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Bloody U.N. siege on Cité Soleil by Lyn Duff



San Francisco Bayview

December 7, 2005

At least 15 residents were killed and dozens wounded by United Nations troops during incursions in the zone of Cité Soleil this past week. Cité Soleil is a highly populated area with 300,000 residents living in only a few square miles. The neighborhood residents are known to support Fanmi Lavalas, the party led by ousted President Jean Bertrand Aristide. Cité Soleil has been the site of several recent shootings by U.N. soldiers.

Beginning the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 22, U.N. soldiers initiated an infiltration of Cité Soleil with patrols through the narrow streets on foot and in armored personnel carriers. The U.N. troops were seen arresting civilians and occasionally shooting into crowded residential areas. In the early morning hours of Nov. 23, a 15-year-old girl was reportedly shot in the leg and arm by U.N. soldiers who were attempting to raid the home of her neighbor on a search for illicit arms. No weapons were recovered.

Also on Nov. 23, a man who makes kitchen utensils was killed when U.N. soldiers fired into his shop. Five others were reported wounded in the attack.

Raids continued over the next few days, with three wounded on Nov. 25, when Jordanian U.N. troops shot into a yard where several children were playing, wounding an adult cousin who was babysitting the children and two unrelated bystanders. Later an anonymous U.N. official was quoted in the French press claiming that “armed gangs” were using children as “human shields.”

Residents dispute this characterization, saying that children have been wounded and killed because the U.N. shoots indiscriminately into crowded areas where children are living, playing and going to school. On a visit to the area on Nov. 27 ñ one day after Jordanian soldiers reportedly killed a husband and wife and wounded eight others ñ bullet holes and spent ammunition could be seen scattered through the streets and in front of a church and an elementary school building. Residents told reporters that the bullets were from an attack several hours earlier by Jordanian troops.

“Weíre tired of these supposedly accidental killings,” one community leader told the Bay View. “When you shoot into a zone thatís full of people, youíre going to hit someone. How can (the U.N.) say that these shootings are not their responsibility? The Brazilians, the Jordanians, the Chinese, the Americans ñ they have our blood on their hands.”

Another resident told the Bay View that people in his neighborhood had erected barriers of burned out cars and piles of trash to prevent U.N. soldiers from entering the street. U.N. official Col. El Ouafi Boulbars confirmed his report, claiming that residents were also pelting the troops with trash, rocks and Molotov cocktails.

“Residents in Cité Soleil are once again trapped and under siege. This could be a massacre that is in the making as we send out this alert,” read a statement from the Bay Areaís Haiti Action Committee regarding this weekís events.

“Unfortunately, the U.N. troops have already demonstrated on July 6 that they will shoot and kill men, women and children in their homes, in their beds and as they go about their daily chores. Now is the time to act ñ to let them know the world is watching and demands an end to the killings.”

— Lyn Duff ( is a reporter currently based in Port-au-Prince. She first traveled to Haiti in 1995 to help establish a children’s radio station and has since covered Haiti extensively for Pacifica Radio’s Flashpoints , heard on KPFA weekdays at 5 p.m., and other local and national media.

Forwarded by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

Please send letters to the media to request release of political prisoners held without charges, especialy Father Gerard Jean Juste, call Lavarice Gaudin to send direct support for his release and demand UN occupation of Haiti be terminated and Haiti’s sovereignty respected by the international community.

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HLLN Note. Haiti is hallowed ground, set by our African ancestors as a place Black people could be free within a sea full of Euro/U.S. enslavers. We Haitians stand firm against the re-colonization of Haiti through dictatorship as being instigated and masked by the chaos and instability brought on by the bicentennial coup d’etat, phony elections fever, all, divide and conquer mechanisms and pretexts used to cloak and justify the poverty pimp’s (USAID/US/IMF/WB) planned establishment of an ultimate US/UN protectorship in Haiti.

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