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Action Alert: Write letters urging UN to Protect civilians and human right workers in Gran Ravine/Martissant




Action Alert:
HLLN latest information tonight from Haiti indicates that Haitian Lawyer Evel Fanfan, AUMOHD human rights workers and the people of Gran Ravine are under imminent threat of physical violence from Lame Timanchet.

Over the course of the last four days at least 8 people have been murdered and countless wounded by Lame Timanchet, a coup d’etat terrorist group that UN soldiers and the Haitian police have virtually let roam free to murder in Haiti. Below is a letter HLLN sent out to the UN and international officials urging the UN to protect civilians and human right workers in Gran Ravine/Martissant

Please consider using this sample letter, personalized to your discretion, to urge the UN, Haitian police and Haitian government to stop Lame Timanchet from killing again. Thank you. Contact information is below with more detail contact info on our website at:

Thank you to all who have already written letters on behalf of Evel Fanfan and the Gran Ravine community. Thank you AG for the sample letter and your continued support to AUMOHD and Evel Fanfan.



HLLN Letter urging UN to Protect civilians and human right workers in Gran Ravine/Martissant


It is simply reprehensible that the UN, after more than two years, is not able yet to grant even the minimum protection of human rights in the poor neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince.

I refer to the massacre in Gran Ravine and to the cowardly killing of Mr. Bruner Esterne, a respectful and very courageous man who only asked justice for his community, peacefully and respecting the law.

Before he was assassinated, Esterne Bruner begged the UN soldiers and officials for help to stop the Lame Timanchet terrorists. He even provided UN officials with the names of the Lame Timanchet killers who were terrorizing his neighborhood, had twice burnt down his home, shot him in the arm and were responsible for displacing 300 Haitians from their homes on July 7, 2006. (See Names of Lame Timanchet relayed to the Ezili Danto Witness Project by Esterne Bruner before he was assassinated )

The UN was in Gran Ravine but did nothing to help and protect him, no money to help, no safety.

Why doesn’t the UN Human Rights Office support and protect the communities in Haiti that work peacefully to obtain justice?

Now there is another person in serious danger, Lawyer Evel Fanfan, President of the association AUMOHD.

Attorney Evel Fanfan has courageously taken on the task of speaking for that poor community, and he has never wavered from that duty, even at the risk of his own life.

You have taken on the task to ?protect civilians under imminent threat of physical violence? and to ?support Haitian human rights groups in their efforts to promote and protect human rights? and ?to ensure individual accountability for human rights abuses and redress for victims?, and now it is your duty to protect Mr. Fanfan and the entire Gran Ravine community.

You’ll have to explain to the international community your behavior. In the last four days in Haiti, at least 8 more Haitian civilians were assassinated and countless others wounded and injured by Lame Timanchet murderers. (See below APH, Sept. 27, 2006 AHP article

It will be your responsibility should anything happen to Mr. Evel Fanfan, AUMOHD and the other Haitian human rights workers bringing assisstance to a Gran Ravine community under seige and without protection from UN soldiers paid handsomely to protect and disarm murderers such as Lame Timanchet in Haiti.


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Background Information:

– Amnesty International on the murder of Esterne Bruner: ?Haiti: Activist?s killing shows need for disarmament programme?, Sept. 26, 2006

– Names of Lame Timanchet killers relayed to the Ezili Danto Witness Project by Esterne Bruner before he was assassinated

– Lame timanchet kills again: 8 morts et et plusieurs blesssés: l’armée “ti manchèt” fait de nouvelles victimes dans le quartier de Martissant | AHP, Sept. 27, 2006

– Both Lame Timanchèt and UN say their job in Haiti is to kill “bandits”: The failures of the UN and Haitian Police Chief, Mario Andreso, July 21, 2006

– HLLN Letter urging UN to Protect civilians and human right workers in Gran Ravine/Martissant

AHP 27 septembre 2006 12:10 PM

8 morts et et plusieurs blesssés: l’armée “ti manchèt” fait de nouvelles victimes dans le quartier de Martissant

Port-au-Prince, 27 septembre 2006 (AHP) Au moins 8 persones ont été assassinées au cours de ces 3 derniers jours dans la localité de Délouis (sud de la capitale) par un gang armé connu sous le nom de l’armée “Ti manchèt” (petites machettes).

L’armée Ti manchèt dont les premiers forfaits remontent à juin 2004 sous le régime intérimaire de Gérad latortue, est responsable de nombreux massacres dans les quartiers populaires de la capitale, dont celui d’août 2004 qui a fait plus d’une dizaine de morts dans la localité de Grand’ravine au cours d’un match de football sponsorisé par la USAID.

Le député de la 3ème circonscription de Port-au-Prince, Jean Clédor Myril, invite les autorités policières à assumer leurs responsabilités pour empêcher les bandits de continuer à tuer, voler et et incendier.

Un jeune militant de droits humains qui enquêtait sur les exactions de l’’armée Ti manchèt a éte assassiné jeudi par des membres de ce gang

Père de 6 enfants, Esterne Bruner a été attaqué alors qu’il revenait d’une réunion avec les responsables d’une organisation de droits humains luttant aux côtés des victimes de Grand’ravine, l’Association des Universitaires Motivés pour une Haïti de Droit ( AUMOHD)

La plupart des membres de l’armée Ti manchèt (policiers et attachés) arrêtés dans le cadre du massacre d’août 2004, ont tous eté remis en liberté par le gouvernement intérimaire avant de quitter le pouvoir.

De nombreux habitants de la zone réclament de la MINUSTAH et de la PNH qu’elles mettent la main au collets de ces bandits si elles veulent que la paix revienne.

AHP 27 septembre 2006 1:10 PM


AI Index: AMR 36/012/2006 28 September 2006

AI Index: AMR 36/012/2006 (Public)
News Service No: 254
28 September 2006

Haiti: Activist?s killing shows need for disarmament programme

Bruner Esterne, President of the Grand Ravine Community Council for Human Rights, was killed by unknown individuals on 21 September 2006.

The 38-year-old activist was an eyewitness of a massacre which took place on 20 August 2005 in the Port-au-Prince?s neighbourhood of Martissant, in which at least 20 people were killed and many others were injured. The massacre was allegedly perpetrated by members of the armed gang ?Little Machete Army? backed by rogue police officers.

“Bruner is Haiti?s latest victim of a culture of gun violence. His death demonstrates the urgent need for the government to implement a broad disarmament program,” said Kerrie Howard, Deputy Director of Amnesty International?s Americas Programme.

Amnesty International calls on the Haitian authorities to take the necessary measures to investigate the killing of Bruner Esterne and to bring his killers and the perpetrators of the Grand Ravine and Martissant massacres to justice.

“Gun violence is taking thousands of lives across Haiti. It is time for the Haitian authorities to deal with the issue more effectively,” said Kerrie Howard.

Background Information
On 20 August 2005 police officers and members of the Little Machete Army reportedly interrupted a football match at Ste-Bernadette Park in the Martissant neighbourhood of Port-au-Prince allegedly looking for ?bandits? and killed more than 20 and injured several others. During the 21 August attacks carried out in Grand Ravine by the same armed gang, Bruner Esterne?s house, amongst dozens, was pillaged and set on fire.

At least five police officers allegedly involved in the stadium killings were placed in custody but were released on obscure grounds by the judge handling the case.

On 6 July 2006, the Little Army Machete attacked again the Grand Ravine neighbourhood and killed 21 persons, including women and children and torched hundreds of homes.

Public Document
For more information please call Amnesty International’s press office in London, UK, on +44 20 7413 5566
Amnesty International, 1 Easton St., London WC1X 0DW. web:

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