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06/07/04 Killing the President By Edward Teague

I have spent some time thinking about assassinating President Bush. Not because I want to, but because I think that there are some people who do.

The Vice Presidency may not be worth a bucket of warm piss, as Harry S Truman is reported to have said, but a Presidential death was providential to the careers of Calvin Coolidge and Lyndon Johnson, both subsequently re-elected as President. Coolidge presided over the greatest economic growth the States have experienced and Johnson, by his reluctant but fundamental changes in Southern voting laws and social welfare programs for which he is remembered and established the increasing polarity of the US political landscape.

Faced with a dead heat at the last election, the ruling elites and family and friends engineered and scraped a majority for Dubya, which obtained the support (just) of the Supreme Court. A re-run is not a possibility. Increasingly the polls are showing the re-run of another tight result in November despite Karl Rover's hounding of the evangelical Christians for support. The hurried and Federally funded electronic voting systems will increase the opportunities for electoral fraud. It doesn't matter who they vote for, said Nixon, it matters who counts the votes.

What passes for democracy where only a third of the electorate bother to vote in the presidential elections, is in effect a self electing oligarchy. The US administration is an unholy alliance of boondogglers, crooks and confidantes. Even the hideously rich, like Forbes, and Perot, the ideologues with sound constituencies such as Pat Buchanan on the Right and Ralph Nader on the Left have hardly made a dent in the self perpetuating duopoly who now hold sway in the Capitol, and Congress.

However the non-smoke filled back rooms where the big plays are made and global power is parcelled out, are full of anxious men. The power elites who holiday at Kennebunkport, Cape Cod and the Hamptons will be taking in a more global view as they entertain their European friends on their seaside acres. They don't only see power ebbing away they see all their money going with it.

It's that damned deficit, well two deficits actually. As fast as the Treasury can print and pump out the bonds, the military and the consumers are spending it. The US is running their biggest external debt ever, and it's growing at the rate of 1$Trillion every eighteen months. As the cost of gas and heating oil go up, the costs to the consumer of T shirts from Haiti and Nicaragua in Wal-Mart go down. As US agriculture gets even bigger subsidies the costs of corn and soya go down as well as the beef, hogs and turkeys that feed on them. As the wetbacks flood California, the in-store price of strawberries and broccoli slide – so consumer inflation is seen to be under control.

There are straws in the wind. Germany, who effectively took over a third world country ten years ago, have taken pole position in global exports by value, superb technology using low cost labour has helped them do it. The US is BMW's biggest market, Mercedes are the taxi of choice worldwide, even on the streets of Pyongyang. Now Boeing are grumbling about EU subsidies to Airbus as they see their leadership in passenger jets slipping away – paid for interestingly enough by Emirates in Euros. The ten biggest Steel companies in the world are in South America, India and the Far East, the rust belt is rusting away even faster. Even stuffing the EU, destroying the British steel industry in defiance of the WTO hasn't helped.

Crude oil production is stuttering, with Iraqi explosions, Russian oil company implosions, and growing demand. As it reaches $50 a barrel and the dollar dives again way beyond the 1.30 Euro reached in March it looks increasingly difficult to hang on until November.

Of course, Uncle Sam carries a big stick, but having tipped over the hive to get at the honey, he's getting badly stung in Iraq. A lesson not lost on the rest of the world that they want to dominate by raw military power. Attempted overthrows in Venezuela fail, Kim in Korea cocks a snook and makes nuclear threats, we even have that the other member of the triumvirate who make up the axis of evil, Iran parading soldiers on TV and effectively telling the Foreign Secretary of his greatest (and virtually only) ally being publicly laughed at. “We must engage them,” bleats Jack Straw, and Dubya like Brer Rabbit stays low and says nuthin'. It's what they call Tony Blair's “Mullah Lite” policy in the officer's mess.

With their global authority threatened and only the religious fervour of Tony Blair to sustain him, publicly rejected by Chirac in Istanbul and un – supported except by the dismembered fragments of the Evil Empire at the UN – is Kerry going to pull their plums out of the fire? Michael Moore's film lacks bite but it does confirm that Dubya is just plain dumb. Armageddon strikes Manhattan and he sits discussing a goat with a fifth grader.

Of course, if Al Quaeda exists, and if the shadowy evil figures who command and control this shadowy and evil organisation, they would see the public and fiery quietus of the arch infidel with some satisfaction. Who better to get the blame? After all they destroyed the Twin Towers, hit the Pentagon, didn't they?

Step forward then, the man who is a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Ex – Halliburton President, the keeper of the secret energy strategy of US, the man who disappeared on September 11th, Vice President Mr Richard Cheney. Remember he said on August 26, 2002. (that future historians will say is the date the Iraqi invasion started) “We know that Saddam has resumed his efforts to acquire nuclear weapons”. Cheney's appparatchik Rep. Porter Goss (R-FL) Head of the House Intelligence Committee and soon to head up the CIA, has loyally staunched the flow of information about 9/11 and will put some backbone back now that Tenet has fallen on his sword.

Of course Cheney would need a Vice President, Rummy? Wolfie? Condi? There would be no shortage of candidates. Of course it would have to happen after the Republican Convention and before the Election – when Dubya will be dashing about, out of town, out of state, perhaps where the security is stretched – as it was that bright October day in Dallas.

Of course this is ranting nonsense, this would never happen in a free and open democracy. Would it?

Edward Teague

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