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HLLN asking for (Acquatabs and food donations) to Help the victims of Storm Noel in Site Soley |Action de solidarite avec Cite Soleil- projet-Evel FANFAN | Haiti storm survivors say government has abandoned them

Date: 7 November 2007

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Action requested to help the victims of Storm Noel in Site Soley,

The people of Site Soley, are asking for our help, through the human rights organization AUMOHD DWA MOUN/CCDH, headed by Attorney Evel Fanfan…

HLLN Action Alert to Assist Storm Noel Survivors in Site Soley, November 6, 2007

AUMOHD-CCDH | ALERT CITE SOLEIL HLLN Action requested to help the victims of Storm Noel in Site Soley

The people of Site Soley, are asking for our help, through the Haitian human rights organization, AUMOHD DWA MOUN/CCDH, headed by Attorney Evel Fanfan.

More than 130 are reported dead in Haiti as a result of Storm Noel. Thousands have been left homeless, children separated from parents, entire families have lost their lives in the floods, mudslides and ravages of tropical storm Noel.

As indicated in a November 5, 2007 AP article, storm survivors say the government and UN authorities has abandoned them and they are without help. ( ) Some of the people of Site Soley who have contacted Ezili’s HLLN are asking us for assistance.

AUMOHD’s “Alert Cite Soleil”, posted on our website, outlines a list of items that can immediately provide this population with some relief.

If you or your organizations can donate any of these items please write to, or call HLLN (203 829 7210) immediately.

We are especially in need of portable water, water treatment equipments and medicines like aquatabs to treat the water.

The folks also need blankets, non-perishable foods, first aid supplies, toothpaste, soap, toothbrushes, shoes (sneakers), sandals, undergarments – both for men and women.

Hoever, the most urgent need we are hearing about, from the people of Site Soley, over and over again, is for food and for water treatment (acquatabs) tablets.

WATER: This is new to us, so help with this if you have better info. But HLLN has spoken to the folks at acquatabs ( ) and they agreed to provide us with a few emergency packs at their cost.

We’d like to purchase as many Emergency Packs of Acquatabs as we can raise the money for.

The cost, we were quoted, for each Emergency package is $350Canadian dollars, not including freight costs. Each tablet treats 20 liters or 5 gallons. Each emergency package contains 14,000 tablets.

So, if you’d like to help us with the cost of the water treatment tabs, make a donation at our (HLLN) paypal account: and email us to let us know (, or call HLLN at 203 829 7210 ) TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. If anyone knows an organization willing to DONATE acquatabs, that would obviously be even more appreciated.

FOOD: Those who wish to send food directly to the people of Site Soley may do so through CAM (Caribbean Air Mail – and indicate you are sending the food donation to Me. Evel Fanfan, AUMOHD DWA MOUN, Phone: 509-754-8022 ), CAM in Haiti will call Mr. Fanfan and his people immediately, as soon as the packages are paid for and AUMOHD-CCDH will make direct distribution to Site Soley families who are hurt, hungry, homeless and without homes.

You can buy packages of foodstuff at $100, $200, $300 and up, in the United States or, on the Internet from (8 to 5p.m) anywhere in the world, and it will be packaged in Haiti and distributed to the receiver the same day. CAM will deliver the food package to whatever location Evel Fanfan/Aumohd should request. This is the way most Haitians use to help their families in Haiti. And, the manner that will assure the food goes DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY to the intended victim survivors of SITE SOLEY.

If you do sent anything through CAM 1-800-934-0440 (Haiti Division), whether it is a money or food transfer, let them know that you are working with the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network and that you want verification that the items you purchased was given directly ONLY to Evel Fanfan/AUMOHD DWA MOUN, Phone: 509-754-8022. Then verify with AUMOHD by calling 509 754 8022 to confirn that your purchases or money transfer was duly delivered.

Please note, our work at HLLN is overwhelming so, verification and tracking is up to you to do. And CAM transfer is the organization RESPONSIBLE for making sure your transaction is duly tracked and processed without incident, not HLLN. If you cannot take the responsibility to send the food and verify its due delivery, then don’t send it.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who answer this call to make this most urgent and direct donation of necessary assistance to the storm survivors of Site Soley. Mesi anpil.

Men anpil Chay Pa lou

Marguerite “Ezili Danto” Laurent Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (”HLLN”) November 6, 2007 November 6, 2007


Bonjour Marguerite voici le plan plus.-

La population haitienne, notamment les plus vulnerables viennent de nouveau frappe par L’ouragan NOeL qui a fait plus de 130 morts en Haiti. Contrairement en Republique dominicaine o l’Etat a declare l’etat d’urgence pour les zones sinistres, l’Etat Haitien est encore tres lent et n’a pas pris jusqu’a date de mesures adequates pour voler au secours des sinistrs.

La Commune de Cite Soleil, particulierement, dans la plainte du cul de Sac, premiere et deuxieme section, zone de Blanchard, Bidivier, Terre Noire, Village rapatrier, Fontaine Duvivier, Martial, Barriere Fer, Larousse, Jamo, Bois neuf et Cite Gerard pour ne citer que cela. Selon les dernieres informations, plus de 5880 familles sont sinistries, alors que seulement 3000 sont d’clar?es.

Le vendredi 3 Novembre, une delegation de AUMOHD a ete a Bois Neuf pour une premiere action de solidarite a plus de trente (30) familles sinistres ( voir la liste en bas) , des kits contenant du riz, d’huile, du bonbon, du pain, de saumon, de baleine, d’allumette ont ete distribu?es a ces familles.

Samedi 4 Novembre, apres avoir visit les lieux ci-dessus mentionnes, une rencontre extraordinaire a eu lieu avec les responsables du Conseil Communautaire pour les droits Humains de Cite Soleil, CCDH- Cite Soleil. Il a et decide dans cette rencontre qu’une action de mobilisation visant non seulement a accompagner les sinistres de facon immediate mais surtout a sensibilisation les familles a prevenir les epidemies qui pourraient attaquer ces familles deja en difficulte.

Comme besoins.- Pour arriver – cette campagne d’accompagnement et de sensibilisation, il faut : I.-

a) Pour la sensibilisation – materiels de son – vehicule et du carburant – Banderoles de sensibilisation – autres

b) pour la prevention (traitement de l’eau) -4VHT – aquatabs – recipient (gallons) – gobelets – gifle

II.- Pour l’accompagnement (distribution) -Produits alimentaires – couvertures (draps) – produits hygieniques – medicaments.

Remerciements- AUMOHD, tient a remercier au nom des victimes tous ceux qui vise participer et/ou qui ont participes a cette action de solidarite a ces familles. AUMOHD se fait le devoir de remercier d’une facon speciale : ◊ Hurah Inc.

◊ Haiti Solidarity NetWork from New Jersey
◊ Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
◊ Monsieur Gesner Pierre

Remerciement aussi a vous ceux qui comptent participer dans cet action de solidarite.

AUMOHD DWA MOUN Me. Evel FANFAN President Phone: 509-754-8022

Forwarded by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

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