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  But First:
“Why Bother Shelling Out My Cash?”
From: [XXXX, Soldier, Iraq] [Excerpt from longer message.]
To: GI Special
Sent: November 27, 2007
Subject: thank you
My name is [XXXXXX], Im a [XXXXXX] with [XXXXXX] , [XXXXXX] Division, currently deployed to Kirkuk, Iraq.
I just wanted to thank you for putting out GI Special.
Its nice to know that a lot of other people who are deployed, or have previously deployed think being in Iraq is completely counter-productive. 
I, personally, dont believe in fighting for the profit of a handful of people.
I also dont believe in fighting for a government that is willing, if not eager, to fuck its own people over.
I fully support all the men and women deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan but, Im already at the “fuck the army” point, Ive never been a supporter of this war, and i thank you for doing what you do.
Keep it up.
From: [XXXX, Soldier: Baghdad, Iraq]
To: GI Special
Sent: April 01, 2007
Hey there,
This is my second tour in an illegal and immoral war.  I was set to separate from the Army on the XXth of X, 2006. 
Thanks to stop loss, I deployed involuntarily on X XXth for a second combat tour.
I just started receiving the GI Special and it’s a breath of fresh air. 
I think every service member should read it.  
In solidarity,
From: [XXXX, Soldier Iraq]
To: GI Special
Sent: August 27, 2007
Subject: Re: GI Special 5H23: National Guards Reject The War
you may interested in that article about iraq whistleblowers losing their jobs, being demoted, even some have been detained by US forces and interrogated, etc.
you may have already heard about it but i just found out –
keep up the good work
[Soldier, Iraq]
Jeff Englehart, Former Spc., U.S. Army, Iraq Service
Member, Military Project Organizing Committee
Member, Iraq Veterans Against the War
Lt. Fabian Bouthillette, USNR, Iraq Service
Member, Military Project Organizing Committee
Member, Iraq Veterans Against the War
U.S. Naval Academy Class of 2003
Soldiers we speak with at the armory almost always respond favorably to material we distribute, much of which comes from GI Special and it’s fair to say that many, if not most, of the soldiers at that armory are more than interested in our literature.
We don’t have to tell you how crucial American service members are to the success of the anti-war movement.
You have seen letters in GI Special from troops in Iraq and Afghanistan condemning the unending “war on terrorism” for what it is: an all out betrayal and misuse of the military.
These troops are bravely speaking their minds despite the constant risk of harassment (or worse) from their chain of command—and they deserve all the support we can provide.
From: M [Excerpt]
To: GI Special
Sent: August 01, 2007
Subject: please pass along….
We know how hard you work to make the truth heard. 
We have heard from many soldiers in Iraq who have written to us because of the contact you have given. 
That connection is important and we hope it continues.
   GI Special Running On Empty
You know we don’t hit you up often, last GI Special Raffle was 4.07, never more than two a year, but now we can’t not. 
We have problems. 
We barely made the November 1 yearly payment on a very high security mail box that allows anybody in the armed services to address mail to GI Special anyway they want, using any name they want, ranging from Military Project to Presbyterian Pen Pal Club, provided the Box # is correct:  $600
After major computer horrors earlier this year that killed our outgoing email system and stopped publication for over a week, installation of new security systems to protect GI Special and the troops who read it from hackers, sneak peekers and other Bush Buddies who do not wish them well.  Quality security systems are not free, nor is the yearly retainer for an-on call computer emergency service. 
A Dell 21" computer monitor enabling work to be done on GI Special without going blind replaces the old small one, which had decayed to a constant shade of gray.  $690
Last, but not least, funds have to be on hand to cover the yearly trip to the rally for GI Resistance at Ft. Bragg in March 2008.  Car rental, gas, etc. for the Military Project members who attend and table: about $350.
These are some of the big ones. 
Then, routinely:
Internet service provider fees, producing copies of printed materials for outreach to active duty troops and National Guard members, reams of paper, buckets of ink, travel costs to respond to invitations to go to military base towns….
It never ends, but the money that comes from the pay checks of working people who help GI Special come out has gone as far as possible, and now the unpaid bills are piling up.  

GI Special
All proceeds are used for projects giving aid and comfort to members of the armed forces opposing today’s Imperial wars.  NOTE:  If any funds are received in excess of GI Special expenses, they will go to The Military Project for direct, face to face support of troops organizing to resist the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
   OK, Here’s How The Raffle Works
[See Photos Of Prizes Below]
Anybody who sends at least $5 is in the raffle.  The deadline is December 30, 2007.
There are 11 prizes, so 11 names will be pulled out of a hat. 
The first name pulled gets to pick his or her choice, and then the second name will get to choose from the remaining prizes, and so on.  We’ll contact winners by email or phone if you send a #.
There will be no charge for shipping the items to you unless you are overseas and do not have APO.
So, the drawing will be done 1.10.08 to give those letters time to arrive.
Mail to:
G.I. Special
Box 126
2576 Broadway
New York, N.Y.
Click Here  
[NOTE: If you send gold or silver bullion, diamonds, or large amounts of foreign or domestic currency, use registered mail.  Yeah, fat chance.  Iraqi dinars are not welcome, unless signed by Gen. Betrayus, in which case they A) will be auctioned on E-bay or B) used for target practice, depending on market demand.]
  Now For The Prizes:
Winners Choice
Prize #1:
The Original 1972 GI Movement Calendar!

FTA: Vietnam Days
This is huge: 20" by 14", [see cover just below] with a different page for every month, and different photographs of GI Resistance on every page.   Within the boxes for each day of the month, resistance anniversaries are listed.
This comes along once in a lifetime.  If that often.  Repeat: this is not a copy or reprint.
[Thanks to Dennis Serdel, Warrior Poet.  Vietnam 1967-68 (one tour) Light Infantry, Americal Div. 11th Brigade, Purple Heart, Veterans For Peace 50 Michigan, Vietnam Veterans Against The War, United Auto Workers GM Retiree, Perry, Michigan.
[He sent this in expressly for the GI Special raffle. He’s been organizing to resist Imperial war for about 40 years now.  All honor and respect to him.]
Calendar Front Page:

  Prize #2: Ramparts Magazine, October 1967
With Stephen Schneck’s review of John Lennon’s film “How I Won The War,” and more photographs about the film. 

Prize #3: Gulf War: “New World Order War #1
Music Of Resistance By Bad Religion,
Printed Political Analysis By Noam Chomsky
7" LP: 1991

[Thanks again to Dennis Serdel, Warrior Poet.  Vietnam 1967-68 (one tour) Light Infantry, Americal Div. 11th Brigade, Purple Heart, Veterans For Peace 50 Michigan, Vietnam Veterans Against The War, United Auto Workers GM Retiree, Perry, Michigan.]
Prize #4: May 1917: Russia
The War Bonds That Brought On A Revolution


In February 1917, Russian workers and soldiers rose in revolution to overthrow a feudal government that had dragged them into an Imperial War, World War 1, where Russians died, at home and in the Army, for the glory and greed of the Czar, Emperor of Russia.
Having gotten rid of him, they thought the new government, led by Prime Minister Kerensky, would stop the war.
Instead, in May 1917, he floated the Kerensky War Loan, gold backed bonds to borrow $188 million, to pay for keeping Russia in the war. 
Seeing that nothing less would do, 6 months later the elected soldiers’ and workers’ councils organized a second revolution that wiped Kerensky’s government of generals, war profiteers, crooked politicians, and capitalists off the face of the earth.
These are the Kerensky bonds.  The blue is for 500 gold rubles, the red for 1000 gold rubles.  If you win one, feel free to go to Moscow and see if Putin will honor the debt.
P.S.  They were purchased on 9.1.64 from (no joke) Carl Marks & Co., Inc., New York.  And yes, if you win one, you’ll get a copy of the bill of sale that says so.
Prize #5
Vietnam GI: Complete
Full set Vietnam GI reprints are not available anywhere else.

August 1969
Many good men never came back from Nam.  Some came back disabled in mind. Jeff Sharlet came back a pretty together cat—and he came back angry.  Jeff started VGI, and for almost two years poured his life into it, in an endless succession of 18-hour days trying to organize men to fight for their own rights. 
On Monday, June 16th, at 2:45 pm, Jeff died in the Miami VA Hospital.  He died of a sudden heart failure, brought on by the uncontrollable growth of the cancer that had earlier destroyed his kidney. There was no way to save him. He was only 27 years old.
Rather than wait for the draft, like so many others Jeff went RA.  With dreams of seeing Europe, he applied for “translator-interpreter”, and found himself at the US Army Language School at Monterey, California. But instead of French, Czech or German, he was assigned a strange language called “Vietnamese”—. spoken in a country he couldn’t even find on the map.  For eleven months in 1962 he was drilled in Vietnamese.
In 1963 he was assigned to Army Security Agency, and left for his first tour in Nam. Stationed in Saigon awhile, Jeff witnessed the ARVN coup that overthrew Saigon dictator Ngo Diem.  On his second tour his ASA unit was stationed near Phu Bai. Engaged in top-secret work monitoring, decoding and translating North Vietnamese radio messages, they wore AF uniforms and worked at a small air base.  But every time they went into the bars, every bargirl could reel off all the facts about their mission.
Speaking the language well, Jeff could talk to many Vietnamese about what was happening to their country.  He spent long hours questioning ex-Foreign Legion men, who’d settled in Vietnam after the French left, peasants, ARVN officers, students, and even suspected VC agents.  By the time he ETSed in July, 1964 he’d put a lot of pieces together.
Jeff went back to school, and got his college degree (with honors) from Indiana University in 1967.  During his “GI Bill years” he joined the peace movement, and became chairman of his local chapter of Students for a Democratic Society.  But he had become increasingly disillusioned about the student movement, and felt that its shallowness and snotty attitude towards other people made it ineffective.
That summer he went to New York City to work with Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and it was there that he decided to try to organize other GIs to fight the brass.  Jeff had won a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship for graduate study at the University of Chicago. He enrolled and” picked up his check.  From then on all his time and money were sunk into starting a newspaper for servicemen.
After two years of endless traveling, fund-raising and writing, Jeff’s drive started to fade. That restless energy that had brought him countless miles to base after base wasn’t there.  After his last trip to Ft. Hood in the Fall of 1968, Jeff complained that he was really beat, burnt out.  We all agreed that he should go “on leave” and take a rest.
It was while visiting friends in Boston that the first really severe pains started. Jeff flew home to Florida, and entered the hospital.  From there it was steadily downhill all the way.  The removal of his left kidney, massive radiation treatments, drugs—nothing stopped the growth of his cancer.  At the end he was weak and emaciated, without enough breath in his lungs to speak for more than a few sentences.  He said that he had many new ideas for our fight, but was just too exhausted to talk about them.
Jeff was a truly rare man.  He was our friend and comrade, and those of us who came together in this fight will never forget him.  VGI, the paper that so many readers called “the truth paper,” will go on fighting.
   Prize #6: Signed By The Author

Signed “Best Wishes For Peace 4.19.07"

    Prize #7: BUSH’S LAST DAY

This was given to GI Special for the raffle by Ruth DiRoma in memory of Michael DiRoma, whose computer genius made GI Special possible.
   Prize #8: Issue #1: Army@Love
Issue #1 [May 2007] of the Vertigo Press underground comic that horrifies the Pentagon.  It’s God knows how many years in the future.  The Iraq war is still on.  But the troops have other priorities.  Welcome to the Hot Zone.  Anti-War cartoonist Richard Crumb, Vietnam Days, would have loved it.  Early issues out of print.  


Prizes #9, 10 &11
Ten Different Issues Of GI Special Printed Out In Full Color.
Because most readers have come on within the last year, many people have never seen earlier GI Specials.  None in these prizes will be more recent than March 2006.  A slice of history.
[Example of front page:]
GI SPECIAL 4C2: 3.2.06

72% Of U.S. Troops Say Get Out Of Iraq In 2006:
29% For Immediate Withdrawal:
Only 23% Give A Shit About Stupid Bush Call To Stay “As Long As They Are Needed”
2.28.06 & John Zogby,
[The article continues in that issue of GI Special.  T]
  If printed out, this newsletter is your personal property and cannot legally be confiscated from you.  “Possession of unauthorized material may not be prohibited.”  DoD Directive 1325.6 Section

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