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Legislature sworn in amidst foul coup stench | Underwater archaeological site in Haiti and pillage and plunder while under UN occupation



Date: 11 May 2006

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Yvon Neptune Letters from Prison, March 8 and 13, 2006

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– Elected senators and deputies of the 48th legislature take their seats: black-out, trash and stench in the streets of Port-au-Prince on the eve of the new president’s inauguration and the departure of the interim regime. AHP, May 9, 2006

– Haiti Legislators Sworn In, Hold Session By STEVENSON JACOBS
The Associated Press, May 9, 2006

– New revelations in the case of the underwater explorations at Ile-a-Vache: Jean-Claude Fignolé provides the list of recovered artifacts but questions the existence of bronze canons on the sites in question. AHP, May 9, 2006

For more info, go to Ezili Danto Archives: The corrupt US/UN-backed Boca Raton regime robbing Haiti blind: pillage and plunder -gold, bronze cannons, emeralds stolen (article in French & English)

Bronze cannons, gold and emerald pieces stolen at certain sites in
Ile-à-Vaches: A representative of Sub Sea Research company confirms that
these thefts would have never occurred without the complicity of the
interim regime, Port au Prince, 27 April 2006 (AHP) and,

“…What they want is Haiti’s newly discovered oil reserves in La Gonave, gas reserves near Aquin and Haiti’s gold mines in the Northeast”


AHP News May 9, 2006

English translation (Unofficial)

Elected senators and deputies of the 48th legislature take their seats: black-out, trash and stench in the streets of Port-au-Prince on the eve of the new president’s inauguration and the departure of the interim regime.

Port-au-Prince, 9 May 2006 (AHP) ? The senators of the 48th legislature were sworn in this Tuesday at the legislative palace before a provisional office presided by the oldest senator, Laurent Féquière Mathurin of the Hope Platform party and assisted by senators Fritz Carlos Lebon, first secretary and Nenel Cassy, second secretary.

Three committees were created to validate the powers of the 27 elected senators. A second vote will be held to decide the remaining three senate seats in the North-East department.

The ceremony took place under extremely difficult conditions. It was very hot due to the several week-old black-out in the capital and due to the small size of the room which could not hold journalists and delegates.

Nevertheless, several parliamentarians declared themselves satisfied with the swearing-in ceremony.

The third Hope party senator for the North department, Antoine René Samson, promised to work to improve the quality of life for those living in the country’s poorest neighbourhoods.

He warned all those who intend to misuse government funds, funds that should instead, he stated, be invested in development projects aimed at alleviating the misery of the population.

The parliamentary invited all Haitians to reconcile and cooperate in order to help rebuild Haiti.

For his part, the second senator for the West, Rudy Hérivaux (Lavalas), stated that he was proud to return to parliament.

He also stated that he was conscious of the magnitude of the responsibilities and challenges that await the new parliament.

“We will have to work in a spirit of sacrifice and reconciliation to make laws that will help put an end to exile, to political persecutions” stated Hérivaux.

The deputies for their part were sword in Monday evening by candle light due to the black-out.

These parliamentarians also attended Tuesday a symbolic swearing-in ceremony only to be able to take several photos as souvenirs.

The deputy for the Abricot district in the South-West of the county, Jean Rigaud Bélizaire, denounced the miserable conditions within which the swearing-in ceremony of the lower chamber members took place.

“I was astonished, as a newly elected member, to see parliamentarians being sworn in a room lighted by candlelights” deplored the deputy asking himself how parliament will be able to carry out its work under these conditions.

Jean Rigaud Bélizaire criticized members of the commission who were responsible for preparing the legislative palace to accommodate the 48th legislature.

An interim office was also created in the chamber of deputies. It is presided by South Saint-Louis deputy Mervélus Félix Jean. Joël Louis Joseph and Jean David Génesté are respectively the first and second secretaries.

Meanwhile, the streets of the capital are overflowing with debris and trash of all kinds. Not a single public bathroom has been built up to the eve of the inauguration of the president elect.

As a result, a foul stench permeates everywhere which means that the interim regime, which is in its last week as head of the country, is preparing a commensurate inauguration ceremony for the new president.

Not a single invitation has been sent out by this Tuesday, according to sources close to the committee responsible for the inauguration preparations.


The Washington Post

May 9, 2006

Haiti Legislators Sworn In, Hold Session

The Associated Press

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Haiti’s first parliament in two years was formally installed Tuesday as President-elect Rene Preval prepared to take office and steer this impoverished nation toward stability.

Amid boisterous cheers from supporters, legislators in the Senate took the oath of office, following deputies in the lower house by a day.

Preval, who served as Haiti’s president from 1996 to 2001, takes power Sunday in front of the parliament, which hasn’t convened since former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was ousted in a February 2004 uprising.

Stephen Benoit, a deputy from Preval’s Lespwa party, said the body’s biggest challenge will be finishing its four-year term—something that’s never occurred in Haiti’s chaotic 202-year history.

“That’s the first challenge, to last the four years without a coup d’etat, without the president saying you’re not going to finish your term,” Benoit said after deputies held their first legislative session. “The population is counting on us. We need to deliver and we need to deliver quickly.”

But getting work done won’t be easy.

Preval has had to reach out to rival parties for legislative support since Lespwa, which means “hope” in Creole, lacks a majority in parliament.

Preval told reporters Tuesday that he would work to form “cohesion” among Haiti’s fractured society, including the former ruling Lavalas party of Aristide.

Rudy Heriveaux, a Lavalas senator, said the party was ready to work for “national reconciliation” but will call on Preval to release dozens of Aristide allies jailed without charge under the U.S.-backed interim government. Among those jailed is Aristide’s former prime minister, Yvon Neptune, who is accused of orchestrating killings of political opponents but has yet to be tried.

He added that Lavalas would also seek Aristide’s return from exile in South Africa.

Preval, a former Aristide ally, has said that Haitian law allows Aristide to return, but hasn’t said if he would welcome back his one-time political mentor.

Copyright © 2006 The Associated Press.


AHP 9 Mai 2006 1:20 PM

New revelations in the case of the underwater explorations at Ile-a-Vache: Jean-Claude Fignolé provides the list of recovered artifacts but questions the existence of bronze canons on the sites in question.

Port-au-Prince, 9 May 2006 (AHP) – Jean Claude Fignolé, the official responsible for the files of the Caribbean Marine Institute (CMI) company, stated on Tuesday that on Monday January 17, 2005, following exploration and recovery operations on the underwater archaeological site “Récif La Folle Pointe Est Iles-à-Vaches”, he was shown 4 bronze nails, 15 musket balls, 3 cannon balls encrusted by coral, 1 hand-grenade and 1 iron cannon.

The Caribbean Marine Institute, presided by Frank Taylor, signed on August 27, 2004 a contract with the interim government permitting it to explore and excavate various underwater archaeological sites.

Mr. Fignolé, whose name was cited by Mr. Greg Brooks, a company official responsible for underwater research, expressed doubts that several cannons were stolen during exploration and recovery operations on the archaeological site.

Greg Brooks denounced last April 27th the theft of 5 bronze cannon, possibly with a value of up to 2 million dollars each, on the research sites at Ile-a-Vache.

The theft took place, according to him, in November 2005 while company officials including himself were in the U.S. with their boats providing assistance to victims of hurricane Katrina.

For his part, Jean-Claude Fignolé stated that according to research findings the boat of the famous Captain Morgan, found and identified by the Twin Star and the Vast Explorer in Hatte Bay, Pointe Abaco, Récif la Folle using available documentation (records of shipwrecks), is not armed with bronze canons but with iron ones, and that marine war historians attest that at the time of the launching and shipwreck of the boat used by Morgan in expeditions against Porto Bello, Cartagena and Maracaibo, the military arsenals of the British crown did not use bronze to cast canons.

He also stated that all the objects found while operating under the contract signed with the interim government were delivered to state representatives or were held at their disposal at Port Morgan. Two gold objects were transported to the Minister of Finance for reasons of security, given their potential value.

The other objects were left under the guard of an American pastor appointed by him for this purpose and in order to maintain watch on all the sites, stated further Jean Claude Fignolé.

As for the bronze cannons mentioned by Greg Brooks, Fignolé wondered if they could be cannons stolen from different sites. He asks Greg Brooks to prove his accusations and the interim government to follow up on this or not to get back these objects which are under international conventions regarding archeology and cultural patrimoine.

According to Fignolé, following regrettable misunderstandings owing to a conflict of personalities, the Twin Star unilaterally broke its obligations to CMI in January 2005, which automatically ended the groups operations and none of the three companies have since returned to the archaeological sites.

Mr. Fignolé who said he had sold his services to CMI for 7 months (August 2004 to March 2005), stated that due to logistical reasons, CMI had to use a Miami-based company, Twin Star Inc. who had recourse to the expertise of a Massachussetts company specializing in underwater archeology, the Vast Explorer.

According to him, President of Vast Explorer Barry Clifford made the front page of Times Magazine because he had spotted and explored the weddah in Cape Code and contrary to the accusations from vice-president of the company Sub Sea Research, Greg Brooks, the Twin Star Inc and Vast Explorer had the right equipment.

These companies were about to install on Iles-a-Vaches a sophisticated laboratory to treat and preserve found objects, said Mr. Fignolé underlying that each dive carried out by the Twin Star Inc and Vast Explorer teams were documented, the findings numbered and noted in the records of the company’s boats.
For more info, go to Ezili Danto Archives: The corrupt US/UN-backed Boca Raton regime robbing Haiti blind: pillage and plunder -gold, bronze cannons, emeralds stolen (article in French & English), and

“…What they want is Haiti’s newly discovered oil reserves in La Gonave, gas reserves near Aquin and Haiti’s gold mines in the Northeast”

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Turning Haiti into a Penal Colony: The Systemic Criminalization of Young Black Males in Haiti by Haiti’s US-imposed Miami government parallels US habit of criminalizing Blacks in the US| Haitian Perspectives by Marguerite Laurent, November 3, 2005

Haiti’s sin: Fighting to live and be free from European and American chains by Marguerite Laurent, 2004

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