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Lies, Propaganda, Exploitation, Abuse and Strumming Fratricide in Haiti – the tried and true colonial blueprints – A study of Leth’s Ghost of Site Soley

5 January 2008

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January 1, 2008 – Another Independence day Under Occupation by Marguerite Laurent, Dec. 31, 2007, Haitian Perspective

Lies, Propaganda, Exploitation, Abuse and Strumming Fratricide in Haiti – the tried and true colonial blueprints – A study of Leth Garth’s Ghost of Site Soley

…..Who should we approach about the 110 UN soldiers from Sri Lanka caught sexually abusing and raping under age Haitian children and turning Haiti into a brothel for foreign officialdom’s gleeful perversions? Who should we approach about this International occupation holding our people hostage. About the UN soldiers’ massacres, rapes of our women and repression of Haiti’s defenseless poor? About the lies of the mainstream media and awful anti-Aristide propaganda in so-called ‘documentaries’ like the Ghost of Site Soley?

In this documentary, Eleonore “Lele” Senlis, there in Haiti, like the UN Sri Lankan soldiers to offer ‘humanitarian’ assistance and ‘relief,’ has herself filmed, lustfully leering at not one naked young Haitian male, but two Haitian brothers. Her cameraman pans to them, each in turn, washing their genitalia sections in preparation to sexually service this so-called ‘relief’ worker. (Go to 1:38 minutes into Part 5 | In the case of the brother 2Pac, he is filmed entirely naked. Then the camera, – the so-called “documentary?” camera – pans to the Frenchwoman lurking behind a curtain, fully dressed in white privilege and a lecherous grin. (Go to 8:05 minutes into Part 6 | Eleonore Senlis was then an HIV/Aid education worker heading a large NGO in Haiti. But, she is filmed bringing the ghetto chiefs drugs or “medicine,” getting Bily’s soldiers to doctors when they’ve been shot, giving Bily money as he lies in his bed with her alongside (”This is for you. Don’t spend it on girls” she says. – Go to 2:13 minutes into Part 5 |

In the slick film, the Frenchwoman says she “…honestly admire more Bily than 2Pac. I think in his heart. He wants to do good for Site Soley” (Go to 3:13 minutes into Part 5 | This footage hints at how to raw footage of this film was cleverly cut and edited by Asger Leth to construct his slick anti-Aristide propaganda. Because we hear the Frenchwoman say she admires Bily more than 2Pac, but her words are NOT WRITTEN in the captions. The film conspires to magnify 2Pac nihilism instead his disillusionment, young macho bravado, vulnerability, cry for help and understandable insecurities shine through. It emphasizes 2Pac’s bitterness against the Aristide administration and “as truth” Bily’s violent nature. But falls short of making these cases altogether, despite all the clever Leth’s editing efforts. What we are left with is simply two sad brothers living under unspeakable human poverty and all sorts of deprivations and how a Frenchwoman, who found asylum with them in Site Soley, Haiti, added to their misery, entered to brazenly strum odious brotherly rivalry – fratricide. A perfect colonial blueprint. (See, 1804 Independence Proclamation of Haiti’s Founding father, General Jean Jacques Dessalines “….if they find asylum amongst us, they will be once more the schemers of our troubles and our divisions.”

For, as her protective camera rolls, the Frenchwoman publicly emasculates the powerless, dependent but pro-Aristide Brother Bily, telling him: “…Since not long, since a few days, I have some guy. But the guy is your brother. OK. So that’s the situation now…I’m not joking.” (Go to 8:58 minutes into Part 6 | Both brothers, 2Pac and Bily are now dead. Bily was disappeared on December 1, 2005 as the anti-Aristide Boca Raton regime (allied to the US/France/Canada-supported Guy Philippe/Jean Tatoune/Louis Jodel Chanblain death squad thugs that this so-called “documentary” portrays, in the end, as “liberators of Haiti”) shot 107 prisoners point blank while still in their cells at the UN-”guarded” Haitian National Penitentiary. The brothers’ small children have been left, as most of the 2004 coup d’etat victims, penniless and fatherless. But France, like Canada and the US are happy with Haiti now. For the first time in history, a French president is scheduled to land in Haiti. The Frenchwoman, Eleonore Senlis moves on. Perhaps next to sell her wares and add more Black scalps to her belt in some poor country in Africa? No?……

Forwarded by the haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

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