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13/08/95 Haiti -US dodges Democracy-Pt 1
From: jclancy@peg.apc.org Subject: Haiti- US dodges Democracy

As we all know, 'United (or League of) Nations' were only formed by imperialist countries to 'take care of' the sources of raw materials and cheap labor. Among the hundreds of examples, Haiti presents the shining light of what can be achieved by the US and allies combined with the carefully nurtured owners of the land against the usual repressed, tortured, murdered, uneducated people.

My first article suggested that the only way to have advanced the cause and welfare of the people would have been for Aristide to have continued his residence in the USA until all cards were on the table and NO USarmy/CIA/christian church/Republican corruption presence would be part of the great change needed to avoid slavery. What joy the men with money get outof all this is incomprehensible.

The media made sure that no advice was given on voting rights and the dates and times when sufficient assistance would be available at polling booths. Only the usual lies were printed to assure the people that the US really wanted to help them achieve a different status than the centuries old foreign ownership/control.

When a few of the Fraph, Macoute, Army killers of people were beaten up by mobs, most were withdrawn for further training by US specialists, only to be recycled again as police, this time with official powers to continue the murder of dissidents. As Ramsey Clark has suggested, there is only one way that this position can be changed and that is for the people to rise up and do so. But the US is ensuring that there will be no more 'Cubas' in the Caribbean. US-type 'democracy' can only be defeated by direct action if any peoples want the advanced social/democracy available to Cubans. Lets say that no Haitians are happy apart from the landlords, the US and their puppets, just as it is in all of Latin America. Next step may be the return of General Cedras to really control things.

Some US neo-liberal policies include, removal of all tariffs on export agricultural produce forcing farms to compete with other IMF-controlled cheap labor nations; privatising of all govt instrumentalities; no depending on foreign aid; etc. Election interference included arranging for a multiplicity of about 40 Parties' ensuring that the people were totally confused; shifting the goal-posts (polling booths); losing the vote papers in the advertised unfriendly areas; US Church scrutinisers saw bundles changed from 7 to 107 in support of an US/Aristide person; even allowing the odd murder of candidates and voters to happen; and generally rejoicing in the 'great voter turnout' of approx 30%, just like for the two-party identical twins so popular in the USA.

Now the Haitians are facing the repayment of all US-organised loans, which were supposed to get the country started again. This is akin to leaving the Rebels in Rwanda $millions to fix their own Law Courts, water storage, electricity, hospitals etc. Good old Uncle Sam's way of rewarding their favorite generals, death squads and neo-nazi politicians. Most honest men in Haiti boycotted the polls on the belief that the CIA would control the voting -no matter who they voted for. At the peak of the election, 20,000 Haitians were being held in US Base detention. The eagle-eyes of the US Ambassador and the UN watched all! No human rights allowed!

Next step the election for President. Aristide may be rewarded for obeying orders, or he may disappear from the scene? All candidates will be allowed expenses and two-hour time on local TV.

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