Iraq News and Information Links August 2003
UK Army Expects More Attacks on Troops:

Another soldier said that a "gathering intelligence picture" suggested that local insurgents, rather than foreign Islamists or Saddam loyalists from the "Sunni Triangle" around Baghdad, were to blame for the ambush.

Over 400 women kidnapped, raped in post-war Iraq amid the lawlessness gripping the country since the ouster of Saddam Hussein, the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq said Sunday.

Analysts Doubt U.S. Claim on Iraqi Drones:

Huddled over a fleet of abandoned Iraqi drones, U.S. weapons experts in Baghdad came to one conclusion: Despite the Bush administration's public assertions, these unmanned aerial vehicles weren't designed to dispense biological or chemical weapons.

U.S. to Send Iraqis to Site in Hungary for Police Course:

American officials here are planning to ferry as many as 28,000 Iraqis to Hungary to set up a large police academy inside an old Soviet military base there.

A Must Read

Former UN Chief: Bomb was Payback for Collusion with US:

THE reason the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad were bombed is because the UN has been taken over by the US and turned into a "dark joke" and a "malignant force", according to one of the UN's most internationally respected former leaders. Denis Halliday

Fighting Erupts In Kurdish City :

Violence has broken out in and around the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk between ethnic Kurds and Turkmen tribesmen with at least nine deaths reported.

Letters From An Iraqi American:

I started writing these Emails about the war, and sending them to my personal friends, to let them know about my family in Baghdad , and about what is really happening in Iraq.

Three Iraqis Killed in Najaf Blast--Shi'ite Group:

Iraqi security guards were killed in a bomb explosion Sunday at the office of a senior cleric in the holy Shi'ite Muslim city of Najaf in central Iraq.

Red Cross to Reduce Staff in Iraq After U.N. Blast:

``The level of violence is very high and the authority in charge cannot ensure security throughout the country,''

Britons flee Baghdad embassy :

The British embassy compound in Baghdad has been evacuated following a "credible threat" of attack.

Half a Million Troops Needed to Bring Iraq Under Control:

Either the intelligence assessment was deficient or George Bush and Tony Blair were willing to take an unacceptable degree of risk in this campaign."

Blair duped us on Iraq WMD say two thirds of the public:

More than two thirds of voters believe, that they were deceived by the Government about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

Groping In The Dark:

Iraq may be spinning out of control, but in the Bush administration, the spin was strictly controlled. From Baghdad to the White House, administration spokesmen went to elaborate lengths to argue that the presence of terrorists in Iraq was somehow a positive development.

Will Lebanon's Horror Become Iraq's?:

As soon as I heard about the truck bombing of UN headquarters in Baghdad on Tuesday, my first thought was, oh, no, here we go again, the nightmare of Beirut, 1983.

Iraqi oil to go to Israel: The United States has asked Israel to prepare a

plan to renew the transport of oil from the Iraqi city of Kirkuk to the Haifa port.

From a coroner's point of view, Baghdad is as deadly as ever :

"The number of dead is absolutely unbelievable, and I'm just speaking of Baghdad alone. God knows what's happening elsewhere."

1 U.S. Soldier Killed, 2 Wounded in Ambush :

The toll of U.S. troops killed in postwar Iraq surpassed the number killed in major combat on Tuesday, reaching 139.

Blair To Be Saved And Hoon Sacrificed:

DEFENCE Secretary Geoff Hoon was last night being lined up as Tony Blair's sacrificial lamb over the Dr David Kelly affair.

Claims about WMD 'may have been excuse rather than reason for war':

Air Marshal Sir John Walker, a former chief of Defence Intelligence, suggested the Government's claims about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were "not the reason to go to war, but the excuse to go to war".

Rumsfeld: US Prepared To Send More Troops to Iraq If Commanders Request Them:

The United States will send more troops to Iraq "in a minute" if the top US commander in the region asks for them.

Army foresees doubling up tours:

For the first time since the all-volunteer Army began in 1973, significant numbers of U.S. combat soldiers may have to start serving back-to-back overseas tours of up to a year.

The foot soldiers are rebelling:

We give our boys in their flag-covered coffins a suitably ceremonial farewell, but we do not question their sacrifice. They did their duty, didn't they? Why sully their memory by asking whether that tour of duty was strictly necessary?,3604,1028759,00.html

Iraq: Danish Soldier Was Killed By His Own Troops:

Pedersen's colleagues reportedly thought he was an enemy.

Bloodshed in Iraq: A Hospital Sees It All:

"It's different from the States; you don't see these kinds of injuries there," said Dr. Benjamin Gonzalez, the chief of the emergency room. "Mine injuries that destroy the whole leg. Blood literally pouring over the floor."

U.S. May Drop Bid for New U.N. Resolution:

After a high-profile pitch at the United Nations for more countries to send troops to Iraq, the Bush administration is encountering resistance and may not seek a Security Council resolution after all.,1282,-3070396,00.html

Get real

"Driven by a neo-conservative dream, the US is loath to relinquish control in Iraq. But the price for Washington's stubbornness may be failure",7792,1029595,00.html

Imperial Racist Fantasies:

With habitually demented logic, President Bush – the unsolicited foreign invader – rails against “foreign” interference and “terrorist” attacks on US occupiers. Having packaged this act of thuggery as “liberation,” this administration is on the verge of discovering that the idiotic ideology of White Supremacy and global hegemony will not wash with Iraqis, for whom the real war of liberation has only just begun.

Iraq: Aid agencies pull out as the coalition loses control

TWO More US Soldiers Killed in Ambushes in Iraq

Bremer: Iraq Effort to Cost Tens of Billions:

Iraq will need "several tens of billions" of dollars from abroad in the next year to rebuild its rickety infrastructure and revive its moribund economy, and American taxpayers and foreign governments will be asked to contribute substantial sums.

Senator Byrd: Unprepared for Peace in Iraq:

W. Bush spoke about the need for humility from a great and powerful nation. He said, Let us have an American foreign policy that reflects American character. The modesty of true strength. The humility of real greatness." It is time for the Bush administration to swallow its false pride and return to that philosophy of humility before it is too late.

How and Why Did Iraqi Die? 2 Tales of Anger and Denial:

An American soldier leaped out and ran up to Ali, firing a shot in the air to scatter the crowd, then aiming his rifle at the boy. The boy's mother, Rajaa Yousif Matti, implored the soldier not to kill him. She wept and wailed. She kissed the soldier's boots. But she could not get through to the American.

Iraq Could Become US's West Bank and Gaza:

The people who will be expected to bear the burden of fighting and bleeding in Iraq might look to the Israeli experience and ask themselves: Do we really want to be fighting Arabs on their home turf for decades to come?

There will be no retreat from Iraq, insists Bush:

Mr Bush reiterated his case for America's fight against terrorism in terms of a battle between freedom and its enemies.

New Iraq Tape Threatens Death to Council:

An Arabic television station aired a videotaped warning from previously unheard-of Islamic groups in Iraq Tuesday threatening death to members of a U.S.-formed council and Iraqis who cooperate with U.S. troops.

Even the Optimists Are Losing Heart as Iraq Goes from Bad to Worse:

I have returned to Iraq and so much has changed. A wave of fury and despair among Iraqis has drowned out the few voices that filled me with hope. Those of my Iraqi friends who clung resolutely to their optimistic dreams are finally losing heart.,2763,1030002,00.html

Analysis: Mercenary as future peacekeeper?:

The controversial idea of using for-profit military forces as peacekeepers in war-torn countries is gaining momentum with nations' increasing unwillingness to man such operations.

Blair: I take responsibility for naming of Kelly

Blair: 'Sexed up' allegations were a resigning issue:

Prime Minister told the Hutton inquiry today that the allegations were so serious that, if true, he would have had to resign.

British soldier killed, another injured:

Gunmen opened fire with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades on a British convoy trapped between two angry crowds in southern Iraq, killing one soldier and wounding another.

U.S. misled by bogus pre-war intelligence?:

Frustrated at the failure to find Saddam Hussein's suspected stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, allied intelligence agencies have launched a major effort to determine if they were victims of bogus Iraqi defectors who planted disinformation to mislead the West before the war.

In case you missed it:

Iraqi group aided CIA intelligence: The head of the Iraqi National Congress, a group of exiles that opposed Saddam Hussein, said yesterday that his organization helped three Iraqi defectors provide intelligence to the CIA on Iraq's weapons programs.

Seized Iraq Funds All but Gone, U.S. Says:

To help stem violence and alleviate the cash crunch, congressional sources said, the White House was considering making an extra $2-billion-to-$3-billion appropriation request in the near future.

Fisherman By Day "Terrorist" By Night :

"I catch fish in the morning and Americans at night," he said. "Catching Americans is easier than catching fish."

Hiding the Body Count

Every few days the U.S. Department of Defense issues a terse press release of US military deaths in Iraq from non-combat causes. These lack drama or narrative so they are hardly ever noted in newspapers or television newscasts in places other than the hometowns of the newly dead.

Blix Felt U.S. Intimidating Him Before Iraq War

At least 82 killed, 229 hurt in Najaf car bomb blast: doctors

Pictures from the bomb site at Najaf

Background: Sayed Mohamad Baqir al Hakim Biography:

Although now part of the U.S. led coalition against Saddam Hussein, Al-Hakim had earlier publicly condemned the United States, stating that "we do not put confidence in the Americans, they have always acted against the interests of the Iraqi people."

Background: Hakim:

We want Iraqi people to govern themselves: Returning Iraqi Shiite leader rallies supporters, calls on Iraqis to stand together against imperialism

Iraq Guerrillas Kill US Soldier in Convoy Ambush:

The death brings to 65 the number of U.S. soldiers killed in attacks since Washington declared major combat operations over.

Wounded, Weary And Disappeared

No hordes of television cameras await the planeloads of wounded soldiers being airlifted back to the states, unloaded at Andrews Air Force Base, and stuffed into wards at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other facilities. We see few photos of them undergoing painful and protracted physical rehabilitation. The men and women injured in Iraq and Afghanistan have become the new disappeared.

Family of Soldier Displaying Outrage At President:

To show their disdain, the Vogels have hung a sign outside their business, Assured Staffing, on Main Street, stating: "Proud of our soldier! Ashamed of our president!"

Iraqi resisters are patriots:

The longer we keep patting ourselves on the back, the more we tell ourselves that the Iraqi resistance is a bunch of evil freedom-haters, the deeper we‚ll sink into this quagmire. It‚s time to get real.

White House Alters Webpages About Iraq Combat

Bomb Wounds Four US Soldiers in Falluja:

Hundreds of local people marched in the town of Falluja after the attack, chanting slogans praising ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and denouncing President Bush.

Halliburton and Bechtel Win More Deals:

Halliburton, the world's second -largest oil field service company, could make hundreds of millions more dollars than earlier disclosed for services such as maintaining Iraqi oil fields under a US Army Corps of Engineers contract.

Chalabi Group Rules Out More US Troops:

Poll: Iraq War Makes US Less Safe:

A new survey shows more Americans now believe the war in Iraq will make the U.S. less, not more, safe from terrorism, representing a reversal of public opinion in recent weeks.

Witnesses testify to beating of Iraqi prisoners by four soldiers:

The case has caused an uproar in Pennsylvania, where relatives of the accused have enlisted the help of politicians, veterans' groups and friends to support the four reservists.

Few Arabs shedding tears over U.S. losses in Iraq:

As American deaths mount in Iraq, there is little sympathy in the Arab world for the plight of the U.S. occupiers.

UN Weapons Chief:

UK Dossier Nothing Like Reality: Inspectiors had found no evidence to support US and British accusations that Saddam possessed an arsenal capable of widespread death and damage.

Robert Fisk: Unless The White House Abandons It Fantasies Civil War Will Consume Iraq

So who wanted Ayatollah Mohamed Bakr al-Hakim dead? Or, more to the point, who would not care if he died?

Chaos reigns as Saddam's plan unfolds:

What we all are asking now is whether this audacious and destabilising attack will plunge the country into a maelstrom of violence, from which what many now call the Saddam network can emerge victorious.

Mid-East papers predict chaos after killing:

Press reviews and news reports from around the Middle East.

Ayatollah Hakim's Last Sermon:

Extracts from the sermon delivered by, Ayatollah Mohammed Baqr al-Hakim, prior to his death in a car bomb attack in the holy city of Najaf.

History, religion, power: understanding Iraqi Shiites:

Were the Shiites pro-American or anti-American? Why did they have so many leaders? Did they look for direction to the Shiite religious leaders in neighboring Iran? What did they want?

Shiite Suspends Membership In Iraqi Governing Council

iraqi Police Deny Bombers Were Foreigners:

Four suspects were detained, the police said, but they rejected reports quoting anonymous police sources that the suspects had been carrying identification cards from the former intelligence services or were foreigners.

Civilian War Deaths in Iraq:

The report on civilian FATAL casualties in a nation of 23 million is staggering, the equivalent in percentage terms of 460,000 civilian deaths if such havoc were wrought in the US.

Don't worry it!: They're not Americans:

Ayatollah's Death Deepens U.S. Woes :

If the car bomb was planted by Hussein loyalists, it shows a telling recognition of the weaknesses of the U.S. occupation, which to many here seems increasingly isolated.

Killing of Ayatollah Is Start of Iraqi Civil War:

The bombing of one of Islam's holiest shrines not only killed an important Shi'a leader, it also signals the first shot in an Iraqi civil war that Middle East experts warned would ensue if Saddam were removed without careful planning.

"Death To America·Death To Israel," Hakim‚s Mourners:

"The responsibility of Hakim's death lies with the British and American forces because they neglected security," the marchers shouted.

Blast suspects linked to bin Laden, Saddam:

Najaf governor Haidar Mehdi Matar said the four suspects were two Iraqis from Saddam Hussein's fallen regime and two Arab nationals, categorised as Sunni Muslim radicals.

Exit Strategy For Iraq:

If Iraq were to become a UN-approved and managed mission, the outcome would be disastrous for all concerned. The troops˜including many Americans˜would stay until the job of „nation-building‰ is complete, that is to say for ever .

Iraq: Halliburton Reaping Huge Profits from War

US decree strips thousands of their jobs: Anti-Ba'athist ruling may force educated Iraqis abroad,2763,1032172,00.html

Blair's 45-minute claim on Iraq was hearsay:

Tony Blair's headline-grabbing claim that Iraq could deploy weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes of an order to do so was based on hearsay information.,12956,1020033,00.html

Inside the Iraqi Resistance:

What seems clear is that the US has not begun to grasp the depth of Iraqi resentment and continues to feed the anger.

No one escaped unscathed in week of dramatic twists and turns:

Martin Howard, an intelligence chief, gave evidence that the Prime Minister had personally intervened in the case of David Kelly.

2 more GI's wounded in attack in central Iraq

Blair knew: Iraq no threat:

One of the prime minister's closest advisers issued a private warning that it would be wrong for Tony Blair to claim Iraq's banned weapons programme showed Saddam Hussein presented an "imminent threat" to the west or even his Arab neighbours.

The e-mails, the rewritten dossier and how No 10 made its case for war

The extent to which Downing Street sought to convince a doubting British public of the need to go to war in Iraq was exposed before the Hutton inquiry yesterday.

Another US soldier killed in Iraq

Oil Near $31 After Iraq Pipeline Blasts:

U.S. oil prices held near $31 a barrel on Monday after two explosions on Iraq's main northern crude pipeline dashed hopes that the war-torn country would reach its oil export target by year's end.

What Will War Cost?

At a time when President Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy have caused budget deficits that are approaching $500 billion, the prospect of spending an even greater amount to force people to conform to George W. Bush's idea of proper political and economic behavior is a daunting one.

Raiders of the night find the pickings are slim:

The Americans are accompanied by a masked Iraqi interpreter, but as the house is searched, the most frequent sound barked from within is an aggressive and very American: "Shut the f--- up."

Science Without Scruples

They say one should not speak ill of the dead. And yet I propose to do precisely that about the late Dr David Kelly. The `shy, mild mannered, dignified' and now mysteriously DEAD British scientist.

Huge Bomb Blast Hits Baghdad UN HQ, 20 Killed

When Will The President Level With America? Bush Still Playing With the Truth on Iraq.

Chief UN Envoy in Baghdad Dead, U.N. Announces

Official had said his job was to protect Iraqis' interests:

In his last interview published before his death, Vieira de Mello sympathized with Iraqi resentment at having foreign troops on their soil. . . . ``It is traumatic. It must be one of the most humiliating periods in their history. Who would like to see their country occupied?

Yet another US soldier has died in an explosion in Baghdad

Bush Revises View on Iraq: War is Not Over

Iraqi Student: 'Why I Attacked US Troops'

UN Staff in Iraq to Be Evacuated, UN Sources Say:

United Nations staff in Iraq are to be evacuated to Jordan following a truck bomb attack on their Baghdad headquarters that killed at least 17 people, U.N. sources in Baghdad said on Wednesday.

Iraq's Governing Council received warning of truck bombing a week ago:

"The intelligence specifically said that a large-scale act would take place ... against a soft target, such as Iraqi political parties or other parties including the UN,"

Contractor Killed, Two U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq

Iraq's Debt, Unpaid Claims Likely To Cross $300b:

Its foreign debt and unpaid compensation claims, together estimated to be over $300 billion, are just one of the many economic burdens that the new Iraqi regime will have to take into account.

Robert Fisk: UN Attack Underlines America's Crumbling Authority:

Paul Bremer, the US pro-consul, was meant to be an "anti-terrorism" expert. Yet since he arrived in Iraq, he has seen more "terrorism" than he can have dreamt of in his worst nightmares - and has been able to do nothing about it.

Why the UN Is a Target:

On 14 August the Council gave its approval to the recently formed Iraqi Governing Council and it also approved the establishment of a United National Assistance Mission in Iraq (Unami)

Bombers Used 'Enormous Amount of Explosives'

Sen. McCain: Says More Troops Needed In Iraq:

McCain, a member of the armed services committee, said from Baghdad - where he met the US civilian governor, Paul Bremer, and US generals - that troops had a tough time ahead and needed help.

The UN Iraq HQ Bombing

UK Officials Wanted to Gag Expert on Iraq Dossier

No Ethics? No Experience? No Problem:

The Tawdry Tale of WorldCom's Sweetheart Deal in Iraq.

Another U.S. soldier dies in Baghdad attack

Who's sabotaging Iraq? Iraqi saboteurs have become a cover for the coalition‚s failures

In case you missed it:

Iraqi militants returning for attacks:

August 10th, The top U.S. administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer, has been quoted as saying hundreds of Islamic militants who fled the country during the war have returned and are planning major "terrorist attacks".

A Must Read

The Price of Freedom in Iraq and Power in Washington:

A privatized occupation, reaping the financial rewards of warfare. A Must Read

UN Bombing: Terrorism or National Liberation?

Is it a surprise unknown persons have bombed the United Nations building in Baghdad? No, the bombing was inevitable, considering the United Nation's role in the occupation of Iraq.

Who hated Mr. Demello and wanted the UN to butt out of Iraq?

In case you missed it:

Security Council Reserved In Support For Iraq Governing Council

Members of the Security Council yesterday welcomed the creation of the Iraqi Governing Council as "an important first step" in Iraq's transition from occupation to sovereignty.

U.S. Will Ask UN to Widen Force in Iraq:

The Bush administration, seizing on the bomb attack on the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, is preparing a new Security Council resolution that would urge other nations to send troops and aid to secure Iraq.

Spain Under Pressure to Withdraw Forces After First Casualty in Iraq:

Spain already has 744 soldiers there, but the death of one of their own number has shocked the population and opposition parties demanded a parliamentary debate in the belief that Spanish forces should be brought home.

Japanese Troops for Iraq Unlikely:

Japanese politicians say it's now unlikely Japan's Ground Self Defense Forces will go to Iraq following the explosion at the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad.

Poland to withdraw troops from ' high-risk area' near capital:

Poland scaled back its military commitment in Iraq yesterday in response to Tuesday's devastating attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad.

A Price Too High:

How long is it going to take for us to recognize that the war we so foolishly started in Iraq is a fiasco ˜ tragic, deeply dehumanizing and ultimately unwinnable? How much time and how much money and how many wasted lives is it going to take?

Withdraw U.S. forces:

"Staying the course" has a noble ring, but "Don't tread on me" is more to the point. Of all people, the heirs of 1776 should understand the difference between a foreign occupation and national liberation.

Kelly's talk of death in the woods:

Dr David Kelly told a UK diplomat he would probably be "found dead in the woods" if the UK invaded Iraq, the Hutton inquiry has heard.

Fat Cats Fighting The Hard War...

Fraud, waste, abuse, and poor leadership and management. From an embarrassed and shamed officer.

Battle continues for veteran home from war:

"I almost lost my life in Iraq -- and I can't get a place to live?" said Turner, 41, who Army officials say is the first known homeless veteran of the war in Iraq.

After the Invasion, the Hardball:

US Determined to Quash UN, Even (or Especially?) at the Expense of the Iraqi People.

John Pilger: Now We Are The Iraq Extremists:

THE "liberation" of Iraq is a cruel joke on a stricken people. The Americans and British, partners in a great recognised crime, have brought down on the Middle East, and much of the rest of the world, the prospect of terrorism and suffering on a scale that al-Qaeda could only imagine.

The plot thickens:

The frightening possibility that Chalabi knew it, the Americans knew it, the UN didn't and the Americans did nothing to improve security at the UN headquarters will only benefit one player: the Pentagon.

Bush folly in Iraq aids terrorists:

The cost of Bush's folly in human life and in dollars escalates on a daily basis, and there is no relief in sight.

Behind the Failure :

The terrorist truck bomb that blew up the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad this week also blew up the pretensions of an arrogant strategy that assumed the United States could do nation-building on the cheap.

Powell Asks Countries for More Money, Troops in Iraq

Australia ' twisted Iraq intelligence':

A former senior Australian intelligence analyst has accused Canberra of exaggerating the case for going to war in Iraq, on the first day of an official inquiry.


Intelligence expert Andrew Wilkie addressed the Australian inquiry:

"The government lied every time. It skewed, misrepresented, used selectively and fabricated the Iraq story," he said.

Rep Henry Waxman:

Who Forged the Iraq Evidence and Why? Bush Owes the Public Some Serious Answers.

Caught in His Own Lies:

The lies, exaggerations, and distortions go way beyond the one in his State of the Union address about uranium from Africa, though that was a whopper.

Both US soldiers claimed as captured in Iraq are safe, Pentagon ...

Group claims it captured two US soldiers in Iraq

Two US Soldiers Killed in Iraq:

Two more American soldiers have been killed in separate incidents in and around Baghdad, the US military has said.

Coalition forces in Iraq begin to be deserted by their allies

UN will not send troops to Iraq

Is there a difference between American or Saddam Hussein's torture ?

Army Short on Replacement Parts in Iraq

7 Kurds, 2 Turkish Soldiers Die in Batman Province Clash

Three Troops Killed in Basra Attack:

Three British troops have been killed and one seriously wounded in an ambush in the southern Iraqi city of Basra.

Clare Short, MP: It's official - Saddam was not an imminent threat

Emails show how No 10 constructed case for war:

The emails convey a frantic attempt to produce a dossier that will justify aggressive action against Saddam Hussein. Within the space of a fortnight - Mr Blair's aides turned British policy towards Iraq upside down.

Congressional Complicity in WMD Duplicity:

Why has Congress been relatively quiet on the executive branch's deception about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction? The answer is easy:

US, Finds Britain Its Lone Supporter:

America's campaign to rally more support for its occupation of Iraq at the United Nations ran into early opposition last night, leaving Britain as its only powerful ally.

Military Mute On Vaccine Danger?

As long as the military controls the data on soldiers who've gotten sick after their vaccinations, it may be impossible to ever know the whole story.

In the Cross Hairs:

There were several warning signs that the United Nations could soon be in the cross hairs of the forces battling the American-led coalition in Iraq.

Australian case for Iraq war was ' fabricated':

The Australian government "skewed, misrepresented, used selectively and fabricated" the intelligence used to justify its decision to send troops to Iraq, a parliamentary inquiry in Canberra was told yesterday.

New UN resolution: deploying more troops in Iraq unlikely: Annan

War Leaders Face the Music on Homefront:

More than three months after President George W. Bush stood in front of a banner reading "Mission Accomplished" on the USS Abraham Lincoln, the three leaders who planned the invasion of Iraq are this weekend confronting continuing challenges arising from the war.

Robert Fisk: We Have A Long And Dishonourable Tradition Of Smearing The Dead:

Denial has become a disease in Iraq - as it has through most of the Middle East. The Americans deny that they kill innocent civilians in Iraq - but kill them all the same.

Three Iraqis Killed in Najaf Blast--Shi'ite Group:

Iraqi security guards were killed in a bomb explosion Sunday at the office of a senior cleric in the holy Shi'ite Muslim city of Najaf in central Iraq.

Red Cross to Reduce Staff in Iraq After U.N. Blast:

``The level of violence is very high and the authority in charge cannot ensure security throughout the country,''

Britons flee Baghdad embassy :

The British embassy compound in Baghdad has been evacuated following a "credible threat" of attack.

Half a Million Troops Needed to Bring Iraq Under Control:

Either the intelligence assessment was deficient or George Bush and Tony Blair were willing to take an unacceptable degree of risk in this campaign."

Blair duped us on Iraq WMD say two thirds of the public:

More than two thirds of voters believe, that they were deceived by the Government about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

Groping In The Dark:

Iraq may be spinning out of control, but in the Bush administration, the spin was strictly controlled. From Baghdad to the White House, administration spokesmen went to elaborate lengths to argue that the presence of terrorists in Iraq was somehow a positive development.

Iraqi oil to go to Israel:

The United States has asked Israel to prepare a plan to renew the transport of oil from the Iraqi city of Kirkuk to the Haifa port.

Robert Fisk: The Cemetery at Basra: Broken Remnants of Britain's Imperial Past.

Saving Face, Loosing A War:

We call them heroes because they're dead. If they were still alive, we'd be angling to reduce their combat pay and trying to figure out a way to close the hospitals they'll be entitled to use if they survive. A Must Read

Scott Ritter: A Weapons Cache We'll Never See

The philosophers of chaos reap a whirlwind:

The intensification of violence in Iraq is the logical outcome of the Bush administration's choice in 2001 to treat terrorism as a military problem with a military solution - a catastrophic oversimplification.

Bring Our Troops Home and Send In the Neocons:

Isn't it time to take the false neocon propaganda and the neocon advisors and put them where they have placed our American men and women in uniform?

Australia defies troop call:

AUSTRALIA is resisting overtures from Washington to consider a fresh contribution to coalition forces in Iraq as US officials publicly acknowledge a deteriorating security environment.,4057,7057608^421,00.html

World Balks at Growing Iraq Perils:

"People feel Iraq is a mess that could still go either way, and that explains to a great extent the reluctance to send soldiers,"

A war without end? -

More British soldiers are dead. The UN building is reduced to rubble. An oil pipeline is bombed. Water is cut off and the only law is that of the gun. No one can pretend the occupation is bringing peace and democracy. Yet the US, eager to blame 'foreign' terrorists, will not admit that Iraqi resistance is organised and growing

A tally of US taxpayers' tab for Iraq:

Because restoration of Iraqi oil production has been slowed by sabotage and other problems, US consumers and business are paying probably an extra $100 million a day for gasoline and other petroleum products.

US Troops, Using Confiscated Iraqi AK-47s:

''We just do not have enough rifles to equip all of our soldiers. So in certain circumstances we allow soldiers to have an AK-47.

Baptism in the Tigris for U.S.

Christian Soldiers: Chaplain Tran, a Southern Baptist minister, performs regular baptisms of U.S. troops in the waters of the Tigris at a U.S. base in a former palace of Saddam Hussein at his hometown of Tikrit

US admits it used napalm bombs in Iraq

The Pentagon denied using napalm at the time, but Marine pilots and their commanders have confirmed that they used an upgraded version of the weapon against dug-in positions.

Iraqis Riot in Basra; One Protester Dead

BASRA, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqis enraged by fuel shortages rioted in Basra Sunday, forcing British troops to fire warning shots for a second day in an effort to quell some of the worst unrest seen since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

'Bring us home': GIs flood US with war-weary emails

An unprecedented internet campaign waged on the frontline and in the US is exposing the real risks for troops in Iraq.,2763,1015711,00.htm

The WMD Lies: After all the frenzied, kaleidoscopic, crack-brained deception, it is not apparent why anyone would believe any weapons claim made by an agency of the U.S. government.

Destroying Iraq's Public Records

The destruction of all public records creates a lucrative business environment for US corporations, because the registry of public and private ownership has been destroyed.

US Moved to Undermine Iraqi Military Before War

Family shot dead by panicking US troops:

The abd al-Kerim family didn't have a chance. American soldiers opened fire on their car with no warning and at close quarters. They killed the father and three of the children, one of them only eight years old.

New Revelations Surface About Gulf War II "Mystery Illness"

Depleted Uranium: A Post-War Disaster For Environment And Health:

The thoughts of the first British Gulf War Veteran to be tested for, and found to be poisoned with depleted uranium.

Iraqi Trailers Said to Make Hydrogen, Not Biological Arms:

Engineering experts from the Defense Intelligence Agency have come to believe that the most likely use for two mysterious trailers found in Iraq was to produce hydrogen for weather balloons.

1958-1963, Iraq: Revolution and the US Response: How Saddam Used CIA Hit list To Target Leftists.

Rice Says: Critics of US War Policy are 'Racist'

Four US Soldiers Wounded in Fresh Attacks

Ex-Pentagon Official: Bush Administration Should Face War Crimes Tribunal

Napalm by another name: Pentagon denial goes up in flames

US Soldiers Kill Six Iraqi Civilians in Tikrit

Bush appoints supporter to run Iraqi corporate sector:

President George W. Bush has appointed one of his major political fundraisers, Thomas Foley, to draw up a sweeping privatization plan. [Say good bye to your oil and say hello to income tax]

US troops kill Iraqi police: witness:

US soldiers in Baghdad on Saturday shot dead an Iraqi policeman they mistook for an attacker, killed another as he tried to surrender to them and beat a third, a survivor of the incident said.

U.S. Fines Woman for Being 'Human Shield'

A retired schoolteacher who went to Iraq to serve as a "human shield" against the U.S. invasion is facing thousands of dollars in U.S. government fines, which she is refusing to pay.

Iraq bomb attack kills 1, injures two:

An overnight bomb attack in a town northeast of Baghdad killed one US soldier and wounded two others, reports said Monday.

A Villager Attacks U.S. Troops, but Why? :

Iraqi's Life and Death Provide Cautionary Tale.

Eruption of violence in Basra angers army:

Iraqi gunmen shot dead a civilian working for a private security firm in Basra yesterday as British troops again came under attack,2763,1016218,00.html

Noam Chomsky: Preventive War 'The Supreme Crime'

Iraq: invasion that will live in infamy.

The Niger Timebomb:

We have spoken to the Iraqi diplomat Britain accuses of trying to buy uranium for Saddam. If what he has told us is true, his evidence will blow apart one of Mr. Blair's main justifications for war .

A call to arms, a troubled scientist and the unravelling of a mysterious death:

Three Killed in Second Day of Violence in Basra

Iraq Guerrillas Have 5,000 Fighters, Central Command:

An Iraqi resistance group that calls itself the Army of Mohammed has 5,000 fighters and an organized central command, according to three guerrillas interviewed by Newsweek magazine.

Be prepared for terror attacks, says Bremer:

US officials say they are braced for further large-scale terrorist attacks in Iraq, after reports from intelligence sources that hundreds of Islamic militants who escaped across the border to Iran during the war may have slipped back into the country.

Limited War In Iraq Is Illusion:

I can tell you a little bit about a guerrilla war I know something about, the one in Northern Ireland.

CIA Warned Administration of Postwar Guerrilla Peril:

''A quick military victory in Iraq will likely be followed by armed resistance from remnants of the Ba'ath Party and Fedayeen Saddam irregulars.''

Iraqis may not reap benefits of oil:

Supplies are abundant, but profits may not trickle down.

U.S. covert effort preceded Iraq war:

Alliances were forged with Iraqi military leaders to expedite operations.,1413,86~10669~1562820,00.html

Invasion and Resistance: The Iraqi Insurgent War:

The Bush Administration's characterization and assessment of Iraqi insurgency not only misleads the American, it reveals an inordinate degree on ignorance about the nature of people in general and a transparent racist attitude toward Arabs in particular.

U.S. justification for war: How it stacks up now:

Six months later, months of war and revelation, the Powell case can be examined in a new light.

Depiction of Threat Outgrew Supporting Evidence :

His name was Joe, from the U.S. government. He carried 40 classified slides and a message from the Bush administration

The Most Egregious War Crime:

According to an August 2002 report by the UN Sub Commission, the laws which are violated by the use of DU weapons include: the Conventional Weapons Convention of 1980; the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the Charter of the United Nations; the Genocide Convention; the Convention Against Torture; the four Geneva Conventions of 1949; and the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907.

Sen. Says Assumptions Causing Iraq Flap:

Flawed assumptions by President Bush's advisers about postwar Iraq are contributing to Iraqis' resentment of the U.S. occupation and undermining its legitimacy, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said Sunday.,1282,-3011438,00.html

US Troops in Iraq to Serve 1 Year:

"It's a one-year rotation," Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez told The Associated Press in an interview. "Every soldier has been told that they'll be deployed for a year.

What's going on in Iraq? Unfiltered News From The Iraqi Frontlines:

Hear from American Friends Service Committee's Iraq Reps Mary Trotochaud and Rick McDowell. "It was never a war, It's a slaughter"

Taxpayer Tab For Iraq Invasion May Be $600 Billion:

President Bush and other administration officials have refused to provide projections, saying too much is unpredictable. That has angered lawmakers of both parties, who are writing the budget for the coming election year even as federal deficits approach $500 billion.

Saddam ordered chemical attack, inspector to claim:

David Kay, who heads the 1,400-strong Iraq Survey Group, has admitted he has found no trace of the weapons themselves, and cannot explain why they were never used.,2763,1016856,00.html

Iraq Dossier Blow for Blair:

The government's attempts to bolster its case for the war against Iraq suffered a heavy blow on the first day of the Hutton inquiry yesterday.,13747,1016878,00.html

Man fined $10,000 for protesting war in Iraq

Human shields face up to 10 years in prison.

Is Iraqi Intel Still Being Manipulated?

Governing Council criticises coalition's treatment of Iraqis, warns of hatred:

The president of Iraq's 25-man interim Governing Council demanded Monday the US-led coalition forces treat Iraqis better, amid allegations of civilians being struck down by American troops during aggressive raids.

Germany Rules Out Troops to Iraq:

Germany has ruled out sending troops to Iraq to assist US-led forces in stabilizing the war-shattered country, government spokesman Thomas Steg said on Monday.

Mystery Illness Hits More Troops:

Two more soldiers overseas have come down with serious pneumonia, bringing the unexplained cases to 17, the U.S. Army said Monday.

US Rocketing Down a Road That Leads to Victory, Vietnam-Style

apan's Hidden Agenda in Iraq:

Why has Prime Minister Koizumi taken this dangerous political course?

Untold Story: U.S. Newspapers Ignore Iraqi Civilian Deaths:

This kind of reporting not only gives American readers and viewers an incomplete story, but also furthers the mistrust of American media that is becoming more and more pervasive worldwide.

The US, race and war:

Most African-Americans didn't support the war on Iraq - with good reason. But they ended up fighting it.

Iraqi boy killed, four wounded in clash with US forces in Baghdad

U.N. Official: Iraqis Ready to Turn on U.S. Troops:

Prominent Iraqis who despised Saddam Hussein will take up arms against U.S. forces if life under occupation does not quickly improve.

Rough Justice:

American generals know that hardball in Iraq could backfire

Two US soldiers killed in Iraq:

Two US soldiers were killed and three wounded in two separate attacks on convoys in Iraq using homemade bombs

Two reporters, one story: Campbell sexed up the dossier:

Alastair Campbell's alleged role in "sexing up" the September dossier to justify war in Iraq was disclosed to a second BBC journalist by David Kelly, the Hutton inquiry heard yesterday.

Iraqi Exiles Ready to Walk Out on US:

"The population of Iraq perceives correctly that it is the occupiers who are running things. Everybody else is there in some secondary or subservient role."

US Troops Find Israeli Pilot Helmet in Iraq:

$20,000 bonus For official who agreed on US nuke claim:

Energy Dept. honcho ordered dissenters at Iraq pre-briefing to 'shut up, sit down'

Kelly had links to MI6 spies

Blair ordered second interview:

The row over the circumstances surrounding David Kelly's death escalated today after it emerged that Tony Blair ordered the government weapons expert to undergo a second grilling about his contacts with the BBC.,7493,1018995,00.html

Dr David Kelly, loyal foot soldier of the state

In case you missed it: Act of Faith:

CBC reports on the extraordinary coalition of George Bush and Tony Blair. Diplomats had worked feverishly the UN to avert a war. Meanwhile the President of the U.S. and the Prime Minister of Britain had struck a deal that would ultimately lead to war.

British Soldier Killed In Iraq

A British soldier has been killed and two others injured in an attack on a military ambulance in Basra.,,30200-1100408,00.html

Troops in Iraq face pay cut:

The uniformed Americans in Iraq and the 9,000 in Afghanistan will lose a pay increase approved last April of $75 a month in "imminent danger pay" and $150 a month in "family separation allowances."

Iraq: US running with the enemy

Shiite Muslim group demands U.S. troops leave Baghdad a day after Americans fired on protesters

Poll: Support for war slipping; pre-emptive force backed

WDD: Weapons of Deliberate Disinformation

The events of the past few days reveals just how much the media and the state work hand in glove in projecting a view of the world that maintains the fiction of the 'terrorist threat' and what the objectives of the West really are.

Power Cuts in Southern Iraq Halve Oil Exports

The massive theft of power lines in the south is the latest setback to U.S. plans to rebuild the war-torn country, after a series of pipeline blasts and looting derailed reconstruction efforts in the north in June and July.;jsessionid=

Terrorists sprouting under nose of American troops?

Americans don't quite know what they are talking about when it comes to where the resistance is coming from.

Soldiers fire on demonstrators in Baghdad, one civilian killed:

"We're peaceful people, but one edict (from the imams) and the entire American Army will become our prisoner," said Hassan Azab, a member of the local district council.

Calling Out Colin:What Powell got wrong in his U.N. briefing on Iraq

Truth seems to be the hardest word:

If the world's only super power is to ask for people to beleive it, the U.S. administration must work to a high standard of integrity. This has been conspicuously lacking over its adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Dead Journalist's Family Denounces U.S. Iraq Report:

The family of a Spanish television cameraman killed by a U.S. tank shell in Baghdad four months ago dismissed as ``a series of lies'' Wednesday a U.S. report that cleared its soldiers of blame.

US Troops Shoot Dead Six Iraqis

US forces conducting raids and hunting

looters have shot dead six Iraqis and detained 10 others in separate incidents north of Baghdad, an army spokesman said.

Democracy In Iraq might be impossible, US was told:

US intelligence officials cautioned the National Security Council before the Iraq war that the American plan to build democracy was so audacious that, in the words of one CIA report in March, it could ultimately prove "impossible."

Iraqis Offer Tips Over U.S. Blackout:

Iraqis who have suffered for months with little electricity gloated Friday over a blackout in the northeastern United States and southern Canada and offered some tips to help Americans beat the heat.

What Threat? What Evidence? What Strategy?

Are we now more secure for having invaded Iraq? Absolutely not! Iraq posed no real threat to the security of the United States.

Calendar of US Military Dead during Iraqi War

Includes the names of the dead and how they were killed.

Iraq: Five US Soldiers Wounded: when their convoy hit three landmines on a road near the hot-spot western town of Ramadi.,4057,6987417%255E1702,00.html

Troops wounded in action not listed among casualties

Attack on US troops continue: 12 killed in Iraq

Jordan: MPs Seek Extradition of Ahmad Chalabi:

Jordanian deputies will lobby the government to extradite Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi, convicted in Jordan of embezzling millions from a bank in the late 1980s, a leading parliamentarian said on Sunday.

In Search of WM(S)D:

Are Bush‚s Weapons of Mass Self-Destruction plutonium-grade? Will they turn up in Condi Rice‚s office? And will they detonate by next November? A Must Read

Iraqi Clerics Unite In Rare Alliance Against US:

U.S. Fears Shiite, Sunni Cooperation Will Bolster Resistance.

Shi'ites Plan Militia to Protect Holy Sites From GIs

Changing Numbers and Colors of the Dead

Snuffed Candles:

In a stunning development, the Bush Regime announced its unconditional and abject surrender in Iraq this week. What they did surrender, at long last, was the pretense that their pre-invasion warmongering -- built on iron certainties and "smoking guns" and "bulletproof evidence" (Don Rumsfeld's phrase) -- ever had the slightest connection to reality.

Analysis: Soaring costs of ' rescuing' Iraq:

It has become a fiscal nightmare, a monetary Vietnam that already accounts for around 15 percent of the U.S. annual budget deficit.

More than 100 US soldiers in Iraq struck with pneumonia

Army Sends Teams to Probe Iraq Illness

US soldier killed, 3 wounded in Iraq ambush

Saddam's sons buried in Tikrit:

There was a heavy US army presence and journalists were prevented from photographing or filming the swift burial service.

Daughters Say Don't Know Where Saddam Is

Halliburton Profits Skyrocket On Iraq Deals

Halliburton, said work in Iraq had boosted revenue as it swung from a loss to record second-quarter net income.

Polish troops under fire in Iraq

Iraq oil pipeline blown up by saboteurs

Saddam Daughter Says 'Betrayal' Gave U.S. Victory

For an Iraqi Family, 'No Other Choice'

Father and Brother Are Forced by Villagers to Execute Suspected U.S. Informant

Democracy in Iraq? Bush does not want it; it won't happen!

A guerrilla war was planned all along in Iraq against the U.S. and will continue for decades. It will come home to Americans as well.

Three months after end of major combat, Iraqis deeply distrustful of U.S. occupiers

A child was dying, and so was the good will that this company of the Florida National Guard had worked for more than two months to build.

US Bartering Arms for Soldiers for Iraq

Faced with a rising death toll among its soldiers in Iraq, the United States is trying to "buy" foreign troops

Bait & Switch: The Neocon Case for War in Iraq

Iraq: soldiers doling out "Dirty Harry" style vigilante justice: "They beat him pretty bad. They beat him, tied him up and beat him again," said a US officer on condition of anonymity.

How many Americans will die for oil?

George Bush has given oil companies carte blanche in Iraq. This will lead to disaster.

Robert Fisk: British Troops Play it Cool. But Anxiously They Eye the North

The south has been relatively free of the guerrilla attacks suffered by US forces in Baghdad. But is that all about to change?

U.S. Wants Saddam, But Dead - Not Alive

Dead dictators tell no tales.

Top Saddam Aide: Iraq Destroyed WMD's In 1991: Leader sought to keep up guessing game to prevent a US invasion.

Blair and Bush join forces to spin away weapons issue:

At the same time both men are working to lower the burden of proof - from finding weapons to finding evidence that there were programmes to develop them

British Intelligence chief to quit after split on Iraq:

Britain's top spymaster has decided to retire early, dealing a damaging new blow to the Government's credibility over its presentation of intelligence on Iraq.

US Renews Sanctions on Iraq

President Bush has continued for one year the national emergency with respect to Iraq, citing continued instability in the country.

US Tries To Silence Niger:

America has warned the Niger government to keep out of the row over claims that Saddam Hussein sought to buy uranium for his nuclear weapons programme from the impoverished West African state.

Ministry Of Defense Tried To Destroy Kelly Files.

The backlash: growing doubts over Kelly's story

Anti-war activists On secret US No-Fly List

Wounded soldiers battle injuries, emotions upon return to U.S.

Part of Shrode's therapy each day is learning how to write with his left hand. If he goes slowly enough, the letters look almost as good as if he were penning them with his missing right hand.

The unreported cost of war: at least 827 American wounded

Shi'ites raise new battle cry:

The growing radicalization of Iraqi Shi'ites, as reflected in the creation of the "army of al-Mahdi", heralds the widening of the anti-occupation movement beyond the expectations of the US government.

Iraqis fear soldiers will rob them:

Citizens have problems trying to retrieve property seized at checkpoints, and the attitude is poisoning relations.

75-year-old farmer was shot dead at a coalition checkpoint

Burned Alive! U.S. Firebombed Iraqi Soldiers:

"They were Iraqi soldiers there. It's no great way to die," he added. How many Iraqis died, the military couldn't say. No accurate count has been made of Iraqi war casualties.

Arabs snub US over troops:

Arab League foreign ministers have ruled out sending troops to help US forces to stabilise Iraq.

The war according to David Hackworth:

The retired colonel calls Donald Rumsfeld an "asshole" whose bad planning mired U.S. troops in an ugly guerrilla conflict in Iraq. His sources? Defiant soldiers sending dispatches from the front.

American Civilian Is Killed in Iraq:

An American civilian contractor was killed Tuesday when a bomb was detonated under the truck he was driving.,1280,-2991309,00.html

Death marches at double in Iraq but US public unaware:

"Since the war has started, I can't give you an exact number because that's classified information"

Even with Weapons, Hussein Was No Threat:

If Saddam Hussein had amassed chemical, biological, and ˜ yes ˜ even nuclear weapons, he would not have posed a threat to the American people. As offensive tools, those weapons would have been useless.

Britain: The real outlaw state:

"The reality is that the Blair government is seriously out of control ˆ an outlaw state, undertaking its foreign policy in open contempt for international ethical standards, including riding roughshod over the United Nations."

Downing St accused of new low after 'Walter Mitty' smear of Kelly

Was The war on Iraq Conceived in Israel ?

To understand why Israeli leaders would want a Middle East war, it is first necessary to take a brief look at the history of the Zionist movement and its goals.

War casualties overflow Walter Reed hospital:

Officials at Walter Reed Army Medical Center are referring some outpatients to nearby hotels because casualties have overloaded the hospital's convalescence facility.

Portrait of a US combat casualty

The other Iraq fraud:

Last fall, a majority of Americans said Mr. Hussein was personally involved in Sept. 11, something even the administration didn't dare to claim.

Iraqis Deny al-Qaeda Fighting US Troops,1280,-2990428,00.html

Has Blair Sexed Up Saddam‚s Atrocities, Too?

Exposing the lies:: Q & A With CIA Analyst Stephen Pelletiere

Who killed the Kurds? Israel's part in a US invasion of Iraq.

Iraqis flock to Mahdi's Shia army against US occupation.

Pak Not To Send Troops to Iraq:

Other countries the United States has approached for help, including India and Turkey, have also said they couldn't send troops without a new UN mandate.

'We don't feel like heroes anymore'

I am a private first class in the Army's 671st Engineer Company out of Portland. I just wanted to let you know a little bit of what we are up to, maybe so that you can have another opinion of what's going on over here in Iraq.

Returning Marines critical of Iraq plan: Occupation not run well, some say.

Two US soldiers killed in Baghdad

General: Saddam Allies Raise Bounty on Americans

Al Gore's Speech On President Bush's Iraq Policy

Blix: Invasion of Iraq Violated UN Charter

Wolfowitz Admits: Iraq Was Not Involved In 9-11 Terrorist Attacks, No Ties To Al-Qaeda:

The Bush administration had no evidence linking Iraq to 9-11 or al-Qaeda, but simply used the horrific terrorist attacks as a reason to overthrow Saddam Hussein and his Baathist regime.

German News Report Exposes U.S. Use of Napalm Bombs In Iraq:

"Napalm. The horror weapon in the Viet Nam war. It is internationally outlawed, their use is contrary to international law. And it was nevertheless used in the Iraq war by the US army.

US rejects German napalm bombing report

US Soldier Killed in Western Baghdad

US soldier dies of gunshot wound in Baghdad

Is the Price, in Blood and Money, Too High?

The price of occupation has been estimated at $1 billion a week, contributing to what is already the largest federal deficit in American history.

Group counts civilian toll

About 20,000 civilians were wounded in the Iraq war and the US-British occupiers were ignoring their suffering, a research group said, in what it termed the first study of the war's casualty toll. "The maimed civilians of Iraq have been brushed under the carpet,"

Immunity for Iraqi Oil Dealings Raises Alarm:

An executive order signed by President Bush more than two months ago is raising concerns that U.S. oil companies may have been handed blanket immunity from lawsuits and criminal prosecution in connection with the sale of Iraqi oil.,0,4076489.story

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