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03/04/04 The Bush Ego … the 2004 Campaign That Will Run on Manipulations of War and 9/11 …

(TMPress International – New York – July 03, 2004) – The Bush Ego … the 2004 Campaign That Will Run on Manipulations of War and 9/11 … President Bush brags about how more foreign troops would join the occupation of Iraq, alongside U.S. and British troops and that now the occupation was becoming a battle against `al-Qaeda type fighters' and or terrorists. Well now we find out its the whole country of Iraq … Sunni and Shi'a. The story changes everyday – the term `guerilla insurgency' does not hit the airwaves anymore when talking about these daily attacks and deaths – everything since 9/11 for Bush is a spin on terrorists and we are not supposed to see the hundreds of flag-draped coffins arrive at Dover AFB.

Now he hits the 2004 Campaign airwaves with visions of 9/11 and the supposed strong `Defender of the Nation' – a President who graces himself in the glory of death and destruction and war to become re-elected. Why is that? Even his central poll numbers go up and down evenly and with centrist, slightly right leaning national polltakers. All except Zogby and the LA Times polling – but they don't know anything – we should all believe the `tabloid gung-ho news channels and print outlet' … who are advocating the President and not publicizing the slim Kerry lead in battleground states and that counts moderate Republicans my friends and Independents!

Now we find conservative Republican action groups and evangelical religious organizations across the country trying to get Nader on the ballot in more states, nothing in common … except to take `Dubya' from behind to in front. Why you ask? Because the Green Party did not endorse Nader as some White House Campaign Gurus (namely Rove) were hoping for … so of course with White House blessing, these outfits have launched a national effort. It siphons votes from Kerry because the President cannot win on his own merits and Nader has only succeeded thus far to get on between 6-10 state ballots! A devious tactic by the Bush folks to take the Electoral College for the second time and lose the popular vote, as he did vs. former VP Al Gore – by over 500,000 votes nationally in 2000.

No talk of over 3 million jobs lost or transferred overseas or other domestic concerns … no talk of utter chaos of the last three-months in Iraq … civilian or GI casualties … we are still loosing 7-10 GIs a week, even after passing the torch to the new so-called `Interim Iraqi Government' now threatening `Martial Law’ … a democracy, freedom? Pentagon Chief, General Meyers just informed Congress that we should be prepared to be on the ground in Iraq for the next five years – with at least 145,000 US troops. And do we know what Bush really thinks beyond that fact, the reality that they are all cogs in his corporate neo-con machine … no `we just appreciate their sacrifice' and how positive the new incoming Interim Iraqi Government is, even though a solid half-dozen have been assassinated in the last two weeks!

The lower-middle income classes, who will probably vote for him in substantial numbers have little time to pay attention, because they are busy paying bills, working two jobs and putting food on the table for their kid.

The true America needs to realize they are not his base and constituency, the rich are! No mention of inflation taking hold in food and gasoline prices – just that it may stabilize soon … no talk of how he is going to change the heading of his own `Titanic' as his closest cabinet officials begin readying themselves to resign or are in the process of resigning in disgrace after falsely moving the country to a war at the tax-payers expense that had nothing to do with 9/11!

In an interview the President gave this past year, he said that his faith keeps him strong, self-confident and reassured – it seems though that much of America does not seem to care or is too assured or maybe even confused, not as the daily flow of US GIs in body bags continue to come home through the Dover AFB Morgue in Delaware – or rather the scenes we do not have the right to see nor families since the first Gulf War in 1991. Minus the 1993 Somalia deaths, 1996 Khobar Towers, 1998 African Embassy bombings or even our Sailors from the attack on the USS Cole in 2000 … those coffins were all met with honor guards and TV coverage so this country could mourns its loss.

To date in Iraq and Afghanistan almost 1000 US Servicemen and Servicewomen have come home this way and the country cannot shed a tear for exactly that – because we are not allowed to experience it, no TV coverage of funerals or body bags – as we did during Vietnam. No nightly hook-up of reporters with the troops on patrol in Iraq. No this President does not want talk of thousands of injured and amputees across American Military hospitals in Europe, England and the US.

The Bush ego does not want Americans depressed – he wants them waving flags and rallying blindly to his `bull work of an invasion of another country' – facts are cloudy why this is and of course let us not mention `NO WMD' – just ask Hans Blix, David Kay or Scott Ritter … just this week the UN says Iraq possessed no WMD and active programs since 1991-94 period – but we won't dwell on that. It may be the only way for him to be re-elected … `War in 2004.'

Let us choose to dwell on the ego of a newly pious, reformed alcoholic with other past drug habits in mid-life … mind you not teenage or twenty-something … mid-life. It is this question of integrity I question – not a self-made man, but someone who was handed the keys to the White House with hundreds of millions of dollars and lost the popular vote in the 2000 election by 500,000 votes, and won Florida's electoral votes by way of a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling.

He has convinced fifty-percent of the population that he is just like them – but he is not `just a regular guy' … he plays the funny man and the serious man when documentaries, clip interviews and self-righteous news conferences are done – but let us not be coy or shy. He is not self-made or lived as the working middle and low-income classes have lived or saw the struggle of a mom and dad put food on the table or gas in the tank of the car. No in fact George W. Bush has had the advantage of wealth and political connections, that have allowed him to advance his career from the humble beginnings of the son of George Sr. … he has and continues to live in the `bubble of the elite' … where the price of milk and bread do not enter.

He says one thing and really means another – he plays up the `I was C+ student at Yale thing and I depend on others to bring me the facts tomfoolery real well.' Astute, but yet lack of factual knowledge … that is why we are in Iraq … we do not want Presidents to have knowledge, just cool and nifty things to say.

No his hypocrisy lies in his ability to convince the plain-folk through plain-speak that he is for them – but what has he really done – let me outline in plain-speak … the highest jobless rate in 20 years – and largest job loss since Herbert Hoover; the largest power-grid failure in North America since 1965; a tax rate cut that resulted in NO rebate checks to the hundreds of thousands of GIs overseas with families and about another forty-percent of the US population – while allowing the Pentagon to cut GI hazard duty pay just as Congress adjourned in the Summer of 2003, while GIs died in the Iraqi desert; a slightly higher stock market because of downsized payrolls in manufacturing, gray and white collar jobs – two-million … many of which have been slashed since 2001 and outsourced overseas; failed to protect the airspace of the United States and Canada, after having CIA and other friendly country intelligence services, like Canada, Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Egyptian and Israel warn various US departments, like the FBI, the State Department, the Defense Department the NSA (National Security Agency) – which resulted in the death of 2000 – 3000 US citizens and foreign nationals working in this country; rolled-back 20 years of progressive environmental policy; helped enact sedition laws we haven't seen since John Adams' tenure in the White House; and of course he invaded and occupied two countries – one in Central Asia and the other in the Middle East to destroy `terrorism' and create peace – at last count nearly a $35 billion USD price-tag, according to the Pentagon for the last six-months … a heavy bill monthly indeed, and huge national deficits – reminiscent of the late 1980's.

Just imagine what $35 billion USD could have done for rejuvenation of the nearly half-century devastation of `Appalachia Region' … never mind the U.S. … spend a half-Trillion USD on turning the Iraqis into Westerners and Christians … wake up George … Osama `the real enemy of this nation' is still running free in the Afghan-Pakistani mountain ranges with his thousands of Jihadist fighters, the same ones that the U.S. Reagan-Bush I administrations helped create, train and CIA fund to fight the Russians from the early 1980s-1990, along with our Saudi friends. The same people who turned their CIA-trained knowledge on our own country!

Most experts – right and left – who have watched the events over the last six-months without bias would agree more terror, destruction and deaths have taken place lately, than what any of us would have seemed to expect – especially the President himself and his group of so-called `Vulcans' that surround him. Now he, Powell, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney and Condy Rice go back to the International community and the UN with an arrogant manner after calling it irrelevant back in January and February 2003 – why – to ask the UN Security Council to legitimize and speed elections in Iraq … to join the `Iraqi Quagmire' as soon as possible, and to help the US to legitimize and maintain sovereign control over that chaotic nation and its `growing guerilla insurgency.' Now we hear `we do need and welcome more UN sponsored-troops into Iraq,' but they seem to be leaving!

It is this very ego of George `Dubya' Bush that disconnects him from the reality of the world, including his sensitivity training in his campaign ads societies. Plain people's needs, the economy or our general state of affairs as a country is secondary in his mind, just a continuous `War on Terror.' He speaks in sound bites and backdrops … and the goal of liberty and freedom and the `bad guys' he endlessly talks about is almost sickening, all the while his VP's company Halliburton/KBR openly robs the American taxpayer in Iraq and Kuwait.

News to the President and the cronies that surround him … Liberty is a concept that has far ranges in understanding – not just constant stream of repeated statements like `Let Freedom Ring' … liberty comes in many forms – to some it is liberty from hellish work weeks, liberty from poverty, liberty to think and worship the way you want, liberty from tyranny of the rich and elite class, liberty from occupation of foreign powers, liberty from government that manipulates its citizens through the media and deception of political leaders, liberty to criticize, liberty from modern slavery, liberty from those who would oppress free speech – never mind his `National Guard' duty – who cares … then again George's ego has not done all of his studies for him even there … there's a surprise for you! He'll just have Cheney rag on Kerry's medals and Vietnam War wounds … a VP who has been, on the record, arrested on two DUI separate charges (just what did you do during Vietnam, Mr. Vice-President)? As for lil' George … while he was growing up he did not even skin his knee at his mysterious Texas and Alabama Air National Guard duty, he just played frat boy through the good ole' boy bars of both states – who are these two to even compare war records with John Kerry. No the relatives of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the firefighters and police officers that died trying to rescue those victims and the families of the fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan need to express their anger at the President's morbid and nasty re-election ads, which include images and half-truths that paint him as the `Second Coming of Christ' … he is in fact a reformed alcoholic and drug-abuser, who found God and now thinks it is his personal mission to be the Western World's new crusader.

I say let us all declare this `Fourth of July 2004 as Our Independence Day' – `Let Freedom Ring' from the neo-con Bushites starting now and head `Dubya' south … right back to Texas, where he cannot do any more damage to this country! – By John Osborne, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire


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