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Mainstream Media Disinformation Campaign Against Haiti (New York Times, LA Times, Miami Herald, Associated Press) emboldens: The Washington Chimères and Haiti Democracy Project coup d’etat plans against Haiti even before President Preval takes office!



Urgent Alert: The Washington Chiméres Reloaded and Haiti Democracy Project planning another coup d’etat against Haiti even though Rene Preval has not even taken office yet! Mainstream press, New York Times, where are you? Will the mainstream press remain dumb, deaf and blind, AGAIN?


It’s sad but the Washington Chiméres, led by Haiti Democracy Project and Timothy M. Carney are gearing up for a sequel to the 2004 bi-centennial coup d’etat.

They haven’t learnt their lesson and won’t leave Haiti in peace. Their new and bloody horror show is entitled “Washington Chiméres Reloaded.” Starring the same theme song – “flawed elections”. Same cast – Timothy Carney, James Morrell, Lionel Delatour, Bernard Jacques, Reginald Boulos, to name a few, but some, appearing on stage under different titles. Featuring the same mainstream media lies, half-truths and propaganda. Except, there will be different Haitian lives lost. New Haitian lives made to suffer and to lose their freedoms.

Washington used the so-called 2000 “flawed” Parliamentary elections to bring down the Aristide government and appear to have purposely staged Preval’s “flawed election” to control Preval’s presidency, pacify the masses and strike the final death blow against the pro-democratic Lavalas Movement in Haiti. Now that the coup d’etat has been defeated through the repudiation of Washington’s candidates in Haiti at the ballot box, the new litmus test Washington has set for itself is to prevent the return of Aristide.

The first step has already been taken.


Quickly ignoring that neither Aristide nor Preval nor the people of Haiti had any control over these elections – deliberately forgetting the coup d’etat government, the OAS, the UN and the international community had total control over the running of Haiti’s elections and therefore have a lot of explaining to do about burnt ballots, hidden ballots, destroyed tally sheets, ballot boxes stuffed with blank ballots – the mainstream journalists are reveling in writing articles which amount to nothing more than a compilation of threats. Washington threats being issued, in the form of “reliable quotes” taken from the perpetrators of electoral fraud in Haiti, thieves who got caught and had to declare Preval winner against their will and who are now using the mainstream media to destabilize Preval’s presidency before it even gets into office.

In essence, Preval and Aristide and the people of Haiti are being blamed for the made-in-the-USA election crisis in Haiti.

Spinning the truth on its head, Rene Préval and the people of Haiti are cast as the “perpetrators” of electoral fraud and not the victims of it.

For example, a recent New York Times article unabashedly maintains:
“…Mr. Prèval (is) quietly at work on the glaring challenge of ending the devastating hostilities between the rich and the poor ó starting with repairing some of the damage HE HAD JUST DONE TO THAT CAUSE. (Emphasis Added)

“Last week, he charged the authorities with fraud in elections whose credibility was considered crucial to strengthening Haiti’s stumbling democracy. Now he, too, faces questions about the legitimacy of the back-room deal brokered by foreign diplomats that ended the possibility of a runoff and made him the victor…” ( “Prèval’s Silence Obscures Quiet Bid to Reunite Haiti”, By GINGER THOMPSON, New York Times, February 20, 2006 )

Miami Herald like the New York Times arrogantly continues to blame the victims with:

“in a nation where elections have been marked by fraud, Haitians are not used to either runoffs or long and methodical vote counts” (See, “Massive protests demand vote results in Haiti” by Joe Mozingo, Feb. 15, 2006, posted at – )

Similarly, the Associate Press hears no evil and sees no evil, simply overlooking the coup d’etat thieves who were committing electoral fraud, liberally citing the State Department viewpoint without question, inferring it is Rene Preval, not the US-supported Latortue regime and their international backers, who must keep accusations of election fraud at bay. To wit, AP writes:

“The acting U.S. ambassador in Haiti predicts president-elect Renè Prèval will need to do well in office to keep political opponents — and accusations of election fraud — at bay. “ ( Go to, “Haitians, meanwhile, are waiting for the word on Aristide” by Stevenson Jacobs, Associated Press )

What these journalists won’t particularize, won’t report here is that the acting U.S. ambassador to Haiti, Timothy Carney, formerly of Haiti Democracy Project, is the opposition to Preval’s presidency. He is one of the key creators and chief supporters of political opponents against Haitian democracy and justice, such as Group 184 and the Convergence. Without this critical information, their reports are nothing but unethical and shameful reporting.

Not to be outdone, a Los Angeles Times article, also quotes the threats and pressures from another coup d’etat orchestrator, Group 184 partisan and well-known Haiti Democracy Project board member, Lionel Delatour:

“If he does try to bring Aristide back, Preval will NOT FINISH his presidency,” Delatour predicted.” (Go to: “Aristide’s Former Ally May Be Turning Away by Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, Feb. 20, 2006 )

The stage is set. Preval and the people of Haiti are duly cast, by the mainstream press, in the role of antagonist. They are the enemies of democracy and development in Haiti. Never mind the only crime René Préval has committed is the crime of being voted into office by the mass electorate in Haiti. What matters is that, the beautiful people, the fringe candidates, with no significant constituency in Haiti – (the closest rival to Preval only received 11.8% and 8% ) – are more palatable to the international community, that is, to the US, France, Canada, UN Security Council and their Blan peyi multi-national Haitian opportunists.

Reality is turned on its head, lies are truth and truth lies. The democratic forces in Haiti, Haiti’s actual long-suffering poor majority and the winners in the Feb. 7, 2006 rigged elections are cast as the anti-democratic forces.

President Rene Preval, the undisputed winner of the Feb. 7, 2006 elections, who won by four times as many votes as his closest fringe rival, (and who had many other votes, apparently purposely hidden by CEP members, that were delivered on Feb. 15, 2006 before the so-called “compromise” that were not counted into his tally), is outright accused, by Haiti Democracy Project, Group 184 and Washington, of manipulating their corrupt behavior, their incompetence and fraud at the CEP to avert a run-off! The mainstream media straight-up prints these gross lies even though:

1) Preval was in Marmelade at his mountain home after the elections and had NOTHING to do with the “tensions” that caused the people of Haiti to take to the streets and demand their votes be counted by the CEP and not be negated as it reached Jacques Bernard’s Tabulation Center in Port-au-Prince;

2) There was no need for a compromise or a deal except for the fraud of burnt ballots, missing ballots, missing tally sheets, blank ballots and the found ballots which could still be COUNTED;

3) And furthermore, the people’s demonstrations were PEACEFUL, as amply demonstrated when 5,000 went to the Montana and not one piece of item was destroyed or found stolen.


The mainstream media revels in covering panels, conferences and discussions put together by the coup d’etat folks, the IRI created Group 184 and the paternalistic “do-gooder” foreigners in Haiti who support the morally repugnant wealthy Haitian sweatshop kingpins like Haiti Democracy Project, IRI, USAID, US Embassy, France, Canada, UN and their various NGOs. The people of Haiti and their chosen leaders are just a side-issue, a backdrop used to flesh out their negative and racist mantras.

Examine any of their articles on Haiti closely and you’ll notice that the LOSERS in the Feb. 7, 2007 elections are, by far, the people these journalist take the time to quote in their articles. Obviously these folks will mouth the negative mantras about the people of Haiti and the Lavalas Movement for democracy and say only good things about themselves. No matter. Forget the blatant electoral fraud, the mainstream press are doing Washington’s work, re-imaging and boosting up the losers ñ the coup d’etat folks, such as, Reginald Boulos, Leslie Manigat, Jacques Bernard, Timothy M. Carney, HDP, IRI, the death squads and the Washington Chimeres as credible authorities with a credible history of upholding the laws and the Constitution of Haiti!

It seems whatever these discredited folks say about the Feb. 7, 2006 elections is mainstream media gospel. The fact that these folks took down Haiti’s last elected government through force, appears to hold no weight with these “journalist.”

The script: “Ohh, no, no no, their hands are clean ñ I mean they look so light- skinned, so beautiful. Jacques Bernard looks so like us journalists! How could Jacques Bernard be a criminal, he’s white?

“We all schmooze together, sometimes over a nice Barbacourt rum by the poolside at the Montana or El Rancho. We are more like these “Haitians”, one of a kind, winners, diplomats, playboys in designer suits, successful. We are kindred spirits at the Montana, looking down at those Black folks, those “slum-dwellers” who want that “fiery slum priest” back.

“Can you imagine the ignorance? When they could have had the beautiful light-skinned Charles Baker as their President. Their street riots and carrying-on forced the beautiful people, the diplomats, the UN, the Haitian elites, the international observers to acquiesce to their demands and MAKE Preval President. In a nation where elections have been marked by fraud, Haitians are not used to either runoffs or long and methodical vote count. That’s a shame. Preval charged the authorities with fraud in elections whose credibility was considered crucial to strengthening Haiti’s stumbling democracy. Preval compromised Haiti’s last hope for democracy. Now Preval, too, faces questions about the legitimacy of the back-room deal brokered by foreign diplomats that ended the possibility of a runoff and made him the victor.

“There should have been a second round so true American-style change would come about in Haiti, to transfer to the beautiful people the reigns of power through the ballot. But now, oh shame, shame, the elections are disputed. Preval is weakened and if he doesn’t toe the Washington line, he won’t be able to keep accusations of election fraud at bay and we just have to get rid of him as we did Aristide. What a tragedy. It’s all Prevals and the People of Haiti’s fault. They’re are to blame…”

That’s the script.

So, as before, the mainstream media willingly swallows whole and claps their hands to whatever these “beautiful people” tell them and don’t choke, just print these anti-democratic folks destabilizing lies, half-truths and spins ad nauseam. Thus, Pablot Bachelet of the Miami Herald has no problem, gives no balance or context, just identifies the discredited and illegally appointed Jacques Bernard as “Top election official”, the “leader of Haiti’s electoral council” who “surfaced in Washington” and “said the president elect and others manipulated ballot counting changes.”

In fact, almost any mainstream paper one picks up these days, manages to find a “foreign diplomat”, a coup d’etat LOSER like Boulos, Manigat, Jacques Bernard, IFES, IRI or a one-time or current Haiti Democracy Project board member such as, Tim Carney or Lionel Delatour to quote. And the refrain is unanimously the same: “Preval’s victory is compromised by his connection to the PEOPLE OF HAITI; his connection to Lavalas; his connection to Aristide, and by the fact he champions the poor!!!”

Purposely ignoring any contextual reference to the realities of the 2004 coup d’etat, the over 10,000 Haitians massacred, 1,000 still in jail, the re-structuring of the old bloody Haitian military as credible “police”; the paying of said human rights abusers ten years back pay while the surviving victims suffer, starve and get no justice; completely ignoring the legitimacy of these folks they quote so liberally, folks who got their jobs unconstitutionally, took power through force and by murdering law-abiding Haitians, forgetting all this, these mainstream journalists, like the ones we’ve named herein, will blithely write, in sum, that:

“OPPONENTS of Haiti’s president-elect could use the country’s DISPUTED ELECTION result to try and weaken his government if he doesn’t perform,” (See, Haiti Leader Must ‘Perform’ By STEVENSON JACOBS, Associated Press Writer, Sat Feb 18, 9:00 PM ET )

What the journalists don’t tell the reader is the OPPONENT to Haiti’s democracy is the very person they are quoting.

“…Tim Carney, the acting U.S. ambassador in Haiti, said Prèval clearly would have won the election but acknowledged the disputed outcome could hurt his government if he fails in office. “ (Haitians, meanwhile, are waiting for the word on Aristide, BY STEVENSON JACOBS, AP)

“If he fail” doesn’t mean if he fails the people of Haiti by not delivering on social programs, schools, health care, better security than the coup d’etat people and such. It means, if Preval fails Tim Carney and the Washington Chiméres that Tim Carney, as acting US Ambassador, leads at IRI, IFES, USAID and Haiti Democracy Project. “If he fails” that is, these foreigners and their Group 184 cohorts who are the OPPONENTS to Haiti’s democracy.

Timothy Carney along with IRI and HDP helped create Group 184 and are Rene Preval’s and the people of Haiti’s most dangerous opponents. They are THE BLOCK to Haiti’s development and to Haiti’s attempt at institutionalizing the rule of law, justice and democracy! (Read the New York Time’s “Democracy Undone” article. Note how this article only exposed the very tip of the massive media neglect and disinformation on Haiti and their cover-up for these Washington Chiméres. How it trivializes and reduces the powerful corrupting role and, many say, even criminal role of the Bush State Department in undermining Haitian democracy to simply “mixed U.S. signals have helped tilt Haiti toward chaos”. The article doesn’t even bother to identify Timothy Carney’s relationship to Haiti Democracy Project, or that he preceded Brian Curan as Ambassador to Haiti, or outline Carney’s record at HDP, or now, in terms of bolstering a coup d’etat government, Group 184 interests, rather than supporting the majority of the people of Haiti’s will and choice of leaders.)

The voices, hopes and dreams of the poor, Black masses in Haiti are reported as suspect, uneducated, impatient, unmethodical, unimportant.

But the truth of the matter is, what is “controversial” to these journalist and their “authoritative sources” is deemed legal and just to the suffering masses in Haiti. Thus, return of Aristide is controversial to Washington while Constitutional to the people of Haiti. The CEP’s confirmation of Preval as the outright winner in these elections is just, moral and Constitutional to the people of Haiti. But controversial to mostly all the coup d’etat sources used by the mainstream journalists reporting on Haiti.

The pro-rata counting of the blank ballots is “controversial” for the almost all the sources cited by the mainstream journalists, but right, ethical, legal, democratic and Constitutional to the joyous mass electorate of Haiti who saw their votes thrown away in garbage dumps and being diluted by missing tally sheets, missing ballots, uncounted ballots and a fraudulent number of blank votes.


Since President Aristide has already been cast as the “fiery” even demonic, if not despotic “slum priest,” the mainstream media, helps the Washington party-line by just lazily tapping into their audiences already programmed prejudices. Reporting, ad nauseum, that Preval better not listen to the Haitian majority who elected him and bring back that “fiery slum priest.” In this way, journalists, like Ginger Thompson of the New York Times write about Latortue’s “stumbling democracy!”, Joe Mozingo of the Miami Herald speaks of Haiti poor’s inability to be “patient and methodical;” Steven Jacobs of the AP, and Carol J. Williams of the Los Angeles Times, simply use the fact that Aristide draws lots of negative press and conveniently smear it all over Preval. Or, alternatively divides them, to further polarize Haiti’s people. (See, “Aristide’s Former Ally May Be Turning Away. Many Haitians voted for Rene Preval thinking he would bring back the ousted leader. But the president-elect is staking out a new independence.” by Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, Feb. 20, 2006,,0,2879275.story?coll=la-headlines-world

Ginger Thompson, of the New York Times, wrote:

“Mr. Aristide, the fiery slum priest who could command this country’s poor masses as firmly as Moses did the Red Sea, was forced from power and into exile in South Africa two years ago by a violent uprising supported by the elite. But some contend that he continues, either directly or through the masses who remain loyal to him, to have influence over Mr. Prèval “ ( “Prèval’s Silence Obscures Quiet Bid to Reunite Haiti” by Ginger Thompson, New York Times, February 20, 2006, posted at )

Who are these anonymous “some” who “contend” that Ginger Thompson writes about, if not the Roger Noriega, Tim Carney, Stanley Lucas, Jacques Bernard, Latortue, Apaid, Boulos, Baker and the rest of the coup d’etat gang. Again, are these the only human beings these journalist can find to interview on Haiti, about Haiti?

Further, has Ginger Thompson, read her own papers coverage – “Haiti: Democracy Undone – Mixed U.S. signals have helped tilt Haiti toward chaos”, outlining the US role in destabilizing Haiti’s constitutional governments and bringing forth the bicentennial coup d’etat? Why does Thompson only blame the Black opportunist- that is, the Haitian “elite” here? Didn’t her own New York Times article show, in part, how said “violent uprising” she writes about that forced Aristide into exile was also financed and engineered by US/UAID/IRI in conference rooms in the Dominican Republic!!!

How soon the New York Times forgets.

The mainstream press articles excerpted above, contain nutgraphs, negative mantras, like the Jesee Helms-inspired “fiery slum priests,” mantra about Haiti’s steps towards self-governance that appeal to America’s racists instincts and prejudices in a way that is politically manipulative and patently dangerous to the new Preval presidency and conveys to Preval the racist and paternalistic warning that he must not listen to his own people, but to Washington.

The polarization and conflicts are strummed to a fever pitch.

To wit:

“Tensions between Haiti’s slum-dwelling masses, who supported Aristide and Preval, and the business elite frequently roil its politics. But representatives of diverse communities have spoken publicly of the need for the next government to include a broad spectrum of society” (See, “Aristide’s Former Ally May Be Turning Away” Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, Feb. 20, 2006 )

This article makes no reference to the Lavalas witch hunt, massacre of the poor and crippling oppression of Haiti’s majority occurring these last two years under the US/UN- supported Latortue government that couldn’t possibly be described as a government to “include a broad spectrum of society.”

Furthermore, without explaining to their readers, who these “Opponents” are, who Timothy M Carney and his associates and these Haitian “business elites” really are, the nightmare these coup d’etat folks imposed on the Haitian masses, on Haiti, these last two coup d’etat years; the sheer terror, lawlessness, massacres they’ve engineered, preside over, causing over 10,000 deaths, 1,000 political prisoners, countless fleeing refugees who’ve drowned at sea, causing over 100,000 internal refugees, forcing 20, 000 Haitians into exile, destroying an entire government and kicking out over 7,000 elected and appointed officials from office, making Site Soley and Bel Air into a concentration camp like the West Bank and creating children prisons that warehouses Haiti’s poor, there’s no context.

Without context, one would assume the journalists writing about “tensions between those who support Aristide and Preval and the business elites” are referring to regular businesspersons who happen to be part of credible political parties with credible constituencies, say like the Democratic or Republican parties in the US or simple businesspersons who naturally should be afforded an opportunity to bring diversity to play, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. The fringe political parties and business elites who support them in Haiti are anti-democratic and lack authenticity with the people of Haiti and can only win an election through fraud.

The picture being painted, by the mainstream media, of a benign and reputable Haitian business class pitted against a ruthless, violent-prone and mob-orientated majority is obscene.

It’s an affront. A denial of the over 10,000 Haitians these folks help to massacre (with the help and cover-up of the likes of Timothy Carney, IRI/McCain, Guy Phillipe, the UN troops, and Haiti Democracy Project.) An affront to the thousands of Haitians the Boca Raton regime is still killing softly in their UN-protected jails, right now in Haiti.

“Ö president-elect Renè Prèval will need to do well in office to keep political opponents — and accusations of election fraud — at bay.” (See “Haitians, meanwhile, are waiting for the word on Aristide, by STEVENSON JACOBS, Associated Press “

These are threats. Nothing less than the acting U.S. ambassador to Haiti, Timothy Carney, wasting no time sending signals to all political operatives in Haiti that if René Prèval does not submit to Washington’s wishes and dictates, US, IMF, UN, World Bank, European Union funds, credit, political, military and diplomatic power will be used to weaken his presidency and government as was done to President Aristide.

In fact, as we’ve already pointed out, one Los Angeles Times article quoted HDP board member, Lionel Delatour to have predicted already that if Preval tries “to bring Aristide back, Preval will not finish his presidency,” (Go to: “Aristide’s Former Ally May Be Turning Away” by Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, Feb. 20, 2006 ) also posted at )

That’s the gist of the matter, no matter the sophism or ways these media comments are made.


The hand writing is on the wall. Timothy Carney and the State Department’s clear message to Haiti and Preval is: “Do as we want Haitian people, or face an embargo and another coup d’etat.”

The propaganda, disinformation, the destabilization has begun and Preval has not even yet taken office.

Today, the mainstream press is only furthering our understandings of how the coup d’etat folks intended and are still trying to steal the elections away from the people of Haiti. These election results were orchestrated and rigged in such a way to assure that even if Preval was declared winner, Haiti Democracy Project, Boulos, Baker, Apaid, Jacques Bernard, Timothy Carney would have manufactured enough conflict and spun their own fraudulent behaviors onto the people of Haiti to weaken Preval’s mandate. But these are the last gasping breath of HDP. Their spins are dead in the water and they know it. For who doesn’t know, that when a clear choice between counting SUSPECT “blan” ballots or counting good votes that had been hidden and not added to the totals were at hand, said diplomats, international negotiators and coup d’etat folks chose to pro-rate the “blan” ballots instead of counting the Haitian votes available that had been delivered to them from hiding!!! Thus, with this farce of a “deal” and no mainstream media telling the truth, but quoting these “diplomats’” (Tim Carney/HDP) spins as if it was the whole truth, they’ve manage to create this idea that Rene Preval was, somehow given a boost by the diplomats and negotiators to help him win and avoid bloodshed in Haiti!!!

Only serpents from hell could be so slippery and dishonest. And, only with the approval and collusion of the mainstream press will these folks be allowed to make the victims (Rene Preval and the people of Haiti) the perpetrators of electoral fraud and themselves (the losers) the injured party!



Here’s the ultimate spin. Remember, there were “misplaced” ballots that could have been COUNTED to avoid “the deal” spin:

“…Prèval had been just short of a majority with more than 90 percent of the vote tabulated!”

Lies, lies, lies. Gross lies. Preval clearly had a majority before this Jacques Bernard started to play with the blank votes. That’s the plain truth. It could be verified, if these lazy journalists ever took the time to gather the tally sheets posted at the polling places that showed Preval winning by 60 to 80% of the votes. Even the international observers and NDI had Preval winning by a clear majority. The mainstream press is being obtuse on purpose. They refuse to ask the obvious question about this “brokered deal;” refuse to utter the question HLLN has asked: Why make a “deal” to count the SUSPECT “white” ballots when there were Haitian votes on hand, still to be counted on Wed. Feb. 15, 2006? Votes that had been hidden for nine days, after they were delivered to the tabulation center? (See, AHP Feb. 15, 2006 report)


Why did the CEP choose to COUNT the blank ballots on a pro-rata basis but to not count the missing ballots from Sainte Trinité School, Carrefour-Feuilles, Abricots and other places that had gone missing but recovered and clearly available to be ADDED into the overall tally of votes on Wed. Feb. 15, 2006 before the announcement of the “brokered deal” was made on Thursday morning?

Answer? To weaken Rene Preval, of course, and compromise the landslide mandate given to him by the poor in Haiti; to have plausible deniability and an arguable case that Preval wasn’t elected by the people of Haiti, he was PUT, straitjacketed by the U.S. and the international community into the National Palace; to legitimize the coup d’etat, of course, and destroy the Lavalas movement, that’s why.

It’s a familiar lie: the imperialist creates disorder and lawlessness and then comes to the rescue to bring law and order! Our jailers have cast themselves as our rescuers. How many times have we-Haitians been subjected to this particular farce down the annals of our history?

Consider the latest news found on the Haiti Democracy Project’s website: “Threatened CEP Administrator to Address Haiti Democracy Project Seminar”

According to HDP’s James Morrell
A major blunder by the international community has forced Haiti into one of the most perplexing as well as unnecessary crises it has had to endure since the departure of dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier twenty years ago. The Latin American troop-contributing countries, with Brazil in the lead, pressured the Haitian electoral commission into illegally awarding the presidential election to Rene Prèval before he had fairly won it. They did this by allocating to him and other candidates eighty thousand blank ballotsóthat is, eighty thousand ballots that were verified by voting officials and party pollwatchers across the country as having been explicitly cast for no candidate.

Jacques Bernard, the extra-illegally appointed Latortue, Executive Director of the CEP escaped Haiti, amidst an investigation of his fraudulent dealings, and managed to abcond to the US. (See, “Jacques Bernard, the Electoral Council director accused of stuffing ballots with blank votes, flees Haiti “ ; Unofficial HLLN Translation of AHP Feb. 20, 2006 report: Jacques Bernard, Executive Director of Haiti’s Electoral Council flees Haiti )

With HDP former board member, Timothy M. Carney, now in charge of the US Embassy and visas in Haiti, as interim Ambassador, that is not so surprising.

Was Jacques Bernard whisked back to Washington, back to the bosom of his Haiti Democracy Project coup d’etat co-horts to get more orders from those who made sure he got a coup d’etat paycheck with the CEP job? Why isn’t the US interested in Jacques Bernard’s role in allegedly stuffing ballot boxes with blanks, presiding over missing ballots, burnt ballots, and fraudulently publishing bogus electoral results?

The Bush Administration and HDP appear to still be in the coup-making business and against Haitian democracy, justice, development and peace. They simply won’t quit. Won’t accept that Feb. 7, 2006 defeated their coup d’etat and regime change in Haiti.

They are so cavalier about it, so unconcerned about facing a court of law for their heinous crimes against the people of Haiti with the bi-centennial coup, that they are, right now, predicting a coup d’etat against Preval, even saying it out loud to the mainstream press with TOTAL impunity.

“If he does try to bring Aristide back, Preval will not finish his presidency, Delatour predicted.”

Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
Feb. 23, 2006

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