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CANADA NewsWire summary of releases for Afternoon, Tuesday

CNW Telbec (Communiqués de presse) – Canada –
crisis in Haiti puts humanitarian efforts at risk (Haiti – C3247)

UMCOR Hotline, February 24, 2004
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
The crisis that exploded into violent insurrection in Haiti is "a great human catastrophe," according to the Rev. Raphael Dessieu

I-NEWS on the News
February 24, 2004 Infoshop News – USA

SUPPORT Institutions, Not Despots in Haiti – Washington,DC,USA
northern half of the country on February 5. Haiti – On Saturday, February 21, the Bush Administration and – commitments made to Caribbean leaders in January 2004 to…

HAITI: Violent Reprisals Feared Human Rights Watch
– USA (New York, February 24, 2004…
Human Rights Watch said that the international community should consider sending military troops and police to Haiti to…

VIOLENCE in Haiti denies many children health care and education
… UN News Centre 24 February 2004ˆ
With malnutrition and disease the major causes of children's deaths in armed conflicts, the violence in Haiti is denying many children…

REBELLION rolls forward in Haiti
ABC Online - Australia
... The insurrection that erupted in Haiti earlier this month has so far left at least 70 people dead and several hundreds wounded.

AVOID the Temptation to Meddle in Haiti
The Independent Institute - Oakland,CA,USA
... senators from Florida, a key state in the 2004 election for both parties, recently urged President Bush take rapid military action to stabilize Haiti and ...

Haiti rebels head for capital:
The rebels, led by former members of the disbanded army and the national police, were also reported to be rounding up supporters of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti's second largest city, Cap Haitien,3604,1154660,00.html

Haiti: Five facts and One Appeal:
Haiti is in crisis, and an entire society stands on the brink of economic and humanitarian disaster. This disaster is not the product of some unfortunate circumstance, but the direct result of policies carried out by our governments.

SHAME On Us ˆ Facing Reality –
Monday 23, February-2004 Nation News – Barbados
ONE OF THE GREATEST tragedies in the history of the Caribbean is being played out right before our eyes, in our CARICOM sister nation of Haiti.…

US Marines enter Port-Au-Prince
TUESDAY, February 24, 2004
Twin Falls, Idaho Twin Falls Times-News – Twin Falls,ID,USA PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP)—
Fifty US Marines streamed into the capital Monday to protect the US Embassy and its staff, while government loyalists set flaming …

DUTCH news in brief ˆ
24 February Expatica – Netherlands…
he Foreign Affairs Ministry has strong advised travel to Haiti due to the worsening security situation there. All…

HEADLINES for February 24, 2004
Democracy Now – USA
In Haiti, 50 members of the Marine's Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team arrived in Port Au Prince Monday to secure the US embassy.…

FRANCE mulls joining Haiti peace force
Expatica – Netherlands
Chirac, on a two-day visit to Hungary, also called for negotiations to end the insurrection that erupted in Haiti in early February and has so far left at…

REBELS set to storm Port-au-Prince
Radio Netherlands–
Netherlands by our Internet desk, 24 February 2004.
Haiti has a few hours left to find a compromise that will stop the country's slide towards all-out civil war.…

TUESDAY, February 24th 2004
Virgin Islands Daily News – U.S. Virgin Islands…
Despite the volatile political situation in Haiti, officials from the US Coast … In Fiscal Year 2004 – since October 2003 – 1,135 Haitian immigrants have been…

BRITONS advised to leave Haiti
BBC News – London,England,UK…
The FO has been advising against all travel to Haiti, which borders the Dominican Republic, since 13 February. Over the …

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