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U.S. ‘Playing Games’ With Haiti, Say Policy Critics:

“The United States is playing games with Haiti,” claims native-born Haitian Robert Fatton Jr., chairman of the Government and Foreign Affairs department at the University of Virginia,,c1gb8839-9697,00.html

ARISTIDE on familiar ground
Indianapolis Star - Indianapolis, IN, USA
... survived several attempts on his life as a priest espousing revolt and was ousted in a coup within months of becoming Haiti's ... I will leave the palace February ...

HAITIAN detainees begin fast in Miami
Boston Globe - Boston, MA, USA
... indicated that some had relatives who have died in the violence in Haiti. ... a mass exodus anytime soon but acknowledged that could change if the insurrection in ...

HAITI in uproar
Worcester Telegram - Worcester, MA, USA
... Rev. DiGeronimo clearly remembers his trip to Haiti during President Aristide's inauguration in February 2001. "He had great support from the poor people. ...

ARISTIDE agrees to peace plan for Haiti - New Zealand
... attacked by armed Aristide loyalists, erupted into full revolt on February... The rebellion spread through northwest and central Haiti, killing more than 50 people ...,2106,2822568a12,00.html

LACKING Accord, Diplomats Leave a Divided Haiti
New York Times – New York, NY, USA … the plan, again insisted that he would complete his term that ends February … Either Haiti would slide into civil war, setting off a humanitarian crisis and a …

STALEMATE in Haiti peace talks – India The challenges confronting Haiti in implementing a political solution to the country's … In the rebel-held town of Gonaives, leaders of the insurrection reacted …

JOURNALISTS attacked in Haiti
CNN International – World … both rebels and Aristide backers at roadblocks since the uprising began February … Haiti's most prominent journalist, Jean Dominique, was assassinated in 2000 at …

HAITI'S crisis worsens as Aristide foes dig in heels
Channel News Asia – Singapore … It is unsafe to remain in Haiti … since the insurgency began to complicate the political crisis when rebels took the northwestern town of Gonaives on February 5 …

HAITI peace plan rejected
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia International mediators have failed to break Haiti's worsening political crisis as opponents of … stem the violence that has left at least 57 dead since February …

DIPLOMATS Leave Haiti Without Agreement
Wyoming News – WY,USA By MARK STEVENSON Sunday, February 22, 2004. PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – A diplomatic delegation left Haiti after failing to persuade opponents of President Jean Bertrand Aristide

ARISTIDE agrees to peace plan for Haiti
Reuters - London,England,UK
... February 5 when an armed gang that once supported Aristide kicked police out of the city of Gonaives. The rebellion spread through northwest and central Haiti ...

US orders partial withdrawal from embassy in Haiti
Boston Globe - Boston,MA,USA
By George Gedda, Associated Press, 2/21/2004 14:20. WASHINGTON (AP) The State Department, citing continued violence in Haiti, ordered the withdrawal on Saturday ...

US envoys present peace plan to Haiti
Anchorage Daily News - Anchorage,AK,USA
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (February 21, 8:19 am AST) - A US-led diplomatic mission presented Haiti's government and opposition with a peace plan Saturday, hoping ...

ARISTIDE supporters clash with protesters in Haiti
Tacoma News Tribune - Tacoma,WA,USA
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (February 21, 5:54 am PST) - Militants loyal to President Jean-Bertrand Aristide clashed with protesters demanding his resignation…

WHY Is Haiti Cursed?
Merh News Agency – Tehran,Iran
… Then on 5 February the former Cannibals seized control of the whole city of … Nowhere else in Latin America comes close to matching Haiti ‘s dismal record of…

New York Post – New York,NY,USA
By ANDY SOLTIS. February 21, 2004 — Americans … In Haiti, there were no new reports of casualties added to the 60 or so deaths suffered in the insurrection…

SET the right priorities in Haiti
Miami Herald – Miami,FL,USA
… It shouldn’t take an armed invasion of Haiti to put an end to … An effort by Mr. Aristide’s critics to curtail the growing insurrection would demonstrate that…

FOREIGNERS flee violence in Haiti
Newark Star Ledger – Newark,NJ,USA
… Aristide’s term ends February 2006, and he has said he will not leave
… Minister Denis Coderre, who will join an international delegation
arriving in Haiti today…

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