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19/02/04 Bush Wars Break the Back and Bank of America…

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(TMPress International – New York - February 19, 2004) – Bush Wars Break the Back and Bank of America … A `Newsweek’ poll conducted late last year covered over a thousand registered voters agree – 47 percent, said they are very concerned that the cost of maintaining troops in Iraq will lead to a large budget deficit and seriously hurt the U.S. economy. And 60 percent of those polled say the estimated $1 billion per week that the United States is spending are too much in that country should scale back its efforts. In yet another twist, the President’s recent approval ratings continue to decline, at 47 percent it is down 25 percent from April.

And for the first time since the question was asked, more registered voters say they would not like to see him re-elected to another term as president – recent polls put Kerry and Edwards beating Bush for a second term by more than 10 points. These are signs of growing Middle-America syndrome that the `War Has Finally Come Home’ … it is affecting reservist families first and foremost – because it takes them away from their families, jobs and kids for a long time – this is not a popular deployment like Don Rumsfeld and others would like to believe.

Also, nearly 60 percent of the country feels that they were lead to believe half-truths, in order to get support to wage war on Iraq. The Bush White House and its minions spent much time morphing Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda into Saddam and the `Evil Iraqi Empire’ … in fact none of the 9/11 hijackers were Iraqi – if the question were posed on the street today – just guessing … one would probably get answers like all or half or for some very smart 10 percent of the populace who followed the national identities of the 9/11 terrorists would know that none were Iraqi. There is no doubt that Saddam and his apparatus were evil, ruthless individuals – but with the Iraqi War’s justifications being based on WMD – it has nothing to do with 9/11 … US/Coalition forces are dying daily and at the rate of one GI a day – this cannot be sustained by Bush, including another springtime offensive in the Afghan-Pakistanti border area … the troops are stretched very thin and the Pentagon is spending nearly $5 Billion a month, in borrowed money, maintaining operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The continued US military presence in Iraq has also victimized the UN and contributed to its reduced role. Starting again in Iraq, to rebuild a shattered society … brutalized over thirty-five years is an international obligation, not just a U.S. one … the war and occupation really  just began on May 1 … the war did not end on May 1 as the President, the White House, the Pentagon and some on the deck of the USS Lincoln Aircraft Carrier would like to believe and it is costing the U.S. taxpayer more than $4 Billion USD a month.

America is waking up finally that fighting terror is like suppressing a bad case of `Athlete’s Feet’ – we must reexamine why these groups now exist and why we are involved and then pick the fights that need to be waged for those `pure security reasons’ – but that in itself will not destroy them all … fungus always comes back. If you look back in history we have always had these periods where political paramilitary anarchists try to disrupt the society we live in – look at the 1880 period forward leading up to WWI, it was full of them. 

Those wars were fought because governments got sucked into the ultra nationalism created by those groups – and the same thing happened in Iraq, not related to Osama or al-Qaeda, American fervor was bent on imposing itself as a response and so we attacked Iraq. But like Russia in 1917, before the `Red Revolution’ … this battle is breaking the back of the American family, especially those directly involved with military members put on active duty – and it is breaking the bank of America by draining needed federal resources, government spending and military manpower needed right here in the good ‘ole USA. 

So give us the `American Bolsheviks’ of 2004 and get rid of the Czar and his cronies in the White House and exile them back to Texas to play golf or something or to maybe fantasize about oil drilling in Alaska, the Arctic, the Caspian Sea or perhaps Jeb’s Florida Gulf Coast. – By John Osborne, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire

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