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26 JUNE - 9 JULY 2005
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MANMOHAN Singh hopeful on climate change UK edition – India
He did however admit that the G8 communiqué on the climate change, so
much stressed upon by Tony Blair, “ does not grip with the challenges
of climate change …,00430005.htm

G-8 leaders see progress on climate change, aid to Africa
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer – Columbus,GA,USA
… Bush administration officials also called the summit a success, especially
on climate change. The G-8 communique, signed by all …

FRESH talks but little hope on climate change
Guardian Unlimited – UK
G8 leaders agreed yesterday to start a new series of talks on climate change
that will bring together big polluters, including the US and China, with
the aim …,9061,1524687,00.html

MORE talk but no action yet on climate change
Times Online – UK
THE G8 agreed to disagree on enough of the climate change agenda to produce
a deal that Tony Blair could hail as the start of a new US-backed drive
to tackle …,,22649-1687226,00.html

G8 announces aid increases, but little progress on climate change
progressiveU – USA
… Less progress was made in the realm of climate change with countries
agreeing that climate change was a problem but without any concrete decisions.

G8 Countries State Common Approach to African Aid, Climate Change
US Dept of State (press release) – Washington,DC,USA
… double assistance to Africa, advance peace in the Middle East through
Palestinian aid, and establish a plan of action to combat global climate
change. …


LEADERS take stand on global warming
Detroit Free Press – Detroit,MI,USA
… Leaders from the world’s top eight industrial nations ended their annual
summit Friday by agreeing that humans are a major cause of global warming
and pledging …

G-8 Takes No Concrete Global Warming Steps
San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco,CA,USA
… summit bowed to US pressure on Friday by approving a declaration on
climate change that avoided taking any concrete steps to fight global
warming, such as …

US Appears to Win Global Warming Debate
WTVG – Toledo,OH,USA
… on climate change at their G-8 summit by approving a watered-down declaration
Friday that avoids taking concrete steps to fight global warming, such
as setting …

SUMMIT reaches compromises on African aid, global warming
USA Today – USA
GLENEAGLES, Scotland (AP) — World leaders wrapping up an economic summit
shaken by terrorism agreed Friday on an “alternative to the hatred” —
aid packages …

SUMMIT shaken by bombings reaches compromises on aid, global …
National Post – Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
… The major failure was in the area of global warming, where staunch
opposition from Bush thwarted Blair’s efforts to get a US commitment to
firm targets for …


G8 leaders try to finalise climate change deal
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
GLENEAGLES: A declaration and plan of action on climate change that were
to be released at the G8 summit on Thursday will be issued on Friday because
of the …

G-8 declarations on climate change and global economy postponed
Malaysia Star – Petaling Jaya,Malaysia
GLENEAGLES, Scotland (AP) – The G-8 summit’s declarations on climate change
and the global economy were delayed until Friday following the attacks
in London …

BUSH concedes ground on climate change
Guardian Unlimited – UK
… countries refused to be distracted by the terrorist attacks on London
yesterday as they prepared to sign a limited agreement on climate change
and continued to …,12374,1523901,00.html

CHINESE president calls for international cooperation in climate …
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
… called on the developed and developing countries to promote cooperation
through technology exchanges and funding to tackle the problem of climate
change at a …

ECLIPSED by London blasts, Gleneagles summit grapples with climate …
Hindu – Chennai,India
… much political capital in these ventures and Mr. Blair was on record
saying he had taken “a chance on this G8 choosing Africa and climate change…you
couldn’t …

BUSH, Blair Deadlocked on Global Warming
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
… Scotland, July 7 – President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair
failed to reach agreement on international efforts to combat global warming
today, as …

G-8 Declaration Recognizes Global Warming
Guardian Unlimited – UK
GLENEAGLES, Scotland (AP) – Leaders of the Group of Eight industrial nations
reached a global warming agreement that recognizes the problem as partly
caused by …,1280,-5126180,00.html

RESPONDING to global warming
Indian Express – New Delhi,India
… In June 1992, the UN held the Earth Summit to discuss this. The G8
will discuss it at Gleneagles. Is it just theory, or is there evidence
on global warming? …

DON’T blame US alone for global warming: Blair
Financial Express – Bombay,India
… JULY 7: Rich and poor countries must work together in coming years
if the world is to deal successfully with the threat from global warming,
Prime Minister …

CUT global warming by becoming vegetarian – Evergreen,VA,USA
Global warming could be controlled if we all became vegetarians and stopped
eating meat. That’s the view of British physicist Alan …


G-8 Negotiations Continue on Africa, Climate Change
Voice of America – USA
… It’s tricky. These people are making very difficult choices,” he said.
There is also disagreement on what to do about climate change. …

CLIMATE change tops full G8 talks
BBC News – UK
Climate change and global trade will top Thursday’s agenda when G8 leaders
get down to business in earnest. The first full day of …

OIL chiefs disagree on issue of climate change
Financial Times – London,England,UK
Perhaps more than any other industry, oil companies are having to get to
grips with the issue of climate change one of the top items at the Group
of Eight …

BUSH line on climate change fails to bridge G8 gap
Financial Times – London,England,UK
… could replace petrol in vehicles, and nuclear power as a source of
electricity that avoids the emissions of greenhouse gases associated with
climate change. …

G-8 Summit Begins with Africa and Climate Change
Zaman Online – Istanbul,Turkey
… protestors. The main agenda articles of the G-8 summit include the
issues such as the debts of African countries and climate change. …

BUSH unyielding on global warming
International Herald Tribune – France
… and he signaled that he would not budge on one of the most contentious
issues dividing the United States from its allies: how best to address
global warming. …

BUSH admits to role of humans in global warming
Financial Times – London,England,UK
President George W. Bush yesterday acknowledged more openly than in the
past the role of human activity in causing global warming, as he travelled
to Scotland …

GLOBAL warming costs us: reinsurer
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) – New South Wales,Australia
… steamroll Florida. It’s global warming, which he believes is already
costing the $US3trillion ($4trillion) insurance industry. Worldwide …

HUNGRY to get hungrier with global warming – FAO – UK
… Reuters) – The poorest countries where food is scarcest will find it
increasingly difficult to feed themselves as global warming exacerbates
desertification …

STATE governments, other countries taking action on global warming
Biloxi Sun Herald – Biloxi,MS,USA
… KRT) – While President Bush and other world leaders will talk Thursday
at the Group of Eight summit in Scotland about slowing global warming,
Bush has already …


LORDS fuel climate change row with blow to Kyoto
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
… In a report seemingly timed to have maximum impact on the G8, which
is due to release its climate change communique tomorrow, the peers said
that the …

CLIMATE consultant says climate change not affecting rainfall
ABC Online – Australia
There is disagreement over whether climate change and the resulting lack
of rainfall are behind Australia’s worst drought in a hundred years. …

DISARRAY over climate change
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
ON THE eve of the G8 summit at Gleneagles, what had appeared to be a broad
consensus on climate change looked to be unravelling. …

ECOLOGISTS urge action on climate change
innovations report – Bad Homburg,Germany
… the UK government’s initiative during its G8 Presidency to get world
leaders to set out a clear direction for political action on climate change,
based on …

BLAIR: Climate change deal within reach
Manchester Evening News – Manchester,England,UK
PRIME Minister Tony Blair is heading for the G8 summit at Gleneagles believing
a deal on climate change with fellow world leaders is going “down to the
wire …

JAMES K. Glassman: Tony Blair’s global warming fix would bring …
The Union Leader – Manchester,NH,USA
AS chairman of this year’s Group of 8 conference, Tony Blair has chosen
to put African poverty and global warming at the top of the agenda when
the leaders …

GLOBAL Warming – Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
Preparing for this week’s G-8 summit to discuss global warming and other
issues, President Bush made a significant acknowledgment. …

G8: Global warming tops agenda
News24 – Cape Town,South Africa
Gleneagles – The campaign against poverty in Africa and the fight against
global warming will top the agenda of the Group of Eight (G8) summit in
Scotland from …,,2-10-1462_1732691,00.html

BUSH, the obstacle to a deal on global warming
Belfast Telegraph – Belfast,UK
… summit television interview with Trevor McDonald, rejecting outright
any suggestion that the US might join the Kyoto protocol on global warming,
or consider …

CLIMATE changes on global warming as PM heads for Gleneagles – Ernakulam,Kerala,India
… While the wealthy G8 countries are the biggest current producers of
greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, the five rapidly developing
‘outreach countries …


G8 nations tackle climate change
ABC Online – Australia
PETER CAVE: The United States President George Bush may be flexible on
trade but he’s certainly not flexible on climate change. …

STRAW positive on climate change
BBC News – UK
UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said he believes there will be a “satisfactory
outcome” on the issue of climate change at the G8 summit. …

G8 summit may lead to deal on climate change – Brussels,Belgium
The leaders of the world’s eight most hihgly-industrialised states (G8)
may reach an agreement on climate change during their meeting on 6-8 July
in Gleneagles …

GREENS hit out at Bush climate change decision
Ireland Online – Dublin,Ireland
The Green Party has attacked US President George W Bush for his continued
refusal to sign up to the Kyoto Protocol on tackling climate change. …

UK to bind developed nations, China, India on climate change
Deccan Herald – Bangalore,India
Britain has said that it is trying to put in place a process on climate
change that binds together the developed nations and China and India,
which are going …

BUSH Maintains Stance on Global Warming
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
… As world leaders prepared for a major summit, President Bush said Monday
that he would not substantially change his stance on global warming to
reward British …

SCHWARZENEGGER: ‘Time for Action’ on Global Warming
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
… Arnold Schwarzenegger urged the United States and other nations to
combat global warming and vowed in an opinion piece in London’s Independent
newspaper to …

GLOBAL warming at Gleneagles: PM for N-option
Newindpress – Chennai,India
… Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, Singh will be joining the leaders
of G-8 in Scotland to discuss practical ways to deal with the challenge
of global warming. …

Canadian Democratic Movement – Canada
Global warming is an increase over time of the average temperature of Earth’s
atmosphere and oceans. Global warming theories attempt …

GLOBAL warming? It doesn’t worry Exxon
Sustain Online – Switzerland
… turbines. Oil giants such as BP and Royal Dutch/Shell Group are trumpeting
a better-safe-than-sorry approach to global warming. …


NO favours on climate change – Bush
This is London – London,England,UK
… gave the PM little cause for hope that he is ready to join other G8
nations in concerted action to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions blamed
for climate change …

CHIRAC hopes breakthrough on climate change at G8 summit
Xinhua – Beijing,China
MOSCOW, July 3 (Xinhuanet) — French President Jacques Chirac expressed
the hope on Sunday that a breakthrough on climate change could be made
at the summit of …

DIPLOMACY clears cloud over climate change
Financial Times – London,England,UK
… But for some time now it has been the other big issue on the summit
agenda – the need to address climate change – that risked turning the
meeting in Gleneagles …

BUSINESS divided on moves to tackle climate change
Financial Times – London,England,UK
Businesses are divided over the prospect of further international action
to tackle climate change, which will be discussed by the Group of Eight
industrialised …

CHIRAC hails possible climate change breakthrough at G8 summit
Forbes – USA
SVETLOGORSK, Russia (AFX) – French President Jacques Chirac on Sunday hailed
a possible breakthrough on climate change at this week’s G8 summit talks
in …

BUSH wants to shift global warming debate
… LONDON, England (AP) — Ahead of this week’s G8 summit, President Bush
says he wants to shift debate on global warming away from limits on greenhouse
gas …

DEVELOPING states to have say on global warming
Financial Times – London,England,UK
… This week’s highly structured G8 meeting on global warming is expected
to leave little room for talks on other issues such as China’s currency
and rising trade …

DISASTER Losses Lead Insurers to Global Warming Debate
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
… steamroll Florida. It’s global warming, which he believes is already
costing the $3-trillion insurance industry. Worldwide disaster …,0,7571170.story?coll=la-home-business

WORLD should act on global warming
Denver Post – Denver,CO,USA
The evidence of human-caused global warming becomes more clear every day,
and with it the need for governments to take effective action. …

BUSH wants action against global warming
Hindustan Times – Delhi,India
… the G8 has to tackle climate change, US President George W Bush on
Monday vowed to spurn any Kyoto-style deal on the “significant” problem
of global warming. …,00050003.htm


SCHWARZENEGGER urges governments to act on climate change
San Jose Mercury News – San Jose,CA,USA
… Climate change is one of the major issues to be discussed at this week’s
summit of the G8 wealthy nations at Gleneagles in Scotland. …

BUSH may bend on climate change
Times Online – UK
SENIOR government officials are confident that President George W Bush
will sign up to a G8 statement on climate change at the summit in Scotland
this week. …,,2087-1678677,00.html

RICH nations ‘must change to avoid climate disaster’
Financial Times – London,England,UK
The developed world is “going to have to adjust” to prevent climate change
becoming a global catastrophe, Hilary Benn, Britain’s international development

CLIMATE change tops agenda for G8
Hindu – Chennai,India
London, July 2. (Guardian News Service): Senior officials from G8 countries
were last night locked in intensive talks on climate change and details
of aid for …

ARNIE tells Bush to face up to global warming
Ireland Online – Dublin,Ireland
… Republican governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, today sent
a robust message to US President George Bush to face up to the reality
of global warming. …

GLOBAL warming fears for Tasmania
Ninemsn – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Global warming will force some Tasmanians from their homes within a decade,
a leading coastal erosion expert says. Storm surges …

GLOBAL warming may threaten ducks
Sioux Falls Argus Leader – Sioux Falls,SD,USA
… a tentative alliance to conserve wildlife habitat in recent years,
but new studies are nudging that alliance toward a more controversial
issue: global warming. …

WHERE’S Any Evidence Of Global Warming?
TheDay (subscription) – New London,CT,USA
… to the cartoon by Nick Anderson published in the June 22 edition of
The Day, President George W. Bush wants to send all evidence of global
warming down a black …

US must wake up to global warming
Cyprus Mail – Nicosia,Cyprus
… week have said that the United States has moved to remove a part of
the final G8 communiqué saying there is strong evidence that global warming
is happening …


CHANGE in sight as US makes gesture on climate
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Raising hopes that an ongoing deadlock over climate change could be broken
at the Gleneagles meeting, the US President yesterday appeared to make
a gesture …

RICH nations moving Œfurther apart’ on climate change
Financial Express – Bombay,India
EDINBURGH, JULY 1: The world’s richest nations are moving even further
away from agreement on climate change just days before their summit in
Scotland …

Friends of the Earth (press release) – UK
Edinburgh/ London (UK): Unless urgent action is taken to combat climate
change at next week’s G8 summit, the consequences for Africa and the world’s
poorest …

MTV Generation Has Go at Blair on Climate Change, Africa’s Poor
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
… Tony Blair took a seat beside Irish rock star Bob Geldof on Thursday
to answer young people’s questions about poverty in Africa and climate
change in advance …

CLIMATE change could ruin tourism in the Mediterranean – USA
WWF predicts climate change will in increase the number of extremely hot
days and decrease rainfall in the summer, making the region less attractive
for …

GLOBAL warming to wreck Med “paradise” -WWF
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… “Unless something is done to tackle global warming, the Mediterranean
will … Global warming is caused by certain gases in the atmosphere trapping
the sun’s heat. …

NOW global warming is a mortal sin
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) – New South Wales,Australia
… of the environment to be a sin as a core group of Australian religious
leaders have placed their political weight behind a campaign to fight
global warming. …

THE Gleneagles summit communique on global warming is being …
Sustain Online – Switzerland
The Times, 1 July 2005 – Senior political figures were lowering expectations
dramatically yesterday over a G8 plan to tackle global warming. …

WAR Of Words On Global Warming
KUTV – Salt Lake City,UT,USA
… which will discuss greenhouse gases among other issues, President Bush
is explaining his position – namely, opposition to the Kyoto global warming
treaty. …

MISSOURI mayors commit to combating global warming
Joplin Independent – Joplin,MO,USA
… among 166 mayors nationwide to date who have signed an agreement that
commits their governments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions that cause
global warming. …


CLIMATE change focus turns to Beijing
Financial Times – London,England,UK
The UK wants to shift the focus on climate change at next week’s Group
of Eight summit away from disagreements with the US and towards forging
ties with China. …

CLIMATE Change Could Set Dunes in Motion, Study Suggests
Scientific American – USA
In fact, researchers report that the dunes of Africa’s Kalahari Desert
may soon be on the move once more as a result of climate change. …

CLIMATE change reform needs US: Blair
Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
British Prime Minister Tony Blair says climate change is probably the most
serious threat to the globe, and that there will be no solution without
the …

LEADERS scrap targets on climate change to keep the US on board
Times Online – UK
… tackle global warming. They said that not a single target would appear
in the summit’s climate change communiqué. It also emerged …,,22649-1676328,00.html

‘VAGUE’ targets on climate change
BBC News – UK
The Scottish Executive is to set its own climate change targets for devolved
areas such as transport, First Minister Jack McConnell has announced.

FOX News – USA
By Steven Milloy. Merrill Lynch (search) is bullish on global warming.
The rest of the world, however, appears to be heading in the other direction.,2933,161266,00.html

GLOBAL warming issue key, Blair
BBC News – UK
Tony Blair has said climate change is the most serious threat to the globe
and any solution must involve the US. Along with Africa …

GLOBAL Warming: G8 can’t save the planet
Socialist Party – UK
… Global warming is now a generally accepted phenomenon, but will the
G8 be able to reach agreement over lowering carbon dioxide emissions?

BUSH Urged to Take Lead over Global Warming
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Climate change campaigners today increased pressure on US President George
Bush to act over global warming at next week’s G8 summit. …

SHIFTING sand: Warming could reshape Africa
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Global warming could drastically alter Africa’s
southern sand dune systems, spreading desert-like conditions and destroying
the …


FASTER Climate Change Predicted as Air Quality Improves – Evergreen,VA,USA
Reductions in airborne particle pollution, or aerosols, as air quality
is improved, will amplify climate change by reducing the cooling effect
due to aerosols …

LIB Dems Urge ‘Robust’ Deal on Climate Change
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
World leaders at the G8 summit must press ahead with a “robust” agreement
on climate change — even if the US will not sign up, the Liberal Democrats
said …

BYERS Warns G8 Leaders over Climate Change
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Labour former Cabinet Minister Stephen Byers today warned G8 leaders that
time was no longer on their side in the battle to fight climate change.

BOTANICS turns the camera on climate change
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
A MAJOR exhibition highlighting the drastic effects of climate change on
the planet’s natural resources was due to open at Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic
Garden …

THE US Faces Pressure On Climate Change
Embassy – Ottawa,Ontario,Canada
“There is a lot of evidence that climate change is linked in large part
by the emission of greenhouse gas, and we need to have a reduction of
greenhouse gases …

UK insurers urge action on global warming or storm costs may reach …
Forbes – USA
… cost of cleaning up major storms could rise by two-thirds to 15 bln
stg annually by 2080 unless urgent action is taken to fight global warming,
said the …

GLOBAL warming makes sea less salty
… the late 1960s, much of the North Atlantic Ocean has become less salty,
in part due to increases in fresh water runoff induced by global warming,
scientists say …

SOOT blamed for global warming underestimate
New Scientist (subscription) – UK
Global warming looks set to be much worse than previously forecast, according
to new research. Ironically, the crucial evidence …

GLOBAL warming might create lopsided planet
Extra precipitation expected as a result of global warming could create
a lopsided world in which sea ice increases around the South Pole while
the far north …

PRESSURE builds on US over global warming
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) – New South Wales,Australia
… warned of “difficult” negotiations ahead on climate change as insurers
called on Group of Eight nations meeting in Scotland next week to act
on global warming. …


G8 gets ultimatum on climate change
This is London – London,England,UK
Tony Blair and other G8 leaders have been be urged to deliver meaningful
action to address climate change when they meet next week in Gleneagles.

FINANCE giant Allianz wants G8 climate change move
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… one of the world’s largest financial conglomerates, called on Tuesday
for Group of Eight leaders to come up with a clearer policy on climate
change so business …

INSURERS sound the alarm on climate change
Financial Times – London,England,UK
The cost worldwide of storms, expected to become more frequent owing to
climate change, is likely to rise by two-thirds to £15bn ($27bn, •22bn)
a year in …

ALLIANZ warns on climate change risk, says will invest in green …
Forbes – USA
LONDON (AFX) – Insurer Allianz AG has called on the financial services
industry to assess climate change risks more carefully, warning that an
increase in …

CHIRAC Backs Blair on Climate Change
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
… President Jacques Chirac said tonight that he supported efforts by
Tony Blair to get agreement at next week’sG 8 summit on tackling climate
change, but added …

GLOBAL warming to raise storm damage costs-insurers – UK
… Britain’s prime minister, Tony Blair, who is hosting the Group of Eight
summit, hopes to push through radical plans to combat global warming,
but US President …

GLOBAL warming threat to Norfolk
Norwich Evening News – Norwich,England,UK
Large parts of Norfolk will be left under water unless action is taken
to tackle global warming, scientists were warning today. …
& itemid=NOED28%20Jun%202005%2012%3A07%3A22%3A020

COMMENTARY: Minnesota Team Abandons Effort to ‘Prove’ Global …
The Heartland Institute – Chicago,IL,USA
… was to “draw [attention to] the gradual warming of Earth’s climate”
and “convince skeptics, especially in the Bush administration, that global
warming is real …

CLIMATE change threatens humanity’s cradle
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
Climate change in Africa gave rise to modern humans. Now experts fear that
global warming linked to carbon emissions will have its …

PM urges caution on Gleneagles climate change campaigners
Guardian Unlimited – UK
Tony Blair yesterday warned climate change campaigners to neither raise
nor drop their expectations of a breakthrough at next week’s G8 Gleneagles
summit …,9061,1516107,00.html

CLIMATE Change Deal ‘Very Difficult’
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Tony Blair today acknowledged that it would be “very difficult” to secure
agreement on tackling climate change at next week’s G8 summit at Gleneagles.

CLIMATE change could cut us adrift from UK
The Herald – Glasgow,Scotland,UK
SCOTLAND could be one of the few places in Britain to remain above sea
level, under worst case predictions for climate change. London …

A wild idea to fight global warming
A wild idea to combat global warming suggests creating an artificial ring
of small particles or spacecrafts around Earth to shade the tropics and
moderate …

SPACE Ring Could Combat Global Warming
Slashdot – USA
telstar writes “Though the debate continues around global warming, a new
proposal suggests building an artificial space ring around the Earth to
block the …

MORE on Global Warming – USA
One of my assertions about Global Warming and the impending “catastrophe”
that so many believe it portends has always been that even if warming
is occuring …

GLOBAL Warming May Alter Atlantic Currents, Study Says
National Geographic – Washington,D.C.,USA
In the 2004 eco-disaster film The Day After Tomorrow, Europe and North
America are gripped by a deep freeze after global warming halts the circulation
of a …

KYOTO Protocol Consequences of Global Warming By Kamal Raj Dhungel
Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal
… environment. In December 1997, 150 nations of the world, in Kyoto city,
Japan agreed to protect the earth from global warming. This …


CLIMATE change threatens humanity’s cradle Africa
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
By Ed Stoddard. THE STERKFONTEIN CAVES, South Africa, June 26 (Reuters)
– Climate change in Africa gave rise to modern humans. Now …

BRITONS Concerned About Climate Change
Angus Reid Global Scan – Vancouver,BC,Canada
40 per cent of respondents say climate change is already a threat to the
world, while 49 per cent say it will endanger future generations unless
action is taken …

BLAIR must fight for action on climate change
Sunday Herald – Glasgow,Scotland,UK
… impossible for a reasoning individual to do anything other than agree
with your leader and the thrust of Rob Edwards’s article on climate change
(News, June …

WINTER Solstice raises climate change
Green Left Weekly – Chippendale,NSW,Australia
NEWCASTLE — Environmental group Rising Tide staged an evening protest
in Civic Park on June 21 to highlight the damaging impact of climate change.

FRENCH watchdogs call for action on climate change
Gulf Times – Doha,Qatar
PARIS: France needs to introduce a early strategy to cope with climate
change, whose effects will ripple across almost every sector of society
and the economy …

GLOBAL warming’s pace could devastate Africa
Economic Times – India
… humans. Now experts fear that global warming linked to carbon emissions
will have its worst impact on humanity’s cradle. “Africa …

GLOBAL Warming ‘Could Trigger Ice Age’ – Scientists
Mathaba.Net – Africa
Global warming could trigger an Ice Age in the northern hemisphere as seen
in a recent Hollywood disaster movie, a groundbreaking study suggested
today. …

CAN We Bury Global Warming?
Scientific American – USA
By Robert H. Socolow. When William Shakespeare took a breath, 280 molecules
out of every million entering his lungs were carbon dioxide. …

WILTED Europe eyes global warming (and air conditioners)
Christian Science Monitor – USA
A searing heat wave closes stores, opens windows, and gives new life to
perceptions that America is inattentive to global warming. By Howard LaFranchi.

GLOBAL warming? Thanks all the same, but it’s not for us
Times Online – UK
… Wouldn’ta smidgin of global warming be rather good for us in Britain?
… Global warming would give us a glorious, all-year-round Mediterranean
climate. …,,1069-1668425,00.html

G8 SUMMIT: Alarm Bells to Ring Over Climate Change
Inter Press Service (subscription) – World
LONDON, Jun 25 (IPS) – Alarm bells will ring out during the Group of Eight
(G8) summit next month to wake up world leaders to take action against
climate change …

FORESTRY Sector must Adapt To Climate Change
Green Building Press – Carmarthenshire,Wales,UK
… Minister Elliot Morley has urged all those planting or managing trees
to take action now to cope with the seemingly unavoidable climate change
impacts that the …

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