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1- 7 October 2007


Haiti: A Modern Tragedy
ZNet – Woods Hole,MA,USA
by Roger Annis By Randall Robinson Randall Robinson has written the story
of a great tragedy of recent times—the violent overthrow of Haiti ‘s
elected …

Ayiti Dans Ansan’m (My Haiti Dance Ensemble) to visit Albion
Battle Creek Enquirer – Battle Creek,MI,USA
Through interpretive dance, set to Haitian drum rhythms, the dance troupe
will show the beauty of Haiti’s history, culture and people. …

Poor countries’ reps meet minister
The Press Association –
Representatives from countries including Rwanda, Uganda, the Democratic
Republic of Congo, El Salvador, Haiti and India were all the event. …

Haiti’s Rebuilding Shifts to Education
General discusion about Haiti.

Dominican Republic-Haiti borders now more secure
Caribbean Net News – Georgetown,Cayman Islands
… the Dominican Republic – Haiti border points, have returned over 3500
undocumented Haitians who were seeking to enter the Dominican Republic
illegally. …—18-18—.html

Ottawa to re-evaluate foreign-aid priorities
Globe and Mail – Canada
At the same time, the new focus will highlight assistance to Afghanistan,
which emerged as Canada’s largest aid recipient over Haiti three years ago,

Edwidge Danticat on the US war on immigrants (videos)
By dandelionsalad
He had arrived from Haiti seeking political asyslum following threats on his life. Denied his medicines and accused of faking an illness, he died just days after his detention. Edwidge Danticat tells this devastating story in her latest …

Tom Luce: How Can We Refuse Haiti Debt Cancellation?
By jubileeusa
The Association of University Students Committed to a Haiti with Rights or AUMOHD (pronounced oh-mode) , a young, non-violent, non-partisan Haitian human rights advocacy group responded to the Central Plateau victims in August and took …

UN awards “Peace Medal” to Chinese peacekeepers in Haiti
CCTV – Beijing,China
Chinese peacekeepers in Haiti have been awarded the “Peace Medal” for their
outstanding contributions in the country. The medal was given on behalf of
the …

Bahamas urges continued UN support for Haiti
Caribbean Net News – Georgetown,Cayman Islands
By Lindsay Thompson NASSAU, Bahamas (BIS): The Bahamas has called on the
United Nations (UN) to continue its mission in Haiti for sustainable
development, …—25-25—.html

Haiti’s Freedom of Expression Environment Improving – Jackson Heights,NY,USA
Oct. 5, 2007: There has been an improvement in the situation of freedom of
expression in Haiti , officials of the Organization of American States
claim. …

WASHINGTON-HAITI-OAS notes improvement in freedom of expression in …
WASHINGTON, CMC – There has been an improvement in the situation of freedom of expression in Haiti, according to a report Thursday by the Organisation of American States (OAS).

‘Economic Terrorism’: Ignoring the Debt Issue in Haiti
Bay Area Indymedia – San Francisco,CA,USA
Why is there still hunger in Haiti if millions of dollars are pouring into
the country, as the press would have us believe? In fact, contrary to press

Haiti: repression drops, but not poverty
People's Weekly World – USA
VANCOUVER, British Columbia — While the people of Haiti have experienced
an improvement in the country’s political atmosphere, their economic
situation …
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Haiti: The Bel-Air Assault
Center for Research on Globalization – Canada
“Viv Retou Titid” is a common graffiti mark seen across Haiti’s urban poor
districts. Two young girls with Sektè Popilè Belè, an organization of
Bel Air …

Office of the Special Rapporteur of Expression Concludes Visit to …
By (Department of Press and…
At the conclusion of its working visit to Haiti the Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of the OAS emphasizes that the information received from distinct …


Haiti: Demand safe return of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine
30 march for disappeared Haitian fighter for human rights Haiti demonstrations : demand safe return of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sept. 30, 2007 – Haitians are assembling beginning 10:30 am Sunday morning at Place …

Haiti: Digging Through A History of Economic Violence
By jubileeusa
Fort and myself took a tap-tap transport heading out on Delmas toward
downtown Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. We soon passed in front
of the National Palace, the seat of so many past Haitian presidents and governments. …

Dominican First Lady to head fight against rubella, help for Haiti
WASHINGTON. – Dominican Republic will head the hemisphere’s fight
against rubella and the congenital rubella syndrome, with the
designation of the First Lady Margarita Cedeño as the continent’s
ambassador for the elimination of the …

UN Occupation of Haiti Continues
Dissident Voice – Santa Rosa,CA,USA
Ki-moon trumpets armed incursions waged by the UN mission in Haiti
(MINUSTAH) and their success in establishing “security,” and concludes,
“I am convinced …

Haiti has long journey to stability – Brazil
Reuters – USA
By Eduardo Simoes SAO PAULO, Oct 3 (Reuters) – Countries in the UN
peacekeeping force in Haiti are eager to stay until the job of bringing
security to the …

Haiti: Floods DREF Bulletin No. MDRHT003 Final Report
ReliefWeb (press release) – Geneva,Switzerland
Since mid March 2007, the regions of Nord-Est, Ouest, Grande-Anse,
Nord-Ouest and Nord in Haiti were battered with prolonged heavy rainfall
and isolated …

Staying The Course In Haiti And Consolidate Gains
Brent Symmonette, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, said MINUSTAH was playing a vital role in assisting Haiti “on a firm and lasting path to sustainable development, peace, security and democracy.”

UNITED NATIONS-BAHAMAS-Bahamas wants international community to …
UNITED NATIONS, CMC – The Bahamas Tuesday renewed its call on the international community to help Haiti in its bid to achieve lasting peace and security, sustainable development, and the full restoration of democracy.

Jubilee Member Blogs from Haiti
By ONE.Partners
Michelle Karshan, a member of ONE Partner Jubilee USA and former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide foreign press liason, is fasting right now for Haiti. She blogs her perspective on how Haiti’s struggle with debt and economic …

Haiti Briefing on the Hill: Thurs. Oct. 4 @ 3:30 pm
By jubileeusa
Haiti’s multilateral debt is odious: Over half of it is for loans granted to corrupt and brutal dictators like Francois and Jean-Claude Duvalier. It is also onerous, as it diverts over $57 million per year from a country where half the …

Haitian Mob, Death in US Detention Spill From Danticat Memoir
Bloomberg – USA
That same year, her beloved uncle, an 81- year-old pastor, fled bloody
unrest in Haiti only to die in detention in Miami. These three events frame
``Brother …

Half hour for Haiti
By Sokari
The day I arrived in Haiti – 13th August was the day after Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine disappeared. His car was found abandonded on the road side and he has not been seen since. Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine is a member of the Lavalas Part and …

Haiti’s Prime Minister to face vote of no confidence – Haiti’s …
By Meister “Haiti’s Prime Minister Jacque Eduard Alexi goes before an assembly of senators next week to face a vote of no-confidence. Mr. Alexi will have the task at the October nine session of convincing the senators that his …

Businesspeople Urge Investment In Haiti
The Bahama Journal – Nassau,Bahamas
By Macushla N. Pinder Bahamians of Haitian descent have added their voices
to those urging locals to take advantage of Haiti’s emerging market and
invest in …

Symonette Courts Support For Haiti
The Bahama Journal – Nassau,Bahamas
By Tameka Lundy Bahamas Foreign Affairs Minister Brent Symonette has urged
the international community to maintain the United Nations Mission in Haiti
as a …

Erik Prince Chairman, Blackwater USA
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
Served in Haiti, Middle East, Bosnia. Business: With family money, he
founded Blackwater USA in 1997 with Navy friends as a training center for
law …

Caribbean countries call on UN to stay the course in Haiti and …
UN News Centre –
2 October 2007 – Commending the work of the United Nations Stabilization
Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), the Bahamian Foreign Minister told the General

Yves Engler on Canada in Haiti: New Podcast
The Dominion – Sackville,New Brunswick,Canada
Yves Engler is the co-author with Anthony Fenton of the most significant
book on Canada’s involvement in the 2004 overthrow of democracy in Haiti:
Canada in …

Haiti’s Prime Minister to face vote of no confidence – Jamaica
Haiti’s Prime Minister Jacque Eduard Alexi goes before an assembly of
senators next week to face a vote of no-confidence. Mr. Alexi will have the
task at …

R. Nicholas Burns Remarks With Haitian President – New Zealand
It’s a great pleasure for me to welcome President Preval of Haiti here.
We’ve just concluded a major international meeting with countries of Latin
America, …

Call, for Haiti
By Den Mark, Vancouver
House Resolution 241, introduced by Rep Maxine Waters months ago, calls for debt cancellation for Haiti. Only 63 congresspersons have found time to sign on, including McDermott, Blumenauer, & Hooley. That means other PacNW congresspeeps …

‘Economic Terrorism’: Ignoring the Debt Issue in Haiti Part 2
By jubileeusa
Why is there still hunger in Haiti if millions of dollars are pouring into the country, as the press would have us believe? In fact, contrary to press releases issued by various donors, and press stories to back them up, …

Haiti: Preval Wants ‘Baby Doc’ Tried – Jackson Heughts,NY,USA
PHOTO: The Prime Minister of Haiti, Rene Garcia Preval, addressing the UN
62nd General Assembly, Wednesday September 26, 2007. …

Haiti A Growing Market For Business, Chamber President Says
The Bahama Journal – Nassau,Bahamas
By Macushla N. Pinder For years, Haiti has been dubbed an economic basket
case, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and a troubled, lawless
nation …

‘Economic Terrorism’: Ignoring the Debt Issue in Haiti Part 1
By jubileeusa
In May 2007, while in Haiti, friends told me of the rising cost of living. As I spent what seemed like a lot of money purchasing food to cook three meals a day, I wondered how folks were feeding their families even one meal a day at …

Haiti to Execute Code of Investment
By Anton Small
The Bahama Journal: “Once a destination of choice in the Caribbean, Haiti is implementing a master plan – a Code of Investment – to attract foreign investors and tourists back to its picturesque mountainous terrains. …

Ice thaws between Spain and Cuba – Lyon,France
The deal includes support for small businesses, the environment, and joint
efforts in other countries such as Haiti. “This is a move aimed at helping
the …

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