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Esterne Bruner, the Community Coordinator for the Gran Ravine Human Rights Council was assassinated | A few months ago, in a video testimony from Haiti and on Haitian radio, Mr. Bruner named the Machete Army gang members responsible for the two Gran Ravine Massacres. According to his family, these same forces murdered Mr. Burnet today right after leaving the offices of AUMOHD, where he was seeking human rights help and legal counsel for the victims of the Machete Army



Date: 22 September 2006

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Lame Timanchet Strikes Again: suspected in assassination of Gran Ravine Community leader, Esterne Bruner, Sept. 21, 2006

List of names of Lame Timanchèt Gran Ravine assassins (backed by Ezili Danto video testimony of the victims


Lame Timanchet Strikes Again: Suspected in assassination of Gran Ravine Community leader, Esterne Bruner, Sept. 21, 2006

Ezili Danto’s Note:

Haitian Attorney Evel Fanfan and AUMOHD make up a small group of committed young lawyers and University students in Haiti doing defense and advocacy work for the poor in the disinherited neighborhoods that no one else is doing. HLLN supports, encourages and promotes AUMOHD human rights and legal work in Haiti.

It is with sadness we report that Esterne Bruner, Coordinator of the Grand Ravine Community Human Rights Council was assassinated this today, Sept. 21, 2006

Yesterday, September 20, 2006, Mr. Bruner was at the AUMOHD?S office in a meeting organized by AUMODH and the Gran Ravine victims to ask the Preval government for help in apprehending the men responsible for the July 7th Gran Ravine massacre and, more particularly, for financial help to the families for the burial of more than 10 victims, whose dead, decomposing bodies still remain in the city morgue since the July 7, 2006 massacre. The families are both too poor to bury their dead and some, are too afraid to go pick up, without police escort and protection, the corpse for fear of reprisal from Lame Timanchet. It is well known in Haiti that Lame Timanchet is protected by the coup d’etat Haitian police.

We know for a fact here at HLLN that Mr. Bruner took the responsibility for one six-year little girl named Widnise Pierre who was made an orphan because of the July 7, 2006 civilian massacre at Gran Ravine, Haiti. Both of little Widnise Pierre?s parents were assassinated, when in the dead of night, Lame Timanchet broke the peace that had reigned in Haiti since the Renee Preval election by slaughtering more than 30 folks in Gran Ravine and burning more than 250 houses to the ground. Mr. Bruner, who rose up to lead the communities demand for help, protection and justice, asked for help to support little six-year old Widnise Pierre. He sent HLLN a video of the little girl telling her sad story, how her parents were assassinated.

In a tape video interview, for the Ezili Danto Witness Project, Mr. Esterne Bruner, read off the names of the suspected perpetrators of both the Gran Ravine massacres. This list of suspects who have waged war, terrorizing and slaughtering the civilian population in Grand Ravine was also furnished to the UN, the Haitian police and the Preval government authorities. Mr. Bruner sought help for his community. He and his family took in and tried to place with other families the children who had been orphaned by the first Grand Ravine massacre in August of 2005 and then the second Grand Ravine massacre that left over 30 Haitian civilians dead and more than 250 people homeless, their homes burnt to the ground. Countless times, over the last two years, since the first Gran Ravine soccer massacre at an OIM/USAID-sponsored ?Summer Camp for Peace? soccer game Mr. Bruner and the other Gran Ravine victims would express how absolutely intolerable Lame Timanchet’s persecution was. The fifteen police officers who were arrested and put in prison for the first Gran Ravine massacre were subsequently released. Then again, these same folks went back and conducted another massacre in Gran Ravine on almost on the anniversary of the first one. Often the victims would tell HLLN “it?s happening right in front of the UN, the Haitian police and government officials who have been give our complaints and statements about those responsible. Where are the UN and Haitian police as Lame Ti Manchet continues to kill innocent Haitians? Why are the 30 arrest warrants, issued after the second massacre, for the arrest of Lame Timanchet gang not been prosecuted?”

Today, September 21, 2006 Mr. Esterne Bruner went to the offices of AUMOHD to fill out identification papers for little Widnise Pierre so that she could be enrolled in school. On his way back from AUMOHD offices, Mr. Esterne Bruner was assassinated. All the documents he had in his possession, including his cell phone were taken.

“Were do we go from here?” This is the question that Haitian lawyer, Evel Fanfan, who heads AUMOHD asked HLLN today? “Bruner was assassinated after leaving AUMOHD?s office?”

Evel?s demoralized voice was just so full of pain.

Folks, over the years we?ve lived through much pain with the people of Haiti. One never really becomes use to it. It?s always as new and shocking as the thrust of a hot bayonet exploding in your brain and body. and the families and victims of the Gran Ravine massacres are asking “What is the new Preval government doing?” Today as I spoke to Evel Fanfan of AUMOHD, he said to me, “Do you know that Lame Timanchet members are all well known by the authorities. they taunt the victims with their police protection and invincibility to prosecution. Just recently members of Lame Timanchet actually DEMONSTRATED in front of the National Palace! No one arrested them, No UN troops stopped them. These killers are targeting and destroying all those who are capable and with initiative and speaking out for their besieged communities like Esterne Bruner with complete impunity.”

What can be done?

HLLN promised to make sure 6-year old Widnise Pierre has a place to live and goes to school. We committed to continue to stand with Haitian lawyer Evel Fanfan of AUMOHD and the disinherited folks of Gran Ravine through these most horrid of times.

Below, in memory of Mr. Bruner, we bring you again the names he outlined for the Ezili Danto Witness Project, in video testimony, before his assassination, of the members of Lame Timanchet. We publicly ask, once again, when will Claudy Gassant, Mario Andresol, Michael Lucius and others charged with law and order duties in Haiti stop protecting and therefore being complicit with these coup d’etat killers roaming free in Haiti??? Mr. Bruner deserved more than this.

We send our condolences to Mr. Bruner family, friends and the people of Gran Ravine suffering so viciously and endlessly without any help or support from the newly elected Preval Government.

We urge anyone who can to send some financial help for Mr. Bruner’s burial and to Evel Fanfan/AUMOHD DWA MOUN, who has been working closely with Mr. Bruner, his family and community to have more resources to take legal action against the assassins that killed Mr. Bruner and the peoples of Gran Ravine in two massacres – on August, 2005 and on July 7, 2006.

Below is the list of men, Mr. Bruner provided the Ezili Danto Witness Project, in a taped interview a few months ago. At that time, to protect his identity, we did not release the video or the source from which Ezili Danto was given these names. There is no doubt, from the folks we spoke to today, that these same forces took Mr. Bruner’s life today. It seems so meager, so powerless to continue asking for justice for simple folks in Haiti like Mr. Bruner – who indeed was a respected community leader in Gran Ravine and a loving father of six children and countless homeless Gran Ravine orphans and victims.

There can be no stability and peace in Haiti without justice. Mr. Bruner believed so hard in the new government. He believed that if he went on the radio, on video, and if he got the international community and the Preval government, at large and in-hand, the names of those who were terrorizing his Gran Ravine community, the killings would stop. He risked his life to get this information out. He died because of his justice and peace work in Haiti.

On his behalf, HLLN did published the names he gave us and sent them to the authorities in Haiti. And, yet, Mr. Bruner was afforded no protection. His community is still vulnerable to the terrors and sadistic whims of Lame Timanchet.

Demand a stop to the killings, displacement and terrors occurring in the Gran Ravine community. The people of Grand Ravine need justice, protection and financial assistance to help with the burial of folks still in the morgue since July 7, 2006. Mr. Bruner?s family needs help to survive now that he has given his life in the cause of helping others in his community.

Consider helping with this work by sending a donation to HLLN for AUMOHD. Thank you.

Send us an e-mail that it is for AUMOHD/Gran Ravine Work at, with a cc to Evel Fanfan at Those who want to help the orphans of the Gran Ravine massacre, little girls like six-year old Widnise Pierre, note that in your donation check or e-mail if you?re contributing on-line.

To make on-line donations, go to:

Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
September 21, 2006

List of names of Lame Timanchèt Gran Ravine assassins (backed by Ezili Danto video testimony of the victims.):

Lame Timanchèt members/suspects, include:

1. Roody Kernizan
2. Larame Frantz
3. Jean Jean
4. Roland Toussaint
5. Ti Machaulaute
6. Ti Eliphète (alias “Rezdon”)
7. Chrisla Chery
8. Junior (alias, “Apais Pan-m”)
9. Choupite ainsi connu
10. Cliford ainsi connu
11. Kin Manni
12. Sony Ainsi Connu
13. Nesly Ainsi Connu
14. Papaiasche Beloni (”Houlingan”)
15. Samiel – alias “Cafe Anmer”
16. Emmanuel (alias “Gros Manno”)
17. Mirth ainsi connu
18. Bout Black (Nèg “Nam Larochel”)
19. Guitho Ainsi Connu
20. Ti Patrick (alias “Sòwè”)
21. Yves Renald
22. Brichener Etienne (Policier DCPJ)
23. Daniel Baptiste
24. Ti Joèe Ainsi Connu
25. Tias (alias “Tchaly”)
26. Zòrey (Alias “ZZ”)
27. Salnaves (alias “Sadam Housen”)
28.Ti Casimir (alias “danger”)
29. Carlos Charles (alias “Carrefou”)
30. Milot (alias “Tete Basè”)
31. Bernard (alias “Toupack”)
32. Ti Claudy (alias “Chef Ti Bwa”)
33. Kino ainsi connu



Ezili Danto Witness Project Report on SOCCER GAME MASSACRE | Ezili Danto Witness Project, August 25, 2005

Below is an excerpt from an Ezili Danto Witness Project report, direct from our HLLN Investigator in Haiti about the Aug. 20 and Aug. 21st slaughter of Haitian youths attending a soccer game. This interview was recorded August 25, 2005 and translated from Kreyol into English by Frantz Jerome for the Ezili Danto Witness Project.


?Daddy, its goats or pigs that I have seen cut up before. How come they are cutting up people now?” (Horrified exclamation of a traumatized young Haitian boy watching the Grand Ravine Massacre on Sunday, August 21, 2005)
Ezili Danto: …What happened in Grand Ravine, on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 20 and 21. I understand that it was in the realm of a soccer game?HLLN Haitian Investigator: It is the Summer Camp for Peace program, organized by USAID, OIM and the Haitian Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, especially for the youth of various ?hot- neighborhoods? around the city.

Ezili Danto: So, the activity name is ?Summer Camp for Peace??

HLLN Haitian Investigator: Summer Camp for Peace!
Ezili Danto: O.I.M.? You said OIM

Do you know what OIM stands for?HLLN Haitian Investigator: Eh

It escapes me right now. I will have to look it up. It is the same organization set up to offer political asylum in the context of the first coup against President Aristide in 1991. They were located in Lalue, in the Bank of Paris building. That’s the same institution. It is an American company.

Ezili Danto: They are the ones who organized the soccer game?HLLN Haitian Investigator: They are the one who sponsored it. Many different location like Martissant, Lasaline, everywhere there is a Summer Camp for Peace, they are sponsors. OIM**, USAID, the Haitian Secretary of State for Youth and Sports. If one goes to any of the neighborhoods, one will notice the big banners on display: Summer Camp for Peace!

Ezili Danto: OK. Was there a soccer match during both days or was the game on Saturday? Was there a game on Saturday and then one on Sunday?HLLN Haitian Investigator: No, there was no game on Sunday. The “attaches” [machete wielding paramilitary] came back to the area along with the police [on Sunday].

Ezili Danto: So, they started hacking soccer game attendants on Saturday

HLLN Haitian Investigator: They started Saturday during the game.

Ezili Danto: Give more details on ?they came back on Sunday?? Where were the people gathered on Sunday? Were they in one location? How did they find the people?HLLN Haitian Investigator: When they came back, they attacked people inside their house and anybody they found in the neighborhood. Soon, you?ll hear a citizen I interviewed, an elder, he said that his home was on the verge of being burnt down and was saved thanks to the vehement ?NO!? of a couple of MINUSTHA soldiers. They had already set five houses on fire. There were also a few people that they had already cut up.

This same elderly man tells you of his young son who said in shock:

?Daddy, its goats or pigs that I have seen cut up before. How come they are cutting up people now?
I have all this on tape. He provided a detailed account and I will play it for you soon.

Ezili Danto: Ah yes. I would like to see this videotape! When you said MINUSTHA intervened, you mean that MINUSTHA was present when the assassins were attacking the people?

HLLN Haitian Investigator: That Sunday, MINUSTHA was present. There are more interesting facts to be reported, for when MINUSTHA arrested some members of the machete wielding gang, they casually took out cell phones and called the police. The police intervened, took them away from the MINUSTHA soldiers, then freed them and it?s not a simple matter. I have an interview with a Solino resident who testifies to this fact.

Ezili Danto: They arrested these guys on Sunday

HLLN Listener: On Sunday, when they arrested these assassins, was it in Solino?

HLLN Haitian Investigator: No. Yes, they arrested them in Corridor Bastia. When they [MINUSTHA] arrested them in Corridor Bastia, it was the same scenario: the police intervened; the police liberated them and subsequently gave them new machetes. The same thing happened in Solino. That proves that the police are aware of the events of Grand Ravine. One does not need an investigation!
Mrs. Coicou [Latortue?s police spokesperson] is taking the position that she saw 7 corpses in the morgue and that the police are still investigating [the Solino massacre from the first two weeks of August where this hacking with police-distributed machetes started]. Well, the death toll is much higher than that [7 people]. On Sunday, when I went to the emergency section of the General Hospital, I saw those with machete gashes in the back, others with gashes in the arm, in the legs, all over. And there were those who were succumbing to their wounds. They were dying, on Sunday afternoon!

Ezili Danto: OK. Corridor Bastia, is it part of Solino

HLLN Haitian Investigator: Corridor Bastia, it?s the extension of Rue Tiremasse. It extends all the way to Nazon. It?s one of the two longest streets in Port-au-Prince. Corridor Bastia is one, the other one is Rue Monseigneur Guilloux.

Ezili Danto: OK. So there are two instances where MINUSTHA soldiers arrested the men armed with machetes and in both cases, according to the information you got, the Haitian police released them and gave them new machetes!

HLLN Haitian Investigator: Yes, the police took them away from MINUSTHA, released them and gave them new machetes!

HLLN Haitian Investigator: All together between Saturday and Sunday, August 20 and 21, how many do you think died? I have

HLLN Haitian Investigator: According to an organizer in the area, he was one of the conference?s organizers, he said that they can account for 30 corpses, for they found, over these two days, 30 mutilated bodies. Some in the media are not relating this information.

(End of excerpt. More to come)

Note:? Please help us do this work. More Kreyol translators are critically needed to tell our people?s stories. Please consider volunteering by sending an e-mail to:

**Note 2: IOM stands for International Organization for Migration and reportedly it manages the Haiti Transition Initiative, the USAID-program that sponsored the “Summer Camp For Peace” soccer game.

Forwarded by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

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