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UN team heads to Haiti - Australia
A UN team was on its way to Haiti to plan for a multinational force that will deploy there within the next three months, a UN spokesman said today....,4057,8912799%255E1702,00.html

HAITI interim president sworn - Australia
HAITI'S interim president was solemnly sworn in today, as ousted president Jean-Bertrand Aristide restated his claim from his faraway African asylum to be the ...,4057,8912819%255E1702,00.html

ARISTIDE calls for calm after Haiti killings
Reuters - London,England,UK
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (Reuters) - Exiled Haitian leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide has appealed to his supporters to peacefully resist an "occupation" of Haiti, a ...

US Scolds Aristide for Saying He Still Leads Haiti
Wired News - USA
... African Republic where he is in exile, Aristide suggested there should be a peaceful resistance in his country to what he called the US "occupation" of Haiti. ...

At approximately 7:20 am EST, Democracy Now! managed to reach exiled Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide by cell phone in the Central African Republic. His comments represent the most extensive English-language interview Aristide has given since he was removed from office and his country.
Listen to 30 min. exclusive interview:
Read transcript:

Haiti's Aristide defiant in exile:
Haiti's exiled president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, has insisted he remains the elected head of his country. "In one word it was a kidnapping… You can say coup d'etat."

The ouster of democracy:
In Haiti, Washington confirmed a foreign policy that is driven by self-interest and delivered through force. What happened was not a revolution but a coup. And no simple domestic overthrow either. This was the kind of regime change that the French and the US could sign up to.,3604,1164195,00.html

Witnesses: "Aristide Under Lock & Key":
Sunday a.m. in the Central African Republic: Haiti President Is Cut Off from Attorney, Delegation

NEW looting spree in Haiti capital as Aristide says he remains president...
Channel News Asia - Singapore
PORT-AU-PRINCE : Hundreds of people went on a looting rampage in the Haiti capital as ousted leader Jean Bertrand Aristide insisted he is still president of ...

HAITI: DA given slap on wrist
News24 - South Africa
... The national conventional arms control committee (NCACC) on Monday rejected claims made by the Democratic Alliance regarding South African arms sales to Haiti. ...,6119,2-7-12_1495151,00.html

THE Rape of Haiti
Dissident Voice - Santa Rosa,CA,United States
by Justin Felux. The recent events in Haiti are yet another sad chapter in the history of Western imperialism. The roots of the current ...

ARISTIDE Calls for Calm After Six Killed in Haiti
Reuters - United States
... Marines engaged the gunmen. One of them was killed," Col. Mark Gurganus, commander of US forces in Haiti, told reporters. Gurganus ...

SMALL protest in Reno against US Haiti policy
A small group of protesters have staged a demonstration in downtown Reno over US policy toward Haiti. The four protesters, who are ...

KERRY Speaks Out on Deadly Haiti Violence
Christian Broadcasting Network - USA
By Paul Strand. Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry says if he were president, things would be much different in Haiti. ...

ARISTIDE Declares He Still Rules Haiti
ABC News - USA
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti March 8 &Mac247; Jean-Bertrand Aristide declared from African exile Monday that he was still president of Haiti, while US Marines investigated ...

ARISTIDE calls for resistance after six killed in Haiti violence
Channel News Asia - Singapore
"I am the democratically elected president of the Republic of Haiti and I remain the constitutional president," he said Monday in an interview with French ...

ARISTIDE appeals for peace in Haiti
... US officials have dismissed Aristide's assertion, saying he voluntarily left Haiti after being told rebel opponents would likely kill thousands of Haitians if...

HAITI revellers massacred
South Australia Advertiser - Adelaide,South Australia,Australia
... Antena 3 Spanish television station. The wounded included two Haiti police officers and an American journalist. US Marines leading an ...,5936,8907254%255E912,00.html

SIX killed, 34 wounded in Haiti violence
Channel News Asia - Singapore
PORT-AU-PRINCE : Gunmen opened fire on an opposition rally in Haiti, killing at least six people, including a journalist, and wounding 34 more as Haitians ...

VIOLENCE greets Canadians landing in Haiti
The Globe and Mail - Canada
... their attackers had been. It was the first engagement for the marines since landing in Haiti a week ago. The advance Canadian Forces ...

AVOID arbitrary deadline for Haiti
Orlando Sentinel (subscription) - Orlando,FL,USA
In the drama of Haiti, where death, destruction and desperation have given way to relative calm under the vigilant eye of a US-led and United Nations...,1,4606038.column?coll=orl-opinion-headlines

ESCAPE of deportees heightens Haiti tension
St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
... force. By DAVID ADAMS and BILL DURYEA. PORT-AU-PRINCE - In Haiti, when presidents fall from power, the jails empty fast. When news ...

CANADA must do more for Haiti, Annan says
The Globe and Mail - Canada
Prime Minister Paul Martin needs to spend more money on Canada's military and quickly develop its presence in Haiti, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi ...

HAITI proves tough test for US support for democracy
San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco,CA,USA
… a democracy and how far the United States will go to defend it have become murkier since a US plane flew President Jean-Bertrand Aristide out of Haiti and into…

HAITI arms export doesn't add up – DA
IAfrica South African News – Cape Town,South Africa
Education Minister Kader Asmal's explanation for the National Conventional Arms Control Committee's (NCACC) approval of an arms shipment to Haiti "simply does…

HAITI rally shootings kill 6
News24 – South Africa
… Six people were killed, including a journalist, and 34 more wounded after gunmen opened fire on an opposition rally near the presidential palace in Haiti's…,,2-10-1462_1494950,00.html

POPULAR correspondent for Spanish TV killed in Haiti
The Star – Malaysia
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) – Even after he had been shot, Spanish journalist Ricardo Ortega didn't stop working. One of the most…

AT Least 6 Killed in Gunfire After March in Haiti
New York Times – USA
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, March 7 At least six people were killed today when gunfire broke out at the presidential palace, after thousands of Haitians, including…

US coup in Haiti stirs outrage
Workers World – United States
… On the night of Feb. 28-29 the US carried out a coup in Haiti, kidnapping the president and flying him out of the country in the custody of an armed guard.…

JACKSON Calls For Hearings On Haiti
Atlanta Daily World – Atlanta,GA,USA
… democracy in Iraq, but our Secretary of State, the White House and Department of Defense conducted a coordinated campaign with the rightwing element in Haiti…

ANTI-ARISTIDE Protest In Haiti
580 CFRA Radio – Ottawa,Ontario,Canada
The demonstrators were calling for the return to Haiti of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide so he could be tried for corruption.…

HAITI ‚ s brutal history largely of our making
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – Minneapolis,MN,USA
… me grisly autopsy photographs of the bullet-riddled corpse of his dead brother and begged me ˜ an acquaintance ˜ to tell Americans the truth about Haiti.…

SHOTS Fired at Crowd Wound 3 in Haiti
ABC News – USA
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti March 7 ˜ Thousands of Haitians marched on the presidential National Palace on Sunday, burning a billboard of exiled leader Jean…

CARICOM leaders should not turn backs on Haiti
Barbados Advocate – Barbados
By Petal Barclay-Smith. Caricom governments are being called upon to reject out of hand any suggestion that Haiti be expelled or suspended from Caricom.…

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