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20/06/04 A Letter from Israel Shamir

Dear friend, I plan to be in London from 27.6 to 1.07, after the Lausanne Conference for One Democratic State, and after conferences and meetings elsewhere (see my report to you below). I can be contacted by email, as usual.

It is not easy, alas. Internet is not what it was. Many a good Zionist spends his free time sending spam and viruses from my forged email address, and that is why many servers block my messages; others block our website, as well. Spam turned out a potent weapon of Mammonites – they pour it in order to dilute our message. So if this email got through to you, it is a go of good luck.

When internet fails, one has to travel to spread out ideas. I’ve been in May to Spain where my new book The Green Rain of Yasuf was published – you can read the talk I gave on my site; it is called Spirit of Santiago. It was not easy going, either – at the book fair in Valladolid, Castile, the organisers refused to announce my book signing, but still we had more people than anybody else. Newspapers in Spain kept total silence and not a single review of the book got through. But nobody promised us rose garden, indeed.

I went to Paris, where Al Kalam publishers reprinted my book L’Autre Visage d’Israel destroyed almost a year ago by the previous publishers, Balland. A small consolation: Balland’s owner, Denis Bourgeois [or Middle-Class Denis, as my computer insists] burned the best-selling book after he received parole d’honneur of the Jews that they won’t sue him. Obviously they did not hesitate to break promise and sued him all the same. What I like about them is their uncompromising vengeful nature – if ever you expressed anything less than adoration of Jews you may be certain, no amount of regrets will wash it off, better do not try. However it remains to be seen whether the French readers, who bought the previous edition as fast as they could, will repeat the feat now, or will prefer prudence. The Jewish French Magazine L’ Arsch :-) printed another diatribe against the book; so did Jewish Radio Shalom in Paris, and Dominique Vidal in Le Monde Diplomatique also called upon his countrymen to boycott this Israeli product.

Anyway the book can be bought in every FNAC shop in France; it is more than what one can say about Flowers of Galilee in English. Though published by Dandelion, it is not in shops neither referred to in the newspapers; unless you, my friends, will do a bit of distribution, it will remain unknown to general public. The book, usually at $22, can be bought with a hefty discount for quantity and will cost just $15 if one orders hundred copies.

From gay Paree I went to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, an important country which retained a lot of Olde Worlde charm; there was a very useful conference organised by our friends of Ukrainian Academy of Management, a big, powerful and valuable organisation with thousands of students from all over ex-USSR. Its GEO, Professor Georgi Schekin, is an important anti-globalist, a Socialist and a friend of Palestine – enough to mention that Ambassadors of Palestine, Cuba, Alger delivered their speeches at the opening ceremony. There was another interesting guest, Dr Hodos, a wealthy Jewish businessman and implacable enemy of Zionists and of Jewish fundamentalists of Khabbad who are strong in Eastern Europe as well as in the US. The conference was well attended by media.

I gave a talk on the true reasons of the War in Iraq: as you know, I (as well as many Americans from Justin Raimondo to Sen. Hollins) connect it to the Jewish Lobby’s influence. The bottom line: the conference called upon Ukrainian Parliament and Government to recall Ukrainian soldiers from Iraq.

Ukrainian Youth newspaper reported it as follows: “???????????? ?????????? ?? ????????? ??????? ?????, ?????? ????? ?? ??????????? ??? ?? ?? ?????????????? ? ???????? ????????????, ??????, ?? ?????? ?????????? ???????? ????? ????? ????????? ???? ?????????? ?????? ? ??????, ???????? ??????????? ?????? ?? ?????????????????. ????????, ????????, ??????? ?????? ???? ??? ??????? ?????????? ??? ?? ????? – ????? ???????? ????????, ????????? ?????? ?????, ?? ?????. ??? ???????, ???????? ?? ??????????? ????? ?? ????????, ?? ????? ? ??????? ?? ????????. ???? ???????? ?????? ???, ???????????? ??????? ??????? ???????? – “?????????”, ???? – ????????? ???????? ???? ??????? ???. ? ???? ????????? ???????? ??????? ?????: ?????????????? ???? ? ?????????? ?? ?????? ?????? ?????? ????????? ????? ???????? ????? ?????????. ???? ?????? ???????: ? ?? ?????? ? ????? ??? ????? ????? ???? ??????????? ?????????? ??? ???????? ??? ??? ????????! ????? ??????? ?????, ??? ??????? ??????????? ??????? ? ???????, ? ?? ? ??? ?????? ?????, ???? ?? ??????? ???????? ???????? ?? ???? ?????????? ??????? ??? ?? ??????, – ?????? ?? ??? ??? ????.

In plain English:

    “The real reason of war is the Israel Lobby in Washington doing Sharon’s request and broadening front of war against Palestine. If so, what our Ukrainian battalion is doing there? Whose interests they defend? Where is plentiful oil they promised us?” Indeed, Spain should be first but not last to return its soldiers home.”

Our friend Kostas Karaiskos from Thrace delivered a very good talk about ‘multiculturalism’, a misnomer, for instead of providing for many cultures, proponents of this doctrine actually attempt to erase native culture and implant a homogenised one instead. It will be forwarded soon to you. Our friend Marek Glogoczewski from Krakow, heretical Polish philosopher, was extremely entertaining in his attacks on Philo of Alexandria whom he branded as ‘father of globalisation’. And a lot of gratitude to Ihor Slissarenko, a popular TV and Radio personality, fluent in English and other foreign languages, who was the engine and the soul of the conference.

And then there was Moscow, where my book Pine and Olive appeared in a new updated version. I presented it, gave press-conference in the most prestigious semi-official news agency, appeared on radio, gave interview to newspapers. I found myself among ‘Icons of New Left’ on the site of the Russian Communist Party, where young and brilliant Alexei Tsvetkov wrote: Icons of the New Left

A. Tsvetkov, These people are icons of anti-bourgeois non-conformism, their names and quotes can be heard today at any anti-capitalist demonstration. They are the sources of the protest, they reject capitalism as the way of social organisation, they reject pharisaic bourgeois humanism as the base of dominant culture. They created models and style of contemporary resistance.

One can find many references – and many lies about them in the Web in Russian and in English. Without them I would not figure out some important things. If this short definition has interested you, start your own research and it will change you. Post-capitalist future will come a minute earlier. The names are given without any chronological order, as it is irrelevant. I shall be as subjective as any responsible man.

[Tsvetkov describes the following men: Franz Fanon… H. P. Newton, the founder of Black Panthers…, Mumia Abu Jamal… Stewart Home …Abe Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Allen Ginsberg… Andre Horz… Theodore Kachinsky the Unabomber… Subcomandante Marcos … Toni Negri… Daniel Geren… Peter Lemborn Wilson (Hakim Bey)… Noam Chomsky…

And among them:] “One of the striking voices in the struggle in the Middle East is an Israeli columnist, theoretician, man of letters Israel Shamir. In 1960s, a young dissident intellectual, he moved to Israel from the Soviet Union and was disappointed with ‘reactionary’ reality of Israel. In 1980s he was a spokesman for the Israeli Socialist Party (Mapam) in the Knesset but became disappointed with the ‘official left’ and their toothless reformism. In 1990s Shamir became a friend of Palestinian liberation movement, a comrade to Arab communists, a household name among Russian anarchists in Lifta Commune, and ‘the internal enemy of the state Nr One’ in view of Israeli media. Beside his theoretical and actual political pieces, Shamir wrote the brilliant sequel to Orwell’s Animal Farm with its witty description of Perestroika on the Farm which returned the animals back to capitalism, i.e. to slaughterhouse.”

From Moscow I returned home to warm Jaffa; to bulldozers erasing olive groves in Samarian Hills, to dry water courses near the Dead Sea (their perennial springs fill bottles for city dwellers) and to sleepy Jerusalem struggling under unusual heat wave. I returned to Yasser Arafat promising the Haaretz to preserve the Jewish nature of Israel and not to upset it by multiplying goyim. I returned to read the new proposal by Lieberman to transfer the Palestinian citizens of Israel abroad as part of ‘peace plan’, and to Sharon’s new idea to surround his Gaza Jail with a three-mile long and 70 foot deep moat, on a par to his great Wall, at the expense of American taxpayer.

Looking forward to see some of you in London. Here is a few points for Lausanne conference to share with you. Israel Adam Shamir

A Way to One State

It is no great feat to speak against Israeli occupation, and I won’t tire you with description of its inhuman brutality daily narrated by website and other objective media. Let us speak about reasons and causes; why endless talk about Jewish-dominated apartheid produces no results whatsoever.

In my view, one of the greatest obstacles to just solution in Palestine is Fear of Jews, a peculiar neurotic condition widely spread in the US and to a slightly lesser degree in Europe. Daring people who do not hesitate to call for annihilation of capitalist class, for defeat of the American Empire, for war on Trans-National corporations, for death to Bill Gates or whatever, they tremble and hide under table when a local branch of ADL calls them ‘antisemites’. Like the label of ‘witch’ in Salem, this word triggers a spasm wave in the target population. They are ready to forget the ordeal of Palestinians, Israeli-guided tortures in Iraq, their own increasingly miserable economic situation, just let the ADL man go away! It is not a purely imaginary fear, of course. ADL – the ‘thought police’ of new unipolar world – has some nuisance value of its own, but its main strength lays in complacent conformism.

As long as fear of the ‘a-s’ label will freeze people or at least cause them to spend days and weeks trying to remove the slur, we have no chance to move forward. One can’t walk carefully enough for they will sound this alarm unless one totally submits to their will. Because of this fear, every action, every discussion turns into eternal apology of ‘wonderful Jews’ in order to offset criticism (quite soft word) of Israel. This fear should be broken, the Judaic hold on discourse must go, and then Palestine will be free.

In order to achieve this goal we should stress relevance of events in the Holy Land for people abroad.

The way to win is to turn Israel/Palestine from an apartheid state to a democratic one. But the new state won’t be a ‘Jewish’ state. That is why we have to stress unattractiveness of ‘Jewishness’, for as long as it is attractive, and attracts even Madonna, there is no chance to advance and promote this idea. While we do not wish and do not need to create hostility to Jews, their excessive pride spoils their adaptation. Ashkenazi Israelis often say: ‘It is not a shame to be a Moroccan Jew, but it is not great honour either’. In this sentence there is one superfluous word, ‘Moroccan’.

Archetypal Judaic approach upholds egoism and self-interest, forbids compassion, solidarity, spiritual quest, attachment to soil, love of nature. For instance, Talmud expressly forbids man who has water to share it with his dying of thirst friends (never mind non-Jews) if it endangers his life. Thus Israeli (and Western) horror of ‘suicide bombers’ is not so much a physical fear but fear of human readiness to self-sacrifice: people are supposed to be egoists, each for oneself, wolves to each other, pleasure-orientated and despiritualised, but instead of it they express their readiness to die in dignity rather than to live in humiliation.

Many Israelis of Jewish descent demand now from the High Court to recognise them as ‘Israelis’ rather as ‘Jews’. It is a positive development. Many Russians in Israel do not wish to be considered ‘Jews’ either. They are potential allies. Israelis have to be convinced that their future lies in the Middle East, as a sub-community of Palestinians or Syrians, to be fully integrated in the area. Then their ties with the Mother quasi-State, with the chain of Jewish communities overseas, have to be suspended.

Our task abroad is to break Fear of Jews, to help people criticise Israel, to present a true warts-and-all picture of Judaism and to offer a solution – creation of One Democratic State in the Holy Land leading to absorbtion of Israeli Jews in Palestine as equals among equals.

This struggle is not an easy one, but we shall win.

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