Iraq News and Information Links October 2003
Galloway expelled as Blair takes revenge:

Shock and anger has greeted a decision by the British Labour Party to purge itself of one of the most eloquent and outspoken critics of the war in Iraq.

Michael Moore:

„Mr. Wolfowitz, Mr. Cheney, Mr. Rumsfeld, You Hate Our Troops and You've Sent Them Off To Die So Your Friends Can Get Rich‰

Audio: Michael Moore speaking at San Francisco State University

Embattled US troops kill civilians

Five Iraqis have been killed and several civilians seriously injured by US troops on a day of resistance attacks that left about 20 occupation soldiers wounded.

Wolfowitz Unhurt In Baghdad Attack:

Anti-American forces struck at the nerve center of the U.S. occupation on Sunday, battering the Al Rasheed Hotel with a rocket barrage that killed one U.S. soldier, wounded 15 other people and sent scores of American officials fleeing their beds for safety. The dead American was a colonel.

Three civilians killed in Iraq attack-U.S. military :

The military spokesman did not give the nationalities of the casualties. An official at a local hospital said one of the wounded was a Westerner and that his Iraqi translator was killed.

Dissent on the home front:

Families of US soldiers in Iraq lead anti-war protests.,3604,1070641,00.html

Veterans ' recruited as mercenaries' :

Under the pretext of offering legitimate jobs, security firms are illegally luring apartheid's cast-off soldiers into fighting other people's war.

Robert Fisk: One, two, three, what are they fighting for?:

No wonder morale is low. No wonder the American soldiers I meet on the streets of Baghdad and other Iraqi cities don't mince their words about their own government.

War Splits Military Families :

Yes, they support the troops. But when they oppose the war, some people question not just their loyalty to their country, but also to their children.

Spending on Security, Iraq Seen Hurting U.S. Cities :

The Bush administration's priorities for funding homeland security and the Iraq occupation could come at the expense of public safety in America's cash-strapped cities, mayors and police chiefs warned.

Most U.S. allies resist call for help in Iraq :

Taxpayers could be asked to fill gap after donors' conference falls short of goals.

Iraq Donations Fall Short :

Many Pledges in the Form of Loans, Debt Relief, Not Grants.

Thieves Like Us:

Although the media have thrown up a dust storm of grandiose moral, strategic and ideological "reasons" for the war, each passing week brings new proof that the whole murderous farrago boils down to one thing: loot. "Follow the money"

Naming of agent ' was aimed at discrediting CIA':

The Bush administration's exposure of a clandestine Central Intelligence Agency operative was part of a campaign aimed at discrediting US intelligence agencies for not supporting White House claims that Saddam Hussein was reconstituting Iraq's nuclear weapons programme.

Police Chief Killed in Amarah, Iraq

Roadside Bomb Wounds Three U.S. Soldiers in Baghdad :

A roadside bomb exploded as a U.S. patrol was passing in Baghdad at dawn on Saturday, wounding three soldiers, a U.S. officer said.

3 American soldiers, 2 Iraqis killed: Attacks reported in north and central Iraq.

Press Underreports Wounded in Iraq:

"Pentagon officials have rebuked public affairs officers who release casualty figures, and, until recently, U.S. Central Command did not regularly publicize the injured tally either"

Why we are here:

Soldiers get most of their news watching Armed Forces Network television or reading Stars and Stripes newspaper. Both are official military media and provide the soldiers with what the military wants them to know.

Military: Iraqi Detainee Was Strangled:

A Baath Party official who died in a detention camp in southern Iraq suffocated after a U.S. Marine reservist grabbed him by the neck and snapped a bone in his throat, according to a military investigation.

More and More Iraqis View the US as Occupation Force:

They say they want an Islamic-style democracy, citing Iran as a model, said a new poll.

US Raid Nets Whole Iraqi Village:

One as old as 81, one as young as 13. A month after the raid, apparently aimed at preventing terrorists from slipping across the border from Saudi Arabia, only two of the 79 captives have been freed.

Inquiry Faults Intelligence on Iraq :

Threat From Saddam Hussein Was Overstated, Senate Committee Report Finds

Galloway expelled as Blair takes revenge:

Shock and anger has greeted a decision by the British Labour Party to purge itself of one of the most eloquent and outspoken critics of the war in Iraq.

Bloodbath in Baghdad as bombs kill 34:

Suicide bombers have struck four times in Baghdad's morning rush hour, killing 34 people and wounding 224

Three U.S. soldiers Killed overnight:

It was two days of violence unprecedented in this city of 5 million people since the end of the U.S.-Iraq war last April, attacks aimed at the American-led occupation and those perceived as working with it.

Dutch Embassy staff withdrawn from Baghdad :

The Foreign Ministry revealed on Monday that it has ordered Dutch personnel to withdraw temporarily from the embassy in Baghdad as the security situation continues to deteriorate.,18,&item_id=35242

Fight war on terror by giving Iraq back to Iraqis:

Even U.S. Defence Secreatary Donald Rumsfeld now admits that the "war on terror" isn't going all that well. But, then, protecting the American homeland has never been easy ˜ as native American Indians will attest.

Robert Fisk: Eyewitness in Iraq:

'They're getting better,' Chuck said approvingly. 'That one hit the runway'.

Is America Copying Israel's Mistakes?

The power of the weak lies in a people's acceptance of suffering. The weakness of the strong is that a disproportionate use of force against the weak eventually corrupts their own society.

European say US should pay to rebuild Iraq:

Two-thirds of European Union citizens think the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was unjustified and the United States should pay to rebuild the country

Iraq Weapons Debate:

CIA report contradicts administration assessment.

Gunmen kill a deputy mayor of Baghdad:

Unknown gunmen assassinated a deputy mayor of Baghdad in an apparent hit-run shooting, the U.S. occupation authority reported Tuesday.

Iraq: Car Bomb Kills Six in Fallujah

Ambushes in Iraq Wound Four U.S. Soldiers :

Four American soldiers were wounded near the northern city of Mosul, the military said Tuesday.,1280,-3318704,00.html

Robert Fisk: Iraq's Guerrillas Adopt New Strategy:

Copy The Americans:

Stay or Go: The Question for NGOs in Iraq :

“The problem is simple. Our work is politicized. One can no longer see the difference between humanitarian work and politics,” he said. “We are part of the political process even when we don‚t want to be.

Saudi fighters ' join resistance' in Iraq:

''There are around 5000 mujahidin fighters from Saudi Arabia in Baghdad, and many others joining them from all over the Muslim and Arab world.

Operation Decapitation :

Captain Brown is excited. The hardest part of this mssion, will be "going in there and pulling some father away from his kids". Nevertheless, he'll do whatever it takes to get his men home to see their own kids. "Hi honey, I'm home," cheers Sergeant Bentley as a tank smashes through the wall around the first house.

New Foreign Policy Coalition Warns of US 'Empire-Building':

Members of a newly formed coalition of policy analysts last week accused the Bush administration of pursuing an increasingly imperialistic foreign policy agenda and warned that U.S. armed forces are dangerously extended in overseas deployments as a result.

An Empire of Widows and Orphans:

Women reservists, young mothers of infants and small children, leave their families to go halfway 'round the world to act as cogs, expendable parts, in the machinery of the deeply anti-American Empire.

Paul Krugman: A Willful Ignorance:

Any American who tries to go beyond "America good, terrorists evil," who tries to understand ˜ not condone ˜ the growing world backlash against the United States, faces furious attacks delivered in a tone of high moral indignation.

Ministers of War: Criminals of the Cloth :

It is comforting to know that we are under the command of the Head Man in Heaven as we enter the lists against the infidels led by their god, a mere pagan "idol."

Informant warned of infiltration before hotel blast:

US authorities failed to act on a warning from an Iraqi police informant in August that the staff of Baghdad's al-Rashid hotel had been infiltrated by Ba'ath party spies seeking targeting information on the governing coalition's top brass.

Spinning the Tubes:

How Australian intelligence was seized upon on by the CIA, spun and gilded, then presented to the world as the best evidence that Saddam Hussein was building weapons of mass destruction.

The two brides of Baghdad:

Two American GIs are under friendly fire for marrying Iraqis.

Red Cross May Cut Back After Iraqi Blasts:

The neutral Swiss-run agency said it will decide within days whether to reduce its presence in the country following the suicide car bombing that killed two Iraqi Red Cross employees and as many as 10 other people outside the compound.,1280,-3316034,00.html

Bush's War Plan Is Scarier Than He's Saying:

The Widening Crusade: If some wishful Americans are still hoping President Bush will acknowledge that his imperial foreign policy has stumbled in Iraq and needs fixing or reining in, they should put aside those reveries. He's going all the way – and taking us with him.

Bomb rocks Turkey's mission in Iraq:

A car bomb has exploded outside the Turkish embassy in Baghdad, injuring around six people.

Turkish Troops Ready to Hit Back If Attacked in Iraq:

Turkish troops will strike back if attacked by Kurds in Iraq who are fiercely opposed to their deployment in their war-torn country.

Iraq Stands at Syria's Side:

A member of Iraq's US-appointed Governing Council said on Monday that any attack against Syria was considered an attack against Iraq.,,2-10-1460_1429744,00.html

U.S. Circulates Iraq Draft; Minister Almost Killed:

Wary members of the U.N. Security Council considered a new U.S. draft resolution Tuesday aimed at enlisting broader international support for Washington's struggle to stabilize Iraq.

Full text: Third revision of US resolution on Iraq

America returns to UN for support on Iraq: EU rebuffs cash pleas

Bush Insists He's In Charge of Iraq Policy:

"The person who is in charge is me," Bush told Tribune Broadcasting when asked about the infighting and who was in charge.

More US soldiers die in Iraq:

A second US soldier has been killed in 24 hours in a rocket-propelled grenade attack in the Iraqi town of Tikrit.

Troops short on body armor:

About one-quarter of the 130,000 U.S. troops in Iraq still have not been issued a new type of ceramic body armor strong enough to stop bullets fired from assault rifles.

Iraqi Arms Caches Cited in Attacks:

The two most recent suicide bombings here and virtually every other attack on American soldiers and Iraqis were carried out with explosives and matériel taken from Saddam Hussein's former weapons dumps, which are, for the most part, unguarded by American troops, allied officials said Monday.

Theatre of war :

Almost every day brings news of another US death in Iraq, but we hear almost nothing of the hundreds - maybe thousands - wounded by Saddam loyalists.,2763,1061695,00.html

Suicide - the GI's embedded enemy:

Suicides among United States servicemen in Iraq are running at up to three times the usual rate, the US Army has revealed.

Spoils of war:

US plans to sell off Iraqi businesses are simply the modern equivalent of pillage.,7792,1062049,00.html

GIs Killed in Spate of Iraq Attacks: Faceless attackers appeared to be escalating their campaign of violence in Iraq, with military officials on Monday reporting seven attacks that killed three U.S. soldiers and wounded 11

other coalition troops.

Up to 15,000 people killed in invasion:

As many as 5,726 Iraqis were killed in the US assault on Baghdad, when the streets of the Iraqi capital were strewn with the bodies of people trying to flee the fighting.

Sen. Trent Lott: Offered an unorthodox military solution for Iraq:

„If we have to, we just mow the whole place down, see what happens."

Attack on US Tank Kills 2 GIs in Iraq:

Two American soldiers were killed when their Abrams battle tank was damaged by resistance fighters, US officials said Wednesday.

More US troops have died since combat was declared over in Iraq than during the initial invasion.

Robert Fisk On Iraq: This is a must Listen

„There are at least 200,000 foreign fighters in Iraq, 146,0000 are American‰

New Iraq ' well on way to becoming Islamic state:

The United States is failing in its mission to create a secular, overtly pro-Western Iraq, a leading adviser to the American administrator Paul Bremer said yesterday.

Give Iraqis control of security, leader tells US :

Dr Mahmoud Osman, one of the six most prominent members of the US appointed body, said: "The coalition should leave these things to Iraqis, we could do a much better job.,2763,1073013,00.html

Mission unaccomplished:

From the President's news conference -- our leading historical revisionist strikes back and the malevolent press tries to trip him up:

The Danger of Defeat: Here's the reality:

Insurgents are waging a strategic and malevolently clever campaign that is achieving, in its terms, considerable success.

The wrong Ayoub:

There is no judicial process for the thousands of detainees. If the military were to try them, that would entail a court martial, which would imply that the United States is occupying Iraq, and lawyers working for the administration are still debating whether it is an occupation or a liberation.

Army files charge in combat tactic:

Lt. Col. Allen B. West says he did not physically abuse the detainee, but used psychological pressure by twice firing his service weapon away from the Iraqi

Democracy Now! :

Veteran Iraqi Journalist Discusses Iraqi Civilian Casualties, the Media and The U.S. Occupation of Her Country.

Nations Retreat from Iraq Troop Commitments:

Bush Warns Iraq's Neighbours:

US President George W Bush has warned Iran and Syria not to let terrorists cross into Iraq from their territory.

US commanders: Claims about illegal infiltration from Syria to Iraq - '' unfounded'':

Commanders of U.S. military forces responsible for monitoring the border between Iraq and Syria told The Washington Post there is no evidence from human intelligence sources or radar surveillance aircraft indicating that significant numbers of foreign fighters are infiltrating into Iraq illegally.

Anti-Syria vote exposes real Bush world:

The passage in the US House of Representatives - with an overwhelming bipartisan majority - of a bill imposing strict sanctions against Syria has little to do with real concern about that country. Rather, it represents a frightening consensus in support of the Bush administration's unilateralist worldview.

George Won‚t Be Reading This:

A simple question for the president of the United States: If you don‚t read the newspapers, how can you criticize the media coverage of Iraq?

Jessica Lynch snubs Iraqi who helped to free her:

A journey to the home town of Jessica Lynch by the Iraqi lawyer who helped to free the young American soldier ended in embarrassment for all concerned when she snubbed him.

Report Links Iraq Deals to Bush Donations :

Companies awarded $8 billion in contracts to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan have been major campaign donors to President Bush, and their executives have had important political and military connections, according to a study released Thursday.

Full Report: Winning Contractors:

U.S. Contractors Reap the Windfalls of Post-war Reconstruction.

Military conflict becoming a private enterprise

In Iraq, private contractors do just about everything a soldier would do. They sling Spam in mess tents. They tote guns along base perimeters. They shoot. They get shot. Sometimes they get killed. And it‚s not just in Iraq, but around the world -- in conflict zones from Liberia to Kosovo to Afghanistan -- that the United States is putting hired help behind the front lines to ease the burden of its overworked armed forces.

Iraq Hit by String of Deadly Explosions :

Iraq was hit by a string of explosions Thursday that set a freight train on fire, killed a U.S. soldier in a military convoy and ripped through Baghdad's Old Quarter. Another blast injured two U.S. soldiers on a military police patrol.,1280,-3328732,00.html

Shiite leader wounded in grenade attack

Iraq's real WMD crime:

Two hundred tonnes of radioactive material were fired by invading US forces into buildings, homes, streets and gardens all over Baghdad.

More mystery over missing Iraqi millions:

Accusations of financial mismanagement in Iraq continue to plague the United States Treasury Department, with critics claiming Washington is still enjoying the fruits of its seized Iraqi assets. The US, however, insists this is not the case.

The Wages of War :

Iraqi Combatant and Noncombatant Fatalities in the 2003 Conflict: Approximately 30 percent of the war's fatalities were noncombatant civilians.

5 US Troops Killed In Iraq:

US military spokesman reporting 5 killed in various attacks Tuesday night and Wednesday morning:

233 Attacks on US in Last Week Alone:

The latest attacks ˜ 233 over the last seven days according to the US military ˜ have driven the combat death toll during the occupation over the number killed before President George W. Bush declared an end to active combat on May 1.§ion=0&article=34366&d=30&m=10&y=2003

More sick soldiers wait for treatment :

The delays appear to have demolished morale -- many said they had lost faith in the Army and would not serve again -- and could jeopardize some soldiers' health, the soldiers said.

Experts Predict US Failure In Iraq:

Neither a full-on military response by US forces nor even the killing of ousted Iraqi president Saddam Hussein will be enough to halt a series of bloody attacks in Iraq, French international relations experts say.

Turkey gives up on Iraq deployment:

Turkey's President Ahmad Necdet Sezer considers the controversial issue of deploying Turkish troops in neighbouring Iraq as "closed."

Ex-Aide: Powell Misled Americans:

Greg Thielmann "I think my conclusion [about Powell’s speech] now is that it's probably one of the low points in his long distinguished service to the nation," says Thielmann.

Wilson adds ammo to hit war credibility gap:

Ambassador Joseph Wilson's tells us he plans to circulate the text of a briefing by analyst Sam Gardiner that suggests the White House and Pentagon made up or distorted over 50 war stories. "Never before have so many stories been created to sell a war," he insists. But there's more...

Iraq War Swells Al Qaeda's Ranks, Report Says:

The 2003-2004 edition of the British-based think-tank's annual bible for defense analysts, said Washington's assertions after the Iraq conflict that it had turned the corner in the war on terror were "over-confident."

On Furlough, Soldier Savors Every Moment:

"In the beginning I was into this; we all were," he said. But now, he feels the war is a waste. "We haven't found anything, no weapons of mass destruction, no Saddam, no nothing. And the people there hate us."

War's Bloody Fallout: Hundreds suffer horrible wounds

Firms Get Ready for Business in Iraq:

About 100 private companies, mainly from Britain and the US, gathered in London yesterday to discuss investment opportunities in post-Saddam Iraq.,12956,1062567,00.html

The Quartet 'Party' In Iraq

Is it possible to say that George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Moqtada Al Sadr are affiliated to one 'party' whose objective is, regardless of the rhetoric, to fragment Iraq?

Tikrit Wants to Get Rid of 'US Thieves'

Iraqi Shiite split widens

A shootout between Shiite factions in Karbala Tuesday killed at least one person and injured dozens.

U.N. Council Unanimous In Backing U.S. on Iraq:

Holdouts Russia, France, Germany and Syria join rest of Security Council in resolution vote.

A Toothless Resolution: It won't change a thing in Iraq.

Searching For Truth On Iraq:

At issue now is how well we are being informed about the occupation of Iraq. Most Americans have forgotten what occupation means. Few historians are reminding us of our own history in resisting British occupation or the Boston massacre of revolting colonists that helped trigged our own revolution.

Lies about Iraq rise to level of the absurd:

Lies beget more lies; a policy built on deception will always require further deception to sustain itself.

Graham Fuller, former deputy chairman of CIA's National Intelligence Council: Says Sending Turkish Troops to Iraq is "a Bad Idea":

"Bush wants to have troops there to replace the American troops who are being killed. So in effect he is asking Turkey to send its troops instead to be killed."

Turkish Conscripts Likely To Be Least Willing of Coalition:

Unlike the US and Britain, Turkey makes military service compulsory for all men. Given that well over 90 percent of Turks opposed the US-launched war against Iraq, the young conscripts heading to Iraq's volatile "Sunni Triangle" may be less motivated additions to the coalition of the willing

Many Troops Dissatisfied, Iraq Poll Finds:

A broad survey of U.S. troops in Iraq by a Pentagon-funded newspaper found that half of those questioned described their unit's morale as low and their training as insufficient, and said they do not plan to reenlist.

Dumbo: A War Story Starring George W.

Pentagon officials say they are preparing to confront radical Iraqi cleric:

The officials said they are growing increasingly worried that the cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, is a threat to the U.S.-led military coalition occupying Iraq.

Halliburton Allegedly Overcharges in Iraq:

Halliburton's KBR subsidiary is billing the Army between $1.62 and $1.70 per gallon, while the average price for Middle East gasoline is 71 cents.

Six in Ten Iraqis Unemployed, but U. S. Subcontractors Hire Cheap Migrant Laborers

Iraqi Blogger Reveals His Face:

"I appreciate the dropping of tons of bombs on my country. I appreciate the depleted uranium used in these bombs. I appreciate the whole policy of dual containment, which kept the region constantly on the boil because it was convenient for the US.

I Can See Clearly Now:

Rice's insistence that there was a clear connection between Saddam and al-Qaida and, by extension, Osama bin Laden, has not wavered.


Three American soldiers and nine Iraqis have reportedly been killed in the town of Karbala. Another US military policeman was killed and two wounded in a seperate incident in the Baghdad area.,,30200-12834608,00.html

4 Jordanians Killed At US Checkpoint In Iraq:

U.S. forces in Iraq are on edge following suicide bomb attacks that have killed or wounded soldiers checking vehicles on several occasions.

Defying Bush, Senate Votes to Make Iraq Pay Back Loan

Pentagon To Call On More Support Troops:

The Pentagon is drawing up plans to mobilize more National Guard and Reserve forces for duty in Iraq.,1280,-3273891,00.html

“Without a Strong American Opposition We Are Doomed”

Renowned Author and Middle East Expert Tariq Ali Speaks Out on Iraq.

This is a must listen

Brain injuries take toll on US soldiers:

According to military officials, roughly 20 percent of the wounds suffered by the troops in Iraq have been severe brain injuries.

How GIs in Iraq are Used to Spread Bush Propaganda:

The facts are there and can't be denied : a sheet of propaganda was given to soldiers of the 503rd and they signed it and 500 were sent to hometown papers which reach thousands of voters.

Robert Fisk speech exposes lies behind the war on Iraq:

Listen to this powerful evidence from first-hand observation from the award-winning journalist for the London Independent and share these facts with those unaware of the real conditions in Iraq.

Democracy Now! Exclusive:

Retired Air Force Col. On How Bush Admin. Used Psy-Ops, Propaganda and Information Warfare In Build-Up to Iraq Invasion.

Hamza's War

The CIA has known all along that Hamza was a fraud. Nevertheless, they allowed Hamza ˆ and David Kay ˆ to mislead Congress right up until the eve of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Spanish call for charges over man's death :

A SPANISH judge has agreed to consider filing charges against three United States soldiers whose tank fired on and killed a Spanish journalist at a Baghdad hotel during the war in Iraq.

US Forces Surround Office of Iraq Shi'ite Cleric:

Congressman Ron Paul, Can We Afford to Spend $87 Billion in Iraq?:

Conservatives often proclaim that they are opposed to providing American welfare to the rest of the world. I agree. The only way to do that, however, is to stop supporting a policy of military interventionism. You cannot have one without the other.

Killed in Action:

Would the media give more coverage to U.S. fatalities in Iraq if we were allowed to see the flag-draped coffins coming home?

Iraq Keeps U.S. Hospital in Germany Busy:

``I can't tell the difference between combat and post-combat,'' said medical director Lt. Col. Richard Jordan, looking over rows of trailers providing temporary housing for the extra 600 doctors and nurses called in to handle casualties from the war.,1280,-3278623,00.html

Sick, wounded U.S. troops held in squalor:

Hundreds of sick and wounded U.S. soldiers including many who served in the Iraq war are languishing in hot cement barracks -- sometimes for months -- to see doctors.

Another US Soldier Killed in Iraq:

U.S. soldier was killed and five were wounded in an attack on a patrol in the flashpoint Iraqi town of Falluja.;jsessionid=

Blair‚s Evangelical Belief Sent Britain to Iraq War:

Blair‚s former foreign secretary revealed on Sunday.

Orientalism is alive and well - in Iraq:

Students should not be permitted to read Said, or Robert Fisk or Arundhati Roy. And above all, Middle East scholars must be discouraged from learning Arabic.

A Day In Iraq: 43 Attacks On U.S.

Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins :

The Bush administration has ended the public dissemination of images by banning news coverage and photography of dead soldiers' homecomings on all military bases.

Fatal Vision:

"Why should we hear about body bags and deaths and how many, So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?" Barbara Bush (mother of GW Bush), 04/16/03

Soldiers ripe to resist? :

"These families know their loved ones are fodder," said Skelly. The question is: What will happen when soldiers say the same thing?

Soldiers Miss Flights Back to Iraq :

More than 30 soldiers who came home from Iraq for two weeks of leave have failed to show up for their flights back to the combat zone, military officials said yesterday.

Coalition Forces Take Action in Iraq City :

"They (Americans) raided the house, shot him first in the leg, tied his hands and then shot him in the head."

Woman who lost children, sight in Iraq struggles to cope :

Majdolin Yonan's eyelids are sunken, the sockets empty. But she can still picture her 2ü-year-old daughter, Valantina, who died when bombs hit their apartment building in Mosul, Iraq.

Group Faults U.S. Tactics Against Civilians in Iraq :

U.S. forces have killed at least 94 civilians in Baghdad since May 1 "in questionable circumstances" but faced investigation in only five incidents, encouraging soldiers to believe they can fire with impunity.

Army Probes Treatment of Ill Iraq Veterans:

The Army is investigating complaints that hundreds of sick and wounded soldiers who just returned from Iraq are languishing in crudely furnished barracks without proper medical care at the Fort Stewart military base.

3 American soldiers, 2 Iraqis killed: Attacks reported in north and central Iraq.

Press Underreports Wounded in Iraq:

"Pentagon officials have rebuked public affairs officers who release casualty figures, and, until recently, U.S. Central Command did not regularly publicize the injured tally either"

11 US Soldiers Wounded In Iraq Wednesday:

Why we are here:

Soldiers get most of their news watching Armed Forces Network television or reading Stars and Stripes newspaper. Both are official military media and provide the soldiers with what the military wants them to know.

Military: Iraqi Detainee Was Strangled:

A Baath Party official who died in a detention camp in southern Iraq suffocated after a U.S. Marine reservist grabbed him by the neck and snapped a bone in his throat, according to a military investigation.

More and More Iraqis View the US as Occupation Force:

They say they want an Islamic-style democracy, citing Iran as a model, said a new poll.

US Raid Nets Whole Iraqi Village:

One as old as 81, one as young as 13. A month after the raid, apparently aimed at preventing terrorists from slipping across the border from Saudi Arabia, only two of the 79 captives have been freed.

Madrid donors' meeting: cover for American control:

The US, as the aggressor power and currently the occupying power, is legally and morally obligated to abide by the requirements of international law and pay for the reconstruction of Iraq.

World spurns US appeal for $30bn to rebuild Iraq

Inquiry Faults Intelligence on Iraq :

Threat From Saddam Hussein Was Overstated, Senate Committee Report Finds

Insurgents gain a deadly edge in intelligence :

Guerrillas have better sources than the coalition. U.S. forces are losing the intelligence battle in Iraq to an increasingly organized guerrilla force that uses stealth, spies and surprise to inflict punishing casualties.

There are so many echoes of Vietnam in Iraq:

It took two years for US deaths to reach 324 in Vietnam. It passed that figure in seven months in Iraq

The Light At The End Of The Iraq Tunnel -- It's Vietnam!:

The national media continues to adhere to the Bush Administration's "see no quagmire," but Americans are seeing another Vietnam. So says a Vietnam veteran traveling thoughout America.

Relations between journalists and U.S. troops in Iraq sour :

Media people have been detained, news equipment has been confiscated and some journalists have suffered verbal and physical abuse while trying to report on events.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist says Iraq is a massive failure:

"Bush is gonna hold Iraq. It's the super arrogance of the American power. And the President believes that that's the mission of America."

U.S. appears to be losing hearts of Iraqis :

On the same Sunday that Iraqi guerrillas shot down a Chinook helicopter, killing 16 U.S. soldiers, a less publicized battle was fought, and arguably lost, in the trash-strewn streets of the rough and tumble town of Abu Ghraib, 15 miles west of Baghdad.

'I'm Waiting for My Destiny' :

Baghdad Family Made Homeless by U.S. Missile Still Can't Rebuild. Jassam's new life began on March 31, when his home was destroyed by a U.S. missile strike nine days before Iraqi President Saddam Hussein fell.

Iraqi Girl Blog:

Looks at the relationship between the U.S. and the governing council.

A must read.

Mourning Italy Sends Fresh Troops to Iraq:

As its tricolor flags flew at half-mast, Italy sent fresh troops to Iraq on Thursday just one day after 18 Italians were killed by suicide bombers there in what one political leader called "our September 11."

$1bn ' slips through' to Iraq:

One billion dollars from the United Nations account for Iraq was transferred last month to the Iraqi fund controlled by the United States-led coalition without the formal approval of the security council, officials said on Thursday.,,2-10-1462_1445111,00.html

Iraq profiteers, take aim :

President Bush wants Americans to think of the Iraq war as a noble cause. That would be easier to do if the White House and some Republicans stopped exploiting the war in such petty ways.

Japan postpones Iraq deployment:

Japan has said it will postpone sending troops to join the US-led coalition in Iraq until next year because of the worsening security situation.

CIA Report says iRAQI insurgents now 50,000 strong:

An intelligence source in Washington familiar with the CIA report described it as a "bleak assessment that the resistance is broad, strong and getting stronger".,2763,1083847,00.html

US plans radical shake-up as more Iraqis back rebels:

Increasing numbers of ordinary Iraqis are backing the insurgents, in the belief that the US-led coalition can be driven from the country.

So Far, Saddam, Wahabis Stay Apart:

The U.S. military maintains that it has found little cooperation between Saudi nationals and Saddam loyalists in the insurgency war in Iraq.

Iraqi Teenagers Cheer as American Blood Flows:

If Washington doubts there is Iraqi public support for guerrillas killing its troops, it should consider the teenagers who happily watched American blood spill on Wednesday.

Iraq's Governing Council denies U.S. accusations of inefficiency:

"This is supposed to be a partnership based on equality," Othman said in an interview. "But when Americans want to find solution for their problems, they do it in any way that suits them."

Bomb at Italian Base in Iraq Kills 24:

A suicide bomber drove a tanker truck into the headquarters of Italy's paramilitary police, exploding the vehicle in a ball of flame and killing at least 24 people, most of them Italians.,1280,-3378977,00.html

Iraqis: US troops open fire on truck, killing five Iraqis:

CIA warns of defeat:

A TOP-secret CIA report warns that growing numbers of Iraqis believe the US-led coalition can be defeated and are supporting the resistance.

From Baghdad to Dover -- A Group Hug:

If we dwell on the bad news, they suggest it must be because we hate America. Harping about the dead means we are enemies of freedom -- no better than the terrorists.

Jimmy Breslin: The Names They Still Won't Mention :

Bush and his people sent them out to get killed and now you can't get one of them in Washington to mention these dead.

Cheney's Long Path to War :

The Hard Sell: He sifted intel. He brooded about threats. And he wanted Saddam gone. The inside story of how Vice President Cheney bought into shady assumptions and helped persuade a nation to invade Iraq.

Guerrillas attack Mossad office in Iraq:

A huge blast has caused extensive damage in a Mossad office building in Kirkouk in northern Iraq late on Monday killing and wounding an unspecified number of Mossad agents and civilian Kurds,

Bremer returns; Bush urges patience:

Administration officials expressed disappointment in the council's work but said Bush was not about to disband it.

Governing Council:

Washington's political spin machine has begun to brief against the Iraqi Governing Council in what many observers suspect is the opening gambit in a move to scrap it.

U.S. Infighting Blamed For Iraq Failures:

Iraq's foreign minister on Tuesday blamed "geriatric ambassadors" from the West and "American infighting" for many of the problems and security failures bedevilling the US-led occupation.

US-Brit war killed 55,000 Iraqi civilians:

The invasion, war and occupation of Iraq has cost up to 55,000 civilian lives, according to a shocking new report published by a UK-based charity.

Report: Continuing Collateral Damage:

The war on Iraq and its aftermath exacted a heavy toll on combatants and civilians. Between 21,700 and 55,000 people died between March 20 and October 20, 2003, while the health and environmental consequences of the conflict will be felt for many years to come.

What the Arabs watch vs. what Bush says :

American policymakers and U.S.-appointed Iraqi officials, jittery about television coverage of daily events in Iraq under occupation, are blaming Arab satellite channels for inciting people against them.

7,500 US Casualties Evacuated from Iraq War Zone to US:

We should all pause and reflect on the carnage wrought in the US - Iraq War. Nearly 400 US soldiers are dead, and more than 7,500 have been medically evacuated. This means the total number of US casualties is nearly 8,000 in less than eight months.

Survey: Half of Americans, say the war was not worth it

Frist Freezes Senate Probe of Prewar Iraq Data :

The Republican leadership of the Senate yesterday took the unusual step of canceling all business of the committee investigating prewar intelligence on Iraq.

Rockefeller memo:

Here is the full text of the memo from the office of Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa.) on setting a strategy for pursuing an independent investigation of pre-war White House intelligence dealings on Iraq.

Iraq: The Authoritarian Drift Of The Bremer Machine:

The Coalition Authority wants to concentrate all powers. The CPA is a strange place that has no connection with Iraqi reality but where everything that happens in the country is decided. Once you're in the "green zone," you leave Iraq:

Iraqi bound and gagged for protest:

"This man has been detained for making anti-coalition statements."

Iraq Governor Bremer Heads to U.S. at Short Notice

Families of Iraq war dead condemn Bush visit to UK:

President Bush and his wife Laura will stay at Buckingham Palace and be guests of honour at a state banquet. Anti-war groups plan protests in London, which have contributed to a decision by Downing Street to cancel plans for the President to address both Houses of Parliament.

'I feel guilty to be alive'

The Iraq conflict was John Simpson's 34th war and, thanks to the American bomb that killed his translator, it was nearly his last. He's still angry about it, he tells Libby Brooks, but that won't keep him from the next warzone,2763,1082351,00.html

Paul Krugman: Support the Troops:

Retired military officers, like Gen. Anthony Zinni – formerly President Bush's envoy to the Middle East – have started to offer harsh, indeed unprintable, assessments of administration policies.

U.S. Drops 500-pound Bombs As Gen. Warns Iraqi's:

America's top general in the Middle East has warned community leaders the U.S. military will use stern measures unless they curb attacks against coalition forces. "We have the capabilities and equipment."

Troops Awaiting Deployment Hear of Mounting Casualties:

"No one wants to go," said Suree Valenzuela, a 31-year-old headquarters company staff sergeant.

"My Son Died For Oil"

In a Democracy Now! Veterans Day Special We Hear From Military Families of Soldiers in Iraq

New textbooks rewrite history in Iraq through omission:

The Ministry of Education under the U.S.-led coalition government removed any content considered "controversial," including the 1991 Gulf War; the Iran-Iraq war; and all references to Israelis, Americans or Kurds.

Iraqi authorities probed for allegedly rigging tenders

Lawyers working for the US-led occupying forces in Iraq have made a recommendation to delay signing three telecom contracts last month to allow time to investigate claims of nepotism by Iraqi authorities in choosing the network providers.

U.S. appointed Iraqi Council member killed: Iraqis staged a noisy protest march in Baghdad Monday after the disputed shooting of an Iraqi Council member by U.S. military guards, reports said.

In Sadr City, a poor, mainly Shiite quarter of eastern Baghdad, witnesses Monday said that a U.S. soldier shot and killed the head of the district's U.S.-appointed municipal council in a weekend altercation.

Bremer Sees More Iraq Attacks, Oilman Shot

In the latest attack on the oil sector vital to Iraq's reconstruction, three gunmen opened fire on an oil company executive's car, wounding him in the leg and killing his son.

Cowardly senators duck Iraq $s vote:

The exclusive club called the U.S. Senate has 100 members. This week 94 of them ducked and ran before a pre-arranged voice vote gave President Bush the $87.5 billion war check he wanted.

Case for war made up, say top names :

An unprecedented array of United States intelligence professionals, diplomats and former Pentagon officials have gone on record to lambast the Bush Administration for its distortion of the case for war against Iraq.

Richard Perle Says Iraq Peace Offer Was a Trap :

The Bush administration has been accused by Democrats of being overeager to go to war with Iraq, ignoring possible diplomatic avenues to peace.

Rumsfeld Retreats, Disclaims Earlier Rhetoric:

In the lead-up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Donald Rumsfeld said U.S. forces would be welcomed by the Iraqi citizenry and that Saddam Hussein had large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. Now Rumsfeld - is denying that he ever made such assertions.

Scott Ritter:

Defining the resistance in Iraq - it's not foreign and it's well prepared

Then & now: U.S. occupations

Leaders promised fast results in Haiti and Iraq - then met hard going

A President MIA from Public Grief Over Casualties:

American soldiers are coming home each day, DOA at Dover, Del. More than 200 of them have been smuggled back into the country in this fashion since the mission in Iraq was declared accomplished. Stealth patriots.

Ineffective Iraqi council angers its US backers:

"We're unhappy with all of them. They're not acting as a legislative or governing body, and we need to get moving," one well-placed US official said.

US soldier killed in Iraq mine blast:

A US soldier was killed in Baghdad when his vehicle ran over a mine, the US military command in Baghdad said Sunday.

Wounded Numbers: As of today, the official wounded count stands at 2230.

As usual though, gov't numbers are untrustworthy. the military hospital in Landstuhl, which has treated more than 7,000 injured and ill service members from the Iraq war.

'No President has lied so baldly and so often':

"The intelligence process is a bit like virginity," says Ray McGovern, who worked as a CIA analyst for 27 years. "Once you prostitute it, it's never the same. Your credibility never recovers.

Vietnam and Iraq: How public opinion shifts:

Republican Sen. John McCain, "This is the first time I have seen a parallel to Vietnam in terms of information the administration is putting out versus the actual situation on the ground."

Mossad chief: invasion has created a holy war:

A former chief of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, has accused the United States and Britain of lack of foresight over the Iraq invasion and warned of even greater violence unless the civic infrastructure is established quickly.

Case for war confected, say top US officials:

"There was never a clear and present danger. There was never an imminent threat. Iraq - and we have very good intelligence on this - was never part of the picture of terrorism," says Mel Goodman, a veteran CIA analyst who now teaches at the National War College.

2 U.S. Paratroopers Killed West Of Baghdad:

Insurgents killed two U.S. paratroopers and wounded another west of Baghdad on Saturday as the U.S. military cracked down on residents of Saddam Hussein's hometown.

America stirs hornet's nest of revenge:

Angry Iraqi villagers are supporting resistance to the occupying powers.

Ex Iraqi Oil Minister: Corruption Is Rife in Oil Industry:

"In Iraq nowadays, signs of corruption, commission and bribery have resurfaced and might be even at a larger scale than whatever happened during (the) Saddam Hussein (era),"

Army orders mother of seven back to duty in Iraq:

A soldier mother faces punishment for refusing to return to duty in Iraq to avoid losing custody of two children.

Contracts Go to Allies of Chalabi:

Businessmen with close ties to a leading – and controversial – member of Iraq's Governing Council have won large contracts for the country's reconstruction, leading to charges by some council members and other Iraqis that the actions are fueling a cronyism that threatens to sabotage the nation-building effort.

Bremer Plans to Enlarge, Refocus Iraq Occupation Authority:

The U.S. civilian administrator of Iraq said Thursday that he intends to increase the size of the American-led occupation authority, giving two new deputies key responsibilities for managing the influx of nearly $20 billion in new reconstruction funds

8 U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq:

The latest confirmed U.S. military fatalities bring to at least 31 the number of American troops killed action in 7 days.

US Officers: Hostile Fire Downed Black Hawk, Killing 6

Saddam's desperate offers to stave off war :

Washington dismissed Iraq's peace feelers, including elections and weapons pledge, put forward via diplomatic channels and US hawk Perle

U.S. Rejects Iraqi Peace Offer? :

A series of articles explores the evidence that the U.S. rejected Iraqi peace overtures prior to the invasion.

It's Time to Wake Up, America:

The truth about the war and occupation of Iraq is that it was planned long before 9/11. The tragic events of that day were used by the Bush Administration to push through a plan that had long been in the works to overthrow Saddam Hussein and take control of Iraq.

Iraq Spins Out of Control: Where are the Democrats and the peace movement?

This official sense of denial is the scariest part of the whole Iraqi debacle. At least Richard Nixon came into office recognizing that somehow or other, the U.S. had to figure a way out of Vietnam.

Iraq: Cancel the contracts. Ditch the deals. Rip up the rules:

Any movement serious about Iraqi self-determination must call not only for an end to Iraq's military occupation, but to its economic colonization as well. That means reversing the shock therapy reforms that US occupation chief Paul Bremer has fraudulently passed off as "reconstruction"

Where Is The $87 That Bush Asked For Going?:

'Making Iraq permanently dependent on the US for its defence':

Reports from knowledgeable Iraqi sources suggest that U.S. bases are already being built in the western desert, in the north, center and south of Iraq

Iraqi Doctors Dispute Lynch Rape Claim

Jessica Lynch Criticizes US Accounts of Her Ordeal:

In her first public statements since her rescue in Iraq, Jessica Lynch criticized the military for exaggerating accounts of her rescue and re-casting her ordeal as a patriotic fable.

Spotlight on war in the shadows :

Perhaps the ultimate secret of the undercover war in Iraq is an organisation known to insiders as "The Activity" and to others by the codename "Grey Fox" - Its operations were originally hidden from even the scrutiny of the US Congress.

Woolsey Pushes Constitutional Monarchy for Iraq:

Some observers saw the proposal as a backhanded strategy to advance two regional actors – former Jordanian Crown Prince Hassan and Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi

War declared on resistance:

The Los Angeles Times has ordered its journalists to stop describing anti-American forces in Iraq as resistance fighters

Fresh bank scandals hit Iraq's Leader In Waiting:

Fresh information has emerged of banking scandals involving the family of the Pentagon's preferred candidate to shape post-war Iraq, Ahmad Chalabi.

Bomb in Iraq Kills Female U.S. Soldier:

Iraqi police opened fire in downtown Baghdad Wednesday after demonstrators demanding jobs stormed a police station, set fire to two cars and threw stones at officers, police said. A female American soldier was killed in a roadside bombing in Tikrit.

Bush Orders Full Cooperation in Leaking of Name

The Novak Column that Exposed a CIA Operative: Mission to Niger

Novak Unlikely To Do Time And Vows Not to Give Up Source

Whoever it was who leaked him the name is also unlikely to do jail time, legal experts predicted.

Iraq war's human toll could be felt for decades:

Beyond fatalities, an average of eight American soldiers a day are wounded.

Paul Krugman: Cronies reap Iraqi contracts:

Cronyism is an important factor in the Iraqi reconstruction.

In Iraq, epithet shows cultural divide:

World War II had its "krauts," Vietnam had its "gooks," and now, the War on Terrorism has its own dehumanizing name: "hajji. "

Annan: U.S. Ignored Iraq Recommendation

Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Thursday a new U.S. draft resolution on Iraq does not follow his recommendation for a quick transfer of power to an interim Iraqi government.,1280,-3219077,00.html

Annan Outlines Plan For U.N. Role in Iraq

Secretary General Kofi Annan, who last week ordered the withdrawal of most U.N. personnel from Iraq, would be willing to consider having the agency resume its political role there if security improves and the United States speeds up the timetable for handing over greater power to Iraqis

Three Soldiers Killed in Iraq:

Guerrillas killed three American soldiers in a wave of attacks in Iraq, the U.S. Army said on Thursday, adding urgency to efforts by Washington to garner international help in stabilizing the volatile nation.

Calendar of US Military Dead during Iraqi War:

323 US Dead -- 80 British, Iraqi and others, not included.

General: 3 to 6 GIs Dying in Iraq a Week:

Nearly six months after the fall of Baghdad, U.S. troops are suffering an average of three to six deaths and 40 wounded every week, the commander of American forces in Iraq said Thursday.,1280,-3218908,00.html

US wounded in the shadows:

How many wounded and injured are there? Nobody really knows for sure. Understandably, it is difficult to be precise when more casualties are being created on a near daily basis. But gathering data is difficult for other reasons.

Unknown illness sweeps US troops:

THE outbreak of pneumonia-like symptoms in US troops serving in Iraq could be the harbinger of a new and potentially enormous wave of Gulf war syndrome cases, according to American veterans' organisations and defence analysts.

Where are the Weapons? "Dateline" SBS. Australia : Broadcast 10/01/03

A leaked interim report from the American-backed investigation team in Iraq suggests that no weapons have been found. More disturbingly, it now seems likely they were long gone before George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard even began preparing for war.

UN weapons inspectors knew that Iraq no longer possessed WMD

It's not only politicians who are having to justify the basis for war - Senior UN weapons inspectors knew that Saddam Hussein no longer possessed stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, as was constantly claimed, yet remained largely mute. "Dateline" SBS. Australia : Broadcast 10/01/03

The truth tramplers: Media war spin on trial:

Tim Predmore is a US soldier with the 101st Airborne Division near Mosul in Iraq. He recently wrote of the current situation in the 'liberated' country: It is a devastating piece, by a person seeing the original justification for war unravelling before his eyes.

Bush Seeks $600 Million to Continue Hunt For Iraq Arms

What‚s Love of Democracy Got to Do With It?

Is it possible that the “We‚re here to establish democracy” rationale being used to justify the continued occupation of Iraq is just as false and deceptive as the rationale that Iraq‚s “weapons of mass destruction” posed an imminent threat to the United States?

Saddam's Niger Point-man Speaks:

The Iraqi diplomat at the center of the 'yellowcake' allegations says he was, indeed, trying to get Niger's president to break the embargo on Iraq ˜ by flying to Baghdad, not by selling uranium.

GOP leaders hunt for ways to derail effort to force Iraq to repay U.S. aid:

Pressure mounted on the White House Wednesday to reshape some U.S. aid to Iraq into a loan as the Senate opened debate on President Bush's $87 billion plan to help that country,

Cheney Chief-of-Staff Named as Spy-Gate Leaker

All exits from Iraq are blocked:

The author is former ambassador of Jordan to the UN.

Not Vietnam, But... :

One needs to pay closer attention to political developments than to the latest rocket attacks on American forces or car-bombings.

Open Letter To Soldiers Who Are Involved in the Occupation of Iraq:

We write this letter because we have both been military officers during conflicts that descended into a moral abyss and from which we struggled to emerge with our humanity intact.

New Weapons Report Contradicts Prewar's:

Thursday's report on the hunt for suspected Iraqi weapons of mass destruction contradicts some recent claims by the Bush administration. Other findings dispute prewar intelligence, or were known to U.N. inspectors before the war.

1,200 weapons inspectors spent 90 days in Iraq.

The exercise cost $300m. And the number of weapons found? 0

Bush seeks to widen Iraqi weapons hunt:

Bush is seeking more than $600 million to continue the hunt for conclusive evidence that Hussein's government had an illegal weapons program.

David Kay, led calls to oust Iraqi dictator:

Even in 1994, after he had left the IAEA, Mr Kay was making arguments the Bush administration used to justify the war.

Why is it so hard for us to admit? :

Why is it so hard for Americans to connect the dots, when it comes to the completely false foundation for the Bush Doctrine of Pre-emptive Aggression against Iraq?

The American Saddam:

Bechtel program directors say the company has hired 69 Iraqi subcontractors and employs more than 27,000 people. But subcontracts to Iraqi firms were only worth $47 million by late September - out of a total of more than $1 billion.

Halliburton's Iraq deal rises to $1.4B:

The latest increase, a jump from the $1.25 billion figure posted two weeks ago, reflects higher costs for damage assessments and repairs.

Oil Officials to Be Invited to Iraq:

As many as 60 foreign oil companies will be invited to a Baghdad conference to discuss ways of developing the country's oil resources. The meeting, scheduled for December, would be "a brainstorming session" for companies hungry for investment opportunities.

U.S. General Says Iraq Guerrillas More Lethal:

"The enemy has evolved. It is a little bit more lethal, little bit more complex, little bit more sophisticated and in some cases a little bit more tenacious, "

Iraq weapons search turns up zilch: CIA:

The US-led team hunting for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has not found any stockpiles of biological or chemical weapons, but will keep searching the country, CIA adviser David Kay said today.


In case you missed it.

David Kay's September surprise:

When the president needed someone to hawk his "Iraq's weapons of mass destruction are an imminent threat to homeland security" thesis to the American people, David Kay was the man.

US Military Deaths In The Conquest Of Iraq:

Here's the chart I'd like to see on the nightly news

'Scandal' Has Media Digging ˆ in the Wrong Place:

In the past week, three major Iraq-related developments should have, in theory, caused lasting embarrassment to the Bush administration. But because none of these flaps touched on illegality, they have been treated as one-day stories.

Former CIA Agent Lashes Out at White House For Blowing Colleague's Cover:

Administration allies seek to discredit former ambassador Joseph Wilson as a partisan critic disregarding his commendation by President Bush Sr. for his heroism? in the 1991 Persian Gulf War we speak with former intelligence officer Larry Johnson who worked with Joseph Wilson?s wife, Valerie Plame, at the CIA.


Two Killed as Unemployed Soldiers Riot in Iraq:

Unemployed former soldiers in Saddam Hussein's disbanded army clashed with occupying troops in Baghdad and the southern city of Basra on Saturday in violent protests that left at least two Iraqis dead.

SIX Iraqi Protestors Killed By Occupation Forces

Iraq will be poor ' for years':

Iraq will remain impoverished for years to come because oil will not fund public spending, aid will fall short of what is needed and few companies will want to invest there, a report leaked to Reuters news agency has said.

A land ruled by chaos :

Police are seen as thugs and thieves, and the American and British forces as distant rulers, more concerned with protecting their troops than providing security to ordinary Iraqis.,2763,1055766,00.html

More On This Topic

Rebuilding Iraq ' will cost $55bn':

Despite the size of the task identified by the World Bank, many experts have suggested that their figures might be underestimates.

More On This Topic

US Seen Dragging Feet on Iraqi Oil Money Watchdog:

Four months after the Security Council ordered an independent board to monitor U.S. spending of Iraq's oil revenues, diplomats on Thursday accused the United States of blocking it from taking up its duties.

U.S. Tries to Stop a Key Iraqi Official From Embarrassing Bush:

The White House reportedly tells Chalabi to halt his calls for a rapid transfer of power.

More On This Topic

Report: U.S. Failed to Limit 'Friendly Fire' in Iraq:

The Pentagon did not take the needed steps to prevent friendly fire incidents -- accidental attacks by U.S. forces on other Americans or allied troops.

More On This Topic

Annan: Transfer power or risk more guerilla attacks:

The United Nations' future in Iraq was thrown into doubt after Secretary-General Kofi Annan rejected United States proposals on the role it should take

British troops accused of torturing Iraqi:

Amid allegations of torture, the British military is investigating the death of a 26-year-old Iraqi man who died in their custody.

Russians' Attitude Towards US Gets Worse After Iraq War

WMD: 'You have got to be kidding':

There is a growing increase in the willingness of US intelligence officials to express their skepticism over their administration's claims on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Two such people speak to Asia Times Online, and not only are they skeptical, they are unhappy.

Study: Misperceptions about Iraq war contributed to support for it:

A majority of Americans have held at least one of three mistaken impressions about the U.S.-led war in Iraq, according to a new study released Thursday, and those misperceptions contributed to much of the popular support for the war.

More On This Topic:

A History Of Lies: WMD, Who Said What and When

Police flee as Saddam loyalists fuel city revolt:

About a thousand people, some holding pictures of Saddam Hussein, were in a stand-off with American troops last night.

4,000 U.S. non-combat evacuations in Iraq:

With more than one in five of those for psychiatric or neurological problems, according to Pentagon data.

Blair ' knew Iraq threat limited' :

Before the war started Mr Blair privately admitted that Saddam Hussein had no weapons posing a "real and present danger"

More on this topic

Blair ' not welcome' at war service:

"I think he's a war criminal, it's as simple as that. The man, elected to go to war with this scabby little friend in Texas [President Bush], and killed 51 of our men unnecessarily," he said.

Saddam's nuclear arsenal? :

Villagers sell deadly uranium to the US army at $3 a barrel.,6903,1056468,00.html

$600 Million More for P.R. in Iraq?:

The American taxpayer is already paying through the nose for post-war Iraq without spending money on administration spin and electioneering.

School Heads Go Into Hiding After Baghdad Teacher is Killed:

Dozens of Iraqi head teachers were in hiding yesterday as schools reopened for the new term after they had received death threats for belonging to the former ruling Ba'ath party, even though membership was compulsory under Saddam Hussein.

Florida Guardsmen Probed on Iraqi Marriages:

Two Florida National Guard soldiers who married Iraqi women against their commander's wishes are being investigated for allegedly defying an order. The men, both Christians who converted to Islam, had expected to return to Florida this month.

No uranium, no munitions, no missiles, no programmes:

As the first progress report from the Iraq Survey Group is released, Cambridge WMD expert Dr Glen Rangwala finds that even the diluted claims made for Saddam Hussein's arsenal don't stand up.

More On "Dr Glen Rangwala"

Rumsfeld ' not told' of postwar shake-up:

Donald Rumsfeld, US defence secretary, said on Tuesday he had not been told by President George W. Bush or the National Security Council that the White House was to restructure the handling of postwar Iraq.

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