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27/08/04 Presidential Misdeeds … How Bush and SwiftVets Worked Together to Bash Kerry …

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(TMPress International – New York – August 27, 2004) – John Kerry's service in Vietnam continued to reverberate through the presidential race as a White House Counsel – Benjamin Ginsberg resigned. It was disclosed this week he not only advised the group SwiftVets (Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a Texas-based Republican group airing TV ads that accuse Kerry of lying about his war record) – but was also approving the scripts attacking Kerry's military service – this from an National Guard AWOL President … then he begs Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) to help him calm the situation, so he can go on his little merry way to the RNC national convention – letting others do his dirty work. Even while he continues to violate Federal Election laws!

Benjamin Ginsberg did not only work for SwiftVets – he also worked for another soft-money Republican PAC as a paid adviser and the White House says that this is not coordination – which would again violate FEC regulation. What else is it? Just as they did to Max Cleland, the former Democratic Senator from Georgia, a triple-amputee and Vietnam Vet – they have tried to do to John Kerry.

But the good news is that Presidential Candidate and Senator John Kerry has been able to defend this sustained attack by the White House and Republican leaders after official Pentagon, Naval Records, Major Newspapers and even some Republican vets supporting Bush came forward to tell the President, that this slander and taint approach was not only wrong – but highly dubious at best! It was clear that the White House was struggling and Kerry seemed to by walking away with the Electoral College vote – which he indeed still leads, but he is loosing some ground there and in direct coordinated after effects from the SwiftVets ads.

So Bush isn't going to come out against SwiftVets in Texas and by name – they are some of his biggest donors who started the organization – and all are friends with Karl Rove – Bush's 2004 Campaign Manager, where no honor exists and no deeds are too low! Most Americans now believe that the Bush-Cheney whipped up the `Iraq Threat' … and that shows us why many Democrats, Indys and even some major Republican leaders are defending the right to criticize this sitting President even with the nation at conflict. Kerry defenders showed up this week at President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas to demand he apologize for the ads – but were turned away. So why does this President have the ability to let the water roll off his back – because no one, no one … not even the press or major political players, like John McCain want to be the timbers that crash on top this deceitful Bush White House!

Senator Kerry leads the President in 10 out of 14 major polls since May 30, and that's even with 120 million USD spent in negative ads to bring down his numbers. The latest Zogby tracking poll – in late August has him winning in major battleground states on the Electoral Vote side – but as stated before the numbers have slipped in large part to the misdeeds of this group SwiftVets and Bush … `Dubya' makes a statement asking for forgiveness and the White House continues to coordinate with SwiftVets and others to distort the record of John Kerry behind the scenes – which even official documents prove that he has won the Vietnam medals with great distinction!

It is surreal how a voter can change his mind, because of lies from SwiftVets – but this has happened, without a doubt! Any pollster, Republican or Democrat will tell you that the negative ads will be the ones remembered the most and by the most people, who sit on the fence wondering where to cast their lot. And Karl Rove knows this too – he is the slimiest of slime in this current White House!

The Kerry campaign has said that with Ginsberg's departure … this indeed was more evidence of ties between the Bush campaign and the SwiftVets group and that it violates federal campaign-finance law. Federal election rules prohibit organizations that take unrestricted donations from coordinating their activities with campaigns or political parties. `The sudden resignation of Bush's top lawyer doesn't end the extensive web of connections between George Bush and the group trying to smear John Kerry's military record,' said Mary Beth Cahill, Kerry's campaign manager. `In fact, it only confirms the extent of those connections!' – By John Osborne, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire

The list of SwiftVets Connections – Karl Rove – Bush’s White House political director; longtime associate to Bob Perry; consultant to Hutchison; most senior advisor to Bush campaign.

  Ken Cordier – Former Bush-Cheney campaign advisor, forced to resign after appearing in Swift Boat Veterans for Bush commercial.

  Benjamin Ginsberg – Former General Counsel to Bush Cheney, resigned after it was discovered he was advising both Bush and the Republican Swiftboat 527.

  Harlan Crow – Bush Foundation Trustee; longtime friend of Bush family; longtime fundraiser for Bush family; Donated at least $25,000 in seed money to the Swift Boat Vets for Bush.

  Bob Perry – Largest Republican donor in Texas; donated hundreds of thousands to Bush family campaigns; donated at least $200,000 in seed money to the Swift Boat Vets for Bush; close colleague of Rove in Texas Governor’s race; longtime friend of John O’Neill.

  Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tx.) – Longtime friend of Merrie Spaeth; former client of Karl Rove; current co-chair of the 2004 Bush campaign.

  John O’Neill – Longtime friend of Bob Perry; very close law firm connections to Bush as Governor; close friend to Spaeth, former colleague to Speath’s husband/Bush’s 1994 running mate; Front man for SwiftVets for Bush.

  Merrie Spaeth – Provided media consulting to Swift Boat Vets; longtime friend of Hutchison; longtime supporter of/donor to Bush campaign; provide debate prep for GHW Bush; met with and gave media training to current, top White House officials; close associate to John O’Neill; Advised smear campaign on John McCain in 2000.

  Tex Lezar – Late husband to Spaeth; former running mate with Bush in 1994; law partner to John O’Neill.

  Harriet O’Neill – Close associate to John O’Neill, Lezar & Wilson; Bush judicial nominee.

  Margaret Wilson – Law partner with John O’Neill, Lezar; Bush Administration official; former counsel to Governor Bush.

  Bush-Cheney Campaign HQ Florida – Regional Bush HQ in Battleground State; coordinated activities with Swift Boat Vets for Bush rally, which was forced to cancel.

  Minnesota RNC – Official Republican website in Battleground State; coordinated linkage with Swift Boat website, provided direct link to Swift Boat commercial.

  DCI Group – Political strategy firm with close connections to the 2004 Bush campaign and SwiftVets.

  Charles Francis – Longtime friend/supporter of Bush; works for political firm with close ties to both Bush campaign and Swift Vets for Bush; colleague of Lacivita.

  Tom Synhorst – Advisor to Bush campaign 2000; `major contracts' with Bush campaign 2004; works for firm with close ties to Swift Vets for Bush; colleague of Lacivita; worked on anti-McCain phone banking in South Carolina in 2000.

  Chris Lacivita – Senior advisor to Swift Boat Vets for Bush; close ties to Bush campaign; associates with Synhorst & Francis.

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