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13/08/95 Haiti -US dodges Democracy-Pt 2

From: jclancy@peg.apc.org Subject:

Well! What have we here! A real live CIA trained and financed Fraph member. Toto Constant is the name and he is accused of being in the USA illegally, with temporary residence in Maryland. Many people want to QUESTION him, but many more want to know the TRUTH about the 4000 killings and tens of thousands of other major violations that, as a key figure, he must have had knowledge of.

At the moment he will not break his oath of silence, so what does the govt do to get the best effect from the necessary whitewash?

1. He could, like Colonel North, be brought before a friendly Grand Jury and become a national American hero with two more medals.

2. He could start to spill the beans. But that would lead to a swift accidental death in jail -difficult to explain away. J.Ruby?

3. He could be deported to Haiti to take up the former position of trust and power but in a new police uniform.

4. He could be appointed vice-President of Haiti for life with body-guards, a bag of torture equipment and a substantial pension.

5. He could be given safe passage to join his General Cedras in Panama or Dominican Republic or even Liberia, Burma or Indonesia where there are plenty of US favored generals to parade with.

6. He could offer to replace some of the innocent citizens on Death Row in the overcrowded US jails. For that I suppose he would first have to 'see the light'.

7. Some lawyers want him interred under Contempt of Court rules for refusing to answer questions. So that goes back to suggestion 1.

8. He could become a US citizen in return for naming names and causing about 4000 CIA members to be deported somewhere instead.

But that is a million to one shot. And we don't want any more of THEM in Australia. For some reason unexplained so far, it appears that Fraph members cut off his girl friend's arm and half her tongue, gashes about the head, and left for dead! That could have been accidental perhaps?

Anyone else got any ideas? JC

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