Help the Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC) advance the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. by reversing our nation‚s moral failure in Iraq and defending the rights of the Iraqi people.

UK: Soldier’s tapes pile pressure on Hoon to quit :

Widow airs husband’s recordings about fears of kit shortage and says defence chief misled Commons,12956,1124213,00.html

Seattle man sues federal office over fine for visiting Iraq After humanitarian trip:

A retired engineer is suing the U.S. government after being fined $10,000 for making a humanitarian trip to take medical supplies to Iraq.

January 15 2004

Survey: Dutch military should not be engaged in armed conflicts abroad:

Seventy percent of the respondents says Dutch military should not fight inthe front lines of armed conflicts abroad, whereas sixty percent of those participating in the poll says troops should only be involved in humanitarian operations.

Media urged to show restraint in reporting on SDF mission specifics:

Citing security concerns, the Defense Agency called on the Japanese media Friday to exercise more restraint in their coverage of the deployment of the Self-Defense Forces to Iraq.

Saddam told his militia to avoid al Qaeda:

SADDAM Hussein warned his fedayeen militia against throwing in their lot with the Islamic militants flocking to Iraq to fight US forces, according to a document found with the deposed dictator when he was captured

Three killed as bus runs over anti-tank mine near Tikrit, Iraq :

An anti-tank mine planted along a road in this central town blew up when a passenger bus went over it Thursday, killing at least three people and injuring one, the U.S. military said.

Turkey: ‘If Disintegration in Iraq Takes Place, We Intervene’:

Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said yesterday that in the event of Iraq’s disintegration, Turkey will intervene. Erdogan stated that Iraqi Kurds are trying to take the oil regions under their control and “this should not be allowed. Kurds should be prevented from playing with the fire,” warned Erdogan.

Iraq: Liberation before polls says ASM:

The liberation of Iraq from foreign occupiers is the first priority says the spokesman for the Association of Muslim Scholars, the highest Sunni authority in the country.

Iraq’s political temperature rises:

Tens of thousands of Iraqis have demonstrated in the southern city of Basra in support of a call for early elections from the country’s leading Shia cleric.

Baghdad hotel killings result of ‘criminal negligence’:

A US army attack on the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad that killed two journalists was the result of “criminal negligence” and George Bush’s government was partly to blame, said international media watchdog Reporters Sans Frontieres.,12823,1123748,00.html

Dispatch from the provinces:

Economic Crisis, Threats of Jihad, and more Violence in Iraq:

The big news today is the plummeting value of the USdollar in Iraq. Here are some figures to give you an idea of the current financial crisis in Iraq:

Gangsters operate own prisons as kidnapping soars in Iraq:

Kidnapping is now the crime of choice among gangsters in Baghdad.

Not everyone wanted WAR:

“Peace” Flash presentation.

Pentagon reports 21 suicides in Iraq:

The top health official in the Pentagon said there were at least 21 suicides last year among troops serving in Iraq.

Kennedy: Iraq war a product marketed by Bush to win elections :

The Iraq war was a ‘’political product’’ marketed by the Bush administration to win elections, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy said in a speech Wednesday.

A must watch video:

Sen. Edward Kennedy Speech on Iraq Policy:

An excellent presentation of the lies and deceit, which the Bush administration used to manipulate the American public in support of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Bush’s self-serving Iraqi timetable:

The Bush administration, wrongly focused on a speedy transfer of sovereignty to a friendly Iraqi government, has its priorities upside down. The real priority in Iraq today is an electoral process that ensures a legitimate government, valid in the eyes of Iraqis and the rest of the world.

Powell’s Damaged credibility:

The secretary of state put his reputation on the line when he made an exaggerated case for a war in Iraq that has violated the tenets of his own doctrine.

In case you missed it:

Ex-Aide: Powell Misled Americans:

The person responsible for analyzing the Iraqi weapons threat for Colin Powell says the Secretary of State misinformed Americans during his speech at the U.N. last winter.

See also Video: Colin L. Powell, Remarks to the United Nations Security Council

More deceptions to justify war actions :

Many of the deceptions used to justify the war in Iraq are well documented ˆ Iraq’s ties to al-Qaeda, weapons of mass destruction, imminent threat, etc. One, however, has not been documented, not until now.

White House’s ‘rush to war was reckless’:

Kenneth Pollack, key supporter of regime change in Iraq, now says White House engaged in “creative omissions’ about WMD.

If War Is Hell, Why Do We Keep Sending Our Children There?:

War mongers have surely been around since before the beginning of human history and will continue to test our love for liberty and peace. I believe the ultimate responsibility for saving the world from the grip of today’s empire builders lies with us

2 Halliburton subcontractors killed in Iraq:

Two Halliburton Co. subcontractors were killed and one company employee was injured today, when their convoy was ambushed near Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit, company officials confirmed.

January 14 2004

Danish Tests Show Arms Found in Iraq Not Chemical :

The Danish Army said on Wednesday initial tests showed a cache of mortar rounds found buried in Iraq on January 9 did not contain any chemical substances as originally suspected.

Sean Penn returns to Iraq and files a personal, candid report from the front:

The alienation bred by war on a people doesn’t stop with armies, but instead continues with corporations and privatization dominating and shaping the very culture and economic participation that freedom might otherwise express.

11 Killed in Iraq:

A car bomb exploded in front of a police station in the town of Baqouba, killing the driver and two other Iraqis and wounding 31, including civilians and police. Outside Samarra, U.S. troops killed eight Iraqis after their patrol came under fire.

Three killed in Iraqi drive-by:

Two Pakistanis and a Turk have been killed near Saddam Hussein’s home town in Iraq when unknown assailants fired on vehicles they were driving, Iraqi police said.

Continuing Slaughter of Iraqi Civilians, Police, and US Soldiers:

Despite the spin given by Governor Bremer, the situation on the ground in Iraq today is horrendous, and Iraqi civilians, Iraqi Police, and US troops are all paying the price with their blood.

Clashes Rise in Southern Iraq :

The boom of exploding dynamite packets, followed by the rat-a-tat of returning assault-rifle fire, echoed all Tuesday morning through the streets of this gritty, once peaceful city on the Euphrates River

Corroborating O‚Neill‚s Account:

Official Confirms Claims That Saddam Was Bush‚s Focus Before 9/11.

O‚Neill‚s Claims Supported By Letters By Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz:

Anyone who doubts former Treasury Secretary Paul O‚Neill‚s recent claims that President Bush mislead the public and secretly planned the Iraq war eight months before the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 needs to read the two letters sent to then President Bill Clinton in 1998 and Speaker of the House Trent Lott by current members of the Bush administration urging Clinton to launch a preemptive strike against Iraq.

The O’Neill Factor:

Certain facts have come to light confirming irrevocably that President George W. Bush lied us into an unnecessary, unjust and unconstitutional war.

America accused of war crimes in Iraq:

The US military is committing war crimes by demolishing homes of suspected insurgents and arresting the relatives of Iraqi fugitives, a top human rights group said today.

Human Rights Watch: Letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld:

We are writing you with regard to several incidents in Iraq involving actions by United States forces that appear to violate the 1949 Geneva Conventions. These incidents involve the demolition of homes of Iraqis on at least four recent occasions in situations that did not meet the test of military necessity, but rather appeared to be for the purpose of punishing or compelling the cooperation of the family in question.

Pentagon conscripts soldiers for Iraq war:

The military brass’ stop-loss orders signal the beginning of the end of the “volunteer‰ US army and the re-introduction of conscription, abandoned in 1973. The orders are a de facto admission by the Pentagon that its “volunteer‰ army has two few combat soldiers to crush armed resistance to its occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iraq troop rotation plan: Pentagon prepares for next war:

The logistical preconditions for another war will begin to take shape from as early as July. The rotation schedule means that by March the Army will have back in US bases the bulk of its rapid deployment force, the four division-plus XVIII Airborne Corps, which formed the backbone of the invasion of Iraq. The units will then be given four months to “reset‰ for use elsewhere.

Last Copter Out of Baghdad: Bush Flees Iraq Mess On The Campaign Express:

George Bush is selling out Iraq. Gone are his hard-liners’ dreams of setting up a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic republic, a light unto the Middle Eastern nations. The decision makers in the administration now realize these goals are unreachable. So they’ve set a new goal: to end the occupation by July 1, whether that occupation has accomplished anything valuable and lasting or not.

Refereeing in Hell: GIs are dying.

Rival factions are turning on each other. After freeing Iraq, can we keep it from coming apart?

Halliburton subsidiary gets piece of $15 billion in building contracts:

A subsidiary of Houston-based Halliburton Co. has been awarded a portion of 10 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers construction contracts that could be worth up to $15 billion

Halliburton trainees complain they’re not being paid:

With more devastation happening every day, the big job of rebuilding Iraq is the responsibility of Houston-based Halliburton. Hundreds of Americans have been recruited and brought to Houston for training.

January 13 2004

Witnesses: U.S. Troops Kill Four in Iraqi Town :

The woman who was killed was on a balcony of a nearby house while a car which was passing was caught in a hail of bullets, other witnesses said. All three men inside were killed.

G.I.’s Fire on Family in Car, Killing 2, Witnesses Say:

American soldiers on Monday night killed an Iraqi man and a boy and wounded four others in a car that was driving behind their convoy after a roadside bomb went off nearby, said witnesses, a police official and relatives of the family in the car.

Bush admits he wanted regime change before 11 September :

George Bush, yesterday appeared to support claims made by one of his former advisers that he was intent on invading Iraq long before the 11 September attacks triggered a more aggressive focus to US foreign policy, saying his administration was “for regime change”.

Savage assault fuels public claims of Bush as warmonger :

Paul O’Neill has fuelled suspicions of a warmongering commander-in-chief. Just 10 days after Mr Bush’s inauguration and eight months before September 11 2001, removing Saddam Hussein was “Topic A” on the president’s list of priorities, according to Mr O’Neill

Bush ‘outed’ on Iraq:

And so it comes out. Invading Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein was a top priority at U.S. President George Bush’s very first National Security Council meeting ˜ seven full months before the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks Bush then cited as a reason for “pre-emptively” disarming Saddam’s regime.

Furor Follows O’Neill’s Kiss-And-Tell Book:

Fired Treasury Chief Paul O’Neill’s Kiss-And-Tell Book Brings Heat From White House. Treasury Department Inspector General Jeffrey Rush has been asked to investigate the use of a document on CBS.

O’Neill denies spilling secrets:

Ex-Treasury Secretary: Documents came from department counsel.The legal counsel‚s office “sent me a couple CDs, which I never opened,‰ O’Neill said, adding that he then gave them to former Wall Street Journal reporter Ron Suskind, the book‚s author.

Paul Krugman: The Awful Truth:

I was one of the few commentators who didn’t celebrate Paul O’Neill’s appointment as Treasury secretary. And I couldn’t understand why, if Mr. O’Neill was the principled man his friends described, he didn’t resign early from an administration that was clearly anything but honest.

In case you missed it:

Resolution Seeks Peaceful Disarmament of Iraq, Not War, Says Grossman :

“[T]he idea that we are sitting here in Washington trying to figure out a way to attack Iraq is, with all due respect, not correct,” he said.

When Did Bush Lie About Paul O’Neill?:

I see the White house’s answer to Paul O’Neill’s comments about Bush is to attack his character and label him as crazy. Here’s what the President has had to say about him in the past. Is Bush lying now…or then? Just asking.

Bush Team Revising Plans for Granting Self-Rule to Iraqis:

Setbacks raise questions about who would have to reach an agreement with the United States that would allow more than 100,000 American troops to remain in the country after power is handed over to the Iraqis this summer.

Shiite Good Will May Be Eroding in Iraq :

The good will of Iraq’s Shiite majority, so crucial to the success of U.S. policy, may be eroding. Strong opposition by a top Shiite cleric to key parts of a U.S. political blueprint for Iraq and the spread of violent protests in Shiite areas suggest a dangerous trend.,1280,-3619466,00.html

Iraqis demanding food, jobs riot again:

Ukrainian soldiers fired into the air yesterday to disperse hundreds of Iraqis who rioted for jobs and food as a second southern Shiite Muslim city was rocked by unrest – a barometer of rising frustration with the U.S. led-occupation in a region of Iraq considered friendly to the Americans.

US military ‘brutalised’ journalists :

News agency demands inquiry after American forces in Iraq allegedly treated camera crew as enemy personnel,2763,1121981,00.html

U.S. Troops May Be Responsible For Civilian Attack, Report Says :

A survivor told Iraqi police that American troops opened fire on the victims‚ car as it passed a convoy. None of the U-S troops in the area had reported the shooting as required by military regulations.

Ozarks doctors face bloody reality of war:

They labor to save horribly maimed soldiers in primitive operating rooms.

US sergeant branded a coward mounts furious fightback:

Sgt Pogany found himself stripped of his weapons and sent home to face a formal charge of cowardice before a court martial – a serious, and rarely prosecuted offence punishable by death.

Pentagon Probes Defense Contractors’ Hiring:

The Defense Department has launched an inquiry into high-level military officials who have taken jobs at defense contractors over the past few years;jsessionid=AQLZS2QAF4Z

O’Neill says Cheney told him, `Deficits don’t matter’:

O’Neill said he tried to warn Vice President Dick Cheney that growing budget deficits posed a threat to the economy.

Bush Iraq war advisors launch tirade against France:

French opposition to the Iraq war has prompted two of President George W. Bush’s Iraq war advisors to recommend limiting US military ties to France and seeking to isolate it in Europe.

U.S. Tests Old Iraq Shells for Chemical :

An American-led group began testing 36 mortar shells unearthed last week in southern Iraq that may be filled with a liquid blister agent, Danish officials said Tuesday. The U.S. military suspects the shells were left over from the eight-year war between Iraq and Iran, which ended in 1988.,1280,-3619842,00.html

Baghdad Street Sweepers; Collective Punishment and Kabobs in Falluja:

As we enter the bustling streets of Falluja we pass a wall with graffiti on it that says, “Stealing from the American’s is accepted, and killing them is even better!”

US troops wound six Iraqis in shooting:

US soldiers have shot and wounded six Iraqi civilians in response to an attack on their convoy in the tense town of Ramadi, residents said.

U.S. Firm to Run Iraqi TV :

The Pentagon has awarded a $96 million contract to a U.S. communications equipment maker to run Saddam Hussein’s old television and radio network, now called al-Iraqiya, for the next 12 months, the chairman of the company said last week.

January 12 2004

Bomb Kills One U.S. Soldier, Wounds Two in Iraq :

A bomb exploded beside a U.S. convoy in central Baghdad Monday, killing one soldier and wounding two others, the U.S. Army said.;jsessionid=1N2B5TCY


Iraq cleric warns of more violence if poll not held :

Iraq’s most senior Shi’ite Muslim cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, warned on Sunday of increased political tensions and violence if elections are not held within months.;:4001f015:53f0a8f27aeeaa75?type=

Army War College report blasts war on terrorism:

A scathing new report published by the Army War College broadly criticizes the Bush administration’s handling of the war on terrorism, accusing it of taking a detour into an “unnecessary” war in Iraq and pursuing an “unrealistic” quest against terrorism that may lead to U.S. wars with states that pose no serious threat.


CBS 60 Minutes: Interviews former treasury secretary Paul O’Neill:

Watch it online

Bush was demanding excuse to invade Iraq in January 2001, says ex-treasury secretary:

Invading Iraq was “topic A” at the very first meeting of President George Bush’s National Security Council, 10 days after his inauguration on 20 January 2001, and continued to be an abiding theme in follow-up meetings.

Confessions of a White House Insider:

A White House that seems to pick an outcome it wants and then marshal the facts to meet it seems very much like one that might decide to remove Saddam Hussein and then tickle the facts to meet its objective. That’s the inescapable conclusion one draws from O’Neill’s description of how Saddam was viewed from Day One,9171,1101040119-574809,00.html

Same war, new excuse :

The logic behind supporting the war has flip-flopped. I find that those who support the war do so now for very different reasons than they did before the war started. If we are there to liberate Iraqi citizens, then why aren‚t we “liberating‰ the oppressed people of the Congo and where were we during the Rwandan genocide?

Tape Shows General Clark Linking Iraq and Al Qaeda:

Less than a year before he entered the race for the Democratic nomination for president, Gen. Wesley K. Clark said that he believed there was a connection between the Iraqi government and Al Qaeda.

Survey in South Iraq: Japanese welcome ˆ but not as occupiers:

Inhabitants of the town of As Samawah in Southern Iraq welcome the deployment of Japanese troops there, on the condition that these refrain from active support of the US-led occupation.

U.S. mortuary sees no let-up from Iraq war dead :

“That will put us over 500 for Iraq,” said Karen Giles, an Air Force Reserve lieutenant colonel who heads a permanent eight-member staff supplemented by FBI fingerprint experts, pathologists and other specialists. “We’ll probably have 50 or 60 people working here over the weekend,” Giles said.

Danes show suspect Iraqi shells:

The Danish army has released pictures of three dozen mortar shells which have provided the only post-war proof that Iraq possessed banned weapons.

In case you missed it:

Bush speaks at his own Nuremurg Rally:

“In Iraq, a dictator is building and hiding weapons that could enable him to dominate the Middle East and intimidate the civilized world — and we will not allow it. (Applause.) This same tyrant has close ties to terrorist organizations, and could supply them with the terrible means to strike this country — and America will not permit it.”

I don’t know about WMD, admits Blair:

Tony Blair today admitted he did not know whether any Iraqi weapons of mass destruction would ever be found. But the weapons had not been at sites where military chiefs expected to find them and they might never be found, Mr Blair said.

Ex-aide: Blair lied :

He says Blair also made it clear to him in a conversation two weeks before combat began that he did not believe Saddam Hussein’s weapons posed a “real and present danger” to Britain.

Baker Backed Loans That Added to Iraq Debt :

Now assigned the task of reducing Iraq’s debt, presidential envoy James A. Baker III once gave crucial support for continuing a billion-dollar loan program to Saddam Hussein’s government that accounts for most of the money Iraq still owes the United States.

January 11 2004

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, Bush Planned Invasion Within Days Of Inauguration:

The Bush Administration began making plans for an invasion of Iraq, including the use of American troops, within days of President Bush’s inauguration in January of 2001 — not eight months later after the 9/11 attacks, as has been previously reported.

Former Bush aide: US plotted Iraq invasion long before 9/11:

GEORGE Bush‚s former treasury secretary Paul O‚Neill has revealed that the President took office in January 2001 fully intending to invade Iraq and desperate to find an excuse for pre-emptive war against Saddam Hussein.

Powell withdraws al-Qa’ida claim as hunt for Saddam’s WMD flags:

The faltering American and British case for war in Iraq has suffered another blow with an admission by the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, that there was no hard proof of links between Saddam Hussein and al-Qa’ida, contrary to his claims before the invasion.

30 Second Video:

February 24th, 2001: Powell Admits Saddam, “has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction”

Bush’s deception on Iraq:

The Iraq Survey Group, whose job is to dispose of biological and chemical weapons, has spent hundreds of millions of dollars and has not found a single WMD to destroy.

Iraqi WMD: Myths and … more myths:

The administration of United States President George W Bush “systematically misrepresented” the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD), three non-proliferation experts from a prominent think tank charged on Thursday.

US troops on the march – out the army :

It is becoming harder for the Pentagon to rely on an all-volunteer military force to handle the White House’s foreign policy initiatives. The idea of an all-volunteer military is now being tested in a manner not experienced before.

Iraqi Kurds scorn US autonomy offer:

The Kurds want their autonomy to be enshrined in Iraqi law as swiftly as possible, rather than being dependent on the outcome of future Iraqi elections.

Lack of Compensation:

The U.S. military has paid out nearly $2 million to Iraqi civilians who have complained to Coalition authorities that their family members were wrongfully killed. But because U.S. forces are immune from prosecution in Iraq courts, “commanders make payments from their discretionary funds, rarely even admitting liability”

Iraqis Demanding Jobs Resume Protests :

Hundreds of Iraqis demanding jobs resumed protests in the southeastern town of Amarah on Sunday, a day after a clash with British soldiers and Iraqi police in which six demonstrators were killed and at least 11 wounded.,1280,-3611552,00.html

MoD investigates nine more deaths of Iraqi civilians:

The Ministry of Defence is investigating nine further deaths of Iraqi civilians caused by British soldiers since the end of “major operations” in May – at least four of which occurred in custody

Lethal hatreds spread in Iraq’s cockpit of violence :

The violence in Falluja – the city which gave birth to Iraq’s resistance – exploded against the background of a series of disastrous shootings of civilians by soldiers from 82nd Airborne inside the city.,6903,1120518,00.html

US father in ‘Private Ryan’ plea as son is killed in Iraq :

As the steady trickle of body bags returning from Afghanistan and Iraq increasingly unsettles military families across the US, Weaver’s family have taken up the mantle of Private Jessica Lynch in becoming the latest ordinary Americans to attract national media attention that has made them figureheads for the conflict in Iraq.,12239,1120542,00.html

Danish troops in Iraq find shells from Iran-Iraq war:

“We’re doing some preliminary tests to ensure that if they do contain any kind of blister agent that we can dispose of them properly,” Kimmitt said. But he added that they were thought to be leftovers from the eight-year war between Iraq and neighboring Iran, which ended in 1988.

Free-Market Iraq? Not So Fast:

The conflict centers on Article 43 of the Hague Regulations, which says an occupying power must “re-establish and insure, as far as possible, public order and safety, while respecting, unless absolutely prevented, the laws in force in the country.”

Kurds’ wariness frustrates US efforts:

The United States faces the prospect of two governments inside Iraq – one for Kurds and one for Arabs – after so far failing to win a compromise from the Kurds on a formula to distribute political power when the US occupation ends, according to US and Iraqi officials.

Unsanitary Acts: Unsafe food practices on U.S. military bases in Iraq:

The labor system that feeds and supports U.S. troops in Iraq and Kuwait. It’s a system in which highly paid Americans oversee a huge corps of Indians, Pakistanis and other so-called “third-country nationals” working in sweatshop conditions for as little as $3 a day.

Iraqi protesters shot dead in Amara :

A confrontation between police and demonstrators in the south eastern Iraqi city of Amara has left at least seven people dead. Hospital and police sources said six people were killed on Saturday after Iraqi policemen opened fire on a group of stone-throwing protesters. Another Iraqi was shot dead by a British soldier.

January 10 2004

US accused of Iraqi cruelty
Al-Jazeera 1/10/2004
The US-occupation army in Iraq has been slammed by a human rights group for being negligent in handing out compensations for Iraqis killed or injured by them. Occupation Watch, an international group of peace and justice organisations set up to monitor the conduct of occupying forces in Iraq, said the process for Iraqis to make claims was purposely opaque and often their treatment by the US military bordered on cruelty. “There is a culture of impunity,” Occupation Watch’s researcher Paola Gasparoli said on Saturday.

U.S. soldiers kill two Iraqi police in Tikrit :

It is not the first time U.S. forces have mistakenly killed members of the Iraqi police or other local security forces.

US soldier ‘killed taxi occupants for passing convoy’:

In the back seat he found the other passengers, including a mother and her six-year-old son, had also been shot dead. “The soldier just kept firing for five to six seconds, but the convoy didn’t stop for us,”;$sessionid$KGZINBASKT3AXQFIQMGCFF

U.S. callous in hearing Iraqi claims – rights group :

The U.S. military is negligent and callous in dealing with Iraqis seeking compensation for relatives accidentally killed or maimed by U.S. troops, a human rights group said on Saturday.;jsessionid=c0e:40001a0e:88dcea48daeaada7?

Leave Iraq? Hell No, We Won’t Go!:

Those guiding Bush/neo-conservative foreign policy intend to establish a long-term U.S. military presence in Iraq. This little-noted aim, not “oil,” is the real “elephant” in the American voter’s living room.

When Saddam saw it was Lynch, he gave up:

Lynch is also credited with persuading the former dictator to star in an armed forces health video that was being shot that day, about the importance of submitting to regular checks for head lice.

Bush war advisors: unfound Iraqi weapons matter little:

Perle said, “If others are going to take the view that, because these weapons weren’t found, nothing that the United States says can be trusted — there’s not much we can do about that,” he said.

A strange thing happened on the way to the war:

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, a former Pentagon insider, gives her observations on the run-up to the Iraq war

Draft Creep: Draft creep is a sneaky draft.

There is no congressional debate, and no new law is passed for the President to sign. Nonetheless, people are being forced into military service against their will. In other words, they are being drafted, conscripted, or whatever you care to call it.

Saddam declared POW:

Ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has formally been declared an “enemy prisoner of war” by the United States.

Iraqi council agrees Kurdish self-rule:

Iraq’s interim Governing Council has agreed to a federal structure for the country and to enshrine Kurdish self-rule in three northern provinces.

U.S. in Huge Troop Movement With New Unit to Find Bombs:

The American military on Thursday announced the start of its largest troop movement in decades, and a senior Army officer said the forces flowing to Iraq would be more mobile and aided by the first unit to be assigned to detect homemade bombs

Revisiting Some Of Powell’s lies: Colin L. Powell, Remarks to the United Nations Security Council:

My colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we are giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence. I will cite some examples, and these are from human sources.

Syria to Return $200 Million to Iraqis:

The interim Iraqi government and the American-led occupation authorities are trying to find money to make up for a shortfall in oil revenues

January 9 2004

Rice: No Evidence Iraq Moved WMD to Syria
The Guardian 1/9/2004
WASHINGTON (AP) – The United States has no credible evidence that Iraq moved weapons of mass destruction into Syria early last year before the U.S.-led war that drove Saddam Hussein from power, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said Friday….``We’re going to follow every lead on what may have happened here,’’ Rice said. ``I don’t think we are at the point that we can make a judgment on this issue. There hasn’t been any hard evidence that such a thing happened.,1280,-3606884,00.html

Blockbuster Report: 'Systematic Misrepresentation of Iraq WMD Threat'

Ten More U.S. Soldiers Die in Iraq

General Anthony Zinni Asked the Right Questions in 2002

Soldier: "Man, They Can't Pay Me Enough to Stay Here"

Iraq Mosque Blast Leaves 5 Dead, 37 Hurt:

A car rigged with explosives exploded outside a Shiite Muslim mosque as worshippers streamed out of Friday prayers, killing five people and wounding 37,0,4168298.story?coll=sns-ap-world-headlines

Syria, Iran and Turkey defy the United States :

The three countries are intent on sending a firm message to the US about its policy in Iraq. They are telling Washington that Iraq must remain a unitary state and that they will strongly oppose any attempt to break it up into three mini-states – Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite

Iraq war a big mistake, says report:

US Secretary of State Colin Powell said yesterday there was never any concrete evidence Saddam Hussein had ties to al-Qaida. The admission followed a damning new report that found Iraq had ended its weapons of weapons of mass destruction program years ago and posed no imminent threat.,5478,8358764%255E663,00.html

Mounting evidence shows Iraq didn’t have WMDs:

THIS WAS an important week to remember that Vice President Dick Cheney once said, “There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.” And that President Bush once said there is “no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised.” And especially that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld once said, “We know where they are.”

Australia: Iraq WMD find unlikely: Hill:

A discovery of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq appeared less likely, Defence Minister Robert Hill conceded.

Iraq’s Smoking Gun Discovered – In White House Holster:

Only a day after the administration ‘quietly’ withdrew a 400 person team that was responsible for scouring Iraq for WMD’s, it is apparent that someone has struck pay dirt in the hunt for those sinister weapons of mass destruction. As always, they turned up in the last place that you thought of looking for them in, the White House.

‘’Current U.S. Troop Levels in Iraq Are Unsustainable’’:

Dispelling any notion that U.S. troops were planning on leaving Iraq quickly, various Bush administration and Pentagon spokespeople stated early on that U.S. troops would remain in Iraq for an indefinite period of time.

Senators question purchase of more AK-47 assault rifles:

Two Democratic senators asked the US occupation authority in Iraq yesterday to explain its intended purchase of up to 50,000 AK-47 assault rifles for Iraq security forces, contending the country is already filled with such weapons.

Childhood’s Voice: Helping Iraqis To Take Care Of Their Own:

Ghazwan, a skinny 15 year old boy stands on the stage enacting a scene teaching about respecting people in his community. I am told he had been brought to the school after being kidnapped. He was found naked in a water tank with cigarette burns all over his body.

Iraq civilian deaths probe demand:

An independent ombudsman should lead inquiries into the deaths of Iraqi civilians allegedly killed by coalition forces, an MP has said.

Iraq: Cargo plane hit by missile:

A US Air Force C-5 cargo plane carrying 63 passengers and crew members apparently hit by a surface-to-air missile today as it took off from Baghdad international airport managed to land safely,4057,8356490^1702,00.html

U.S. Released Missiles To Libya As Part of Saddam Exile Bid:

According to European intelligence sources, the Bush administration in early 2003 ordered a North Korean shipment of 15 Scud B and C missiles be released for delivery to Libya.

January 8 2004

Detained, Bludgeoned and Electrocuted into a Coma:

Even if the worst case scenario was true: that Mr. Abrahim was an active member of the resistance and/or a high ranking Ba‚ath Party member, does this justify being tortured by electrical shock and being bludgeoned into a coma?

Iraq’s Arsenal Was Only on Paper

35 G.I.s Wounded in Iraq as War Rolls On

Nine dead in US helicopter crash:

Nine people were reportedly killed today when a US Black Hawk military helicopter crashed in Iraq.

US soldier killed in Iraq mortar attack :

A US soldier was killed and 34 others wounded when rebels fired mortar rounds at a military base near the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, last night, according to the US military.,2763,1118555,00.html

Saddam’s presidential secretary ‘’dies’’ in US custody:

Unofficial Iraqi sources told Al Bawaba Wednesday that Abed Hamoud al-Tikriti, presidential secretary of former leader Saddam Hussein died two days ago while in US custody.

US quietly withdraws 400 weapon hunters from Iraq :

The step was described by some military officials as a sign that the administration might have lowered its sights and no longer expected to uncover the caches of chemical and biological weapons that the White House cited as a principal reason for going to war last March.

White House ‘distorted’ Iraq threat :

These distortions, combined with intelligence failures, exaggerated the risks posed by a country that presented no immediate threat to the US, Middle East or global security, the report says.

New Iraq report undermines Bush doctrine:

New evidence suportst the theory that western intelligence and United Nations inspectors were told the real extent of Iraq’s programmes of weapons of mass destruction back in 1995 by the most senior defector from Iraq during the 1990s – General Hussein Kamel.

WMD In Iraq: Evidence and Implications:

Summary of New Carnegie Report

The domination effect :

Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, the US has sought not just to influence but to control all information, from both friend and foe,12271,1118402,00.html

UK: The totality is ˆ the Prime Minister lied:

Right. OK then! Now I get it (slap forehead). How could I have been so slow on the uptake? I understood until yesterday that the Prime Minister had been caught out in a great big fat steaming smoking-pants lie.

Blair promises to quit if Kelly report shows he lied to MPs:

Tony Blair’s role in the naming of Dr David Kelly was thrust back into the spotlight yesterday when he said he would resign if the Hutton Inquiry showed he had lied to Parliament.

Troops in Iraq suffer huge risk of injury:

Nearly as many U.S. soldiers were wounded in Iraq last month as during the entire six-week period of major combat operations, according to Defense Department statistics tracked by a leading research organization.

Disabled American Veterans Say U.S. Restricting Visits To War Wounded:

“The policies of the Department of Defense citing the Privacy Act and security are preventing our skilled representatives from carrying out our congressionally chartered mission.”

It shouldn’t happen to a vet :

Uncle Sam needs soldiers to protect his pipelines in Iraq – but they shouldn’t expect his help when it’s all over,3604,1117569,00.html

Father speaks of son’s death in Iraq:

Through an interpreter and sometimes speaking in English with a heavy accent, the Escondido resident discussed his recent trip to Iraq and the death of his 20-year-old son, Lance Cpl. Jesus Alberto Suarez del Solar.

Ordered To Die: An Iraqi mother asks,

“Pray tell me have you ever seen or heard about a terrorist act that is considered any uglier than this crime, which was followed by crushing the car and levelling it to the ground by American military vehicles?”

Amnesty confusion angers relatives in Iraq :

There were angry scenes outside a Baghdad prison this morning as hundreds of Iraqis gathered in the capital to wait for relatives to be freed from prison under a new US amnesty.,2763,1118487,00.html

Report: Saddam Hussein Has Cancer

Journalists Under Fire: The Death of José Couso in Baghdad:

“The death of José Couso was a premeditated crime, an attack on journalists to prevent us from telling the story of something the US has tried to hide from the start of the war: the slaughter of civilians.”

GIs in Iraq Scoff at Re-Enlistment Bonus :

At a checkpoint on the barren plain east of Baqouba, word of a new U.S. Army plan to pay soldiers up to $10,000 to re-enlist evoked laughter from a few bored-looking troopers.

Rumsfeld, Presses For U.S. Operation In Lebanon and Somalia.:

The U.S. Defense Department is said to be mulling a proposal to expand special operations forces and send them to destroy insurgency strongholds along the Lebanese-Syrian border.

Kurds start to rock the boat:

Tensions over Iraqi Kurd demands for substantial autonomy within a future sovereign Iraq are causing unrest in northern Iraq and growing unease among Iraq’s neighbors.

Top Iraqi Cleric Criticizes U.S. Handover Plans :

Iraq’s top Shi’ite Muslim cleric said on Wednesday U.S. plans for a handover of power to Iraqis were unfair, while Washington announced a carrot-and-stick peace drive that involved freeing hundreds of prisoners.

Army Calls Up More Reservists for Iraq :

The number of military reservists called to active duty jumped by more than 10,000 in the past week, the Pentagon said Wednesday,1280,-3597724,00.html

More Deadly Than Gas :

When this war ends, George Bush will have caused the poisoning of hundreds of thousands more humans than he said Saddam Hussein poisoned.

January 7 2004

Army To Expand Order That Keeps Soldiers From Leaving

Attacks Continue in Iraq

January 6 2004

Four shot in Iraqi protest over pay:

Iraqi police have opened fire on hundreds of stone-throwing protesters in the southern city of Basra

Two French nationals killed in Iraq:

Two French nationals have been shot dead in northern Iraq, the French foreign ministry has said.

Iraq Eyes Federal System for Postwar Rule:

The Governing Council is close to agreeing on a federal system for Iraq and will defer until next year the explosive issue of whether to give greater autonomy to the northern Kurdish region.

Robert Fisk: Iraqis Still Find Dead Soldiers From Old Wars:

“We still find the dead,” Jabar said. “We found a group of dead soldiers the other day – Iraqis and Iranians all mixed up together…”

Military split on use of special forces:

Under Rumsfeld’s direction, secret commando units known as hunter-killer teams have been ordered to “kick down the doors,” as the generals put it, all over the world

Iraqi judges hesitant to try Saddam:

“I have been a judge for 32 years, and they are teaching me the ABCs of law? I ought to be teaching them,” the head of the Appellate Court says with contempt after attending the two-week course organized by the U.S. Defense Strategy for International Studies.

30 Second Video:

Polygraph: Americans are dying for the truth.

John le Carré: The novelist who came in from the Cold War:

“The war on Iraq was illegitimate . . . It was a criminal and moral conspiracy. No provocation, no link with al-Qaeda, no weapons of Armageddon. Tales of complicity and Osama were self-serving bullshit. It was an old colonial war dressed up as a crusade for Western life and liberty

Guess What? :

Army Clears Halliburton of Overbilling, Report Says

Robert Fisk: Water Is Bringing Marsh Arabs’ World Back To Life:

Saddam’s destruction of the Marsh Arabs was widely condemned outside Iraq, although you have to come here to appreciate his ruthlessness of purpose.

British Official: Troops in Iraq Through 2007

Iraq Police Chief Says U.S. Army Gunned Down Family

Iraqi ‘Died After Beating by British’

January 5 2004

Kurdish Region in Northern Iraq Will Get to Keep Special Status:

The Bush administration has decided to let the Kurdish region remain semi-autonomous as part of a newly sovereign Iraq despite warnings from Iraq’s neighbors and many Iraqis not to divide the country into ethnic states, American and Iraqi officials say.

Shiites Against Federal Iraq: “All Iraqis belong to one country,” Sadr :

Iraqi Shiites vehemently rejected the Kurdish-proposed federalism of Iraq, joining an increasingly growing Arab, Sunni and Turkoman opposition to the drive.

Can the US keep Iraqi Shiites happy for long?:

British officials publicly worried recently that the United States-led coalition occupying Iraq had only about a year before the Shiites of Iraq turned against it.

Iraq Police Chief Says U.S. Army Gunned Down Family:

The police chief investigating the deaths of an Iraqi family gunned down in their car in northern Iraq said on Monday he was convinced U.S. troops were responsible, although the army has denied involvement.

US Coalition forces Above the Law, According to the CPA:

How have the Coalition Forces in Iraq been getting away with killing Iraqi civilians, religious leaders, demonstrators, and foreign journalists?

Iraq Women Alone, Distraught as U.S. Rounds Up Men :

“When I see my wife pushed like a dog against the wall, as an Iraqi Muslim, will I keep silent?” said Mohammad Obeid, a trader.

U.S. Discharges Troops for Abuse in Iraq:

The U.S. Army discharged three soldiers for abusing prisoners at a detention center in Iraq, a U.S. military spokesman said Monday.

British forces will remain in Iraq until at least 2006:

British officials said that even after a new Iraqi-run authority was set up, the threat of terrorism would remain and “there will be a large American and British presence” for the foreseeable future.

Army Order Aims To Stretch Ranks:

Desperate to stretch its limited ranks, the U.S. Army is expected this week to prohibit still more soldiers now in Iraq and soon to be deployed there from leaving military service.

Injured soldier sobered in combat:

“I thought it’d be kind of enjoyable,” May said. “War, Iraq — this is going to be awesome. Not really.”

‘Our guy’ for Iraq may end up biting us :

In 1918 and 1919, its hour of triumph, the British Empire garrisoned the Middle East with an army of a million men. No other significant military force in the region could dispute Britain’s mastery. Iraq’s future seemingly was for Britain to determine. It is from Britain’s experience in that respect that Americans entering the year 2004 have so much to learn.

Bully goes to war ˆ blames God :

The born-again bully occupies the White House. He picks on weak targets, taunts them ˆ “bring Œem on ˆ gets others to fight for him and then serves turkey to his proxy warriors on Thanksgiving. But worse than his addiction for playing dress up for photo ops, he has made bullying into official U.S. policy.

Bush aims to dodge tough poll issues :

There may be a conflict raging in Iraq that is killing US soldiers on a daily basis. There may be the threat of an economic crisis, too much unemployment and political debate infused with vitriol levels unseen for years. Yet President George W Bush is planning to win re-election by turning reality on its head.,12271,1115946,00.html

Why the ‘ weapons of mass deception’ are a death sentence for democracy:

All the talk about “weapons of mass destruction”, “links with international terrorism”, “acquisition of nuclear weapons” and so on was based on deliberate misrepresentation.

The evidence against Blair that Hutton cannot ignore :

On such crucial matters as individual probity and waging war, MPs should not let Blair off the hook.,3604,1116149,00.html

Faces Of Death:

Pictures Of U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

January 4 2004

US troops kill four Iraqi civilians :

Four Iraqis, including two women and a child, have been killed when a US convoy opened fire on a family car trying to overtake it in a northern Iraqi town.

Robert Fisk: British soldiers ‘ kicked Iraqi prisoner to death’:

Eight young Iraqis arrested in Basra were kicked and assaulted by British soldiers, one of them so badly that he died in British custody.

Conflicting numbers and a Surreal Press Conference:

On a daily basis US soldiers are dying here, as well as being severely wounded. Many have suffered permanent brain damage, loss of feet, legs, hands, arms. There lives are changed forever by permanent disabilities; rather than the impression the mainstream media leaves of injured by cuts and bruises.

CIA plans new secret police to fight Iraq terrorism:

Nine months after the demise of Saddam Hussein’s regime and his feared mukhabarat (intelligence) operatives, Iraq is to get a secret police force again – courtesy of Washington.

Blair’s Visit to Troops Choreographed Ahead of Hutton Report :

The Prime Minister also used today‚s visit to shift the argument over whether the war against Saddam Hussein was justified away from the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction.

Scott Ritter: The search for Iraqi WMD has become a public joke. But I, for one, am not laughing:

The misrepresentation and distortion of fact carried out by President Bush and Prime Minister Blair is no joke, but rather represent an assault on the very fabric of the concept of a free and democratic society which they espouse to serve.

The truth about WMD lies beyond Hutton :

It is quite clear that throughout 2002 both Washington and London were actively seeking, contrary to intelligence assessments, evidence to justify the case for war.,6903,1115875,00.html

Washington begins handover without firm plan:

One of the thorniest issues will be giving US troops immunity from prosecution for any action they may take, a standard US demand when it deploys troops overseas.

Let’s Play Pretend:

Let’s pretend we captured huge stores of WMD’s but now we have destroyed them. Now what? Do you feel better? Do you feel justified? Vindicated? Let’s pretend like we do.

Saddam‚s capture: was a deal brokered behind the scenes?:

When it emerged that the Kurds had captured the Iraqi dictator, the US celebrations evaporated. David Pratt asks whether a secret political trade-off has been engineered

January 3 2004

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks :

Insurgents hit a U.S. base in central Iraq with mortar shells and ambushed a U.S. military convoy in Baghdad, killing three soldiers, the military said Saturday.,1280,-3582566,00.html

Bulgarian soldiers refuse duty in Iraq after deadly attack:

Some 30 Bulgarian soldiers have pulled out a 500-man battalion heading for Iraq following attacks there in which five Bulgarian soldiers died, the chief of staff of the army said Friday.

Train attacked in Western Iraq :

Attackers derailed a train in western Iraq, hitting it with a Rocket-Propelled Grenade, a US military statement said Saturday.

US soldiers ransack Sunni mosque :

The American troops who burst into his mosque on Thursday morning had smashed down the front gate, broken the air conditioners and ripped up the carpets. They had also thrown several Korans on the floor and allegedly punched the man giving the call to prayer in the face.,12271,1115334,00.html

Dutch marine charged with murder of Iraqi civilian:

A Dutch marine has been arrested on charges of killing an Iraqi civilian. Pending an investigation into the incident, the suspected soldier has been detained and repratriated to the Netherlands.

Iraq faces ethnic conflict on new front after crisis talks fail:

The north of Iraq was threatened by ethnic conflict yesterday as crisis talks between Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen in Kirkuk failed to prevent continuing bloodshed in the divided city.

Hawijah holds clues to cause of anti-US insurgency :

Sheikh Ghassan said hostility towards US troops in Hawijah could increase given the perceived US bias towards Kurds, who want Kirkuk in an autonomous Kurdish federation within Iraq.

U.S. Bombs S. Baghdad After Copter Crash :

Reuters news agency reported that its team at the scene was fired at by U.S. troops and three were later detained by the military.,1280,-3581235,00.html

Robert Fisk: Far From Baghdad, Soldiers And Pilgrims Shake Hands:

Two American Humvees and military police having their pictures taken by Iranian pilgrims. Impossible. Incredible. The sons of the Islamic Revolution chatting to the military representatives of the Great Satan. But true.

U.S. Restricts Demonstrations In Iraq :

A statement issued by the U.S.-led authority and broadcast by the Iraqi media network Wednesday, December 31, said no individual or group is allowed to organize marches or demonstrations or even gather in streets, public places or buildings at any time without a prior from the occupation command.

In case you missed it:

AP Video: US troops shoot dead at least four pro-Saddam protestors in Iraq

US Military Mis-Information and Terrorism in Iraq:

Like other repressive dictatorships and regimes, the US military has now followed suit in Iraq by attempting to select what its personnel should and should not read.

US military personnel blocked from accessing Electronic Iraq :

Any soldiers reading may be interested to know that, unless they’ve also blocked Google, you can still get access to blocked sites by clicking on the cached version of the site, essentially a giant mirror of the Internet.

Rebranding Bush as man of peace :

The White House has retreated from its doctrine of regime change and pre-emptive military action and is returning to traditional diplomacy in an effort to repackage George Bush as a president for peace.,12271,1115330,00.html

Why Bush must be captured and tried alongside Saddam Hussein:

As the new year unfolds, one unmistakable fact remains unreported in America‚s submissive mainstream media: our President George W. Bush is a war criminal.

U.S. intelligence used for propaganda:

Earlier this month, U.S. military forces quietly released nearly all the Iraqi scientists and technicians who had any connection with Iraq’s programs for weapons of mass destruction. This move indicated that the United States believes that there is nothing to gain from interrogating these individuals and that there are no such programs in Iraq.

Bush ‘Doling Out Monopolies’ To Corporate Cronies in Iraq:

A scathing letter from two ranking minority members of Congress lashed out against the Bush administration’s “irresponsible” policy of “doling out monopolies” to pet contractors for reconstruction projects in Iraq at a huge expense to U.S. taxpayers.

Robert Fisk: Mr Bush has one priority for 2004:

Get America out of Iraq. Fast. Iraq is breaking up into rebels and collaborators, with a vast heap of innocent bodies turning up each day at the morgues

Iraq Isn’t Vietnam, But They Rhyme:

“History doesn’t repeat itself, at best it rhymes,” Mark Twain is credited with saying. This is a wise warning. A close examination of Iraq and Vietnam quickly makes clear the limits of any analogy.

Cracks Appear in U.S.-Trained Iraq Corps :

Some U.S. trainers in Tikrit say the Iraqi force is ill-equipped, prone to corruption and so trigger-happy that some have shot at their own comrades. Added to that is the threat of anti-American guerrillas targeting Iraqis cooperating with the coalition.,1280,-3578970,00.html

Portraits of the Northern Californians killed last year in Iraq

January 2 2004

Dispatch From The Provinces:
Free of Saddam, Jailed by Poverty:
A family of seven has moved into a large public bathroom. Dirty carpets cover the floor, and a shoe-shine box sits near the entryway. The man living here stands up and apologizes to us for his home.

Three more killed in tense Kirkuk:

Two Kurdish people have been stabbed to death and an Arab killed in clashes with police in the Iraqi oil town of Kirkuk.

Kirkuk’s future could make or break new Iraq:

Arab, Kurdish and Turkmen claims over Kirkuk are couched in explosive rhetoric and sometimes marred by bloodshed like incidents over the new year, but the fate of this northern oil centre could well be a factor in making or breaking US plans to reshape Iraq.

Killings Sow Fear Among Christians in Southern Iraq :–

Bashir Toma Elias was killed by a single shot to the head in the middle of Basra’s bazaar on Christmas Eve as he prepared to head home to celebrate with his wife and five children.

US Soldier Killed in Helicopter Crash in Iraq:

U.S. military said that a military observation helicopter which crashed in central Iraq on Friday was shot down by guerrillas.

Robert Fisk:

A Cruel Sense of Humor is All That is Left for Iraqis to Cling to After a Suicide Bombing

Nearly one U.S. soldier a day killed since Saddam capture:

Since the Dec. 13 arrest of the ousted Iraqi strongman, at least 23 American soldiers in all have died there.

Their Photos Tell the Story:

There were 506 killed by the time the newspaper closed last Friday. Since then, another seven have died. The newspaper has said this is the deadliest year for the U.S. military since 1972, when 640 were killed in Vietnam.

Return of U.S. war dead kept solemn, secret:

Since 1991, the media have been banned from covering the arrival of remains at Dover. The air base houses the military’s largest mortuary, where bodies are prepared for burial before they are sent to the families’ hometowns.

Faces Of The Fallen:

The human cost behind the numbers.

After Iraq duty, divergent paths:

One soldier forged an unbreakable bond with a bloodied comrade who looked up at him and implored, “Bro, don’t leave me.” The other cried openly at the news that his best friend had lost both legs when that rocket-propelled grenade exploded Nov. 7.,0,1733046.story?coll=bal-news-nation

U.S. Prepares for Risky Iraq Troop Rotation :

The Pentagon is gearing up for a massive rotation of about a quarter million troops in and out of Iraq, a giant logistics chore complicated by concerns about opportunistic attacks targeting Americans as they arrive or depart.

US planning huge mission in Baghdad:

The United States is planning a 3000 embassy in Baghdad, making it the largest US diplomatic mission anywhere in the world.

British forces to stay in Iraq for another year :

GEOFF Hoon, the Defence Secretary, acknowledged yesterday that the continued instability in Iraq meant British forces would be present in the country for at least another year.

Families dispute ID of ‘most wanted’:

The families of senior Iraqis captured by the US since the fall of Saddam have complained that their relatives had been wrongly identified as important regime members and that some had been tortured in custody.

In Iraq’s shadows, U.S. snipers :

“I shot one guy in the head, and his head exploded,” said Sergeant Randy Davis, one of about 40 snipers in the U.S. Army’s new 3,600-soldier Stryker Brigade, from Fort Lewis, Washington. “Usually, though, you just see a dust cloud pop up off their clothes, and see a little blood splatter come out the front.”

Phoenix Rising :

With the 2004 electoral clock ticking amid growing public concern about U.S. casualties and chaos in Iraq, the Bush administration’s hawks are upping the ante militarily. To those familiar with the CIA’s Phoenix assassination program in Vietnam, Latin America’s death squads or Israel’s official policy of targeted murders of Palestinian activists, the results are likely to look chillingly familiar.

Fantasy of the final solution:

This is the version that the morally shriveled men around U.S. President George W. Bush wish us to believe. They point us to a few “rogue” men — sinister, dark-skinned men with black mustaches — who have massive underground bunkers concealing huge and shiny contraptions with which they can destroy everything unless they are prevented from doing so by the brave and insouciant GI Joe.

“David Kay leaving empty handed” :

Is Kay leaving because he’s becoming increasingly frustrated with the inability of his team to find any WMD evidence remotely congruous with pre-war Bush administration claims?

Is War about Oil or Bad Ideas?:

Name a war and the alleged causes are numerous: man’s innate aggression, vainglorious princes, stupid tyrants, imbalances of power, preserving the union, the military industrial complex, ties to al-Qaeda, WMDs, democracy, freedom, and a hundred other reasons. And what about access to natural resources like, say, black gold? Such issues are rarely mentioned.

Eight Facts About Iraq:

The Bush administration, its accomplices in the news media, and the conservative talk show hacks who do the bidding of the Republican party have sold America a bill of goods.

Toll rises to eight in Iraq bombing :

The death toll rose to eight in a car bomb attack that destroyed a Baghdad restaurant crowded with New Year’s Eve revelers, officials said Thursday

One South Korean shot to death in Iraq:

A South Korean has been shot to death in a gunbattle near the southern Iraqi city of Basra, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported yesterday.

Robert Fisk:

War Takes An Inhuman Twist With Cats, Dogs and Donkeys Turned Into Bombs

US has got wrong men, Iraqi families claim :

Americans accused of letting many real culprits of Saddam’s regime go free, while ‘most wanted’ were tortured,3604,1114416,00.html

Bush is author of dark chapter for America:

As the year of the war on Iraq draws to a close, the larger perspective that emerges is clear: George W. Bush, a small man in a big job, has dragged America into one of its darkest chapters.

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