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GI SPECIAL Edited by Thomas Barton
Covering the War and Occupation of Iraq
 GI Special is an excellent, daily roundup of news and information on the situation in Iraq from the perspective of the troops, their families and includes interviews and news and overviews of the situation including analysis from current and retired military and related news stories from around the world. Recommended reading.
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27/12/05 GI Special 3D57A - Announcement.pdf
27/12/05 GI Special 3D57 - From Archangel To Robin Vaughan.pdf | HTML Version
26/12/05 GI Special 3D56 - Weighed And Found Wanting.pdf | HTML Version
25/12/05 GI Special 3D55 - Racism In The Fighting 69th | HTML Version
24/12/05 GI Special 3D54 - A Dishonorable Coward.pdf | HTML Version
23/12/05 GI Special 3D53 - Marines Killed By Command Negligence.pdf | HTML Version


GI Special 3D52 - Sometimes Dreams Come True.pdf | HTML Version
21/12/05 GI Special 3D51 - Bulgarian Troops Going Home Too.pdf | HTML Version
20/12/05 GI Special 3D50 - The Lone Whistle.pdf | HTML Version
19/12/05 GI Special 3D49 - This Is All Senseless.pdf | HTML Version
18/12/05 GI Special 3D48 - I Did Not Volunteer To Be Lied To.pdf | HTML Version
17/12/05 GI Special 3D47 - 36% Want Immediate Withdrawal.pdf | HTML Version
16/12/05 GI Special 3D46 - After Seeing Friends Die.pdf | HTML Version

GI SPECIAL 3D45 - I Am The Mother Of Phillip Hewett

14/12/05 GI Special 3D44 - Filling In Holes.pdf | HTML Version
13/12/05 GI Special 3D43 - My Time's Coming.pdf | HTML Version
12/12/05 GI Special 3D42 - How Many Died.pdf | HTML Version
11/12/05 GI Special 3D41 - Soldiers Against War.pdf | HTML Version
10/12/05 GI Special 3D40 - The Political Lynching Of Cpt. James Yee.pdf | HTML Version
8/12/05 GI Special 3D38 - Iraq Veterans Against The War pdf | HTML Version
7/12/05 GI Special 3D37 - Torture Is An American Value.pdf
6/12/05 GI Special 3D36 Archangel Reporting.pdf | HTML Version
5/12/05 GI Special 3D35 - Americans Welcome Iraqi Troops.pdf
4/12/05 GI Special 3D34 - "An Eye To Pulling It Down" pdf
3/12/05 GI Special 3D33 - War Report.pdf
2/12/05 GI Special 3D32 - Resistance Attacks In Ramadi.pdf
1/12/05 GI Special 3D31 - U.S. Casualties Climbing Again.pdf
30/11/05 GI Special 3D30 - "The Sound Of Gunfire And Mortars" pdf
29/11/05 GI Special 3D29 - Something Is Seriously Wrong.pdf
28/11/05 GI Special 3D28 - The Turkey.pdf
27/11/05 GI Special 3D27 - “We Have Torture Conducted On Our Own Soldiers, Right Here In America, At Fort Lewis”.pdf
26/11/05 GI Special 3D26 - For All The Soldiers Who Have Died.pdf
25/11/05 GI Special 3D25 - My Husband Will Not Be Silenced.pdf
24/11/05 GI Special 3D24 - Soldier, Come Home.pdf
24/11/05 GI Special 3D23 - We Have No Offensive Capability.pdf
23/11/05 GI Special 3D22 - HOW TO PREPARE FOR DEPLOYMENT TO IRAQ (pdf)
22/11/05 GI Special 3D21A - Report From Australia (pdf)
21/11/05 GI Special 3D21 - My Son's Last Words (pdf)
20/11/05 GI Special 3D20 - Rumsfeld Could Care Less (pdf)
19/11/05 GI Special 3D19 - Amazing News! Vital Military Jobs Go Unfilled (pdf)
18/11/05 GI Special 3D18 - What The Hell Did I Die For (pdf)
17/11/05 GI Special 3D17 - Stop Loss Is A Very Ugly Lie (pdf)
16/11/05 GI Special 3D16 - We Don't Know Why We're Here (pdf)
15/11/05 GI Special 3D15 - He Was Under No Illusion (pdf)
14/11/05 GI Special 3D14 - Let Them Send Their Strong Message (pdf)
13/11/05 GI Special 3D13 - Soldiers On Dialysis (pdf)
12/11/05 GI Special 3D12 - DU: The Level Known To Cause Death (pdf)
11/11/05 GI Special 3D11 - Veterans’ Day Special: Iraq Vets Front And Center! (pdf)
10/11/05 GI Special 3D10 - Some Came Home And Some Didn't (pdf)
9/11/05 GI Special 3D9 - “From The Very Top To The Lowest Level Soldier, Everyone's Being Lied To” (pdf)
8/11/05 GI Special 3D8 - A Liar Without Honor (pdf)
7/11/05 GI Special 3D7 - Torment Of the Innocent (pdf)
6/11/05 GI Special 3D6 - We're Not Going Away (pdf)
5/11/05 GI Special 3D5 - Governors Accuse Traitors Of Coup Plan (pdf)
4/11/05 GI Special 3D4 - War Reports (pdf)
3/11/05 GI Special 3D3 - More Lessons Unlearned (pdf)
2/11/05 GI Special 3D2 - “That Guy Was A Real Idiot, He Blew Up Six Of Our Amtracks” (pdf)
1/11/05 GI Special 3D1 - Roll Call (pdf)
31/10/05 GI Special 3C99 - Why? The Betrayal (pdf)
30/10/05 GI Special 3C98 - This Job Isn't Done (pdf)
29/10/05 GI Special 3C97 - We're Not Defending Freedom (pdf)
28/10/05 GI Special 3C96 - What Is This Thing (pdf)
27/10/05 GI Special 3C95 -“Grieve Little And Move On,” He Counseled Her (pdf)
26/10/05 GI Special 3C94 - 2,000 Gone; Asshole Military Spokesman Dismisses Importance; Just An “Artificial Mark On The Wall” (pdf)
25/10/05 GI Special 3C93 - What's Wrong With This Picture (pdf)
24/10/05 GI Special 3C92 - It's Bad Down There (pdf)
23/10/05 GI Special 3C91 - 45% Of Iraqis Want U.S. Troops Dead (pdf)
22/10/05 GI Special 3C90 - Dead In New Mexico (pdf)
21/10/05 GI Special 3C89 - They Have An Enemy. We Don't (pdf)
20/10/05 GI Special 3C88 - Don't Get Hurt Don't Get Sick.pdf
19/10/05 GI Special 3C87 - Prisoners Against The War.pdf
18/10/05 GI Special 3C86 - What In The Hell Is Going On.pdf
17/10/05 GI Special 3C85A - It Is Worse Than Vietnam.pdf
17/10/05 GI Special 3C85 - The Enemy Attacks Iraq Vets.pdf
16/10/05 GI Special 3C84 - They Are All Liars To Me (pdf)
15/10/05 GI Special 3C83 - “I Definitely Felt Betrayed” (pdf)
14/10/05 GI Special 3C82 - Dissent In The Ranks (pdf)
13/10/05 GI Special 3C81 -War Reports (pdf)
12/10/05 GI Special 3C80 - War Support At Record Low (pdf)
11/10/05 GI Special 3C79 - Wounds No One Was Able To See (pdf)
10/10/05 GI Special 3C78 - Three More Sides To Fill (pdf)
9/10/05 GI Special 3C77 - I Believe We Have Lost (pdf)
8/10/05 GI Special 3C76 - Rumsfeld At It Again (pdf)
7/10/05 GI Special 3C75 - Dying In Vain (pdf)
6/10/05 GI Special 3C74 - Political Prostitution (pdf)
5/10/05 GI Special 3C73 - The Enemy From Within (pdf)
4/10/05 GI Special 3C72 - I Don't Feel Like There's A Cause (pdf)
3/10/05 GI Special 3C71 - Turn This Loose On The World (pdf)
2/10/05 GI Special 3C70 - Significant Risks And Little Return (pdf)
1/10/05 GI Special 3C69 - The Dismal Recruiting Year (pdf)
30/9/05 GI Special 3C68 - Rumfeld Defies Congress (pdf)
29/9/05 GI Special 3C67 - Sex Happens (pdf)
27/9/05 GI Special 3C65 - Troops In Uniform Oppose War (pdf)
26/9/05 GI Special 3C64 - The Combat Engineers' Wife (pdf)
25/9/05 GI Special 3C63 - Here I Am In Uniform (pdf)
24/9/05 GI Special 3C62 - Something Worth Building (pdf)
23/9/05 GI Special 3C61 - Pretty Ribbons And Shiny Things (pdf)
22/9/05 GI Special 3C60 - The Sign (pdf)
21/9/05 GI Special 3C59 - War Reports (pdf)
20/9/05 GI Special 3C58 - Respect To D, A Fighting Lady Who Won’t Quit (pdf)
19/9/05 GI Special 3C57 - Honorable Soldiers In A Dishonest War (pdf)
18/9/05 GI Special 3C56 - The Blood On His Hands (pdf)
17/9/05 GI Special 3C55 - Norway Getting Out Of Iraq (pdf)
16/9/05 GI Special 3C54 - When Soldiers Stopped A War (pdf)
15/9/05 GI Special 3C53 -Heading Toward A Cliff (pdf)
14/9/05 GI Special 3C52 - Iraq Vets Shit On At Bragg (pdf)
13/9/05 GI Special 3C51 - Soldier Murdered (pdf)
12/9/05 GI Special 3C50 - A Soldier's Open Letter (pdf)
11/9/05 GI Special 3C49 - Tired Of Getting Pushed Around (pdf)
10/9/05 GI Special 3C48 - Tired Of All The Bushit (pdf)
9/9/05 GI Special 3C47 - Killed For Some Bullshit Reason (pdf)
8/9/05 GI Special 3C46 - Pissed Sailors Cut Off Patches (pdf)
7/9/05 GI Special 3C45 - The Words Of Prophecy (pdf)
6/9/05 GI Special 3C44 - Gulf Soldiers Want To Come Home (pdf)
5/9/05 GI Special 3C43B - Debunking Fears And Fallacies (pdf)
5/9/05 GI Special 3C43A - I'm So Angry At Our President (pdf)
4/9/05 GI Special 3C42 - The War On Terror Is A Sham (pdf)
3/9/05 GI Special 3C41 - I Have Refused To Go (pdf)
2/9/05 GI Special 3C40 - 40% Say Get Out (pdf)
1/9/05 GI Special 3C39 - Iraq War Not Worth Dying For (pdf)
31/8/05 GI Special 3C38 - More Soldiers Call On Sheehan (pdf)
30/8/05 GI Special 3C37 - Seething At The Brass (pdf)
29/8/05 GI Special 3C36B - The Salvadoran Soldier (pdf)
29/8/05 GI Special 3C36A - Civilians Spit On Viet Vets (pdf)
28/8/05 GI Special 3C35 - Pissing In The Wind (pdf)
27/8/05 GI Special 3C34 - Bush And America Out (pdf)
26/8/05 GI Special 3C33 - Abandoned In Iraq (pdf)
25/8/05 GI Special 3C32 - It's A Stupid War (pdf)
24/8/05 GI Special 3C31 - The Soldier I Once Was (pdf)
23/8/05 GI Special 3C30 - War Reports (pdf)
22/8/05 GI Special 3C29B - Soldiers' Stories (pdf)
22/8/05 GI Special 3C29A - You Go, Mrs. Sheehan (pdf)


GI Special 3C28 - Sailors For Cindy (pdf)
20/8/05 GI Special 3C27 - Your Son Volunteered (pdf)
19/8/05 GI Special 3C26 - From First Sgt. To Civilian Shithead (pdf)
18/8/05 GI Special 3C25 - Soldiers For Cindy (pdf)
17/8/05 GI Special 3C24 - This Movement Is True And Honest (pdf)
16/8/05 GI Special 3C23 - George Bush Killed My Grandson (pdf)
15/8/05 GI Special 3C22B - Jack At The Ranch (pdf)
15/8/05 GI Special 3C22A -Hood Soldiers Visit Sheehan (pdf)
14/8/05 GI Special 3C21 - More Pentagon Treachery: Troops Not Told They HaIneffective Body Armor (pdf)
13/8/05 GI Special 3C20 - Home (pdf)
12/8/05 GI Special 3C19 - Texas (pdf)
11/8/05 GI Special 3C18 - Good Moon Rising: Air Force Officer Charged For “Fuck Bush” Graffiti (pdf)
10/8/05 GI Special 3C17 - Ft. Hood Soldier Stands Up (pdf)
9/8/05 GI Special 3C16 - War Support Drops Bigtime (pdf)
8/8/05 GI Special 3C15B - Was It The Oil (pdf)
8/8/05 GI Special 3C15 - We Are Not Going To Win This War (pdf)
7/8/05 GI Special 3C14 - No More Excuses (pdf)
6/8/05 GI Special 3C13 - Above And Beyond the Call of Duty (pdf)
5/8/05 GI Special 3C12 - All These Boys Are Dying Needlessly (pdf)
4/8/05 GI Special 3C11 - Why Didn't They Tell Me (pdf)
3/8/05 GI Special 3C10 A Sister To Be Proud Of (pdf)
2/8/05 GI Special 3C9 - Is Anybody Listening? (PDF)
1/8/05 GI Special 3C8 - Stop This Insane War NOW (PDF)
31/7/05 GI Special 3C7 - They've Done Their War (PDF)
30/7/05 GI Special 3C6 - I Have Never Seen A Freer Man (PDF)
29/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3C5 - An Honorable Soldier (PDF)
28/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3C4 - Polish Troops Cut 60 Percent (PDF)
27/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3C3 - Contractors In Iraq (PDF)
26/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3C2 - I Dont Deserve A Medal (PDF)
25/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3C1 - Two Minutes Of Hell (PDF)
23/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b98 - Then There are The Bad Days (PDF)
22/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b97 - Ft. Carson Scum Want To Send War-Resisting Iraq Vets’ Wife To Prison Too: "I Didn’t Know I’d Get Into Trouble For Being A Housewife" (PDF)
21/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b96 - Soldiers Say Iraq Morale Low (PDF)
20/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b95 - They May Have To Come Home And Fight (PDF)
19/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b94 - Lessons Unlearned, Con't (PDF)
18/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b93 - This Is Just Ridiculous (PDF)
17/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b92 - Why Are We Still Over There (PDF)
16/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b91 - Just Keep Walking (PDF)
15/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b90 - "Where's The Damn Outrage" (PDF)
14/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b89 - “It's Only Isolated Pockets Of Problems” (PDF)
13/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b88 - Throw Away Soldiers (PDF)
12/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b87 - Lessons Unlearned (PDF)
11/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b86 - Anti-War Soldier Arrested In Iraq (PDF)
10/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b85 - Soldier Called A “Bitch” After Applying For CO (PDF)
June 2005 Travelling Soldier #11 You can’t eat a soccer ball
9/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b84 - Fighting For The Wrong Reason (PDF)
8/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b83 - Vets Say Iraqis Right To Fight (PDF)
7/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b82 - They're Shutting Leonard, Serving In Iraq, Down With Threats: (Shades Of 'Nam AGAIN): Anti-War Soldier At Risk (PDF)
6/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b81 - My Son Also (PDF)
5/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b80 - Georgia (PDF)
4/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b79 - Soldier Says “I Do Not Support This War In The Slightest” (PDF)
3/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b78 - “It's Time For Them To Come Home” (PDF)
2/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b77 - Hatred For The War Keeps Growing (PDF)
1/7/05 GI SPECIAL #3b76 - "What If It Were My Child" (PDF)
30/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b75 - Soldier’s Life: Back From Iraq: The Brigade Run (PDF)
29/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b74 - “This Publicity Stunt Is An Obscenity” Bush Speaks, With Troops As His Stage Props (PDF)
28/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b73 - Happy Father's Day (PDF)
27/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b72 - “ Almost Every Soldier I Talk To Says We're Losing...” (PDF)
26/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b71 - 2nd Lt. Says War Is Lost (PDF)
25/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b70 - Glen Is Dead (PDF)
24/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b69 - Brothers Gone (PDF)
23/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b68 - Family History (PDF)
22/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b67 - Marines Betrayed (PDF)
21/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b66 - “Everyone’s Asking, What Are We Doing It For?” “ Everyone's Asking, Am I Next?” (PDF)
20/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b65 - Senator Says U.S. Losing War (PDF)
19/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b64 - 28% Want All Troops Out Now (PDF)
18/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b63 - I Owe The Army One (PDF)
17/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b62 - On Loyalty (PDF)
16/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b61 - Dad To My Honorable Son (PDF)
15/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b60 - We Can't Kill Them All (PDF)
14/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b59 - An Army Where You Are Lied To (PDF)
13/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b58 - This Madness Must End (PDF)
12/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b57 - U.S. Death Toll In Iraq Crosses 1,700 (PDF)
11/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b56 - Mission Preposterous: Collaborator Troops Decline To Collaborate: Defy U.S. Orders (PDF)
10/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b55 - U.S. Majority Rejects War (PDF)
9/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b54 - Marines Bust Mercenaries (PDF)
8/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b53 - “It’s Not Like I Would Be Proud To Have Taken Part In A Lie” (PDF)
7/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b52 - Rebellion In The Ranks (PDF)
6/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b51 - Pick Up A Gun (PDF)
5/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b50 - Sir, No Sir (PDF)
4/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b49 - I Want My Fucking Soul Back (PDF)
3/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b48 - The U.S. Has Lots Its Grip (PDF)
2/6/05 GI SPECIAL #3b47 - “We Will Never Forget” (PDF)
31/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b46 - What Has Our Country Become (PDF)
30/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b45 - Lt Col Says Bush, Rumsfeld Are Traitors (PDF)
29/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b44 - The Army Lied To Me (PDF)
27/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b42 - “Time To Get ANGRY AMERICA DEMAND Answers” (PDF)
26/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b41 - Anti-War Soldier Speaks Out“ WAR IS Money” (PDF)
25/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b40 - Roll Call (PDF)
24/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b39 - Article 15: “Long Live The Empire Sir” (PDF)
23/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b38 - You're Going To Kill Sand Niggers (PDF)
22/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b37 - Target The Predators (PDF)
21/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b36 - “We Shouldn't Be There And We Shouldn't Have Gone There.” (PDF)
20/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b35 - How Many Died? Pentagon Knowingly Issued Defective Body Armor To Marines In Combat (PDF)
19/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b34 - Fuck The Army (PDF)
18/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b33 - “I Think They Are Shafting Everybody” (PDF)
17/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b32 - War Is Shit (PDF)
16/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b31 - DoD Still Lying About Armor (PDF)
15/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b30 -Don't Let Our Vets Die Forgotten (PDF)
14/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b29: 17 Troops Dead Since Last Saturday (PDF)
13/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b28: Military Judge Says: “Any Seaman Recruit Has Reasonable Cause” To Believe Iraq War Illegal (PDF)
12/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b27: Support GI Resisters (PDF)
11/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b26: 1600 Dead (PDF)
10/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b25: Stand Up For Benderman & Paredes (PDF)
9/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b24: Frag An Officer (PDF)
7/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b22: Bush Belongs in Prison (PDF)
6/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b21: Get Our Soldiers HOME (PDF)
5/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b20: War Support Hits New Low (PDF)
4/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b19: “Send Your Friends To Iraq, Or You'll Have To Go." (PDF)
2/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b17: A Pure Fire (PDF)
1/5/05 GI SPECIAL #3b16: There's No Need for This (PDF)
30/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b15: U.S. To Bush (PDF)
29/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b14: A Letter From Captain America (PDF)
28/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b13: You Can't Eat A Soccer Ball (PDF)
27/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b12: ArchAngel Update On Spc. Barron (PDF)
26/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b11: This Bullshit (PDF)
25/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b10: BETRAYED AND THROWN AWAY: How The Enemies Domestic Slaughtered The Troops Of Company E (PDF)
23/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b8: “We Were Misused And Abused” (PDF)
22/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b7: Casualties Of War. (PDF)
21/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b6: Soldiers Used For Financial Gain (PDF)
20/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b5: Soldier Says Iraq Mission Is “Stupid” (PDF)
19/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b4: Military Family Speaks Out Against Stop-Loss (PDF)
18/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b3: Making A Wish (PDF)
17/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b2: Amazing! Somebody Finally Noticed! (PDF)
16/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3b1: Criminals At Work (PDF)
15/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a99: Over 1 Million gone to War (PDF)
14/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a98: War Reports (PDF)
13/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a97: Rememberance And Resistance (PDF)
12/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a96: Good Job And Thank You Sgt. Rogers (PDF)
11/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a95: There Is No Separation (PDF)
10/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a94: “They Need To Stop These Missions” (PDF)
9/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a93: Here's A Win To Us (PDF)
8/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a92: We Drove Into A Shooters Alley (PDF)
6/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a91: Hostages Taken: U.S. Commander Guilty Of Criminal Act (PDF)
5/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a90: “He Thought It Was The Wrong War For The Wrong Reasons” (PDF)
4/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a89: Doubting The Mission (PDF)
3/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a88: “And To The Soldiers... Resist!” (PDF)
2/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a87: No No, Don't Go (PDF)
1/4/05 GI SPECIAL #3a86: Sgt. Benderman Steps Up (PDF)
31/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a85: The Truth Will Set You Sane (PDF)
30/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a84: Spc. David Beals At Risk (PDF)
29/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a83: A Slavery Contract (PDF)
28/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a82: Dear Dawnmarie (PDF)
27/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a81: This Is How They Treat Their Veterans (PDF)
26/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a80: Recruiter Says: “I Don’t Agree With What We’re Doing In Iraq, And I’m With You.” (PDF)
25/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a79: Fight Wars Not War. (PDF)
24/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a78: Let's Get To Work (PDF)
23/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a77: The New Majority (PDF)
17/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a76: It Is With My Deepest Regrets, That I Thank You All For Your Service (PDF)
16/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a75: My Platoon Sgt. Screamed At Me (PDF)
15/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a74: I Feel Like We Were Lied To (PDF)
14/03/05 GI Special Report: Archangel Kicks Ass
14/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a73: IRAQ = “I Really Am Quitting” – Vet Says 60% Of Troops Oppose War (PDF)
13/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a72: All Out For Ft. Bragg (PDF)
12/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a71: They're Tired Of Being Here (PDF)
11/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a70: Scum Out Of Control (PDF)


GI SPECIAL #3a69: We've Been In Hell (PDF)
09/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a68: Can This Possibly Get Any Worse? (PDF)
08/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a67: I'm So Angry Right Now (PDF)
07/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a66: Emotional Silence (PDF)
06/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a65: Darell Ankarlo, Scum In Human Form: Shit-Mouthed Piece Of Trash Pisses On Families Of Soldiers Killed In Iraq (PDF)
05/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a64: BRING THEM HOME NOW! Ft. Bragg Rally Gets Hot (PDF)
04/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a63: U.S. Military Deaths In Iraq Rise To 1,500 (PDF)
03/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a62: Iraqi Police On Strike In Tikrit (PDF)
02/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a61: Con Artists Prey On KIA Families (PDF)
01/03/05 GI SPECIAL #3a60: Help Make History At Ft. Bragg. (PDF)
28/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a59: Unions Say Get Out Of Iraq (PDF)
27/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a58: The View From Cloquet. (PDF)
26/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a57: Bush Losing War Support (PDF)
25/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a56: “59% Want Troops Out In A Year, “Stable” Or Not ” (PDF)
24/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a55: “We Can Win, And We Will Win” (PDF)
23/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a54: Anaconda (PDF)
22/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a53: Coverup at Walter Reed (PDF)
21/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a52: A War On All Fronts (PDF)
20/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a51: Leave Our Country Now! (PDF)
19/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a50: Soldiers Dying Mysteriously. (PDF)
18/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a49: Rumsfeld Tells The Truth! (PDF)
17/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a48: More Outrageous Bullshit! (PDF)

GI SPECIAL #3a47: Archangel Report (PDF)

15/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a46: This Sick War - Soldier X (PDF)
14/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a45: Benderman Defense Organizing (PDF)
13/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a44: Election Poll Boost Tanks (PDF)
12/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a43: He Confronted Our Unit Commander (PDF)
11/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a42: Sgt. Benderman Defense Organizing (PDF)
10/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a41: Combat Refusal Wins Again (PDF)
08/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a39: ArchAngel Update On Spc. Barron (PDF)
07/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a38: “Capitalism Has Failed” (PDF)
06/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a37: Exhausting Elections; Soldier X (PDF)
05/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a36: Died In Vain (PDF)
04/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a35: A New Era? (PDF)
03/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a34: Duffle Bags (PDF)
02/02/05 GI SPECIAL #3a33: It's A War About Money (PDF)

GI SPECIAL #3a32: The Cold Numbers (PDF)

31/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a31: Elections a Success! U.S.A. Wins! (PDF)
30/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a30: Back In The Mess (PDF)
29/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a29: “Let's Get Out Of Here” (PDF)


GI SPECIAL #3a28: Roll Call (PDF)
27/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a27: The Deadliest Day (PDF)
26/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a26: I'm Not Going No Matter What (PDF)
25/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a25: Planes For Baghdad Turned Back (PDF)
24/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a24: “What A Fucking Farce” (PDF)
23/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a23: Come To Fayetteville (PDF)
22/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a22: “I Am Not Going To Another War” (PDF)
21/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a21: The War Comes Home (PDF)
20/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a20: Army Charges Sgt. Benderman (PDF)
19/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a19: US Majority Say War Not Worth It (PDF)
18/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a18: BREAKING NEWS: AWOL 2-7 Infantry Specialist Plans To Surrender (PDF)

GI SPECIAL #3a17: “I Didn’t Go Into The Army To Kill People.” (PDF)

16/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a16: Star Wars (PDF)
15/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a15: It's Official: My Brother Died in Vain (PDF)
14/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a14: Marine Decided Cops Are The Enemy (PDF)
13/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a13: You're A Civilian. You Won't Get Hurt (PDF)
12/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a12: Sgt. Says He Will Murder Spec. Resisting Deployment To Iraq (PDF)
11/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a11: “A Domestic Enemy Of The United States” (PDF)
10/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a10: “My 3rd And Final Request To Rummy” From A Gold Star Mother (PDF)
09/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a9: George Bush: A Domestic Enemy Of The United States (PDF)
08/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a8: Army Values (PDF)
07/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a7: “I Am Ashamed To Be Associated With This Mess” (PDF)
06/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a6: If Not You, Who? (PDF)
05/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a5: We Can't Give Up (PDF)
04/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a4: 200,000 In Resistance (PDF)
03/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a3: The Deadliest Six Months (PDF)
02/01/05 GI SPECIAL #3a2: They Have Killed This American Family (PDF)
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