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06/08/04 A Letter to a Friend in a Time of Perilous Politics Joseph E Fasciani

Dear, dear Jeremiah: Long ago, the soon-to-be-murdered Emperor of Rome, Marcus Aurelius, wrote this in his Meditations:

“The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to

look things in the face and know them for what they are.”

Marcus Aurelius

When I left the USSA in Summer 1969, you know that it was not because the country had many wonderful people and an incredible landscape, but rather that it was possessed by an impossible governance. At age 26, I resolved that if I were to have a family, it must be outside of this violent, racist, war-driven country.

Now, thirty-five years later, nothing's changed; indeed, matters have grown worse. Of course, there are still many millions of wonderful people such as yourself, and I truly care for them spiritually, as much as I do for you personally.

Have you heard of Thomas Hartmann, and his newest book, “Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and Theft of Human Rights”? If you only read one book this year, let it be this one.

I heard him speak on KFPA in Summer, 2003, and he was great, a grand liberating spirit and righteous person. All power to the Thom Hartmanns of this world!  Go to his website, and you'll see from his portrait that he even resembles you!

The USSA is in the grip of an entrenched plutocracy, one that's taken control of all three branches of governance. Even worse, there is an enormous lack of historical understanding on the part of the populace (not their fault, but part of a plan put into effect more than seventy years ago). 

Thus, it is extremely unlikely you and I will live to see a course of self-correction attempted, never mind carried to completion. Even if the will were there, They would stall it at every point, as They have done for nearly a century now, since the Fed Reserve was created after WW1.

The “They” I speak of is the same group that Col. Fletcher Prouty spoke and wrote of some years ago. They have Their will carried out by what he called the “Special Team”, the same ones responsible for Operation Northwood, 9/11, and oh so many more. 

He should know: he was there when orders were created and given, complicit at the highest levels. He decided to “spill his guts” before he died; many revelations have come to pass since then. Thank God there still exist people of conscience who feel responsible for their actions, and repent. Type in his name and Google it: be amazed!

It's not pleasant living w/eyes wide open, and simultaneously entertaining hope. I know: I tried to for years.  This is not the same as giving up hoping, but learning to fight only when there's a chance of some small victory.

Now, I believe you do this in your daily work, otherwise you would not do it, period. And I believe you practise this every chance you get, because you are a good man w/a good heart, and truly have care and compassion for others, even at cost to yourself. Even as I do, even as I do.

For thirty years I have written and spoken of the changing of the federal executive as being the same as the changing of executives at GM or Ford: can we really expect that this will result in the building of better cars? No, of course not, because that's neither the purpose of the company, nor of the executives: their only purpose is to maximise profits. Why else would Charles Wilson, President of GM, remark when he was Secretary of the Treasury, that “What's good for General Motors is good for 'Murrika”, even when it clearly wasn't? Wasn't good for 'Murrika, that is.

The Two Johns have their orders: they got to where they are by obeying their masters, and they will continue to do so—or else. When the Kennedys, M L King, and the Black Panthers “got out of line”, a Special Team took them out, as they did Princess Di and Oh, so many others who didn't pay attention or believe such things existed. The rest is marketing, what's required by the duopoly of the USSA's political system.

You've likely read Noah Chomsky's writing, and probably like his analyses.  He was the first to coin the phrase, “Kerry is Bush-Lite”. As I recently wrote to a member of my Meeting for Worship, “Any politician who claims that s/he has a clear conscience also has a defective reminisence.”

Now, I well and truly understand that there is a powerful groundswell to dump Dubya, and a hope that the Two Johns will somehow be “better” for the country.  God knows, I too would like to see the whole Kabal out and on trial for treason! But what if Dubya's sElected once more—by whatever devious means—and you're faced w/four more years? 

Or what if Their planned “terrorist attack” on the USSA's financial centers (what a great opportunity to finish covering one's tracks!) comes off, and martial law is declared. It happened in Canada under Trudeau; you surely don't think it can't happen there, where FEMA has hundreds of prison and concentration camps ready

But what's far worse is this: No one's yet demanded that Wall Street turn over the names of the put holders on both airlines for 9/11: they are the real perps. NOT A SINGLE NEWS AGENCY DEMANDED THIS SIMPLE ACTION. NOT ONE!!

The greatest crime in USSA history, and this can't be accomplished, nor a grand jury assembled for the task. Why not?

This is the loudest “Why not?” in human history.   But who's asking?  And who's listening?

Now, I also know that the Two Johns will not pursue this line of questioning. They can't, and they won't—not if they want to live. It's that simple.  It's also why nothing will change until at least 70% of the populace accepts the need for massive political and social upheaval, of a kind not seen the Civil War.

And Lincoln was assassinated for his efforts! Is there a pattern here? Hell no!  Only a conspiracy nut would think so: just a remarkable series of highly improbable and convenient coincidences! So, which can you believe: that a pattern exists, or this is simply convenient coincidence of the highest order ever seen in the universe? 

  For the plutocracy, the Great Thing, the really Great Thing, is to get common people to believe they have a voice in the electoral process, that they count, and will be heard in the highest courts of the land. In Andre Gide's masterful short story, “Theseus”, when King Theseus is asked why his subjects obey him so completely, he remarks that “I made them love the chains that bind them.” So it goes.

Thus, I remain a dissatisfied Socrates, and may well end poisoned by the State for my efforts. I doubt we'll be in the same FEMA Camp together; that would be too convenient. Dostoyevsky learned from personal experience that Siberia's prison camps were breeding grounds for the next generation of revolutionaries: They surely know better by now.

But I digress: let me conclude by sharing with you what I believe is in the best short- and long-term interests of the USSA, the next Great Thing that will restore it to what was its founders' reasonable expectation, hope, and dream.

That Great Thing will be four more years of Dubya and the Kabal.

I can hear you yelling all the way from Madison, Wisconsin to Sidney, BC: He's out of his freaking gonzo bonker mind, or the shrivelled shit he attempts to pass off as a brain! And in normal times I would agree with you. But these are not normal times, are they? At least, not in the thirty-five years we've known one another. And you know me as a life-long pacifist anarchist, so how could I ever advocate such madness?

These are all good points, and I understand your frustration and concern.

Did I ever share with you the story of my very hope-filled phone call to my father in 1966, when you and I were in Berkeley, in those idyllic, heady days and nights of “Liberation Now!”? I told him how great life was in California, how the promise of the Aquarian age was upon us, and we on the verge of creating a Paradise on Earth. He just laughed at my naivete.

”Why do you think it can't happen?” I asked him, the anarchist pacifist idealist who had made me be aware of the smoke and mirrors of politics.

“Because, these people haven't suffered enough!”  I didn't fully understand what he meant then, but I do now. It's the same judgement call as William Blake's “The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.”

Here's the nub of my thinking: the USSA (and Canada, to the same degree) needs a revolution. But this cannot come about until a majority of people end the denial of what their Present Arrangement has become: a plutocratic corporatism. Mussolini rightly defined Fascism as the wedding of the state with industry; to that fact, he said it would be better named “Corporatism.” Well, there was a touch of the poet in both him and Adolf, wasn't there? And both their nations elected them on minority tickets, as counters to the “terrorism” of the Communists and Socialists. So it goes.

The plutocrats would like nothing better than for you to believe that “help is on the way.”  That will give them more time to continue the smoke and mirrors of their Weapons of Mass Distraction, the better to confound and enslave you. As they see it, your “better life” is well and truly under a New World Order: “Ham on Rye—or Bourbon—or any damned thing, and snap to it!”

Well, it's nearly suppertime, so I'm off to it, and must close this intracontinental missive.  Bear with me in my rants and delusions: they may yet prove to have some substance.

Please believe that I understand, know, and share your concern, expectation, and yes, even hope, but my life has tempered me to a different degree than yours. 

And have I told you lately that I love you?

May God/ess/Heaven bless and keep you and yours always, your Joseph

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