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HLLN – Haiti News and Information 31/12/07 - 5/1/08


Touch and Go By Studs Terkel, with Sydney Lewis, read by Norman …
Chicago Tribune – United States
The author tells the harrowing story of her childhood in turbulent Haiti and her uncle’s unfortunate attempt to rejoin his family in America years later. …

Facing up to Haiti’s brutal past – Miami,FL,USA
2 story Haiti keeps alive the truth of past evils was incredibly timely. The day before, I had chatted with my 18-year-old son about the Duvalier regime. …

Al Boogs aka Land Lord – “Little Haiti (Freestyle)”
By Des
Download: LandLord – “Little Haiti Freestyle”. Continue for more on Al Boogs aka LandLord. (more…)


Haiti’s Debt
Monthly Review – Herndon,VA,USA
by Joe Emersberger Despite being the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti lags behind many countries in the Americas in obtaining debt …

For Bush, AIDS Relief Is a Rare Triumph
New York Times – United States
In Haiti, about 13000 patients are now receiving anti-retroviral drugs. That is only half the estimated 26000 who need them, but far more than the 100 being …

Franco Martinelli – Monthly Review – December 2007
By DjMz
This Haiti Groove release is enriched with some hot remixes, Lego delivers two beautiful reworks, the Lego’s Vocal mix is a warm soulful affair with an intense latin flavour, while the “Lego’s dub” is a …

Slavery theme park for Haiti
By Martin Couzins
I am not making this up. The Metro reports that an American couple are planning to develop a theme park on Haiti where visitors can actually play a slave for the day. Martin Couzins, online editor.


Disturbing the Peace, in Haiti and New Orleans -
By Mark S.
The fact that the lawyer whose protests had been tolerated by Haiti's dictatorship was brutally arrested for standing outside a hearing room in Louisiana is an unwelcome sign of America's decreasing democratization. ...

Slave and Torture Theme Park
By Deborah
Americans Ron and Carla Bluntschli, who live in Haiti -- the world's first black republic -- have set up a foundation to get Memory Village off the ground and have already raised enough money to buy half of the three acres needed for ...

Haiti's Christmas in Hell
By bruce
by John MaxwellThe transformation of Haiti into a giant "concentration camp" under de facto US and United Nations rule is motivated by the centuries-old logic of racial oppression. The Christmas season brought no relief to a people ...

Haiti has been purposely kept in debt and destitution
By Magbana
Thanks for the post on Haiti. I appreciate your sharing critical information about Haiti. Not only are Haiti's problems not all of their own making, they are MOSTLY not of their making. Below is an excerpt of an article I wrote in ...


Haiti 1804: Gen.Dessalines' Proclamation of Haiti's Independence
By hcvanalysis
Indigenous of Haiti, my fortunate destiny reserved me to be one day the sentinel who had to watch guard the idol to which you are making your sacrifice, I have watched, fought, sometimes alone, and, If I have been fortunate to deliver ...

French President to Visit Haiti
Port au Prince, Jan 2 (Prensa Latina) President of France Nicolas Sarkosy plans to travel to Haiti on a yet to be defined date, Secretary of State of La Francophonie Jean Marie Bockel announced on Tuesday, on the second day of his visit ...

Haiti’s bloody political past – Miami,FL,USA
It is those horrible memories of Haiti’s oppressive past that President René Préval wants to keep alive by turning the Casernes Dessalines into a museum …

Haiti: Freedom for Political Prisoner René Civil
By Wadner Pierre(SF Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay))
We are pleased to share with you photographs from a brief press conference held on December 15, 2007 to celebrate the release of political prisoner René Civil, a Fanmi Lavalas organizer and leader of Jeunesse Pouvoir Populaire (JPP).


Haiti National Day
Campaign Date : 01 Jan 2008.

Commentary: Haiti needs a sense of urgency to catch up with the… Caribbean Net News – Georgetown,Cayman Islands By Jean H Charles I have spent recently a month long in Haiti; I just came back from St Lucia. While there, I said to myself, Haiti needs fifty years to …—6-6—.html

French minister visits Haiti
Caribbean Net News – Georgetown,Cayman Islands
PARIS, France: Jean-Marie Bockel, France’s Minister of State responsible for Cooperation and Francophony, was due to arrive in Haiti on Sunday for a…—2-2—.html

Kingfish seizes, guns, ammo during operation at sea
Jamaica Observer – Kingston,Jamaica
Seven men suspected to be involved in the guns-for-drugs trade between Jamaica and Haiti were also arrested by the cops. According to the task force, …

Lest we forget- The Real History of Haiti
By Marshall Jevons(Marshall Jevons)
Congress soon concurred and passed a law prohibiting all trade with Haiti, which Jefferson signed. This ukase guaranteed Haiti’s isolation for most of the nineteenth century, during which it became the poverty-ridden coup-tormented mess …


Canada Congratulates the People of Haiti on the Occasion of their… Government of Canada Newsroom (press release) – Ottawa,ON,Canada“As Haiti celebrates its national day, we are reminded of the progress the country has made, particularly in terms of security and in the political arena. …

Haiti: Prayer for the New Year
By Janine Mendes-Franco
Pwoje Espwa bids 2007 farewell and welcomes the New Year with a prayer.

US Policy On Haiti Needs Adjusting, Congresswoman Says
The Bahama Journal – Nassau,Bahamas
By Candia Dames The United States’ foreign policy as it regards Haiti needs to be overhauled, according to Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who was the special …

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007: Project Censored Lays It out Straight
By Tumerica(Tumerica)
Another Massacre in Haiti by UN Troops. Immigrant Roundups to Gain Cheap Labor for US Corporate Giants. Impunity for US War Criminals. Toxic Exposure Can Be Transmitted to Future Generations on a “Second Genetic Code” …

JAMAICA-CRIME-Police Commissioner puts focus on illegal gun trade …
KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – New Police Commissioner Hardley Lewin has put his focus on the illegal gun trade between Jamaica and Haiti, which has been linked to a surge in gun crimes here.


UN Envoy To Haiti Addresses Sex Abuse
Guardian Unlimited – UK
From AP By JONATHAN M. KATZ AP Writer PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) – Every unit in the UN’s 7800-strong Haitian peacekeeping force has been warned against …,,-7180007,00.html

AP Interview: UN envoy in Haiti works to prevent peacekeeper sex abuse
International Herald Tribune – France
AP PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti: Every unit in the UN’s 7800-strong Haitian peacekeeping force has been warned against misconduct after a sex-abuse scandal erupted …

200 Haitians returned to Haiti
Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation – Barbados
… disembark the sail freighter, and the crew of the Vigilant determined it was best to allow the sail freighter to beach itself on Isle de Tortue, Haiti. …

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