Iraq News and Information Links December 2003
Date: Tues, 30 Dec 2003

Banned Arms Flowed Into Iraq Through Syrian Firm
Los Angeles Times 12/30/2003
Files found in Baghdad describe deals violating U.N. sanctions and offer a glimpse into the murky world of weapons smuggling and the ties between 'rogue states.' --DAMASCUS, Syria – A Syrian trading company with close ties to the ruling regime smuggled weapons and military hardware to Saddam Hussein between 2000 and 2003, helping Syria become the main channel for illicit arms transfers to Iraq despite a stringent U.N. embargo, documents recovered in Iraq show. The private company, called SES International Corp., is headed by a cousin of Syria's autocratic leader, Bashar Assad, and is controlled by other members of Assad's Baath Party and Alawite clan.,1,5511657.story

Syrian firm denies connections to illicit arms deals with Iraq
Al-Bawaba 12/30/2003
Syrian company SES International has denied allegations that it was involved in illicit arms trade dealings with Iraq. The US-based LA Times accused the firm of signing more than 50 contracts to supply millions of dollars worth of military equipment to Iraq between 2000 and 2003.

Jordan Curricula To Draw A Line Between Terror, Resistance
Islam Online 12/30/2003
AMMAN, December 30 ( & News Agencies) - Jordanian Education Minister Khaled Tuqan Tuesday, December 30, was quoted as saying that schools will get new textbooks in the 2004-2005 school year that will make the difference between "terrorism and legitimate resistance". The Jordanian declaration comes only days after the Gulf Arab Council states, during their summit in Kuwait last week, adopted a charter for educational reforms with a view to "reformulating school curricula" in member states and preventing "the influence of youths by extremist ideologies".

New Iraq Army Officers Head for Training in Jordan
Washington Post 12/30/2003
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The first batch of officers in the new Iraqi army being set up by the U.S-led coalition was sent for training on Monday to neighboring Jordan. Unlike in President Saddam Hussein's old army, the officer cadets were drawn from all Iraq's communities. Many were bemused at being sent to their much smaller neighbor for training, but said they were keen to play a role in rebuilding Iraq.

Another day of grinding occupation:
So it's been an average day in occupied Baghdad; attacks on patrols, unreported blasts, automatic weapons fire in the streets at night, huge petrol lines, and flickering electricity.

Scott Ritter: How the British Spy Agency MI6 Secretly Mislead A Nation Into War With Iraq:
Former U.N. Iraqi Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter discusses how he was personally involved in the MI6?s "Operation Mass Appeal" in the late 1990s to "shake up public opinion" by passing dubious intelligence on Iraq to the media.


Rumsfeld rejects Iraq WMD doubts:
US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has said he believes weapons of mass destruction will be found in Iraq and he rejected the charge that the war against Baghdad was waged under a false pretext.

In a dusty taxi, passengers of a new Iraq:
"What torments me are the people I pick up who have lost their national pride," said Ahmed, 40. "I tell them that the Irish are still resisting the English, the Palestinians are resisting the Israelis, the Algerians gave thousands of martyrs before they were freed from France, and then there are the Vietnamese. But we, the Iraqis, we're just struggling to survive."

Board free of oversight as it spends $4 billion in Iraqi money :
Despite detailed regulations and pronouncements about "transparency," it has little of the openness, debate and paper trails that define such groups in democratic nations.

Big and Little lies on Iraq:
Little lies - even cumulatively - pale in comparison with the really big lie, which elements of the US government and MI6 have reportedly been building through 'I/Ops' or Information Operations, since at least 1997. This is the notion that Iraq posed a threat to the west by virtue of its programme on Weapons of Mass Destruction

Kurdish expansion, anti demo called:
The Arab and Turkmen movements of Kirkuk have called for a demonstration on Wednesday against Kurdish moves towards a federal Iraq and claims to the northern oil centre.

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003

Kurds throw up new hurdle to Iraq sovereignty:
Kurdish members of Iraq's governing council are insisting the country's transitional law include wide-ranging sovereignty rights for the northern Kurdish areas - including control of their natural resources and veto powers over Iraqi military movements in the region.

Iraqi's Ask: Where are our human rights?
So far, every single journalist I've spoken with here has told me that they had followed the news closely prior to their arrival. But after being here even just a day, they have been astonished at how terrible the situation truly is.

Army Stops Many Soldiers From Quitting :
Thousands of soldiers forbidden to leave military service under the Army's "stop-loss" orders, intended to stanch the seepage of troops, through retirement and discharge, from a military stretched thin by its burgeoning overseas missions.

The Exploitation of the American Soldier:
Of Caste Drafts and Society's Complicity: Hidden behind the illusory fantasy the corporate media portrays of noble fighting in tumultuous wars, lies a world of death, suffering and lifelong sacrifice, a world of psychological trauma and physical torture, a world of Veteran abandonment by the same government that has sent millions to kill and be killed

Iraqi Council Flexes Muscles:
The U.S.-appointed body is increasingly defying the coalition and pushing its own vision of a free and self-governing Iraq.

Halliburton Contracts in Iraq: The Struggle to Manage Costs:
In July, the Halliburton Company estimated that the overhaul would cost $75.7 million, according to confidential documents that the company submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers. But in early September, the Bush administration asked Congress for $125 million to do the job – a 40 percent price increase in just six weeks.

Saddam spills beans on missing cash:
Saddam Hussein's trial would not be public since he could name countries and persons whom he gave money".

Bible Belt missionaries set out on a 'war for souls' in Iraq:
Organising in secrecy, and emphasising their humanitarian aid work, Christian groups are pouring into the country, which is 97 per cent Muslim, bearing Arabic Bibles, videos and religious tracts designed to "save" Muslims from their "false" religion.

When God goes to war :
We dream of peace but slaughter our own kind, and from the very start our faith systems have reflected this tragic dualism.,2763,1113570,00.html

Iraq has old-school Marine regretting support for Bush:
Anthony Zinni's opposition to U.S. policy on Iraq began on the monsoon-ridden afternoon of Nov. 3, 1970. He was lying on a Vietnamese mountainside west of Da Nang, three rounds from an AK-47 assault rifle in his side and back. Over the past year, the retired Marine Corps general has become a prominent opponent of Bush administration policy on Iraq, which he now fears is drifting toward disaster.

Robert Fisk: Checkpoints Prove Useless Against Suicide Bombers in Iraq:
A severed arm with a hand still attached to it lay a few metres from the broken gates of the mayor's office in Karbala yesterday, a piece of humanity every bit as bloody as the story of the seventh-century Shia martyr Hussein, the golden dome of whose shrine could be seen through the smog to the east.

Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003

Saddam Threatens to Expose US :
Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, now being grilled by American investigators, has reportedly warned US authorities that he will expose Washington’s "political games" and its behind-the-scene role in the occupation of Kuwait.

12/27 Robert Fisk: Hooded Men Executing Saddam Officials:
In the Shia city of Najaf, 42 ex-members of the Baath have been murdered and not a single arrest has followed. In Basra, controlled by British troops, almost 50 Baathists have been found with their hands bound behind their backs and a single bullet hole in the neck.

US Military using Brutality, Fear, Intimidation in Al-Adamiyah:
When there was no compliance, they began shooting the demonstrators. In the end, a total of 13 were killed, the number comprised not only of demonstrators but people shopping and walking on the sidewalks.

Revealed: How MI6 sold the Iraq war:
The government yesterday confirmed that MI6 had organised Operation Mass Appeal, a campaign to plant stories in the media about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.

In case you missed it:
Blair's secret weapon: Investigation:
A covert project, set up by the UK government, 'cherry-picked' intelligence to fit the hidden agenda of justifying war with Iraq

In case you missed it:
Scott Ritter Proved Right!
MI6 ran 'dubious' Iraq campaign: "I was approached by MI6 to provide that data, I met with the Mass Appeal operatives both in New York and London on several occasions. This data was provided and this data did find its way into the international media.

Bremer 'rejects' Blair WMD claims:
The US official running Iraq appears to have contradicted Tony Blair's claim Saddam Hussein had laboratories for developing weapons of mass destruction.

Short calls on Blair to resign:
Clare Short has called on Tony Blair to resign because she says he deceived the British people over the Iraq war.

Death toll in Karbala attacks rises to 18 :
Another five Iraqis died from injuries sustained in Saturday's suicide bomb attacks in Karbala, bringing the death toll to 18, a local official said on Sunday.

Rober Fisk: At Least 13 Die In Iraq Suicide Bombings:
It is the first time that an attack on this scale has been launched against occupation forces in Karbala - site of the tomb of the seventh-century Shia martyr Hussein, one of the most important Muslim shrines in Iraq - but its significance goes far beyond yesterday's deaths.

Blasts Kill Two Soldiers in Iraq
Two U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq today in separate insurgent bombings, one of which also claimed the lives of two Iraqi children on a busy street in Baghdad.

Iraq Blast Kills U.S. Soldier, 2 Children:
A roadside bomb killed a U.S. soldier and two children in Baghdad on Sunday, a day after a coordinated guerrilla onslaught in the southern city of Karbala left 13 dead and almost 200 injured.

Attacks Force Retreat From Wide-Ranging Plans for Iraq :
The United States has backed away from several of its more ambitious initiatives to transform Iraq's economy, political system and security forces as attacks on U.S. troops have escalated and the timetable for ending the civil occupation has accelerated.

Casualty rate for U.S. forces in Iraq jumps:
The number of U.S. service members killed and wounded in Iraq has more than doubled in the past four months compared with the four months preceding them, according to Pentagon statistics.

United in opposition to the occupation:
"If someone invades your house, kills some of your relatives while taking the rest to jail, steals your things, remains in your home and then threatens you and tries to tell you what to do in your own home, what would you do? Would you welcome him with flowers? What would you do if this happened to you in your home?"

Iraq reconstruction's bottom-line:
Even if the occupation were working perfectly well, it would still be wrong. This has become trite commentary among Iraqis who bitterly want the occupation of their country to fail but, at the same time, also earnestly hope that the reconstruction of their country succeeds.

Dutch troops find depleted uranium ammunition in Iraq :
Dutch troops stationed in the province of Al Muthanna in Southern Iraq have found a 30 mm round of depleted uranium (DU) ammunition. This has been announced by the Ministry of Defence today

Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003

Iraq Spending Decisions Made in Private

Iraq: "Coordinated Massive Attack," At Least 11 Dead, 172 Wounded

David Fromkin | 'Our Guy' for Iraq Leader May End Up Biting Us

Who Will Testify At Saddam's Trial?

Reconstruction of Iraq: Reduced to a Colony:
The US Administration is promising an "economic miracle between the Euphrates and the Tigris" and is betting on a classic neo liberal concept: Radical privatization. Corporations from the US, Great Britain and the rest of the coalition countries are being offered unlimited possibilities.

War's Casualties Include the Children of Reservists

GE expects billions in business in Iraq :
The multi-billion dollar reconstruction of Iraq could brighten prospects for General Electric Co., whose profits have dimmed over recent years.

Noam Chomsky on Iraq, War Profiteers & The Media:
"The world now regards George Bush, as a greater threat to peace than Saddam Hussein "

Army Thin-Skinned Over Homemade Armor :
The possibility that soldiers could be denied extra protection because of an Army policy has outraged some of the friends and neighbors who helped the Jefferson City-based unit.

A Meeting With Death: The 400 Souls in Amiriya Shelter:
After walking around for several moments in shock of the magnitude of this slaughter, I was caught off guard by the tears running down my cheeks. It was from looking at the pictures of small children, a little boy in his innocence, his face captured by a camera.

Pink Slips Greet Returning Soldiers:
Veterans' advocacy groups charge that many others have yet to learn that the government which sent them to war may have little use for them afterward.

US towns gather in their wounded :
Returnees shunned by national media win warm local welcome,2763,1112913,00.html

War Vets Too Often Fail To Reintegrate:
Over the course of the year, the government has contact with as many as 500,000 homeless veterans. About half of them are from the Vietnam War era with a growing number coming from the Persian Gulf War.

Bush Screws Our War Heroes:
GOP blocking abolishment of Disabled Veterans Tax

Troop Morale :
Troop morale in Iraq is low and getting lower. The reasons are very easy to understand.

Daughter of slain Iraqi opposition leader says US helped Saddam in 1993 to quash coup attempt:
The Americans, who did not want the coup to succeed possibly because they were certain my father would not go along with their polices, tipped off Saddam about the impending putsch by my father and gave the names of his top aides," Nora said. "All of them died in Saddam's torture chambers."

Troops dead in Iraq city blasts:
Six coalition soldiers have been killed and many others injured after several blasts in the Iraqi city of Karbala, military officials say.

Rebel Bombs Injure 6 U.S. Troops in Iraq :
Rebels detonated three homemade bombs in separate incidents Saturday that set aflame a fuel depot and injured six American soldiers, the military said.

Robert Fisk: From joy to despair: Iraqis pay for Saddam's capture :
The people are angry because you look like an American." But they all shook hands and stood in front of us with their heads bowed and asked why the tragedy of Iraq was growing worse.

Iraq: Quicksand & Blood:
The key counterinsurgency lesson from Central America was that the U.S. government can defeat guerrilla movements if it is willing to back a local power structure, no matter how repulsive, and if Washington is ready to tolerate gross human rights abuses.

Best-Laid Plans of Occupiers:
Occupation and democracy simply can't coexist.

Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003

475 Dead as Lethal Attacks on Soldiers Intensify

Sunnis in Iraq Form Own Political Council

Antiwar Family's Conflict

Japan's Military Starts Deployment for Iraq

Pentagon's War Needs Are a Lifeline for Airlines

Four US Soldiers Killed in Spate of Iraq Attacks:
Guerrillas extended the biggest insurgent attacks in Iraq since Saddam Hussein's capture, killing four U.S. soldiers in mortar and bomb attacks, the U.S. military said on Friday.

Robert Fisk: Iraq through the American looking glass:
Insurgents are civilians. Truck bombs and tanks that crush civilians are traffic accidents. And the "liberated" civilians who live in villages surrounded by razor wire should endure "a heavy dose of fear and violence" to keep them on the straight and narrow.

US bombs Baghdad for third night :
US-led occupation forces have bombed Baghdad for the third consecutive night as resistance fighters lobbed at least three mortar bombs at the occupying administration headquarters.

Robert Fisk: Deaths mount on both sides on Christmas Day in Iraq :
Four Iraqis, including a 13-year-old girl, were killed by a suicide bomber in his car who detonated explosives outside a Kurdish office in Arbil, while another two civilians were killed in Baghdad by a bomb apparently intended for an American patrol.

Christmas in Baghdad :
At approximately 6:20am, the glass in the windows of my hotel room rattles as several large explosions erupt from the direction of the Sheraton Hotel. Rattling Kalishnikov firing cracks from the same direction, along with several periods of heavy machine gun fire, which I presume to be American.

How Briton's £7 bus ticket to Baghdad turned dream pilgrimage into nightmare :
Student tourist arrested as suspected terrorist speaks out for first time about 48-day ordeal.,2763,1112508,00.html

Airlines got $1 billion for flights to Iraq :
According to a military report that outlined the use of passenger and cargo carriers in the Iraq conflict, the government paid $636.2 million to 10 airlines that flew troops overseas during a 131-day emergency mobilization between February and June. It also paid $574 million to 14 cargo carriers to deliver equipment to Iraq and neighboring countries in that period.,1,5988999.story

Pox Americana:
Games and deception: The war-year in review

Iraq's Capital Hit by Wave of Christmas Attacks :
The attacks came after insurgents conducted the deadliest attacks since Saddam Hussein's Dec. 13 capture, detonating a series of bombs Wednesday that killed four U.S. soldiers, six civilians and a suicide bomber.

Against the war, for the soldiers:
I believe that thousands of Iraqi babies, mothers, and fathers are dead because our political leaders created a panic over weapons of mass destruction that have not yet been found. I fear America will one day pay for our panic.

Unwelcome wagon:
The free Iraqis soon began to take to the streets to protest deplorable conditions exacerbated by the war. They will be even less happy when the several thousand missionaries authorized by Bush arrive to save their pagan souls.

Date: Thurs, 25 Dec 2003

Three More U.S. Soldiers Die in Iraq

Bloody Christmas: 5 G.I.'s Killed in Iraq

Rumsfeld Backed Saddam Even After Chemical Attacks

Derrick Z. Jackson | Against the War, For the Soldiers

Maria Recio | James Baker: Fixer for the War Profiteers?

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003

24 December 2003, Christmas Eve in Baghdad, Explosions Abound:
Our taxi driver says, "I never liked Saddam, but he gave us protection and what we needed to live. Saddam was honey compared to the American's. The Americans are like hell. I'm happy for this gas crisis. I just want to see the Americans fail here."

Fully 63% of our countrypersons are now certain that the war in Iraq was a necessity and that the existence or not of weapons of mass destruction did not and does not matter. Face it. We got him! That's what matters to America..

A Must Read

Troubling Report from the Pentagon:
The DoD status report once again demonstrates the stark contrast between the Administration's rosy public statements and the realities on the ground in Iraq.

Iraq’s "Path to Freedom":
If this is what the path to freedom looks like, we're all doomed. Every single Iraqi I’ve interviewed holds a drastically different view of this so-called, "path to freedom."

Who's Keeping Saddam's Secret Safe?:
Most Americans don't know the hidden history of Saddam's relations with America, because it has been kept from them by administrations of both parties and their cronies in the press.

Balance Sheets, Death and Silence
The death toll in those six months to between 21,700 and 55,000. There are no reliable figures for the number of wounded, but it is estimated to be around three times the number of deaths, giving a total number that may well exceed 150,000 individuals.

Ahmad Chalabi : Jordan 'sheltering Saddam cronies':
Jordan is sheltering "Saddam Hussein's daughters, the son of (former deputy prime minister) Tareq Aziz and several figures associated with the old regime",5744,8249985^1702,00.html

Tinker, Banker, NeoCon, Spy :
Ahmed Chalabi's long and winding road from (and to?) Baghdad

Three US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bomb Blast:
A roadside bomb ripped through a U.S. military convoy north of Baghdad Wednesday, killing three soldiers, the U.S. military said.

4 killed in Iraq suicide bombing:
At least four people were killed and 20 wounded when a suicide car bomb exploded outside the Interior Ministry building in the Kurdish city of Arbil.

Wartime carnage upsets Baghdad brass:
U.S. soldiers are still damaging property and killing people in the course of their duties, especially when they conduct their neighborhood searches.,1299,DRMN_38_2525061,00.html

Retired Air Force Col. Reveals How The U.S. Orchestrated A Media and PSYOPS Campaign Following Saddam's Capture:
Audio. This is a must listen.

Iraqi guerrillas take pride in pounding U.S. troops:
Abu Jassem said weapons left over from the former government's stockpiles and black market mortar bombs are plentiful enough to keep the insurgents going for years to come.

For Vietnam Vet Anthony Zinni, Another War on Shaky Territory :
Over the past year, the retired Marine Corps general has become one of the most prominent opponents of Bush administration policy on Iraq, which he now fears is drifting toward disaster.

White House Faulted on Uranium Claim:
The President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board has concluded that the White House made a questionable claim in January's State of the Union address about Saddam Hussein's efforts to obtain nuclear materials.

Three More U.S. Soldiers Die in Iraq

Date: Tues, 23 Dec 2003

Four-Star Marine General: Iraq Strategy; "Screwed-Up"

Soldiers Patrol City Streets as Americans Are Warned of Imminent Terrorist Threat

News from the Battlefield as More Americans Die

Rumsfeld Made Iraq Overture in '84 Despite Chemical Raids

Talk of Tikrit's Favorite Diner: Hatred of Hussein, Fury at U.S.

US Republicans signal readiness to resume Iraq weapons probe:
The Senate committee had been revisiting the US intelligence dossier and looking into whether the Bush administration twisted data to suit its goal of regime change in Iraq.

Troop cuts in Iraq may wait, Bush says:
The United States may not be able to reduce the number of American troops in Iraq as planned next year, even though significant progress is being made in stabilizing the chaotic nation, President Bush has reported to Congress.

Bush ratings show little gain from Saddam capture:
The capture of Saddam Hussein had a minimal effect on President George W. Bush's approval ratings, which are hovering at their lowest levels since he took office in January, 2001, according to a poll.

US right weaves tangled but effective web:
Most analysts have identified three main components to the coalition behind President George W Bush's aggressive foreign policy: right-wing militarists, of whom Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is the exemplar; neo-conservatives, led by former Defense Policy Board (DPB) chairman Richard Perle, whose world view is similar to that of Israel's Likud Party; and Christian Right forces whose leaders are influential with Bush's political guru, Karl Rove.

The Buildup for War -- Redux:
The crucial battle is between hard-liners and moderates inside the Bush administration. If the hawks win out, U.S. forces may some day wage battle inside Iran.

'Bleeding Strategy' Comes Home;
Conversations with Russian, EU and Chinese officials strongly suggest that the bleeding strategy is now being used against Bush's America.
A Must Read

Wolfie was wildly off the mark:
Why are Wolfowitz and his pals still on Uncle Sam's payroll? Where did an Assistant Secretary of Defense get the resources to buy such huge quantities of Teflon from Rupert Murdoch and CNN?

Rumsfeld Made Iraq Overture in '84 Despite Chemical Raids:
As a special envoy for the Reagan administration in 1984, Donald H. Rumsfeld, now the defense secretary, traveled to Iraq to persuade officials there that the United States was eager to improve ties with President Saddam Hussein despite his use of chemical weapons, newly declassified documents show.

Saddam Hussein: More Secret History:
In light of recent developments in Iraq, most importantly the capture of the former dictator himself, the National Security Archive is posting a compilation of newly declassified documents from American and British sources

It's greed, not ideology, that rules the White House:
Why the US wants Iraq's debts cancelled - and Argentina's paid in full.,12271,1112129,00.html

Iraq Has Made us Safer From Terrorism My Ass :
If the American people ever needed more inspiration to march on Washington, dismantle the White House brick by brick and throw the current, lying usurpers out on their worthless asses, consider this...

BBC = Blairs Broadcasting Corporation

US army conducts raids near Syrian border, kills Iraqi woman:
An Iraqi woman was killed in an explosion when US soldiers blew up a door during a raid in a town near Iraq's border with Syria, the US military said in a statement.

Group in charge of Iraq blamed for woes:
The Coalition Provisional Authority in charge of Iraq has failed to institute a smoothly run bureaucracy, resulting in cash shortages and delays in starting reconstruction programs, Pentagon officials say in interviews.

In case you missed it:

Dismay at chemical plant link to Britain :
Politicians yesterday expressed dismay at the Guardian's disclosure that a key Iraqi chemical warfare plant was built by a British firm as more facts emerged about the UK's help in arming Saddam Hussein with nerve gas ingredients.,2763,909176,00.html

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003

Who Really Found Saddam?

Secondary School Under Siege by U.S. Forces

Iraq Pipelines, Storage Tanks Set on Fire

Cheney Faces Indictment in France

Subject: US Firm Bechtel Planned to Evade 1988 Iraq Sanctions - Document

Subject: Pro-wars weave a web of deceit around Saddam's spider hole -

Doing what he does best:
G.W. Bush, Conqueror of Babylon, and Thanksgiving Day turkey is once again doing what he does best, being a hypocrite. What no-one in the corporate-controlled press is talking about is the fact that according to international law, Mr. Bush, his administration, Congress, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are all war criminals.

For Baghdad's Sunnis, Hostility Toward Occupation Is Growing:
It began as a pro-Saddam Hussein march in the capital's Adhamiya district and turned into a raging gun battle with U.S. armored units surrounding a dozen fighters. When the smoke cleared, seven Iraqis lay dead.

Guarded by God, U.S. colonel hunts Iraqi guerrillas:

Mercenaries To Protect Iraqi Oil :
A Johannesburg-based security company has been awarded a multimillion-dollar contract by Iraq's government of occupation to protect the war-ravaged country's oil industry

2 U.S. Troops, Translator Killed in Iraq :
A roadside bomb exploded near a U.S. military convoy on Monday, killing two American soldiers and an Iraqi translator, the military said.

Kurds say they caught Saddam :
Washington's claims that brilliant US intelligence work led to the capture of Saddam Hussein are being challenged by reports sourced in Iraq's Kurdish media claiming that its militia set the circumstances in which the US merely had to go to a farm identified by the Kurds to bag the fugitive former president.

Kurds demand Kirkuk:
Thousands of Iraqi Kurds gathered in Kirkuk on Monday to demand inclusion of the northern oil centre in a future autonomous Kurdish region.

The Burden of Truth:
Two former CIA analysts talk about the lies behind the Iraq war and the heavy weight of conscience.

Researcher from Central Texas institute helped in Iraq:
A Central Texas researcher who was sent to Iraq to perform chemical sampling says if weapons of mass destruction were the premise for the war, there shouldn't have been one.

Iraqi Girl Blog: Baghdad Burning:
Yesterday alone we heard around 8 explosions though none of the news channels seem to be covering them. There have also been several demonstrations- some anti-Saddam and some pro-Saddam and several anti-America.

Bush And Blair: The Big Fall -Out:
The two leaders have fallen out over plans for the reconstruction of the country and the heavy-handed action of American troops against the civilian population.

Pro-wars weave a web of deceit around Saddam's spider hole:
The end, capturing a tyrant, did not justify the means: thousands of dead Iraqis. Why do so many people who supported the invasion of Iraq use the capture of Saddam Hussein as a stick with which to beat those who opposed it?

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003

Saddam was held by Kurdish forces, drugged and left for US troops :
Saddam Hussein was captured by US troops only after he had been taken prisoner by Kurdish forces, drugged and abandoned ready for American soldiers to recover him, a British Sunday newspaper said.

Saddam was captured by Kurds, not US:
Ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was captured by Kurdish forces, then drugged and handed over to the American forces as a revenge against the rape of a tribal chief's daughter by the tyrant's psychopathic eldest son Uday

Saddam spit on his captor:
As the incident was reported by the military, according to a U.S. source, a soldier promptly slugged the old tyrant -- probably the first time in more than two decades that Saddam was powerless to exact lethal revenge on someone who stood up to him.,8816,565992,00.html

Sunday Express: Kurds Seized Saddam First:
The Frond reportedly made a deal with the US forces, to gain political advantage in the region in return, the paper said, citing a former Iraqi intelligence officer.

Revealed: who really found Saddam? :
Saddam’s capture was the best present George Bush could have hoped for, and then Gaddafi handed a propaganda gift to Blair. But nothing’s ever that simple

Iraq Pipelines, Storage Tanks Set on Fire :
Insurgents attacked pipelines and an oil storage depot in three parts of Iraq, setting fires that blazed for hours and lost millions of gallons of oil, officials and media reported Sunday, as the country faced a critical fuel shortage.,1280,-3533012,00.html

Saddam is The Man Who Knew too Much :
Saddam is to face a kangaroo court in Baghdad. Such hang-'em-high injustice, propelled by Bush's unwise call for the death penalty, is worthy of Saddam's regime, not the United States.

American foreign policy: rats, rants and tyrants:
They have caught Saddam. What a relief. Now the Iraqi people can live in peace, prosperity and perpetual happiness. Except the several thousand collaterally damaged ones, but you can't make omelettes without cracking Arabs.

Clare Short: A 'war' fought on half-truths and deceptions:
The co-ordination of the Blair-Bush press conferences on Friday night claiming a big success in the "war on terror" has a pathetic tone that reflects the Prime Minister's desperation and the two men's continuing belief that they can prosecute their "war" with half-truths and deceptions.

Saddam verdict expected to take five years:
Iraqi officials and judges involved in setting up Baghdad's new war crimes court have revealed that Saddam Hussein's trial will not be finished for five years, despite the clamour for speedy justice since his arrest last week.

When Will Press Stop Circulating Dubious Iraq Claims? :

Saddam capture felt made for TV:
American television loves a good ending even when there isn't one

US to add 2,000 extra Iraq troops:
The United States says it is sending about 2,000 extra troops to Iraq and asking 3,500 more to stay on longer.

Robert Fisk: Phantam Insurgents in Fantasyville:
Schoolboy Issam Naim Hamid is the latest of America's famous "insurgents". In Samarra--for which read Fantasyville--he was shot in the back as he tried to protect himself with his parents in his home in the Al-Jeheriya district of the ancient Abbasid city.

U.S. Opposes Provisions for Iraq Tribunal :
The new Iraqi war crimes tribunal includes provisions taken from the International Criminal Court, which the United States vehemently opposes - an irony that the international court's supporters have been quick to note.,1280,-3529254,00.html

'Sick' Saddam drugged: visitor:
A STARTLING new photograph of a sick-looking Saddam Hussein suggests he is being drugged or given strong medication by his US captors.,4057,8216785%255E401,00.html

Helen Thomas: Cheney Hypocritical In Telling Media To Check Facts:
While he's lecturing about accuracy, Cheney should do some fact-checking of his own statements about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction weapons. The vice president's prewar chant about such weapons helped lead the nation into war.

Saddam's capture bodes ill for Bush's re-election :
Contrary to what many are saying, Saddam Hussein's capture is a negative omen for President George W. Bush's re-election campaign and points toward continuing disorder and resistance in Iraq.

Soldier's widow demands apology from 'lying' Hoon:
The widow of the first British soldier killed in the Iraq war this year yesterday demanded a public apology from Geoff Hoon after an official report found that her husband was ordered to give up the body armour which would have saved his life

Is lying about the reason for a war an impeachable offense?:
President George W. Bush has got a very serious problem. Before asking Congress for a joint resolution authorizing the use of U.S. military forces in Iraq, he made a number of unequivocal statements about the reason the United States needed to pursue the most radical actions any nation can undertake -- acts of war against another nation.

Uri Avnery: The Americans invaded Iraq in order to remain there:
If truly democratic elections were held, the American agents would be kicked out in no time - if they were not lynched first. That is self-evident. Therefore, there will be no really democratic elections.

U.S. Negotiating Over Role of G.I.'s in a Sovereign Iraq:
The Bush administration has begun delicate negotiations with Iraq's transitional leaders on the freedom American-led military forces will have to carry out operations against insurgents after the transfer of sovereignty to a new government in Baghdad on June 30, officials say.

U.S. Soldier Killed; 11,000 Troops Wounded, Evacuated

The Iraqis Who Hated Saddam Hate the Americans More

Lawyer: World Leaders Should Take Stand in Saddam Trial

Finally, the End for Saddam

Iraq: The Aftermath

Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2003

Marc Ash | The Trial for Mr. Hussein

Rumsfeld Affirmed Ties to Hussein After WMD Use

Intelligence Report: Iraq Outlook Bleak

More Soldier and Civilian Casualties in Iraq

Wounded Troups Denied Benefits?

Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003

'Bodyguard drugged and betrayed Saddam':
Saddam Hussein was betrayed by a relative who was his personal bodygyard and who led US troops to the ousted Iraqi leader's hideout after drugging him, a Jordanian newspaper reported Thursday, quoting a source close to the US-led coalition in Iraq.,6119,2-10-1460_1461125,00.html

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The Rat Trap: Why the resistance will increase :
The resistance will persist because Saddam was never its political, religious, spiritual or moral guide. The mukawama - resistance against foreign occupation - is now a full-blown nationalist, religious movement. Blast Kills 2 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq:
A U.S. military tanker truck exploded on a road outside Baghdad on Friday, and witnesses said it killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded one

Iraq blast hits main Shia group:
An explosion has taken place outside a building belonging to Iraq's main Shia Muslim political group in Baghdad.

Iraq war was unjustified, Putin says:
He also suggested that the United States may be suffering from over-confidence on the international sphere, warning that "empires" had fallen before from feeling too strong and using their military might indiscriminately.

We must honour the dead :
Civilian deaths in Iraq may prove to be the true Achilles heel of the US and Britain's intervention. The bodies pile up in morgues around the country, and reliable press and media reports put the total civilian death toll since March 19 as approaching 10,000.,3604,1110060,00.htm

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Best-Laid Plans:
Anyone not blinded by partisan ideology or irrational Bush-hatred, the evidence clearly shows that Team Bush has always had a very specific plan for remaking Iraq -- and is following it faithfully to this very day.

Dubious Link Between Atta and Saddam:
The Telegraph story was apparently written with a political purpose: to bolster Bush administration claims of a connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam's regime.

Rumsfeld Visited Baghdad in 1984 to Reassure Iraqis, Documents Show :
Donald H. Rumsfeld went to Baghdad in March 1984 with instructions to deliver a private message about weapons of mass destruction: that the United States' public criticism of Iraq for using chemical weapons would not derail Washington's attempts to forge a better relationship, according to newly declassified documents.

Hard evidence called tough to find:
More than 6 million pages of Iraqi government documents collected by a group of Iraqi exiles contain "smoking gun" evidence against "virtually everyone" in the Ba'ath Party leadership -- except Saddam Hussein.

The Trial Of Saddam Hussein:
Selected Highlights From a Future Transcript : Good morning, Mr. Hussein. I am Ahmed Chalabi, chairman of the Iraqi National Congress, President-in-Waiting of the Islamic Republic of Occupied Mesopotamia and special prosecutor in The People of Iraq vs. Hussein. SADDAM HUSSEIN: I know who you are.

Arresting Children :
"I told them you have to educate people about freedom, not punish them, but they brought tanks and helicopters. Yesterday they surrounded the school and came in with weapons everywhere, soldiers everywhere and used tear gas on the students.

Another Home Pillaged, More Illegal Detentions :
Fahad suffers from diabetes, and from her condition must relieve herself often. She begged, through an Iraqi interpreter of the soldiers, to use the restroom, but to no avail. She even suggested they allow her to use the restroom while accompanied by a soldier. This was declined, and while weeping she was forced to urinate on herself while soldiers stood by laughing at her with the interpreter.

Is the search for weapons over?:
After eight months with no discoveries, mission chief quits; Fewer than 40 of the 1,400 inspectors still in the field; As attacks on US military grow, WMD hunt no longer a priority

The Lie Factory
- How the Neocons & the Office of Special Plans Pushed Disinformation and Bogus Intelligence on Iraq

Saddam Hussein's Loyalists Infiltrated U.S. Operations in Iraq:
Agents for deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein have penetrated the U.S. command in Iraq, ABCNEWS has learned. As a result, they have the potential to undermine U.S. authority.

Fight to the death:
Paul McGeough reports from Baghdad on the Iraqis who hated Saddam, but who hate the Americans more.

Tanks roll into Tikrit:
"Any demonstration against the government or coalition forces will be fired upon," Jaburi's voice said, according to an army interpreter. "This is a fair warning."

Triumph! :
He looks like a lonely derelict: completely out of it. The idea that his capture makes any real difference, or represents an American triumph, is ludicrous

Live from the new Iraq: Happy talk:
The Pentagon is currently building what I call its own - Good News Network — to do an end run around the networks and beam directly from its press centre in Iraq. Just in time for election year 2004, the satellite service will counteract all those terrible stories of bombings, shootings, killings and maiming from the, you know, war.

Anti-U.S. Demonstrations in Iraq Will be Met With Gunfire

U.S. Soldier and Iraqi Political Leader Gunned Down

Halliburton Served Troops Dirty Food in Dirty Kitchens

'Weapons of Mass Destruction' Nonissue to Bush

Derrick Z. Jackson | Still No WMD, No Ties to 9/11, No Truth

Date: Thurs, 18 Dec 2003

Senator: 'We Received False Security Briefing Prior to Iraq Vote'

Pope: 'U.S. War on Iraq is Illegal'

The Bloodshed in Iraq Continues

Michael Moore | We Finally Got Our Frankenstein

Robert Fisk | Insurgents or Protesters?

The Rat Trap: How Saddam may still nail Bush:
The Christmas blockbuster from the Pentagon studios was a dream. This was the new Roman Empire at its peak - better than Ridleys Scott's Gladiator: a real, captive barbarian emperor, paraded on the Circus Maximus of world television. The barbarian was not a valiant warrior - but a bum.

US soldier killed during ambush in Iraq :
An American soldier was killed and another was wounded during an ambush in Baghdad, as violence also flared up in other areas of the country.

Gunmen kill Iraqi political figure:
Suspected followers of Saddam Hussein shot to death a representative of a major Shiite political party, a party official said Thursday.

Kay Plans to Leave Search for Iraqi Arms :
The move comes as more of Kay's staff has been diverted from the weapons hunt to help search for Iraqi insurgents, and at a time when expectations remain low that any weaponry will be discovered.

Blair: We May Not Discover WMD:
Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle said: "Blair told the nation there was an immediate threat from Iraq's WMD. Now it seems they never existed at that time."

Remember 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'?
For Bush, They Are a Nonissue

Why WMD question must not be allowed to go away :
Modern governments produce conveyor belts of arguments and justifications for their actions. They like to keep moving so that the electorate cannot quite catch up with their misjudgments and defects.

Bremer wants to double coalition authority size :
President Bush's top envoy in Iraq has told officials that he wants as many as 1,000 additional personnel to beef up the U.S. occupation authority amid growing concern that the effort to return Iraqi sovereignty by next summer is falling far behind schedule.

When Thinking About Iraq: 15 Questions We Must Ask Ourselves

Saddam's arrest fuels insurgency :
Police are increasingly the target as 40 Iraqis die in four days of violence,2763,1109311,00.html

Bearded Lady of Tikrit is no ace in the hole:
"Iraqis might have placed most of the blame for their suffering on Saddam and his Baathist thugs, but they ranked America second on their list of tormentors. With Saddam's demise, America just moved into first place."

Fate of Saddam's look-alikes remains unknown:
The long-awaited capture of Saddam Hussein brought euphoria to many, and for a curious few, it raised a simple question: Whatever became of the deposed leader's team of look-alikes?

Saddam's silence is golden for West :
At the Milosevic trial, US General Wesley Clark, former NATO commander, is to give evidence. But he will do so in closed session. That is the condition imposed by the United States government before it will allow him to testify. Reason? It doesn't want aired in public the dirty dealings between the US and the Milosevic regime over many years.

No 'smoking gun' to convict Saddam Hussein yet, say Iraqi experts:
"It is one thing to say what we all know about what Saddam did. But it's another to prove it in a court of law,"

U.S. "Torture Lite" Led To Saddam's Capture

Sen. Nelson aide says Iraq information was declassified:
He cited a briefing with administration officials last year in which they told senators Iraq had the ability to strike eastern seaboard cities with chemical or biological weapons using unmanned "drones" launched from ships off the Atlantic Coast

Iraqi Scientists Now on U.S. Payroll
Hundreds of Iraqi scientists and technicians who the Bush administration says worked on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs for Saddam Hussein will be paid by the United States for their role in postwar projects

Facing Our Losses: Here's one measure of the cost of fighting terrorism and "liberating" Iraq:
The lesson here is to not accept an official number as the definition of war's consequences. The combat death toll in Gulf War I was 148. More than 215,000 of the 696,000 deployed for that conflict—almost one-third—have sought war-related disability treatment from the Department of Veterans Affairs

New Developments in Case of U.S. Spying on U.N. Security Council:
Former British Cabinet Minister Decries Prosecution

How to kill Saddam:
All the U.S. wants is for the former Iraqi president to be hauled into some kangaroo court and, after a brisk procedure in which Saddam will not doubt be denied opportunities to interrogate old pals from happier days like Donald Rumsfeld, be dropped through a trap door with a rope tied around his neck, maybe with an Iraqi, or at least a son of the Prophet pulling the lever.

Francis Boyle Discusses Saddam's Capture:
"His Mistreatment is Pretty Much What The Roman Emperors Used To Do To Defeated Barbarian Kings"

Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003

Robert Fisk: Saddam's Cold Comfort's:
There was a kind of satisfaction, lying inside Saddam's last hole in the earth. Seven months ago, I sat on his red velvet presidential throne in the greatest of all his marble palaces.

Who Will Testify At Saddam's Trial?:

Sharon, In Iraq?
Israel denies Qatari report saying Sharon secretly met Saddam in Baghdad following arrest

Bomb Kills 17 in Iraq, Justice for Saddam Debated :
A fuel truck bomb killed 17 people in a huge fireball that incinerated cars on a Baghdad street on Wednesday as violence and instability gripped Iraq in the wake of Saddam Hussein's capture.;jsessionid=IYVHBISKGW

Blair signals retreat on Iraq WMD :
Tony Blair yesterday signalled a retreat from his previous confident assertions that weapons of mass destruction would be found in Iraq - the principal rationale used by the British government for the conflict.

Bush: Iraq intelligence was sound:
US President George W. Bush on Tuesday dismissed any distinction between whether former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein actually had weapons of mass destruction or planned to acquire them.

Subject: Who Will Testify At Hussein's Trial?

Robert Fisk: Insurgents or protesters? 18 are killed in clashes with US troops :
Dramatic videotape from the city of Ramadi 75 miles west of Baghdad showed unarmed supporters of Saddam Hussein being gunned down in semi-darkness as they fled from Americans troops.

US accused of double standards after granting Saddam prisoner-of-war status:
The US administration was accused of gross hypocrisy yesterday after granting Saddam Hussein the legal rights that for more than two years it has denied the 660 detainees held in Guantanamo Bay.

Still no mass weapons, no ties to 9/11, no truth:
THE INVASION was still a lie. The capture of Saddam Hussein changes nothing about that. There were too many forked tongues in the road to his lair. The way we removed the dictator, we became a global dictatorship.

Subject: Documents prove US gave anthrax to Iraq

Subject: Still no mass weapons, no ties to 9/11, no truth, D. Jackson Boston Globe

Subject: In Iraq, The Slaughter Goes On

Subject: Many More Americans Dead, Wounded in Iraq

Subject: Halliburton Continues Extended Payday in Iraq

Subject: Anti-war MPs Give Blair No Respite Over WMD Hunt

Subject: James Ridgeway | You Got Him? Get Out!

Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003

Subject: Blair: Discovery of "Massive Evidence" of "Huge System of Laboratories

Subject: Capitol Hill Blue: Iraqi euphoria fades quickly

Subject: 24 Dead in Iraq Since Saddam Captured

Subject: U.S. Forces Attacked in Kuwait, 4 Soldiers Hurt

Subject: Father Of Slain Soldier Finds No Joy In Saddam's Capture

Subject: Saddam Tells Interrogators 'No WMD'

Subject: Norman Solomon | For Telling The Truth

Subject: Senators were told Iraqi weapons could hit U.S. :
U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson said Monday the Bush administration last year told him and other senators that Iraq not only had weapons of mass destruction, but they had the means to deliver them to East Coast cities.

Subject: Cardinal Says U.S. Treated Saddam 'Like a Cow' :
A top Vatican official said Tuesday he felt pity and compassion for Saddam Hussein and criticized the U.S. military for showing video footage of him being treated "like a cow."

Subject: Blix sceptical on Iraqi WMD claim:
Speaking to the BBC's World Service, Mr Blix said he was more certain than ever that there was no WMD in Iraq.

Subject: Soldier Dies In Husband's Arms In Iraq:
According to Fahnestock, his daughter was critically injured in Fallujah when she approached a bomb on a telephone pole and it exploded before she could diffuse it.

Subject: Iraqi gunman killed in Falluja riot:
An Iraqi gunman has been killed and a U.S. soldier wounded in an exchange of fire during riots in a restive town west of Baghdad, U.S. military sources say. Witnesses said hundreds of residents protesting the arrest of Saddam Hussein rioted in the town of Falluja on Monday night, overrunning the office of the U.S.-appointed mayor.

Subject: Pope Peace Message Takes Swipe at U.S. Over Iraq :
Pope John Paul took a swipe at the United States and its allies Tuesday for invading Iraq without U.N. approval, suggesting they had succumbed to the temptation to use the law of force instead of the force of law.

Subject: The war we never should have fought:
Most embarrassing for the present government of Israel, details of how Rumsfeld carried on his 1983 visit a letter from the then Israeli prime minister Itzak Shamir offering to sell arms to a man whose capture Israel now regards as great news "for the democratic world and for the fight for freedom and justice".,5744,8183793^7583,00.html

Subject: Sky News fined for faking Iraq war report:
The Independent Television Commission found that the report breached guidelines on accuracy and misled viewers.

Subject: Pro-Saddam rallies erupt, Iraqis killed:
US forces have killed 16 Iraqis during separate incidents as demonstrations in support of Saddam Hussein erupted across the occupied country.

Subject: Anti-war MPs give Blair no respite over WMD hunt:
While Saddam's arrest appeared to swing US public opinion behind the war, Mr Blair found that MPs who opposed the war were in no mood to tone down criticisms of his actions. Peter Kilfoyle, a former defence minister, said: "I don't think this makes a difference for us because the war was about WMD and the threat from them.

Subject: New powers, old habits in Iraq:
They must have known it in Washington but, amazingly, by getting rid of Saddam, the Americans have seamlessly given birth to Islamic fundamentalists.

Subject: Pyhrric victory? :
The "capture" of Saddam Hussein is being hailed as a great victory for President Bush. After all, who needs to worry about the missing weapons of mass destruction or the lack of ties between Hussein and the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks, now that we've caught the "Butcher of Baghdad"?

Subject: An ignominious end to America's creation :
America, which pulled no punches when condemning the Iraqi government for showing footage of American POWs, had no such hesitation at showing Saddam being inspected like a prize cow. In the same way, after it had warned Al Jazeera not to show American dead, the US filled our screens with the mutilated and bloated corpses of Saddam's two sons.

Subject: Iraq's moment of joy will soon pass:
It has suited the US to blame Saddam for the resistance to the occupation and to use him as a pretext for the continued occupation. There are no fewer than 15 organisations involved in the resistance, which enjoys widespread support.

Subject: Meanwhile, in Iraq the slaughter goes on:
Yesterday's attacks appear to undermine the views of those who said that Saddam and his so-called "Baathist hold-outs" have been behind the wave of attacks against US targets.

Subject: Bush is still in a real hole :
The US president is facing a financial nightmare of his own making, and needs all the good news he can get. The Bush administration must take care not to spend High Value Target Number One all at once by letting a mob hang him this week.,12271,1107892,00.html

Subject: Halliburton gets more work in Iraq:
The US military has said Vice President Dick Cheney's former company Halliburton was allocated $222 million more last week for work in Iraq, at the same time as a Pentagon audit found the firm may have overbilled for some services there.

Subject: Israel Planned Hit on Saddam :
The Israeli military planned a daring assassination attempt against Saddam Hussein in 1992 - a plot that would have involved landing commandos in Iraq and firing sophisticated missiles at him during a funeral, an Israeli newspaper reported Tuesday.,1280,-3511107,00.html

Subject: Declassified Documents Show U.S. Support For Hussein:
The National Security Archive at George Washington University has published a series of declassified U.S. documents detailing the U.S. embrace of Saddam Hussein in the early 1980s. The collection of documents, include briefing materials, diplomatic reports of two Rumsfeld trips to Baghdad, reports on Iraqi chemical weapons use during the Reagan administration and presidential directives that ensure U.S. access to the region's oil and military expansion.

Subject: Iraqi Shi'ites hail "bright dawn" of Saddam capture :
Iraqi Shi'ite Muslims on Monday hailed the arrest of Saddam Hussein but expressed their continuing deep resentment of his captor -- the United States.

Subject: Iraqi Missile Scientist Says He's Been Working With British Military and Had Not Fled to Iran:
Modher Sadeq-Saba al-Tamimi said in an interview with The Associated Press that he tried several times to reach the American teams searching for weapons of mass destruction. Once, in July, he asked a friend who had already met with American missile experts to set up a meeting for him but the Americans never showed up.

Subject: Saddam a POW, Red Cross says:
The international Red Cross said today it considers Saddam Hussein a prisoner of war and wants U.S. authorities to allow it to visit the ousted Iraqi leader to check the conditions in which he is being held.

Subject: Ex-U.S. Attorney General Ready To Defend Saddam:
Clarke averred that neither the U.S.-installed Interim Governing Council (IGC) nor the occupation forces is eligible to try the overthrown president. "The IGC does not represent Iraq. It is Bush's council," said the former U.S. attorney general.

Subject: Annan Rejects Death Penalty for Saddam:
The top U.N. diplomat said Monday he could not support bringing captured Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein before a tribunal that might sentence him to death.

Subject: Saddam's Sister Says U.S. Forces Drugged Him :
He must have been drugged or injected with illegal chemicals. What happened is an insult to all Arabs and Muslims," the paper quoted her as saying as she wept

Subject: Senator Robert C. Byrd: Chellenging 'Pre-emption':
"As each day passes and as more American soldiers are killed and wounded in Iraq, I become ever more convinced that the war in Iraq was the wrong war at the wrong time in the wrong place for the wrong reasons. "

Date: December 15, 2003

A tale of two tyrants :
"So who pocketed the US$25 million?" : In the 1980s Saddam himself was a great ally of civilization as he was needed to keep revolutionary Iran bogged down in an incredibly messy, bloody, costly war. When Saddam gassed the Kurds, the Pentagon dismissed it as "Iranian propaganda".

The Trial of Saddam Hussein:
While I believe the charges may not stick, or the mass graves would have already been found, I think the exercise may produce an interesting and unwelcome result, especially if Saddam gets a fair trial, with judges not hand-picked by the occupying coalition.

Robert Fisk: "The Tyrant Is Now A Prisoner" :
Saddam has bequeathed to his country and to its would-be "liberators" something uniquely terrible: continued war. And there was one conclusion upon which every Iraqi I spoke to yesterday agreed.

Saddam an Important Symbol in the Arab World:
Saddam Hussein may be under lock and key, but experts warn that the anger at the United States that he came to symbolize in the Arab world and Iran is far from contained. It still seethes in every capital from Rabat to Tehran, in the streets if not always in government.

Greg Palast: Jessica Lynch Captures Saddam: Ex-dictator Demands Back Pay from Baker :
Ex-President Hussein himself told US military interrogators that he had surfaced after hearing of the appointment of his long-time associate James Baker III to settle Iraq's debts. "Hey, my homeboy Jim owes me big time," Mr. Hussein stated. He asserted that Baker and the prior Bush regime, "owe me my back pay. After all I did for these guys you'd think they'd have the decency to pay up."

Robert Fisk: US Eyes Up Saddam's Baghdad Palace As Site For Embassy:
When the so-called Coalition Provisional Authority dissolves itself next July to be replaced by an Iraqi government - and such promises must be fulfilled here before they can be believed - everyone in Baghdad will come to the conclusion that America intends to remain the true power in Iraq.

The Joys Of Empire:
On the capture of Saddam Hussein: It was not Hussein's crimes against his own people, the danger he posed to his neighbors, or the non-existent potential he had to destroy the United States that motivated the US war on Iraq. Nor was it his interest in developing weapons of mass destruction

Saddam's wife helped locate him:
Well-informed Lebanese sources said today that former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein's second wife supplied the US with "some information" about where her husband was hiding in Iraq.

Will Saddam's capture prove to be a trap for Bush? :
This capture comes timely for the incumbent, and the immediate propaganda value will be enormous. But has Bush walked into a trap? Pretty likely, and the next few weeks or months are going to be crucial.

Robert Fisk: Saddam's Capture Will Not Stop The Relentless Killings From Insurgents

Iraqi cheer fades into ire at U.S:
Joy at the capture of Saddam Hussein has given way to resentment towards Washington as Iraqis confront afresh the bloodshed, shortages and soaring prices of life under U.S. occupation.

Notice to Iraq: Let us protect you, or be shot:
"With a heavy dose of fear and violence, and a lot of money for projects, I think we can convince these people we are here to help them," said Lt. Col. Nathan Sassman, commander of a battalion keeping an eye on the village of Abu Hishma that's surrounded by barbed wire.,0,77272.story

Umm Qasr -- From National Pride to War Booty:

Umm Qasr, under the US military occupation of Iraq, has become war booty. It was the first Iraqi enterprise to be turned over, not just to a private owner, but to a foreign one.

Tehran to file complaint against Saddam :
An international court "should determine who equipped this dictator to disrupt our region and impose three big crises on our region," Government spokesman Abd Allah Ramazanzadeh said on Monday

Britain Opposes Death Penalty for Saddam :
Washington's closest Iraq war ally Britain said Monday it would play "no part" in any trial of Saddam Hussein that might lead to his execution.;jsessionid=0HOEIL

Watchdogs afraid of war crimes show trial:
Saddam Hussein will face war crimes charges in a special Iraqi court, despite international concerns that it will be a show trial leading to a death sentence.,5744,8172890^2703,00.html

Israel Shamir: Saddam Bound: -
Turn on the TV, - my wife, alerted by a phone call, yelled from the kitchen. On the screen was George W. Bush's mug photo with a caption reading 'Bush - the former dictator is arrested'. I can't deny it was a moment of great elation. Indeed, Mr Bush deserved to be arrested and tried

Eight killed in Baghdad suicide bombing :
A suicide bomber today killed eight Iraqi police officers in an attack on a police station in Baghdad's northern outskirts.,2763,1107373,00.html

Saddam's capture may bolster anti-US resistance forces:
The people, who do not accept occupation, will be free to fight without being considered supporters of Saddam,"

We Never Had WMD, Former President Tells Interrogators:
Saddam Hussein told his American interrogators that Iraq never had weapons of mass destruction, claiming that they were an invention of the US government to justify an invasion, it was reported last night.

Ace of Spades merely a Joker:
Even his teenage grandson, a mere boy, slain with Saddam's two repugnant sons during a military raid months ago, showed more courage in his final moments, never crying out for mercy, never surrendering. Saddam has not an ounce of that child's nerve.

Umm Qasr -- From National Pride to War Booty
The Iraqi port of Umm Qasr -- once a crown jewel of the Iraqi economy -- is now a symbol of a new era of foreign domination. It's run by SSA, a politically-connected firm with an ugly history of anti-labor policies. David Bacon reports from Iraq.

Subject: Past Imperfect: Black Iraq,

Subject: Saddam's Capture May Not End Unrest

Subject: Newsweek | Bin Laden's Iraq Plans

Subject: Car Bomb at Iraqi Police Station Kills at Least 17

Subject: Former CIA Analyst: 'Bush is Lying'

Subject: 3 Senators Urge Rumsfeld to Free or Try Terror Detainees

Subject: Restart of Iraqi Oil Fields Still a Struggle

Subject: Report: Iraqi Agent Denies Meeting with 9/11 Hijacker

Iraq's guerrilla war is far from over experts say:
Saddam Hussein's capture made one thing clear: The deposed dictator, found dirty, disheveled and disoriented, likely was not masterminding Iraq's guerrilla war.

Iraq's Illegal Weapons Are Clear, Bush Says :
The White House said in a year-end report released yesterday that the invasion of Iraq had produced "clear evidence of Saddam's illegal weapons program" and new intelligence about his ties to terrorist organizations.

Saddam could be offered deal :
Deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein could be offered a deal in which he would give his captors information on if and how he hid weapons of mass destruction and if he smuggled some of them into Syria.

Michael Moore: We Finally Got Our Frankenstein... and He Was In a Spider Hole!:
Thank God Saddam is finally back in American hands! He must have really missed us. Man, he sure looked bad! But, at least he got a free dental exam today. That's something most Americans can't get.

Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003

American forces captured a bearded Saddam Hussein hiding in a hole in a farmhouse cellar in northern Iraq, the US military announced this afternoon.

Iraq's Aziz Helped Identify Saddam, Official Says :
Iraq's former Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz, in U.S. custody for seven months, helped to confirm the identity of Saddam Hussein after his capture, an official with the U.S.-led administration said Sunday.

Saddam's Capture Celebrated Around World :
Celebratory gunfire erupted in Baghdad today and world leaders – including the war's most prominent opponents – hailed the capture of deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Arabs express mixed emotions over detention:
Some fear Saddam's capture will boost President George Bush, who many Arabs believe has waged a campaign against them and other Muslims after the 11 September 2001 attacks.

Saddam's new look:
Image of captured former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein displayed at a news conference in Baghdad.,8543,-10104819133,00.html

Subject: Another Attack Kills U.S. Soldier

Subject: Iraq Bidding: Bush Laughs, Nations Retaliate, Halliburton Profits

Subject: Sydney H. Schanberg | Bush's Concerns Over Casualties: Tragedy or Votes

U.N. leader says most data in U.S. report was known:
The United Nations' top weapons inspector says most of the weapons-related equipment and research that has been publicly documented by the U.S.-led inspection team in Iraq was known to the United Nations before the U.S. invasion.

What's next for the troops?:
Any student of history knows all too well that the U.S. involvement into Iraq will not be temporary or that the boys won't be coming home anytime soon.

Lethal car bombing in Iraq:
At least 18 people have been killed and 29 others wounded in a car bomb explosion at an Iraqi police station in a town west of Baghdad.

Army shells pose cancer risk in Iraq :
Depleted uranium shells used by British forces in southern Iraqi battlefields are putting civilians at risk from 'alarmingly high' levels of radioactivity.,6903,1106672,00.html

Iraqi Turkey Shoot?:
A wounded soldier who doesn't seem to present any obvious threat being shot in the back as he tries to crawl away.

Pentagon warned Halliburton-KBR on "dirty" food service: report:
The Pentagon repeatedly warned contractor Halliburton-KBR that the food it served to US troops in Iraq was "dirty," as were as the kitchens it was served in.

Partitioning Iraq might slow bloodshed as U.S. is ousted :
As distasteful as it is, it seems clear that America is going to be driven out of Iraq, perhaps within four months, perhaps eight.

The same old racket in Iraq :
To the victors, the spoils: Bush's colonialism will only deepen resistance.,2763,1106270,00.html

Bush Drops the Mask: They Died for Halliburton:
The naked admission of the war's profit motive is but the most recent example of a new trend in Washington: officials coming right out and admitting the obvious. Recently Pentagon advisor Richard Perle, for example, confessed openly that the entire invasion of Iraq was probably illegal.

King George's retribution :
The best allies the United States had in the months prior to the invasion of Iraq were not those countries that grudgingly went along with George W. Bush's rush to war. The best allies were Canada, France and Germany.

Officer pleads guilty to beating Iraqi :
An American lieutenant colonel pleaded guilty to beating an Iraqi detainee and threatening to kill him during an interrogation, but will be fined and allowed to retire rather than face a court-martial, the military said Saturday.

Soldier from Peru killed by bomb explosion in Iraq

Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003

12/13 US and British occupation of Iraq will end by July, says Blair's envoy:
While the dissolution of the CPA will technically end the foreign occupation of Iraq, Sir Jeremy stressed that dissolution did not mean the end of the US and British security commitment, and that would probably change little through the second half of 2004.

Subject: The Same Old Racket in Iraq, Tariq Ali,3604,1106238,00.html

Bush Turns Allies Into Enemies

In Baghdad, Breakdowns Follow Breakdowns

Robert Byrd | Administration Obstinance Continues to Cost Lives in Iraq

Loud Explosions in Baghdad

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey | Rumsfeld's Recipe for Disaster

Cluster Bombs, Assassination Attempts Taking Toll on Iraqi Civilians

Pentagon Alleges Iraq Rip-off

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003

Iraqi Shias want UN decision on elections:
Grand Ayat Allah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq's highest-ranking Shia cleric, wants the United Nations to rule if early elections can take place in the country, in a new embarrassment to the US occupation authorities.

Mortars Pound U.S. Headquarters in Baghdad :
Iraqi insurgents bombarded the fortified headquarters of the U.S.-led coalition in Baghdad early Friday.

A Baghdad Thanksgiving's Lingering Aftertaste :
Stars and Stripes is blowing the whistle on President Bush's Thanksgiving visit to Baghdad, saying the cheering soldiers who met him were pre-screened and others showing up for a turkey dinner were turned away.

Hundreds of Iraqis 'killed by cluster bombs' :
Cluster bombs used in Iraq by US and British forces caused "hundreds of preventable civilian deaths", many of them in cities, despite pledges to avoid such indiscriminate weapons in populated areas,11816,1105373,00.html

Businessmen use Bush link to win deals:
Two businessmen instrumental in setting up New Bridge Strategies, a well-connected Washington firm designed to help clients win contracts in Iraq, have previously used an association with the younger brother of President George W. Bush to seek business in the Middle East.

Some die, others profit:
$2.64 a gallon for gasoline for Iraq? Pay to Haliburton is outrageous.

Paul Krugman: A Deliberate Debacle:
Yes, Halliburton is profiteering in Iraq – will apologists finally concede the point, now that a Pentagon audit finds overcharging? And reports suggest a scandal in Bechtel's vaunted school-repair program.

Subject: Splendid Failure of Occupation, Part 3: Annan, the UN, and Other Stories, B.J.Sabri

Subject: The bad news will not go away

Subject: CIA Phoenix Rising: $3 billion for new paramilitary assassination squad

Subject: US plans iraq spy service

Subject: Rival exile groups in iraq clash over 'security'

Subject: Iraqis own oil is rationed

Subject: US global thugs & their weapons: bullets to create wounds that will not heal

Subject: Yes, the american fundamentalists hate liberal freedoms, h. arendt

Subject: Father Deported--After Public Demand for Investigation of Son's Death from Mysterious Illness in Iraq

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed, 14 Wounded in Iraq

2 Time Magazine Journalists Hurt in Iraq

Iraq Bids Ban Reopens Diplomatic Rift

Dearly Deported:
Just months after Zeferino Colunga Sr. lost his GI son in Iraq, the government arrested him and sent him back to Mexico. Now family members wonder if the deportation of Zeferino Colunga Sr. was connected to their public demand for an independent investigation into the young soldier's death.

Soldiers in Iraq 'did not have WMD protection':
British forces went into battle in the Iraq war without protective equipment against weapons of mass destruction -- the very "threat" used by Tony Blair to justify joining the American-led invasion.

Needed: Iraqi boss with mo':
US strategists in Iraq are contemplating what they have always denied, the search for a "strong man with a moustache" to stop the present rot. If the result is not democracy, so be it.,5942,8094978,00.html

Phoenix Rising :
Tucked away in the recent Iraqi appropriation was $3 billlion for a new paramilitary unit. Part of a secret $3 billion in new funds – that Congress approved in early November – will go toward the creation of a paramilitary unit manned by militiamen associated with former Iraqi exile groups. Experts say it could lead to a wave of extrajudicial killings.

The bad news that just won't go away :
The US will be unable to shape Iraq into a modern democracy or free market economy. The US will have to leave long before the political, economic and energy issues in Iraq play out, and Iraq will then face years, if not a decade, of instability.

Iraq Imposes Rationing on Gasoline :
Iraq imposed gasoline rationing yesterday as it stepped up efforts to cope with a shortage of fuel in this country with the world's second-largest oil reserves, the Oil Ministry said.

Iraqing Their Brains:
How can the Democratic candidates escape the trap they set for themselves?

Rival former exile groups clash over security in Iraq:
The growing number of Iraqi-financed private military companies had already sparked concern that secular leaders may be developing militias to match the paramilitary forces under the command of religious and Kurdish political groups.

Iraq Spy Service Planned by U.S. To Stem Attacks : CIA Said to Be Enlisting Hussein Agents

"My Son Stepped on an American Cluster Bomb"
Father of U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Speaks Out

Iraq Body Count Visual Aid:
Many conservatives and supporters of the Iraq War --the mass of Americans who shrug off civilian deaths when they are not American civilian deaths--obviously have a pronounced problem with visualizing numbers and applying moral standards. Or they just don't care.

U.S. Arrests Iraqi Union Leaders:
Iraqi workers fear privatization will bring massive layoffs. "I'll have to fire 1,500 (of the refinery's 3,000) workers," says Dathar Al-Kashab, manager of the Al Daura oil refinery. "In America, when a company lays people off, there's unemployment insurance and they won't die from hunger. If I dismiss employees now, I'm killing them and their families."

The War According to Newt Gingrich: Growing the Dictatorship in Iraq

Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003

Subject: Iraqis Strongly Oppose Deployment of Nato Troops

Subject: Tech Central Station - Bring Back the Embeds!

Subject: CPA, Orders Stop Counting, Publicizing Iraqi War Deaths

Subject: Iraqi death statistics/graphs

Subject: Military suppresses vaccine deaths

Subject: Corporate Media Promotes US Hypocrisy on War Crimes

Subject: Bush & Iraq: Corporate Media Sows Misinformation, Ignorance

Iraq: 2 GI's Die Guarding Gas Station; U.S. Plane Struck by Missile

Halliburton Pricing for Fuel in Iraq Called "Huge Ripoff"

Iraq to Stop Counting Civilian Dead

"GI Rights Hotline" Receives Hundreds of Calls Weekly

GI Killed, 14 Wounded in Bombing at US Base Near Baghdad

Payback for shut-out:
It was a mistake for the Pentagon to bar some of the world's most influential countries from bidding for $US10.6billion ($14.39 billion) of contracts in Iraq. There are at least three reasons why it will regret it within six months, and many more in the years beyond.,5744,8138028^2703,00.html

Rafah incursion toll climbs:
Six Palestinians are now known to have been killed and 18 others wounded during an Israeli army incursion into Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip, Palestinian hospital sources have said

Suicide blast rocks U.S. base, no report of U.S. deaths :
A U.S. Army base 60 miles west of Baghdad was attacked by a suicide bomber Thursday, but no American soldiers died, the military said.

Iraq contracts 'won by Bush donors':
The report covers 70 companies and individuals who between them have won reconstruction contracts in Afghanistan and Iraq worth up to $8bn

U.S. Envoy Baker Leaves Monday for Iraq Debt Tour :
A day after angering European allies over Iraq contracts, the White House said on Thursday presidential envoy James Baker will travel to Europe next week to seek their help in relieving Iraq's crushing $125 billion debt.

Annan, Schroeder attack U.S. stance on Iraq contracts :
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged the United States on Thursday to reverse a controversial decision to exclude Iraq war opponents from bidding on contracts to rebuild Iraq.

Cluster bombs kill in Iraq, even after shooting ends:
The deaths occurred because the world's most modern military, one determined to minimize civilian casualties, went to war with stockpiles of weapons known to endanger civilians and its own soldiers.

Helicopter in Iraq May Have Been Shot Down :
An Apache helicopter that crash-landed near the northern city of Mosul might have been hit by ground fire while making a low pass over the area, U.S. soldiers said Thursday.,1280,-3491468,00.html

Family members, veterans, return from Iraq visit with grim report :
"I was just incredibly shocked at how bad it is for the average person and how much their faith in America is deteriorating," said Mike Lopercio, a Tempe, Ariz., businessman who visited his son serving with the 82nd Airborne Division in Fallujah.

The soldiers Bush didn't visit on Thanksgiving:
"It's too bad Mr. Bush didn't add us to his holiday agenda. The men said the same, but you'll never read that in the paper. Mr. President would rather lift fake turkeys for photo ops, it seems. Maybe because my patients wouldn't make very pleasant photos . . . most don't look all that great, and the ones with facial wounds and external fixation devices look downright scary.

U.S. Opens Firearms Charge Against Iraq-U.S. Contact:
A Lebanese-American businessman who acted as an intermediary between Baghdad and Washington before the war in Iraq has been charged with violating a firearms regulation. His lawyer contends that the case represents retribution by the Bush administration.

Iraqis strongly oppose deployment of NATO troops:
The idea of deploying NATO troops was unveiled by US Secretary of State Collin Powell at an NATO ministerial meeting in Brussels last week.

Pentagon: Many of New Iraq Soldiers Quit :
Plans to deploy the first battalion of Iraq (news - web sites)'s new army are in doubt because a third of the soldiers trained by the U.S.-led occupation authority have quit, defense officials said Wednesday.

Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003

3 Soldiers Die, 58 Wounded, Copter Down in Separate Incidents

Iraq to Stop Counting Civilian Dead:
Iraq's Health Ministry has ordered a halt to a count of civilians killed during the war and told its statistics department not to release figures compiled so far, the official who oversaw the count told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed and Four Wounded in Attacks in Northern Iraqi City of Mosul

U.S.: Plane Probably Hit, Lands in Iraq:
Guerrillas hit a U.S. Air Force transport plane with a surface-to-air missile, causing the engine to explode, a senior Pentagon source said Wednesday. The plane landed safely.

Helicopter engulfed by fire::
A US attack helicopter was engulfed by fire after it made a "controlled landing" near the city of Mosul in northern Iraq today, a military spokesman said.,5936,8130040%255E401,00.html

High Payments to Halliburton for Fuel in Iraq:
The United States government is paying the Halliburton Company an average of $2.64 a gallon to import gasoline and other fuel to Iraq from Kuwait, more than twice what others are paying to truck in Kuwaiti fuel, government documents show.

U.S. Bars Iraq Contracts for Nations That Opposed War:
The Pentagon has barred French, German and Russian companies from competing for $18.6 billion in contracts for the reconstruction of Iraq, saying it was acting to protect "the essential security interests of the United States."

Pentagon ban on Iraq contracts angers Canada:
"Unacceptable." That's how Deputy Prime Minister John Manley describes a new directive from the Pentagon barring Canada and countries opposed to the Iraq war from bidding on reconstruction contracts in Iraq worth almost $19 billion

Iraqis Denied Worker Rights Under U.S. Occupation:
Labor journalist David Bacon exposes how the Bush administration is systematically busting unions in Iraq to facilitate privatization and how none of the $87 billion appropriated by Congress for reconstruction will go to Iraqi workers or the unemployed.

The privatisation of war :
Private corporations have penetrated western warfare so deeply that they are now the second biggest contributor to coalition forces in Iraq after the Pentagon.,3604,1103566,00.html

Iraqi Shia protest US tank killing:
Hundreds of angry Muslims protested in the Iraqi capital over the death of a Shia cleric crushed under a US tank.

Iraqis grow cynical of U.S. pledge of democracy:
After listening to all the promises about democracy and lectures on civil rights, Iraqis increasingly are telling their American occupiers that it's time to put up or shut up.

Is a new Iraqi civil war around the corner? :
Shiite and kurdish fighters plan battalion against sunnis. Iraqi militiamen will be recruited in two weeks to create a new counter-insurgency battalion to tackle a wave of Sunni-driven violence that American officials predict will heighten as the country moves toward autonomy.

Iraq and Vietnam: Battles of will:
The strength of the US military means little when faced with an increasingly skeptical US public who have the potential to force Washington to pull its troops out of Iraq. In addition, while Washington cannot be overwhelmed by sheer force, there is no evidence that the guerrilla fighters in Iraq can be defeated that way either.

The Bodies Come Home:
The president is grieved by U.S. casualties. He also worries they'll cost him votes. The president is right to worry that his re-election could be impeded by a steady drumbeat of casualty stories. He and his aides have tried to muffle them, accusing the media of looking only for the bad news in Iraq.

Baghdad Blogger :
In the looters' market, a DVD singing the praises of the so-called resistance is selling like the hot bread of Bab al-Agha,2763,1103698,00.html

US helicopter downed near Fallujah:
Ground fire forced a US reconnaissance helicopter to make an emergency landing Tuesday, but the two-man crew walked away with minor injuries.

Explosions Hit Iraq Mosque, US Bases:
There were conflicting reports about what caused the blast - Reuters said it was a car bomb and the Associated Press said a missile hit the area

Israel trains US assassination squads in Iraq :
"This is basically an assassination programme. That is what is being conceptualised here. This is a hunter-killer team," said a former senior US intelligence official, who added that he feared the new tactics and enhanced cooperation with Israel would only inflame a volatile situation in the Middle East.,2763,1102940,00.html

US refuses to hand over Iraq arms report:
UN Security Council members have complained that the United States and Britain refused to give UN weapons inspectors the results of their hunt for Iraq's unconventional arms.

Greg Palast: Baker Takes The Loaf:
President's Business Partner Slices Up Iraq: Our President is not going to let something as trivial as international law stand in the way of a quick buck for Mr. Baker. To get around the wee issue that Bush has no legal authority to mess with Iraq's debt, the White House has crafted a neat little subterfuge.

Shi'ite leaders press for direct elections :
The US plan proposes using provincial caucuses - not a direct vote - to choose the members of the transitional assembly. But this idea is opposed by Shi'ite leaders, who prefer direct assembly elections.

Operation Iraqi Freedom?:
U.S. troops disarmed the protection force, arrested popular city councilmen and put back into power some of the same people who had served Saddam.

Iraqi town's balance of power stays in doubt:
At the one remaining US military compound in the city, US soldiers on Sunday refused to leave their sand-bagged bunkers to meet a western visitor at the gate. "It's dangerous here! Go away!" yelled one. Two other such US compounds within Samarra have been vacated in the past three weeks.

Secrets And Spies :
Calling all spooks and spies. If you want to help Congress get to the bottom of the scandal over Iraq intelligence, now's your chance. Later this week, a key member of Congress will issue an all-points call for intelligence analysts to blow the whistle on President Bush, Vice President Cheney and others

Kennedy, Vietnam and Iraq:
Some parallels between the two wars are uncanny. In both cases, U.S. intervention was driven by small, secretive, bellicose, conspiratorial factions within the government. In both cases, military intelligence was officially optimistic -- but the optimism was believed neither by its authors nor its readers.

Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003

Subject: FW: TomDispatch: An Unbelievable Week-looks like u.s. is losing in afghanistan & iraq

Subject: u.s. Lt.Gen'l.-at war-against-satan-boykin a planner behind Task Force 121--israeli-trained assassins,2763,1102940,00.html

Subject: yellow times: u.s. lying about iraqi resistance success

Subject: yellowtimes: News From Iraqi Front: Scotsman Reports avg. 130 daily attacks against occupiers & collaborators

Billion Dollar Windfall for Cheney's Halliburton in Iraq

446th U.S. Soldier Dies in Iraq

Iraq's Sunni Clerics Warn of Civil War

Military Families Go to Iraq to See Loved Ones

Guerrillas Kill U.S. Soldier in Northern Iraq:
Guerillas killed a U.S. soldier in a drive-by shooting in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Monday, the U.S. Army said.

Newt Gingrich, "Americans Can't Win In Iraq,"

Iraq Civil War Alert:
US plans to deploy former militiamen from Kurdish or Shi'ite units who fought Saddam Hussein's regime could spark a civil war and force the break-up of Iraq, Sunni religious leaders warned yesterday.

Moving Targets:
"The only way we can win is to go unconventional. We're going to have to play their game. Guerrilla versus guerrilla. Terrorism versus terrorism. We've got to scare the Iraqis into submission."

US using Israeli tactics in Iraq: General:
The commander of US forces in Iraq, Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, says his troops have begun cordoning off Iraqi villages with barbed wire as the Israeli army does in the Occupied Territories.

Covert war in Iraq includes Israel, former Baathists: report:
US special forces fighting a covert war in Iraq are receiving help from both Israel and former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath party regime, according to a report released Sunday.

Israel 'Aiding US In Iraq':
The US and Israeli governments had decided to keep their co-operation secret, according to the report.

The losing battle for Iraqi hearts and minds:
"Our hopes for liberation were so big, but the US is not meeting its promises. We will not join the armed resistance. We are waiting for our leader, Ayatollah Ali Sistani, to tell us when and how to resist the US - then we will do it.

Iraq's illegal WMD sites were looted, Bush now explains:
US President George W. Bush, trying again to explain the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, said yesterday that suspected arms sites had been looted in the waning days of Saddam Hussein's rule.

Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003

Iraqi Resistance to Occupation More Organized

Tough New Tactics by U.S. Tighten Grip on Iraq Towns

Cheney and the â•Rawâ• Intelligence

Subject: **** Plan To Invade Iraq Made 4 Years Before 9/11

But the story of Samarra turned out to be more and more complex as the week wore on. Despite repeated visits to Samarra, journalists were never able to locate the bodies of the resistance fighters who had supposedly been killed. Many Iraqis on the ground claimed that it was mostly civilians, not guerrilla fighters, who were killed. Some journalists started to question whether the U.S. portrayal of the fighting in Samarra wasn't actually a fabrication 'intended to generate positive headlines for the US, after a disastrous weekend in which guerrilla attacks killed 14 foreigners, including seven Spanish intelligence officers?'

The coverage of the incident in Samarra exemplifies the situation in Iraq. The U.S. and U.K. governments continuously engage in PR efforts to try to portray the war and occupation as a success, while the reality is murkier and messier, and the victims inevitably are innocent Iraqis. This article applies the questions raised about Samarra to the entire U.S. and allied effort in Iraq.

This article discusses detainees at the Abu Graib prison and elsewhere in Iraq. The occupying authority admits that it is holding 5,000 Iraqi detainees, but many sources estimate the number to be at least twice as large.

Women in occupied Iraq are not experiencing the improvement in their situation that was promised by President Bush. Instead, Iraqi women have been besieged by violence, unemployment and other crises set off by the occupation, as this article describes.

What is the effect of the war and occupation on the Iraqi environment? This article discusses the issue of depleted uranium, which is used in some U.S. munitions and is believed to cause cancer. A U.S. official has just admitted that the Americans used 300,000 bullets coated with DU during the war.

Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003

Subject: Submerging Markets: Restructuring Iraq's Debt & james Baker

Subject: ***Larry Everest: " Oil, Power and Empire: Iraq & The U.S. Global Agenda"--excerpt & excellent reviews

Subject: Bush Oil Buddy To Fix Iraq Debt

Subject: Roadside Bomb Kills a G.I. and 2 Civilians in Baghdad

Subject: Iraq Duty Stretches U.S. Army to Danger Point

Subject: TheStar: Iraqi "Dissident" says he provided u.s/uk with false "45 min." warning

Iraq's illegal WMD sites were looted, Bush now explains
US President George W. Bush, trying again to explain the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, said yesterday that suspected arms sites had been looted in the waning days of Saddam Hussein's rule.

U.S. GI killed after patrol attacked in Iraq:
Insurgents attacked a U.S. military patrol in northern Iraq on Sunday, killing one soldier and wounding two, the U.S. military said.

Iraq Mourners Open Fire, Killing Policeman :
Iraqis mourning two men killed in a firefight with U.S. troops clashed Saturday with civil defense forces, killing one officer and setting his pickup truck ablaze. "Long live Saddam!" they chanted as the vehicle smoldered.

Tough New Tactics by U.S. Tighten Grip on Iraq Towns:
As the guerrilla war against Iraqi insurgents intensifies, American soldiers have begun wrapping entire villages in barbed wire.

Denial of Purple Heart medals raises questions about casualty count:
An influential Mississippi congressman has raised the possibility that the Pentagon has undercounted combat casualties in Iraq after he learned that five members of the Mississippi National Guard who were injured Sept. 12 by a booby trap in Iraq were denied Purple Heart medals.

Iraq delays hand Cheney firm $1bn,6903,1101341,00.html

Exclusive: Cheney and the "Raw" Intelligence:
A memo written by a top Washington lobbyist for the controversial Iraqi National Congress raises new questions about the role Vice President Dick Cheney's office played in the run-up to the war in Iraq.

Put the Blame on Cheney for U.S. Mess in Iraq:
It is increasingly clear that it was Cheney who was the moving force behind the decision to fight a war of choice against Iraq.

Words From The Front-lines:
U.S. Military Personnel Reflect on Their Service In Iraq

Bush's absence at funerals unacceptable
George W. Bush, our president who wants everyone to know he is the commander in chief, has yet to attend a single funeral for any of the soldiers he sent off to die for our country.

Baghdad's U.S. Zone A Stand-In For Home :
In Elzain Elzain's Baghdad, they serve peanut butter, lobster and ice cream. The cell phones have a 914 area code. The television sets show Monday Night Football. The people speak English. And the strictly enforced speed limit is 35 mph.

Fox In The Hen House:
Baker To Help Restructure Iraq's Foreign Debt:
Baker, actually encouraged the US Department of Agriculture and leading US and foreign banks to lend billions of dollars to Iraq -- despite its credit unworthiness. His motive back then was evidently to help Saddam continue to be able to import weapons from abroad and manufacture even nastier weapons back home. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Israel accused over dud Saddam reports:
The findings will re-ignite the speculation over whether Israel was the "third country" that supplied intelligence used in Tony Blair's Iraq dossier, claiming Iraq had tried to get "significant quantities of uranium from Africa".

Rigging Iraq's Elections:
Ever since Bush was unable to unearth a single weapon of mass destruction in Iraq, he has shifted propaganda gears and talked more about how U.S. troops are installing democracy in Iraq. But the truth of the matter is, Bush doesn't want any old democracy in Iraq.

Oh The Little Saddams We Weave :
There is a despot in Iraq, ruling with an iron fist from the comfort of his luxury palace on the banks of the Tigris River. He oversees a ruthless military force and a web of repressive domestic "intelligence" thugs that have terrorized Iraqis for decades. His name is not Saddam Hussein; it's L. Paul Bremer.

The Proclamation of Baghdad:
March 19, 1917, by Lieut. General Sir Stanley Maude, shortly after the occupation of the city by British forces: To the People of Baghdad: Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators. Your sons have been carried off to wars not of your seeking, your wealth has been stripped from you by unjust men and squandered in distant places.

Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2003

Subject: On Eve of Rumsfeld Tour, Three U.S. Soldiers Die in Iraq

Subject: American Security Blackout in Iraq

Subject: Tribunal would be led by Iraqis

Baghdad convoy attack kills four:
Three Iraqis and an American soldier have been killed in a blast outside a mosque in the Iraqi capital.

US backs down over Nato force for Iraq:
The United States abruptly changed course over Iraq yesterday, urging Nato to prepare for a key role in the country next year, as Washington turned to its European allies to share the burden of the troubled military occupation.

Iraq: the next Afghanistan:
As George W. Bush sinks slowly in the West, let's look at what he's achieved at other points of the compass. Afghanistan? The US-appointed president, previously an associate of the Bush family in the oil industry, needs a Praetorian guard of Americans to keep him safe in Kabul.,5744,8030904%255E12272,00.html

U.S. Rejects Iraqi Plan to Hold Census by Summer:
Iraqi census officials devised a detailed plan to count the country's entire population next summer and prepare a voter roll that would open the way to national elections in September. But American officials say they rejected the idea, and the Iraqi Governing Council members say they never saw the plan to consider it.

"How Can We Leave Iraq?":
We shouldn’t forget that the Iraqis managed to organize their own society for about 3000 years before America was "discovered". It’s the most vicious, ignorant racism to assume they can’t run their own country without Bremer and Bush.

Vietnam vet takes aim at war:
In his youth, Vietnam War veteran Charles Elliston recalls, "I was a conservative. I used to think war protesters were nut cases - agents of the enemy.",1413,36~6439~1808983,00.html

Samarra: an entire city up in arms:
"The guerrillas in Samarra can shoot at the Americans on a sidewalk in the middle of town at noon knowing no one will report them. When they do this, the people clap - men, women and children."

ITV reporter attacks military ' spin' :
ITV's Middle East correspondent, Julian Manyon, has challenged the US military's claims to have shot dead 54 Iraqi guerrillas in a new row over the way the conflict is being spun.,7493,1100158,00.html

Iraqi Governing Council in ' a serious crisis':
It was supposed to be the key to Iraq's democratic future But six months after its creation as a bridge to democracy, the Iraqi Governing Council may be hampering the U.S.-led coalition's efforts to speed up the transfer of political power to Iraqis.

John Pilger: The BBC And Iraq: Myth and Reality:
The second-worst case of denying access to anti-war voices was ABC in the United States, which allowed them a mere 7 per cent of its overall coverage. The worst case was the BBC, which gave just 2 per cent of its coverage to opposition views

Bush misled America on Iraq, Clark asserts:
"Instead of using the bully pulpit as a foundation for leadership in America, this administration is all bully and no pulpit," he said. "It doesn't feel an obligation to tell the truth. It doesn't feel an obligation to make a convincing case."

1,700 U.S. soldiers quit Iraq: French magazine:
One thousand and seven hundred U.S. soldiers have deserted their posts in Iraq, with many of them failing to return to military duty after getting permission to go back to the United States

Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003

Subject: U.S. Under Pressure to Back Claims Over Iraq Firefight

Subject: Iraqi Guerrillas Shell Police Post

Subject: U.N. Weapons Inspectors Want to Return to Iraq

Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003

Subject: 1.700 u.s. deserters from iraq + 7.000 sent home due to mental/physical illness per French magazine

Subject: UPI: Interview with anti-U.S. Iraqi cell: "we just want them out of our country"

Subject: The Media: Intelligence experts speak out against the war in a new documentary -MoveOn

Subject: Report: Israel played key role in failed intelligence assessment before Iraq war

Subject: Civilian Deaths, Iraqi Freedom Party

Subject: Iraq Body Count: PRESS RELEASES

Subject: Blood and Oil--Reasons for & Alternatives to War in Iraq: Worldwatch Institute Press Release

Subject: Civilian Deaths Raise Iraqi Fears, Anger

Subject: Bush Administration Leery of Democracy in Iraq

Subject: Nomi Prins | Iraq Could Produce Another Enron

Subject: Massacre in Samarra: US lies and self-delusion reveal nature of u.s. war & iraqi resistance

Interview with anti-U.S. Iraqi cell :
"If the Americans leave and Saddam comes back, we will fight him too. Maybe if he were elected we'd allow it. But no one in Iraq wants Saddam back. He turned into a thief and a murderer who made too many mistakes. We don't want Saddam, but American cannot occupy us any longer."

Life in battened-down Baghdad :Self-preservation U.S. soldiers' goal:
War or peace, right or wrong, win or lose, none of it seems to matter any more to many enlisted Americans in Iraq, for whom a political exit strategy cannot come too soon.

Iraqi Council Leader Pushes for Direct Vote:
Shiite Muslim cleric Abdelaziz Hakim used his maiden news conference Wednesday as Iraqi Governing Council president to push for direct elections to select a national assembly, despite deep U.S. doubts about the proposal.

Who's Who In The Coalition Provisional Authority:
The younger Republicans in Iraq spend much of their time plotting against the Democrats. "Everything is seen in the context of the election, and how they will screw the Democrats," said one CPA official. "It was really pretty shocking to hear them talk."

Exporting the Islamic revolution to Iraq:
GEORGE W. Bush may be on the way to transforming Iraq into an Islamic state modelled on the Iranian system of „valayet-e-faqih‰, rule of the jurisprudence. This became clear on Nov. 29 when Iraqi Shiite Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani issued a „fatwa‰, or religious ruling, which opposes the step-by-step plan for the hand over to Iraqi governance, put forward by the US occupation administrator L. Paul Bremer III on Nov. 15.

Tariq Ali vs. Christopher Hitchens on the Occupation of Iraq:
Postponed Liberation or Recolonisation? Audio

Poll: More people don't believe Iraq war reduced terror threat:
A growing number of Americans, seven in 10, doesn't think the war in Iraq has reduced the threat of terrorism, according to a poll out Wednesday.

Report: Israel played key role in failed intelligence assessment before Iraq war:
It appears Israel not only provided false intelligence to other Western intelligence agencies, but also played a crucial factor in pushing the US and its allies into launching a war against Saddam Hussein and his regime.

Intelligence experts speak out against the war in a new documentary :
"The Bush administration made up its mind to go to war [with Iraq] on September 11, 2001. From that time on you were dealing with rationalization and justification for the war; you weren't dealing with real causes for the war or real reasons for the war. There was never a clear and present danger, there was never an imminent threat," explains Mel Goodman, who served for 20 years as a CIA analyst, in the documentary Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War.

Priest tells soldiers to disobey orders to go to Iraq

There's force, and there's resistance:
What do California's supermarket strike/lockout and the continued violence against U.S. occupying forces and their collaborators in Iraq have in common? The answer is found in Newton's third law of motion: for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Applied to human affairs this translates into the idea of resistance.

America, like Napolean, takes colonialism to absurd lengths:
When Napoleon first came to Cairo, he appointed a ruling council, just like the one Paul Bremer has composed in Iraq. Fourteen sheikhs of Al-Azhar university were now the administrative government of Egypt under French occupation.

More Lies Uncovered:
White House Changes Story on Bush Plane Incident: The White House on Wednesday changed its story of a British Airways pilot's spotting of Air Force One during President Bush's stealth trip to Iraq last week.

"Bring Our Children Home":
"I'm in Iraq to express support for the people and to tell the soldiers from the United States, and especially the Latinos, to return home, to stop this military madness," Suárez said Wednesday in a telephone interview with IPS.

UN still waiting for US report on Iraq weapons:
United Nations weapons inspectors say they still have not been given a key report by American and British experts who have searched post-war Iraq for weapons of mass destruction.

The Proliferation Security Initiative:
An Interview With John Bolton : All WMD trade will not be targeted with the same vigor. WMD-related cargo destined for Israel, India, and Pakistan – the world's three unofficial nuclear-weapon states – is of secondary importance.

Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003

Private Contractor Tests New Illegal Ammo By Killing An Iraqi:
"The way I explain what happened to people who weren’t there is — this stuff was like hitting somebody with a miniature explosive round," he said, even though the ammo does not have an explosive tip. "Nobody believed that this guy died from a butt shot."

"We're ready to govern": Iraq's "Puppet" President:
The current President of Iraq's ruling council, Abdel Aziz al-Hakim, says he would be happy for the coalition forces to leave Iraq immediately.

US accused of provoking Samarra shootout:
Samarra's US-appointed police chief, Ismail Mahmoud Mohammed, told the Financial Times that US forces had gone too far in "provoking" the town, and said they should stay out from now on.

Samarra Massacre Will Haunt U.S. in Iraq:
U.S. commanders say their troops killed at least 54 Iraqis in the northern city of Samarra on Nov. 30. It was a massacre, and the shocking surprise for Americans is that the organized Iraqi troops who provoked the attack are being hailed as heroes.

Recent Visitors Question U.S. Tactics :
Duelfer, who supported the aim of ousting former president Saddam Hussein, told the same group at Brookings that the military's increasingly aggressive strategy in the so-called ''Sunni Triangle'' of central Iraq was only compounding the problem.

Human Rights Testimonies from Iraq:
Testimony of an Iraqi Minor Detained and Mistreated by US Forces

US Army Uses Bulldoze Threat to Get Iraqis to Talk :
In a tactic used by Israeli authorities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip but new to Iraq, a bulldozer was positioned in front of the house ready to destroy it. The translators, minority Turkmen, Kurds and Assyrian Christians, were getting nervous.

Blood and Oil--Alternatives to War in Iraq:
Iraq, was a pro-Western country until 1958, when its British-installed monarchy was overthrown. Fearing that Iraq might turn communist under the new military regime, the United States dabbled in a temporary alliance of convenience with the Ba'ath (Renaissance) Party in its efforts to grab power. CIA agents provided critical logistical information to the coup plotters and supplied lists with the names of hundreds of suspected Communists to be eliminated.

Perhaps Hussein Read Tolstoy And Bush’s People Didn’t :
There is an eerie similarity between Leo Tolstoy’s novel, War and Piece, which describes with considerable accuracy Napoleon’s 1812 invasion of Russia and George Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq.

'The Sunni Versus Shia Myth'
Much that has been written about the 'division' between the Sunni and Shia in Iraq is not only a total distortion of the demographics of the Iraqi population, it also feeds into the propaganda campaign of 'divide and rule' tactics .

'The things they say'

Noam Chomsky, Interview:
The invasion of Iraq had a number of motives, and one was to illustrate the new National Security Strategy, which declares that the United States will control the world permanently by force if necessary and will eliminate any potential challenge to that domination. It is called pre-emptive war.

Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2003

Subject: 54 Killed as Civilians Caught in Crossfire

Subject: Iraqis Insist on Democracy, Washington Cringes

Subject: U.S. Iraq Facilities

Subject: British Charity Silenced for Opposing U.S.on Iraq,2763,1095116,00.htm

Eye Witness Report: The "Battle" At Samarra:
After inflicting casualties on the Americans the Resistance fighters withdrew. The American troops, however, continued to shell and rocket residential quarters of Samarra' for hours as if to punish residents and drive a wedge between them and the Iraqi Resistance.

This War Not Against Terrorists :
From the beginning, the Bush administration's inability to talk straight about its Iraq policy has generated deep and valid suspicion. Good policy doesn't need to be defended by deception; the truth will do just fine.

U.S. Reports Insurgent Death Toll:
Long hesitant to release numbers, fearing comparison to the days of Vietnam, the military seems to be doing so now to appear effective.

US soldier killed in new ambush in Iraqi city of Samarra:
Witnesses told an Associated Press photographer that a roadside explosive was detonated under a US Humvee, which then collided with an Iraqi civilian vehicle.

U.S. Denies Saddam's Deputy Captured in Iraq Raid

Mystery shrouds whereabouts of bodies of 54 insurgents said killed by US:
The only corpses at the city's hospital were those of ordinary civilians, including two elderly Iranian pilgrims and a child.

Ferocious gun battle that left no bodies:
It was impossible to reconcile the two versions of the battle. The US military acknowledged that the death toll was estimated - rather than confirmed - on the debriefings of soldiers and no bodies had been collected.

Iraqis do not trust U.S.-led forces:
Nearly 80 percent of Iraqis have little or no trust in U.S.-led occupying forces.

Thailand may pull out of Iraq:
THAILAND will consider withdrawing its troops in Iraq if the security situation there worsens, Foreign Minister Surakiart Sathirathai said Tuesday.

Speaking in son's memory:
Heartbroken father leading protest delegation on visit to Iraqi people,1413,200~20954~1799205,00.html?search=filter

The final transfer, to Dover, for war's dead:
As the list of fatalities from Iraq grows, Dover has quietly become busier than ever, taxed with a pace not seen since Vietnam. A new facility opened late last month and is already staffed round-the-clock, seven days a week.

Troops' horrific injuries are conflict's hidden cost:
"There was a guy there who was missing both legs and an arm," the 26-year-old soldier says. "My last roommate had no hands left at all.",1413,36~53~1784912,00.html

It's an around-the-clock fight to save lives at Iraq combat hospital :
VanBuren was naked except for a thin blue gown draped across his private parts. The medical staff pored over the rest of his body. Hot shrapnel from a roadside bomb had gouged the underside of his left thigh, leaving a hole the size of a grapefruit that oozed blood and flesh.

Long road ahead for many wounded troops:
American hospital in Germany often just the first stop. The dark gray military buses and ambulances arrive every day at the US medical center here, carrying soldiers wounded in Iraq.

Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003

Subject: "Dear Diary, I wish I could have talked to Mr. Bush when he was here in Iraq today". News, Politics, Opinion From A Black perspective

Subject: Letter to US. troops in Iraq from ex-special forces Stan Goff whose son is there now

Subject: CIA to Bush: 'No Clear Evidence of WMD'

Subject: 7 Spanish Agents 2 Japanese and 2 Americans Are Slain In One Day

Subject: Toll on U.S. Troops in Iraq Grows as Wounded Rolls Approach 10,000

Subject: Iraq: Investigation of a Disaster

Subject: Iraq contractors' Sky-High Insurance Costs Hobble Efforts

Subject: Samarra battle
The top news story on Iraq at the beginning of the last week was the bloody events of Samarra. On Monday, December 1, media outlets blared headlines stating that U.S. troops had repelled an attack by Saddam Hussein loyalists wearing Fedayeen uniforms. The U.S. claimed that some 46 Iraqi fighters (some reports mentioned 54) were killed in a fierce battle — the most significant battle since the war against Iraq officially 'ended.'

From the front lines:
Combat Leader Gives The Inside Skinny Of The Biggest Battle Since The War Ended
Most of the casualties were civilians, not insurgents or criminals as being reported. During the ambushes the tanks, brads and armored HUMVEES hosed down houses, buildings, and cars while using reflexive fire against the attackers. One of the precepts of "Iron Hammer" is to use an Iron Fist when dealing with the insurgents.

Source Colonel Hackworth

Bloodiest month in Iraq leaves 105 troops dead:
If the deaths of six US soldiers in Afghanistan last month are added, November was the most costly month for the American military since February 1991, when 162 US troops were killed in the 1990-91 Gulf war.

US soldier dies as doubts grow over Samarra:
American troops said on Monday that 54 resistance fighters had been killed in clashes on Sunday. But our correspondent and other news agencies quoted hospital sources and Samarra residents as saying that the US fire killed eight people, all civilians.

Losing Hearts And Minds:
Mohammed Ali Karam wants to kill a U.S. soldier. He doesn't love Saddam Hussein, and he was happy in April when U.S. Marines rolled through his Baghdad neighborhood on their way to liberate the capital. But he turned against the Americans the night he saw his brother Hussein, 27, take two bullets in the neck.,9171,1101031208-552124-1,00.htm

Iraq Becomes Operation Sitting Duck:
A few days ago, two American soldiers in Iraq were shot, dragged from a truck and viciously beaten with concrete blocks. Their bodies were left on a dusty street in Mosul, a city once considered one of the safest for U.S. forces. The murder and mutilation was carried out not by hardened operatives of al Qaeda, but by a gang of Iraqi teenagers, the very generation for whom we've been battling to ''liberate'' the country.

Iraq- U.S.: Is It The Bases? :
Bush hawks fear that giving the United Nations responsibility for administering Iraq would create a highly undesirable precedent for future U.S. military action.

Buying Up Iraq:
The United States cannot tolerate Arab democracy at the national level because of its unilateral support of Israel's occupation of Palestine and no freely elected Arab government will support Israel against the Palestinians. If real democracy means letting people have a real voice in governing themselves then there is little hope of this happening in any Arab state, including Iraq.

Two Iraqi Governing Council members deny accord on direct elections:

US Bases Grapple With Infiltration by Iraqi Fighters:
A foiled plot against the commander of 5,000 troops around Mosul points to a vulnerability: heavy reliance on local translators and workers.

Innocents Killed In Iraq Bloodbath:
US troops in the Iraqi town of Samarra have admitted to perpetrating a bloodbath, with one occupation spokesman confirming nearly four dozen people were killed. Local residents said US troops killed innocent bystanders when they opened fire on anything that moved around midday.

Iraq Scientists Say They Lied Over Weapons :
Iraqi scientists have grown more vocal in countering Bush administration claims, used to justify the war, that Baghdad had ``reconstituted'' nuclear weapons development, and that it once was a mere six months from making a bomb.,1280,-3447561,00.html

The Hidden, Unseen War :
Shielded from the reality of war -- the dead, the horribly maimed, the uranium poisoned, the psychologically devastated -- we are given a sanitized fantasy of war that shields Bush from the political consequences of this bloody, unnecessary war.

U.S. abandons democratic values in Iraq: U.S.
President George W. Bush and his advisors are going to have to come up with a new story pretty fast on why they invaded Iraq. Because what's left of their only remaining rationale for killing thousands of Iraqis and maiming thousands more is crumbling so fast, it's going to be unrecognizable by the New Year.