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Guest Writings 2003-2004
1/10/07 Political “Science” and Truth of Consequences By Norman Solomon
12/9/07 Here’s the Smell of the Blood Still By Norman Solomon
22/8/07 Let’s Face It: The Warfare State Is Part of Us by Norman Solomon
16/8/07 Conviction of Padilla is Bad News for All Americans by Dave Lindorff
8/8/07 Good ol’ Bill, the liberal hero by John Pilger
7/8/07 Let Us Now Praise an Infamous Woman — and Our Own Possibilities By Norman Solomon
16/5/07 Ghosts of Tim Leary and Hunter Thompson  Freedom vs. Authority under the 40-foot pulsating rainbow vagina By Joe Bageant
8/5/07 Rising Above Politics — Can we quit talking and start walking? By Joe Bageant

Three Nights in Philly: Skinned goats, phantom love and the providence of prostitutes By Joe Bageant

17/4/07 A Feral Dog Howls in Harvard Yard by Joe Bageant
1/10/06 Trick and Treat S. Artesian
11/9/06 The End of the “End of History” By JEAN BRICMONT
9/9/06 Madmen and Sedatives: Contraband and muffled noises from inside the Iron Theater By JOE BAGEANT
15/8/06 India- The Burning Train Satya Sagar
6/8/06 96 Tears, Part 1 - S. Artesian
14/8/06 A Message from Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain
26/7/06 Bankers Fear World Economic Meltdown By GABRIEL KOLKO
7/06 Empire: War and Propaganda By John Pilger
22/7/06 The End Is Near, but first, this commercial by William Blum
21/7/06 Modernity and Twentieth Century Holocausts: Empire-Building and Mass Murder James Petras
25/7/06 Adam Smith meets Cousin Ronnie's Boy By Joe Bageant
17/7/06 The Beauty of the System By Joe Bageant
11/7/06 Burning Sneakers
7/7/06 Book Review: ‘Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny’ – Satya Sagar
7/7/06 The Washington Post’s War-mongering Scribe by Mike Whitney 
29/6/06 We Are Targeted by BC Co-Publishers Glen Ford and Peter Gamble
21/6/06 The Anti-Empire Report Some things you need to know before the world ends #34 by William Blum
17/6/06 Which Side Are You On? Stephen Gowans
14/6/06 Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven — Democracy rots from the inside out as a nation of telemarketers and war criminals parties on amid the stench. By Joe Bageant
12/6/06 When Suicide becomes Resistance by Mike Whitney
8/6/06 America’s Endless Race Wars and Massacres by BC Publishers Glen Ford and Peter Gamble
3/6/06 USA out-flanked in Eurasia Energy Politics? by F. William Engdahl
24/5/06 Under the Blue Mango - Belize on 5-K and a pack of smokes Joe Bageant
2/6/06 Requiem for the Faith-based Greenback by Mike Whitney
28/5/06 The world according to reality: our collective shame for the forgotten people Il Gatto
5/06 Who is John Conyers? An interview with the congressman audacious enough to do his job
21/5/06 The Anti-Empire Report #33 - “Come Out of the White House with Your Hands Up!” by William Blum
13/5/06 A Pious Wish: The Anti-Imperialism of Stephen Kinzer’s Overthrow By Stephen Gowans
9/5/06 The Best Little Whorehouse in Washington By Molly Ivins
16/8/04 TIDE? OR IVORY SNOW? Public Power in the Age of Empire Arundhati Roy
22/4/06 The Anti-Empire Report Some things you need to know before the world ends by William Blum #32
15/4/06 Beginning a New Interruption, Closer to Home S. Artesian
12/4/06 Global Eye Dead Cities By Chris Floyd
12/4/06 Interests and Concerns of US Military about Oil By Sohbet Karbuz
9/4/06 Newsletter #81; “It Can’t Happen Here” Edition David McGowan
10/4/06 Springtime in the Republic of Larry By Joe Bageant
3/4/06 Pentagon Thievery: An Interview with Jeffrey St. Clair by Joshua Frank
25/3/06 The largest demonstration in the history of California: Over 1 Million Protest in Los Angeles for Immigrant Rights!
25/3/06 Brown Skin/Yellow Star: Turning the Corner Toward Fascism in the US — by Juan Santos
18/3/06 Election Intrigue in Belarus By Stephen Gowans
17/3/06 Bone Thugs By Chris Floyd
15/3/06 The Changing face of Terror by Mike Whitney
14/3/06 The Real Milosevic By David Montoute
14/3/06 THE INSANE SOCIETY By Gabriele Zamparini
9-15/3/06 Sane Britain disappears by Jonathan Cook
10/3/06 Running-Amok with John Bolton by Mike Whitney
28/2/06 Miscreants, Murderers, and Malefactors: Imperial Conquest, Torture, and a Little Matter of Genocide By Jason Miller
21/2/06 Al-Intiqad's interview with Swedish intellectual and writer Jan Myrdal
23/2/06 A Letter to the American Left By Bernard-Henri LÚvy
17/2/06 Global Eye Flamethrowers By Chris Floyd
14/2/06 Gordon Brown’s tyranny of security
What life, liberty and politics would be like if he were to become prime minister by Brendan O’Neill
14/2/06 The Anti-Empire Report # 29 or how I spent my 15 minutes of fame by William Blum February 14, 2006
13/2/06 Amid the cartoon furore, Danish imams ignore the tragedies suffered by Muslims across the world Tariq Ali
7/2/06 JACK ABRAMOFF’S WHITE MAN’S BURDEN: How the Sleazy Republican Lobbyist Served Apartheid By Danny Schechter
7/2/06 Black Hip Hop History by Akweli Parker
2/2/06 Martin Luther King, Jr., Democratic Socialist by Paul Street
3/2/06 Time to Scrap the NPT by Mike Whitney
2/2/06 It’s capitalism or a habitable planet – you can’t have both By Robert Newman
24/1/06 “We Must all be prepared to torture”: The truh about Rupert Murdoch, William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer Fred Branfman
20/1/06 Global Eye Chain of Fools By Chris Floyd
18/1/06 What Kind of Antiwar Movement by Reza Fiyouzat
12/1/06 Interview with Michel Chossudovsky
9/1/06 The Anti-Empire Report by William Blum
6/1/06 The London-Washington Axis Called Into Question by CÚdric Housez
22/12/05 Condoleezza Rice: A Death Trip by John Maxwell
21/12/05 Privatise the Indian Parliament! Satya Sagar
6/12/05 The Anti-Empire Report No. 27 - Some things you need to know before the world ends William Blum
25/11/05 Global Eye First Light By Chris Floyd 25/11/05
24/11/05 ATTACK DOGS By Stephen Gowans 24/11/05
24/11/05 The real war - How will you behave in your last battle? By John Kaminski 24/11/05
21/11/05 Urban Violence in France
17/11/05 Paris is burning: Post-Industrial Social Insurrections and the Wretched of the Earth by Kwame Dixon, PhD
18/11/05 Global Eye Body Politics By Chris Floyd
10/11/05 The Anti-Empire Report No. 26 - Some things you need to know before the world ends William Blum
9/11/05 France Is Burning Thierry Bardini
6/11/05 The Anger of the Suburbs Laurent Mouloud
7/11/05 You’re doin’ a Heck of a Job, Dick Cheney by Mike Whitney
5/11/05 The United States of Torture by Mike Whitney
3/11/05  Global Eye – Philosopher’s Stone By Chris Floyd
2/11/05 `Three Decades of Absolute Power … the Story of CEO VP Dick Cheney … and Iraq’
17/10/05 “The War on Terror” — in Translation By Norman Solomon
8/10/05 The Public’s Right to Know All About Judith MillerAhmed Amr
17/10/05 Democrats Still Around? by Reza Fiyouzat
17/10/05 The Anti-Empire Report No. 25 - Some things you need to know before the world ends William Blum
16/10/05 Miller’s Confession; the last gasp before the indictments by Mike Whitney
17/10/05 Hazel Blears Lies to Parliament about Origin of Intelligenceby Craig Murray
10/10/05 9/11 and Manipulation of the USA By Norman Solomon
8/10/05 Bunker-days with Reichsfuehrer George by Mike Whitney
1/10/05 Why not Torture Judith Miller? by Mike Whitney
5/10/05 Gore on the Threat to American Democracy
6/10/05 Martial Law and the advent of the Supreme Executive by Mike Whitney 6/10/05
21/9/05 Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World Richard Moore
19/9/05 Let them Die or Let them go by Mike Whitney
18/9/05 Torture and the “Controversial” Arc of Injustice By Norman Solomon
15/9/05 Global Eye The Enablers By Chris Floyd
9/9/05 Clash of Representations: “Bush the Protector” vs. “Bush the Menace” By Norman Solomon
7/9/05 Inside the Mind of a ‘Suicide’ Bomber – Part 2 Yamin Zakaria
6/9/05 Inside the Mind of a ‘Suicide’ Bomber – Part 1 Yamin Zakaria
9/9/05 Global Eye No Direction Home By Chris Floyd
6/9/05 Taxation or Racketeering by Reza Fiyouzat
5/9/05 The Anti-Empire Report No. 24 - Some things you need to know before the world ends William Blum
29/8/05 Like Oil and Water…Land and Labor…Then and Now by S. Artesian
26/8/05 Global Eye The Fire Sermon By Chris Floyd
19/8/05 Global Eye Duck Soup By Chris Floyd
12/8/05 Global Eye Grease Monkeys By Chris Floyd
7/8/05 The Anti-Empire Report No. 22 - Some things you need to know before the world ends William Blum
5/8/05 What Muslims need is up-to-date leaders Aamer Anwar
1/8/05 In Praise of Kevin Benderman By Norman Solomon
1/8/05 UN Credentials Committee Can Reject Bolton Mark G. Levey
1/8/05 War on Terror, Rest in Peace George Lakoff
28/7/05 “Mein Kampf “ by George Bush & Tony Blair Edward Teague
25/7/05 HM Government announces “No Bomber Left Behind” Policy Edward Teague
22/7/05 Evil Ideology: Capitalism or Islam? Yamin Zakaria
14/7/05 The Anti-Empire Report No. 22 - Some things you need to know before the world ends William Blum
5/7/05 FRANCE: Recasting Colonialism as a Good Thing Julio Godoy
11/7/05 British neo-nazis behind the London bombings? Wayne Madsen
8/7/05 Global Eye – Dark Waters By Chris Floyd
9/7/05 The London Bombings by Dave Stratman
8/7/05 ‘Islamic Leader Warned of London Attack’ … Who is Abu Qatada and Why Did He Have UK Immunity From Spain’ …
1/7/05 Global Eye Heaven’s Gate By Chris Floyd
29/6/05 When a Lie Becomes Fact … Blind Faith vs. Tom Paine’s `Common Sense’ – Orwellian Prophecy…
22/6/05 Fanning the flames of impeachment By Bev Conover
20/6/05 Self-expression vs. school rules: Hip-hop kids challenge “gang” label By Lornet Turnbull
21/6/05 Africa ‘aid’ – Bards of the powerful by George Monbiot
17/6/05 Know Thy Enemy by Yamin Zakaria
15/6/05 A Rape in the Making By Stephen Gowans
13/6/05 The Anti-Empire Report No. 21 - Some things you need to know before the world ends by William Blum
13/6/05 The Coming Iranian Class Wars by Rosa Faiz
13/6/05 From Europe to America: the populist moment has arrived by Frank Furedi
31/5/05 Welcome to the Third World By Reza Fiyouzat
26/5/05 The U.S. removes the Nuclear Brakes: Transforming the Nuclear Bomb into a “Legitimate Weapon” for Waging War
10/5/05 The 10 Deadly Enemies of Humanity in the USA By Charles Mercieca, Ph.D.
26/5/05 Imperialism 101: Chapter 1 of Against Empire by Michael Parenti
15/5/05 This Year’s Appendix B: One Year Forward, Two Years Back by S. Artesian
13/5/05 Let’s face it – the state has lost its mind by John Pilger
12/5/05 Jeffrey St. Clair exposes Bush’s covert policy of “renditions” Torture Air, Inc.
10/5/05 War by Other Means By Stephen Gowans
5/05 Nomadic Abstracts by Reza Fiyouzat
4/5/05 Come on Back, Tony Blair By Ian Williams
4/5/05 Tony Blair Can’t Win By Greg Palast
24/4/05 Fruit and the Loom Brand New and Same Old by S Artesian
22/4/05 The real reason why it doesn’t matter who you vote for by Mick Hume
22/4/05 Global Eye Gut Check By Chris Floyd
19/4/05 The Anti-Empire Report, No. 20 by William Blum
18/4/05 Reprieve for the Sire – A post-analytic exposÚ by Rosa Faiz
14/4/05 Does Bush have Potentially Fatal Skin Cancer? Have Meds Affected His Judgment?
14/4/05 United States: trade in torture by Stephen Grey
11/4/05 ‘We Charge Genocide’: The cry rings true 52 years later by Tim Wheeler
9/4/05 Down With Democratic Party USA! by Rosa Faiz
7/4/05 The Big Fix By Chris Floyd
24/3/05 When occupation is more than an idea By Stephen Gowans
24/3/05 The U.S. is Becoming a ‘Failed State’ The Black Commentator
24/3/05 The Strange Death of the Woman Who Filed A Rape Lawsuit Against Bush Jackson Thoreau
22/3/05 Despots, East and West by Satya Sagar
21/3/05 The Anti-Empire Report, No. 19 by William Blum
19/3/05 Two Year Anniversary How we got here, keep gettin here, and nowhere… S. Artesian
18/3/05 GM makes you sick by Edward Teague
12/3/05 The View from Cumberland County, North Carolina By Stan Goff
13/3/05 Eradicating Bacon’s Rebellion from Popular Memory by Jonathan Scott
13/3/05 Hazel Blears Tongue Lashed by Michael Howard By Edward Teague
10/3/05 A Defeat in the Battle for Democracy By Stephen Gowans
9/3/05 The Unspeakable in Pursuit By Edward Teague
6/3/05 No slow boats to China anymore Edward Teague
28/02/05 New Labour puts the National into Socialism byEdward Teague
25/02/05 Global Eye – Core Values ByChrisFloyd
22/02/05 Joe Bageant - ‘Poor, white and pissed: A liberal guide to the whitetrash planet ’
21/02/05 Timing the Buy by S. Artesian
21/02/05 “Shoot ‘em, Torture ‘em.” Waris hell boy! by Edward Teague
17/02/05 PM wantsGeneral Nizar al Khazraji “brought to justice” by Edward Teague
16/02/05 The Anti-Empire Report, No. 18 by William Blum
15/02/05 Premier Attraction BySTEPHENGOWANS
14/02/05 American secrets, Mossad spies and sex, sex, sex by Edward Teague
13/02/05 The Tsunami Scorecard by Satya Sagar
04/02/05 Caspian on the Cusp? Puzzling reports of death of Georgia PM by EdwardTeague
30/01/05 Class and History, 9: Convergence and Conjunction: Closing Out, Opening Up by S. Artesian
01/05 AQuestionof Intent: The Chomsky Interviews by Reza Fiyouzat
29/01/05 The Military is Nowhere; the Press is Nowhere; theCongress is Nowhere…We’veBeen Taken Over By a Cult By Seymour Hersh
26/01/05 Exiled from history By Stephen Gowans
23/01/05 When did left-wing politics become the defense of capitalism as preferable to free healthcare, free education and guaranteed employment?by Stephen Gowans
19/01/05 Noam Chomsky’s rogue’sgallery by Stephen Gowans
20/01/05 TheAnti-Empire Report, No. 17 by William Blum
17/01/05 Class and History, 8: Convergence And Conjunction, ReMix
17/01/05 The Coming Wars by Seymour M. Hersh
15/01/05 Class and History, 7 Convergence and Conjunction, House Mix by S. Artesian 
08/01/05 Class and History Part 6 by S. Artesian
06/01/05 Imperialism in Samaritan’s clothing By Bill Van Auken. Powell declares tsunami aid part of global war on terror
03/01/05 INDONESIA: Military Offensive on in Tsunami-Hit Aceh – Critics by Sonny Inbaraj
03/01/05 History Class, Part 5 Convergence and Conjunction: Closing In by S. Artesian
02/01/05 Tsunamis and a Nuclear Threat in the South of India By J. Sri Raman
01/01/05 History and Class Part 4: FAST FORWARD By S. Artesian
02/01/05 A New American Century? Iraq and the hidden euro-dollar wars by F. William Engdahl. Part 2
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