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27/08/04 The Left Must Rise and Attack, Attack, Attack …

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(TMPress International – New York – August 27, 2004) … So the Republicans at their upcoming convention, reports the New York Times, intend to claim that protestors in the Big Apple during their hypocrisy-fest are Democrats showing disrespect to a sitting president?

Listen up, ignoramuses, liars, cheats and thieves of the GOP: George W. Bush lost the 2000 election by half-a-million votes. The only reason he became president is that Florida's corrupt Republican party purged voters from the voter-registration roles; stole and tampered with ballot boxes; disenfranchised African-American voters by refusing to let them vote; abused press freedom by forcing corporate-driven news organizations to disavow legitimate and correct exit-polling information awarding Gore the election; and when that wasn't enough, preventing legitimate recounts and asking a corrupt Supreme Court to declare him a winner, which it promptly did, knowing that the GOP justices owed their positions to the Bush family. George W. Bush does not have – and has never had – any legitimacy as president! The morally and politically corrupt GOP stole an election. Bush does not deserve respect. Nor do the fascists who thought that these anti-democratic tactics were legitimate.

And to the Kerry campaign I say: If you want to win this election, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth should be sued for slander. Yes I know, Republicans will cry that the liberals always resort to lawsuits when they don't get their way. But what was that all about in 2000, with Bush family consigliore James Baker III launching a legal strategy that ended up in the Supreme Court that effectively disenfranchised Florida Democrats if not litigation? Further, the cries for Kerry's attendance record on the Senate intelligence committee be made public to prove he didn't attend should be met with demands that all Senators and Congresspersons' committee-hearing attendance records be released. Many hearings are sparsely attended because of floor business, other committee hearings and other duties. And they all know this. In addition, the Kerry campaign should clearly state that it will not insist that all 527 organization political ads be disallowed because that would leave the Republicans with more money to spend on ds than the Democrats, which leaves Democrats at a disadvantage in the election. If the Republicans want to play scorched-Earth politics, the Democrats have no choice but to bring out some flaming faggots of their own.

It's high time for the Left to stop pussyfooting around with these people. The Left was correct about civil rights, Vietnam, the environment and economic and social issues 35 years ago and its still correct. If the wealthy hated not having everyone kowtow to them … if the corporations hated having social responsibility forced upon them … if `angry white men' hated the fact that the educated, intellectual elite were better than they, hated that they couldn't control their wives any more by keeping them in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, hated their boring little lives of ignorant, unrewarding drudgery, and hated the fact that they weren’t better than the minorities, that's not the Left's fault. Why does the Left act like it was?

There will be no social progress or economic justice, nor will this misguided war in Iraq, launched by the neo-cons to reassert the dominance of an American ruling class gone berserk, in need of oil and needing to justify a failed Middle East policy, be ended until the Left shows the courage to reassert itself, stops resorting to rational argument – which the irrational forces of the right will never embrace – and fights with all the political tools at its disposal. Justice, peace and freedom will have to be forced down a recalcitrant America's throat just as they were in the 60s and 70s.

And if the corporate monster grinds to a halt in the process … all the better. Bring it on! – By Walter H. Combs, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire

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