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Decoding the ‘Haiti Democracy Project’ by Dominique Esser | HLLN’s links HDP, the Haiti Death Project and how the most powerful countries and peoples in the world are hurting the poorest and most powerless



Date: 16 April 2006

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Open letter to Wyclef Jean and Samuel Dalembert by Jean Yves Point-du-Jour

Urgent Alert: The Washington Chimères Reloaded and Haiti Democracy Project planning another coup d’etat against Haiti even though Rene Preval has not even taken office yet! Mainstream press, New York Times, where are you? Will the mainstream press remain dumb, deaf and blind, AGAIN?


– Decoding the ‘Haiti Democracy Project’ by Dominique Esser

Letter to USA Today on Haiti Democracy Project’s Powerful Bush Government State and Defense Department connections from Anthony Fenton

– See more by HLLN on (HDP), The Haiti Death Project – also known as “Haiti Democracy Project”


April 16, 2006

Decoding the ‘Haiti Democracy Project’ by Dominique Esser

Given the recent outcry about the singer Wyclef Jean being slated to attend an awards ceremony hosted by the misnamed “Haiti Democracy Project” (HDP), it is very timely to re-read some quotes from articles and interviews concerning this political group.

The following is only a small compiled selection of a much larger body of critique of this extremist organization that portrays itself as a true friend of Haiti, instead of disclosing the ultra-conservative Washington agenda it serves or that of the tiny, so called “Haitian elite”, that is virulently opposed to any democratization of the political arena in Haiti.

Nonetheless these excerpts (see below) may serve as a reminder of the forces at work when it comes to the continuation of foreign policy by other means. The means here being not war, as in the ubiquitous quote by Carl von Clausewitz, but the constant undermining of the democratic processes through the funding of U.S. created and/or backed “democratic” organizations, that are covertly sabotaging the popular decision making activities. Haiti is not alone in this regard. Owing to a variety of factors, the outcome for Haiti in the past was extremely severe as has been well documented by many human rights reports, especially since Haiti has seen it’s popular leader having been replaced by an U.S. controlled government in 2004.

The war against democracy in Haiti is extremely important to decode as there are discernible undercurrents in the american media, setting the stage for sabotaging René Préval, Haiti’s current president elect, in much of the same fashion as it did happen during Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s years in power.

Defenders of human rights, democracy and political self determination in Haiti should be on high alert regarding the movements of groups such as the Haiti Democracy Project, since Haiti can ill afford the further erosion of democratic gains.

The future looks much brighter since the election of Préval, after all he was certifiably elected with a clear majority, while the U.S. favored candidates could not muster even a fraction of his support.

In order for Haiti to move forward, the constant falsifications of major news-outlets have to be exposed, while extremist alliances such as the Haiti Democracy Project can not be allowed to achieve any gains and must be fought by any means necessary.

The advantage pro-democracy advocates have, is the fact that the regressive and destructive policies of the outgoing Haitian government under guidance from it’s foreign handlers had to be literally forced upon the Haitian populace at gun point, while the means necessary to achieve (or regain) democratic structures have succeeded with comparatively barely any force from the side of the popular movements.

While Jean-Bertrand Aristide utilized the backing of U.S. marines to return to his country after the first coup against him, René Garcia Préval will become president after two years of a relentlessly waged fight of the Haitian people and concerned foreigners to rid themselves of the superimposed power-structure that relied on MINUSTAH troops to stay in office.

The struggle against neo-colonialism and 200+ years of undermining Haiti’s development will be won by increasing the flow of information against political players such as the Haiti Democracy Project and it’s Haitian and U.S. handlers.

What was barely technologically possible during the first coup d’etat against President Aristide, is now commonplace: the daily torrent of information contradicting an increasingly irrelevant “main stream” press that tries to shape the news until they seem it fit to print . It is necessary that all concerned about Haiti’s development, counter the daily distortions of much of the print and broadcast media in order to re-shape the public understanding and discourse internationally.

While much of the propaganda against Jean-Bertrand Aristide seemed to gain momentum for a while. the tide has turned and many have come to the conclusion that they were ill served by a press that had little to offer when attempting to parse the events in Haitian politics.

As the current war in Iraq shows, force and propaganda cannot win over a populace that is informed about the true intents behind the undemocratic attempts to create new power structures. While temporay gains will be made by groups including the Haiti Democracy Project, in the long term outlook they will falter as they won’t be able to resolve the contradictions of their anachronistic policies.

“Shame and Scandal” by the Jamaican Journalist John Maxwell (The Jamaica Observer March 12, 2006)

Quote: “Official and unofficial organs of the US government, including USAID, the National Endowment for Democracy and the Haiti Democracy Project, financed and organized anti-Aristide groups and political action committees made up of some who were legitimate opponents of Aristide and his movement, but also of left-over Duvalierists and easily bribed rabble rousers in all sectors of the society.”

“The Struggle for Haiti An Interview with Hyppolite Pierre” by Cali Ruchala (SOBAKA February 21, 2004

Quote: “[Question]Sobaka: One of the strange things I’ve noticed is that Haiti, for being such a poor country, appears to have a lot of “friends,” in the US, and they all seem to be extremely partisan one way or another. What do you think of the Haiti Democracy Project? [Answer] Hyppolite Pierre: That’s about as bad as it gets as far as I’m concerned.”

The Haiti Democracy Project’s ties to discredited “players” in Haitian politics are mentioned in “Ron Daniels and the Haiti Support Project at it Again” by Haitian activist Marguerite Laurent (’Haïti Progrés’ Vol. 22 No. 52 March 9, 2005

Quote: “NCHR – a human rights organization with strong ties to USAID, the U.S. Embassy, the right wing Haiti Democracy Project and the opposition to President Aristide and the Lavalas party- has accused Sò Anne of “some connection” to the December 5th violent incidents at the University. However, these innuendoes are not supported by NCHR by any facts as of yet, nor does it have the authority to press its witch-hunt campaign against Lavalas supporters.”

Cooperative Research “Profile: Haiti Democracy Project” ( [Accessed on April 15, 2006]

Quote: “November 19, 2002 – The Haiti Democracy Project (HDP) is formally established. At its official launching, which takes place at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., speakers warn that the current ?crisis? in democracy in Haiti is worsening at an ever increasing pace. ?.

…US ambassador to the OAS, Roger Noriega also speaks at the ceremony. At one point, Noriega says, referring to the contested 2000 Haitian elections (see May 21, 2000), ?We have to get them [The Haitian people] that opportunity as they will not participate in a farce.? [Haiti Democracy Project, 12/20/2004]

Attending the event are some questionable figures including Stanley Lucas and Olivier Nadal. Lucas is said to be the point man in Haiti for the USAID-financed International Republican Institute, which is providing training and funds to anti-Aristide Haitian rebels in the Dominican Republic (see (2001-2004)). Nadal is a Miami-based Haitian businessman and the former president of the Haitian Chamber of Commerce. [Haiti Democracy Project, 12/20/2004] Nadal is implicated in a peasant massacre that occurred in the Haitian town of Piatre. In 1990, a group of peasants were killed by Nadal?s security after they squatted on unused land that he owned. [National Coalition for Haitian Rights, 5/24/2004; Haiti Progres, 8/21/1999] The prominent businessman Antoine Izmery said shortly before he was murdered that Nadal had been one of the financiers of the 1991 coup d?etat (see October 31, 1991-October 15, 1994) that ousted Aristide from office. And in 1994, the United States government froze Nadal?s assets because of his suspected involvement in the coup. [Haiti Progres, 8/21/1999]

The Haiti Democracy Project is funded by the wealthy, right-wing Haitian Boulos family, which owns several companies including Pharval Pharmaceuticals, the USAID-funded Radio Vision 2000, the Delimart supermarket, and Le Matin. In February 2002, Rudolph Boulos was under investigation for his possible involvement in the assassination of Haitian journalist Jean Dominique who had been very critical of Pharval after contamination of the company?s ?Afrebril and Valodon? syrups with diethyl alcohol had resulted in the deaths of 60 children. [Haiti Democracy Project, 12/20/2004; Knight Ridder, 4/11/2004; Haiti Weekly News, 3/28/2002; Haiti Progres, 8/21/1999] “

Anthony Fenton in an interview “U.S. Gvt. Channels Millions Through National Endowment for Democracy to Fund Anti-Lavalas Groups in Haiti”. (’Democracy Now!’ January 23, 2006

Quote:”Ambassador Carney is the current interim ambassador to Haiti, and he was also a member of the lobby ? the think tank in Washington called the Haiti Democracy Project that played an integral role in fomenting this demonization campaign against Aristide.”

Antjhony Fenton in a letter to ‘USA Today’: “Haiti: “Democracy Project” working for the Elite in Washington DC.” (San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center February 24, 2006

Quote: “Another former Haiti Democracy Project board member, Ira Lowenthal, has been in Haiti since 2004, working for USAID and UNOPS, an obscure UN agency that has been helping the IRI, NED, and others, to meddle in Haiti’s political affairs.”

“Haiti Democracy Project, Not So Democratic” by Jeb Sprague (The NarcoSphere May 4, 2005

Quote: “The HDP [Haiti Democracy Project] has clear links and friendships with the Latortue government, the Groups of 184, and the opposition to Aristide.”

Tom Reeves replying to a letter to the editor of ‘Dollars and Sense’ (Issue #252, March/April 2004

Quote: “I stand by my statement that HDP [Haiti Democracy Project] is responsible for shaping the public image of the so-called “Coalition of 184 Institutions” in the United States, and that this group is little more than a list of well-known pro-elite and pro-business apologists in Haiti, most of whom have virtually no public following. Every public event or press release about the 184 in the United States, and many in Haiti, have been sponsored or orchestrated by HDP. A search of the HDP website shows 143 supportive and often fawning references to the 184.

Dr. Rudolph Boulos and his family have funded HDP, and are known for their ties to Duvalierists and other right-wing elements in Haiti and in the United States?a fact publicized in Haitian media across the political spectrum. Boulos has received substantial USAID funding?as have many of the 184 groups, prominently CLED (the Center for Free Enterprise and Democracy), a right-wing pro-free market group. …Very much like his HDP patron, the Brookings Institution, HDP and Morell like to portray themselves as “liberal,” attempting to co-opt any genuinely progressive approach to U.S. policy on Haiti. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Marc Mohan in “The case foe Aristide”, a critique of Nicolas Rossier’s documentary “Aristide and the Endless Revolution” in the ‘The Oregonian’ (January 13, 2006

Quote: “Re-elected in 2000, Aristide ran afoul of such groups as the Haiti Democracy Project, backed by American business interests, and, allegedly, the CIA.”

Kevin Pina interviewed by Denis Bernstein on ‘Flashpoints Radio’ “Right-wing thugs revel in Bush’s Victory” (Transcript on ZNet November 09, 2004

Quote: “[The Group of 184's] public relations arm is in Washington, D.C., something called the Haiti Democracy Project, which is funded by a right-wing man named Reginald Boulos [of] the Boulos family, which is very intimately involved in Cite Soleil. Both Andy Apaid and Reginald Boulos have pumped tremendous amounts of money into Cite Soleil to actually buy gangs to turn against Lavalas to then battle the pro-Lavalas gangs so that the press can sit back and say ‘well, our fair and balanced reporting is to say that inter-gang violence between those who used to support Aristide and those who no longer support him,’ without reporting [about] the money that’s being dumped into Cite Soleil by Boulos and by Apaid who, obviously, are two of the main backers of the coup against Aristide that overthrew [him] February 29th, before he was taken out by force by U.S. Marines.”

“Left, Right, Left, Right: Running off With Haiti’s Democracy” by Canadian journalist Anthony Fenton (ZNet February 15, 2006

Quote: “Haiti Democracy Project [is] an anti-Aristide lobby group and think tank, and the foreign public relations arm of the Group of 184 and Democratic Convergence opposition bloc” “We should also recall that another Haiti Democracy Project Board member, Timothy Carney, also resigned in order to take over as interim Ambassador to Haiti. Carney has long been a fierce defender of the IRI’s activities in Haiti and an ally of Haiti’s elite.”

“The Bush Administrations Endgame for Haiti” by Kevin Pina. (’The Black Commentator’ December 4, 2003 Issue 67

Quote: “Let?s start from the beginning with a Washington D.C. based organization called the Haiti Democracy Project (HDP) that has fashioned itself into the arbiter of Bush administration policy towards Haiti.”

“Still Up Against the Death Plan in Haiti” by Tom Reeves in ‘Dollars and Sense’ magazine in the September/October 2003 issue. (Archived at Third World Traveler

Quote: “his July, even the departing U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, Brian Curran, lashed out against some U.S. political operatives, calling them the “Chimeres of Washington” (a Haitian term for political criminals). The most recent of these Chimeres have been associated with the Haiti Democracy Project (HDP), headed by former State Department official James Morrell and funded by the right-wing Haitian Boulos family. In December 2002, the HDP literally created from whole cloth a new public relations face for the official opposition, the “Coalition of 184 Civic Institutions,” a laundry list of Haitian NGOs funded by USAID and/or the IRI, as well as by the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce and other groups.”

“Who is Timothy Carney?” by Marguerite Laurent Esq. (A post on various online lists, March 18, 2006)

Quote: “As ambassador to Haiti from 1998 to 1999 Timothy M. Carney, presided over the stepped-up NED/USAID/IRI “democracy enhancement” programs in Haiti and, later as a retired career Foreign Service Officer, he became a board member of the powerful anti-Aristide Washington lobbying group, the Haiti Democracy Project, known most widely to the majority of Haitians and HLLN, as the group in Washington that worked with James Morrell, Reginald Boulos, Andy Apaid, Lionel Delatour, Stanley Lucas and Guy Phillip, et al, to plot, use Federal resources and programs and their diplomatic, State Department, Pentagon and UN/OAS connections, to help carry out the 2004 bi-centennial coup d’etat in Haiti and illegal inflict the Baco Raton regime and their death squads on Haiti.”

“Both before and after the second coup d’etat, Timothy Carney, James Morrell, Haiti Democracy Project, and their radical right wing republican allies financed and promoted traditional elite reps, such as Boulos, Apaid, Baker, as “democratic forces” and legitimate opposition to the elected governments of Haiti who held significantly MORE than an 8 to 12% constituency in Haiti, while constantly emphasizing how the elected Presidents of Haiti, (Aristide and Preval), failed to deliver a better life to the Haitian people, never mentioning the destabilization, humanitarian embargo, the Washington financial, diplomatic and political support to an anti-democratic minority that was the true cause of these elected Presidents impotence.

“The American Learning Zone” by Tom Reeves (counterpunch April 14, 2004

Quote: “The evidence is clear: U.S. weapons (intended for the Dominican army) were smuggled into Haiti by former Haitian military and para—military, many of whom were trained and long funded by the CIA and other U.S. agents. U.S. money, both government and private, flowed into the coffers of NGOs attached to the “opposition” — the right—wing Convergence and the neo—liberal “Group of 184,” led by the Haitian business elite (including the sweat—shop owners) and widely publicized by the ultra—conservative “Haiti Democracy Project”(HDP) in Washington, D.C. Among the funders and organizers of the opposition were the IRI and NDI, the international NGOs closely tied to the U.S. Republican and Democrat Parties respectively. IRI and HDP operatives were present at meetings organized by FRAPH (a CIA—funded para—military group) and former Haitian military in the Dominican Republic — at which Dominican authorities claimed plans were laid a year ago for a Haitian coup.”

“The Theater of Coup. – Dramatis Personae: Roger Noriega and “The Opposition”.” by Gilbert Wesley Purdy. (Catalyzer 2004

Quote: “The IRI has distanced itself from any activities that might appear unseemly, by doing just what it has likely advised the Group of 184 to do. It has created a front group, the Haitian Democracy Project, with no ostensible ties to the IRI, to advise the Group of 184 on how to network its way to success. Media manipulation is clearly a major part of the 184 tool-kit. Coöpting token members of their political opposition and advertising them as proof of non-partisan action is also a new addition to their tactical array. In short, the means utilized by the neo-conservative far right in the U. S. political arena have been slightly modified to fit the exigencies of Haitian politics and the leadership of the Group of 184 has been thoroughly trained in their use. Right-wing radio talk shows have sprung up, wherever there are Haitian communities, excoriating Aristide and accusing him of every kind of crime. They have become the sources of stories that are often dutifully reported as fact in the U. S. press.”

Brian Concannon, human rights lawyer quoted on Source Watch “Haiti Democracy Project” (Accessed on April 16, 2006

Quote: “The Haiti Democracy Project is “a right-wing think tank founded by Republican State Department and other officials and by Haitian elites. I believe that the primary financing came from a guy named Rudolph Boulos (a doctor in Haiti, a very strong supporter of right-wing causes and a virulent anti-Lavalas activist), and is a large recipient of USAID funds.” (Brian Concannon, Director of the Institute for Democracy and Justice in Haiti, Feb. 16, 2006).”

“Closing Haiti’s Open Veins: Preval’s Impossible Mission” by Stephen Lendman (Available at [Accessed on April 15, 2006])

Quote: “The Los Angeles Times [quoted] Lionel Delatour, a board member of the US connected Haiti Democracy Project and the notorious Group of 184 complicit in the 2004 coup, threatening Preval with his comment that “If he does try to bring Aristide back, Preval will NOT FINISH his presidency.””


Dear USA Today editor,

Re: “Haitians pack polls for presidential election; Voters calm despite long lines, confusion,” February 8th, 2006

In her article, Danna Harman quoted a government source without identifying him as such.

Harman quoted John Merrill as “a U.S. election observer with the Haiti Democracy Project,” which she described as “an independent research group based in Washington that promotes a stable government in Haiti. “ The only context that Harman provided on Merrill was that “Merrill has monitored six previous Haitian elections.” According to the website of the Haiti Democracy Project, Merrill is “chief of Western Hemisphere programs for the Defense Department,” and, in addition to being a Haiti Democracy Project observer, was “observing also for the U.S. government.” (see:

Furthermore, the Haiti Democracy Project itself has links to the U.S. government that warrant mention. The current interim ambassador to Haiti, Timothy Carney, only resigned as a Haiti Democracy Project Board Member in order to assume this diplomatic post.

Another former Haiti Democracy Project board member, Ira Lowenthal, has been in Haiti since 2004, working for USAID and UNOPS, an obscure UN agency that has been helping the IRI, NED, and others, to meddle in Haiti’s political affairs.

Part of the $3 million grant that UNOPS manages for USAID involves bolstering the campaign of the political party that yet another former Haiti Democracy Project board member, Rudolph Boulos, is running for Senate for, FUSION.

Anthony Fenton Vancouver, B.C.


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HLLN strongly demands, for the international authorities, supervising and maintaining the current Haitian police, prisons, courts and jails to RELEASE Haiti’s political prisoners immediately.


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– Open letter to Wyclef Jean and Samuel Dalembert by Jean Yves Point-du-Jour


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Join HLLN’S MEDIA Campaign to expose the corrupt role of the UN, US, Canada, OAS, France, this international community’s (the “International Community”) culpable role in keeping in office, over the OBJECTIONS of the majority of Haiti’s peoples, at home and abroad, for more than TWO years now, and training and paying a puppet Haitian government with no popular mandate and massive human rights abuses and political repression. Stop UN, US, OAS, Canada, France’s hypocrisy. Their authorities are the ones holding the political prisoners in Haiti, they are coup d’etat countries with the UN as their proxy. They are the RESPONDIAT SUPERIORS, not the puppet Latortue government or its corrupt and paid-off judges. Write to media urging them not to let the International Community pass the blame to their very employees – the Latortue death regime and its corrupt justice system. Demand that the mainstream media stop turning a blind eye to the truth in Haiti: the WHO holds the keys locking the political prisoners behind bars. It’s this INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY with UN soldiers as henchmen, wielding its defacto protectorate in Haiti, with Latortue regime as its proxy and “black face”

Demand that these coup d’etat implementers, FREE the people before giving back the reigns of government illegally held by the international community’s employees in Haiti.

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We are collecting endorsers. Join the list of sponsors. Answer the call. Add your organization’s name to our list and call upon your friends and colleagues to endorse the FreeHaitiMovement. This would help make May 18, 2006 (and the two other upcoming Free Haiti Movement events, on Aug 14, 2006 to celebrate Bwa Kayiman, which begun the great Haitian Revolution, and Oct 17, 2006 the 200th anniversary of Dessaline’s death) a greater success.

ANSWER THE CALL and support the current 2006 8-point Haiti Resolution and


FREE THE POLITICAL PRISONERS: Sample letters for HLLN’S Media Campaign to Free Haitian children in prisons, Free the political prisoners, Protect the Feb. 7th vote


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