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24 April - 6 May 2005
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GLOBAL warming plus natural bacteria could release vast carbon … – Evergreen,VA,USA
… atmosphere as carbon dioxide, the concentration of this Œgreen-house
gas’ would increase considerably, leading to a substantial increase in
global warming. …

CLEANER air contributes to global warming
American Thinker – Berkeley,AZ,USA
Now cleaning up our air and reducing carbon emissions is contributing to
*shudder* global warming! Our planet’s air has cleared …

FEDERAL agencies sued for causing global warming
Environmental Data Interactive – UK
… Ex-Im were in breach of the law when they financed more than Us $32
billion in projects without assessing their contribution to global warming
or environmental …

IS Global Warming the result of clean air?
Questions and Observations – USA
… But the researchers say that more solar energy arriving on the ground
will also make the surface warmer, and this may add to the problems of
global warming. …

NEW Zealanders to pay global warming tax
Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
By John Vidal. New Zealanders will pay an extra $NZ2.90 ($A2.73) a week
for electricity, petrol and gas in a world-first tax on carbon to tackle
global warming. …

S.AFRICA says climate change will see malaria soar
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
JOHANNESBURG, May 5 (Reuters) – Climate change will quadruple the number
of South Africans at risk from malaria by 2020, bringing the mosquito-borne
disease …

EARTH’S Reflectivity a Great Unknown in Gauging Climate Change …
Newswise (press release) – USA
… Yet research aimed at quantifying the effects of albedo and helping
scientists understand how it could affect future climate change has been
delayed or shelved …

SOUTH Africa Says Climate Change Will See Malaria Soar
Planet Ark – New York,NY,USA
JOHANNESBURG – Climate change will quadruple the number of South Africans
at risk from malaria by 2020, bringing the mosquito-borne disease south
towards the …

CLIMATE Change Objectives ‘Dismally Unambitious’
Green Building Press – Carmarthenshire,Wales,UK
Food and Rural Affairs Committee is calling for a Minister for climate
change to ensure that the issue is “put at the very heart of Government”.

THOUGH global climate change is breaking out all around us, the US …
Hartford Advocate – Hartford,CT,USA
… inundated by a foot of rain, several feet of snow, and lethal mudslides
earlier this year, the news reports made no mention of climate change
— even though …


WHAT to do about climate change? British activists debate, part 2
Open Democracy – London,UK
I agree with all your ideas about how we should respond politically to
climate change. If these are approaches that energise you …

CLIMATE change blamed for rise in hay fever (subscription) – London,England,UK
Spare a thought for Japan’s myriad hay-fever sufferers as they endure the
highest pollen levels on record this spring. Global warming …

10,000 years of climate change found in bog
The Herald – Glasgow,Scotland,UK
A near-continuous record of more than 10,000 years of environmental change
that could help understanding of climate change has been found in a Banffshire
bog. …

GLOBAL warming makes seal pups go hungry
ABC Science Online – Australia
Retreating ice in the Southern Ocean is making it harder for elephant seal
mothers to feed their babies, say Australian researchers. …

GLOBAL Warming Solutions 2005 Set In June
Lone Star Iconoclast – Crawford,TX,USA
NEW YORK CITY — Clean Air-Cool Planet’s second regional conference “Global
Warming Solutions 2005" is slated for June 8 and 9 Roosevelt Hotel, New
York …

MARKETING Global Warming?
Triple Pundit – San Francisco,CA,USA
If global warming, the greenhouse effect, or climate change or anything
else you want to call it is really as bad as people say it is, why does
the general …

GLOBAL warming threat to valley
Weston & Somerset Mercury – UK
LARGE areas of the Gordano Valley could be lost to flooding if the sea
levels in North Somerset continue to rise – according to wildlife experts.

SMOTHER- ‘Great White Hoax’ (Global Warming) Released 30/05/05
Gigwise – UK
Their press release says they’ve been praised by pretty much every area
of the rock press, so let’s see if it’s justified shall we? …


CLIMATE Change Tax Welcomed (press release) – New Zealand
“Knowing the start date and the rate for the new tax removes a significant
uncertainty for business and consumers,” said Garry Law, Climate Change
Director for …

VOTER power can make the difference on climate change
Open Democracy – London,UK
So it is with climate change. Like a coming storm, we may not know the
exact hour when it will strike or just how much damage it will do. …

MEDIA ADVISORY – Adapting to Climate Change: Natural Resources …
Canada NewsWire (press release) – Canada
MONTREAL, May 3 /CNW Telbec/ – Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), through
its Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Program, is sponsoring the conference

SOCIAL responsibility being debated in climate change – Wellington,New Zealand
An international conference on air quality is examining the roles of Australia
and New Zealand in the climate change debate. The …,2106,3268294a7693,00.html

ADDRESSING the issue of climate change
Manning River Times – Taree,New South Wales,Australia
MANNING Valley residents wanting to address the growing problem of climate
change in Australia are invited to a forum to be held in Forster tomorrow
night. …

ENVIRONMENTAL Group: NC Not Ready For Global Warming Effects – Raleigh,NC,USA
RALEIGH, NC — An environmental group delivered a warning Tuesday saying
North Carolina is not prepared for the effects of global warming. …

LEAKEY Leads Search for Global Warming Solutions
Environment News Service – USA
… conservation. This global warming forum is the first in an annual series.
Dr. Leakey confirmed to ENS in an interview that participants …

GLOBAL Warming: The Smoking Gun?
Tech Central Station – Richfield,OH,USA
… climate modeling study (1) investigating the evidence for man-made
climate change is destined to have more than the average impact on the
global warming debate …

BEN & Jerry’s and WWF Launch Climate Change College
GreenBiz – Washington,DC,USA
Together with WWF and polar explorer Marc Cornelissen, the internationally
recognized brand is launching the Ben & Jerry’s Climate Change College
in support of …

CLIMATE change warning over food production
Guerrilla News Network – USA
New studies on the effect of climate change on the growth of food crops
have shown that previous estimates that increased CO2 levels will be enough
to …

CLIMATE change ‘will damage profits’
Sustain Online – Switzerland
… 2005 – Financial institutions are laying themselves open to risks to
their profitability by failing to budget for the effects of climate change,
according to a …

CLIMATE change brings satellites down to Earth – London,UK
Climate change is widely attributed to the build-up of greenhouse gases,
such as carbon dioxide, in the Earth’s atmosphere. However …

CLIMATE Change Increases Incidence of Hay Fever (press release) – New Zealand
By Marietta Gross — Scoop Media Auckland. Pollen causes allergic reactions
in an increasing number of humans. Researchers in Tokyo …

MORE Notes on Global Warming – USA
I was puzzled when I read the ex- change of letters on global warming in
the January 2005 issue of PHYSICS TODAY (page 13). George …

CALIFORNIA Scientists Issue Global Warming Warning
All American Patriots (press release) – Taeby,NA,Sweden
… 500 scientists from around the state called on Governor Schwarzenegger
and California Legislators to aggressively reduce the state’s global warming
emissions. …

LAWSUIT Challenging Bush Administration Refusal to Regulate Global …
Press Trust (press release) – Bombay,India
… the court challenge of the Bush Administration’s decision to not regulate
vehicle greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the air and contribute to
global warming …

GLOBAL warming is due to greenhouse emanations
Money Plans – Mumbai,India
… report lead scientist James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute
for Space Studies, describes the energy imbalance as a “smoking gun” on
global warming …

GLOBAL warming getting harder to ignore
Pasadena Star-News – Pasadena,CA,USA
FOR more’ than four years, President Bush has told us he needs to see the
‘sound science’ on global warming before joining the rest of the world
in combating it …,1413,206~11851~2846304,00.html


WAS US wise to reject Kyoto treaty on climate change?
South Bend Tribune – South Bend,IN,USA
for the control of greenhouse gases arrived stillborn in …

INDIA, China discuss climate change related issues
Press Trust of India – New Delhi,India
… spiralling energy needs, have recognised the importance of sustainable
development and innovative technologies in addressing the issue of climate
change, a key …

ADVENTURERS hope Arctic trek draws attention to global warming
Kansas City Star – MO,USA
… By documenting the shrinking polar ice cap, they hope to convince skeptics,
especially in the Bush administration, that global warming is real and
that the …

KING George, Prince Abdullah, Global Warming, and the Torture of …
ZNet – Woods Hole,MA,USA
… This “global warming” problem carries numerous disastrous consequences
— many already well underway — for human beings and other living things.

GLOBAL warming debate isn’t cooling anytime soon
Palladium-Item – Richmond,IN,USA
… around the globe, and air pollution continues to harm the health of
Americans, scientists continue to warn us about the impending consequences
of global warming …


LEADING scientific journals ‘are censoring debate on global … – London,England,UK
… world’s leading scientific journals have come under fire from researchers
for refusing to publish papers which challenge fashionable wisdom over
global warming …

GREENHOUSE gases cause global warming
Money Plans – Mumbai,India
A study led by NASA climatologist James Hansen establishes that the curious
enormity of the global warming trend can not be explained naturally. …

SCIENTIST’S bright idea to fight global warming – UK
… While environmentalists warn about the dangers of global warming and
governments hail the start of the Kyoto Protocol to tackle climate change,
Humphreys is …

THANK Bush for more severe global warming
Salem Statesman Journal – Salem,OR,USA
Let me see if I have this right. Thanks to the Bush administration and
its corporate sponsors, global warming will be more severe and last longer.


ROBOTS ‘confirm’ global warming
Australian – Australia
… found the heat exchange between Earth and space is seriously out of
balance – a “smoking gun” discovery that allegedly validates forecasts
of global warming. …,5744,15128194%255E30417,00.html

ARE dress codes key to global warming?
The Japan Times – Japan
… few neckties. This, at least, appears to be the thinking behind the
government’s latest initiative to tackle global warming. On …

REGULATORS and Business Leaders Gather on Global Warming (press release) – USA
(CSRwire) NEW YORK, NY— Top regulators from northeast states and California
will join business leaders at Global Warming Solutions 2005, scheduled
for June 8 …

THE United States and global warming: a tale of two countries
Open Democracy – London,UK
To have a fighting chance to keep global warming within safe levels, industrialised
countries must reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping

REDFORD teams up on global warming
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
29 (UPI) — Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson is teaming up with Hollywood
super star Robert Redford in a project to fight global warming. …

CLIMATE Change ‘Will Reduce African And Asian Harvests’ – Africa
… Martin Parry, co-chair of a working group of the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change, said that although global figures appear to suggest
that food …

MUTANT, heat-loving fruit flies the canaries of climate change …
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) – New South Wales,Australia
… It confirms that computer models of climate change are on track and
that global temperatures would rise by 0.6 degrees this century, even
if emissions of …

SCIENTISTS Find Climate Change ‘Smoking Gun’
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – CA,USA
… Under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, countries around
the world agreed in principle to avoid “dangerous anthropogenic interference”
with the …

AMERICA faces reality on climate change (slowly)
Open Democracy – London,UK
… Beltway. Game-changing ideas now stand a better chance of seeping through
and putting America back into play on climate change. …

CLIMATE Change Agreement Signed by Newfoundland and Labrador and …
Canada NewsWire (press release) – Canada
… Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Government of Canada
today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together to address
climate change …


GLOBAL warming rate discovered
Guardian Unlimited – UK
… of the world – with the exception of the US and Australia – has signed
up to the Kyoto protocol to limit greenhouse gas emissions and further
global warming. …,12374,1472989,00.html

GLOBAL warming ‘proof’ detected
BBC News – UK
By Richard Black. The Earth is absorbing more energy from the Sun than
it is giving back into space, according to a new study by climate scientists
in the US. …

EXPERTS: New Data Show Global Warming
ABC News – USA
… ocean and far into space have found that Earth is absorbing much more
heat than it is giving off, a conclusion they say validates projections
of global warming …

POLITICIANS cut ties to tackle global warming
Independent Online – Cape Town,South Africa
Tokyo – Japan’s normally strait-laced politicians are getting ready for
a tieless look this summer to combat global warming but the idea has left
fashion …

POLITICIANS Cut Ties to Tackle Global Warming
Reuters – USA
TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s normally strait-laced politicians are getting
ready for a tieless look this summer to combat global warming but the
idea has left …

BEN & Jerry’s Launch Campaign to Tackle Climate Change
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s are hoping to lick global warming by launching
the world’s first Climate Change College, it was disclosed today. …

FRUIT fly warms to climate change
ABC Online – Australia
Research on a little fruit fly that hangs around food has shown that rapid
genetic adaptation to global warming is possible. Scientists …

SUMMARY: New Data on Climate Change
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
… off. THE SIGNIFICANCE: The researchers say the numbers validate supercomputer
projections of global warming and climate change.

`SMOKING gun’ for global climate change published in Science
Eyewitness News – East Providence,RI,USA
NEW YORK A NASA climatologist calls a new study the “smoking gun” that
should dispel doubts about global warming. Using new data …

MEDIA Advisory – Climate Change: Canada and Newfoundland and …
Canada NewsWire (press release) – Canada
… Canada, and Newfoundland and Labrador Environment and Conservation
Minister Tom Osborne, will sign an agreement on addressing climate change
on behalf of their …

AT Least Part Of Climate Change Is Man-made, Bonn Study Shows
Science Daily (press release) – USA
… Climate Change To Bring A Wave Of New Health Risks (February 25, 2005)
— Climate change will not only bring about a warmer world, it is also
very likely to …

CHINA steps up research on climate change
Xinhua – Beijing,China
BEIJING, April 28 — China will invest in research into climate change
to better protect the country’s environment. Research into …

AMEREN told to fight global warming
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
… 27 (UPI) — The Ameren Corp. in St. Louis is reportedly under pressure
to do more to fight global warming because of the utility’s carbon-dioxide
emissions. …

A Mother Jones special project on global warming
Mother Jones – San Francisco,CA,USA
By Michael Schwartz. After two years of intensive fighting in Iraq, the
Pentagon is feeling the strain in every military muscle and …

FEAR that giant Œburp’ could trigger global warming
FelixOnline – UK
As evidence for global warming stacks up, it is the speed of change that
is now alarming scientists. As a result, climatologists …

FEDERAL Law Preempts California’s Attempt To Regulate Global …
Mondaq News Alerts – World
In September 2004, California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) adopted regulations
imposing limits on carbon dioxide emissions from motor vehicles. …

STOP Global Warming
ConnPIRG (PessRelease) – West Hartford,CT,USA
Despite what the industry apologists and skeptics might say, global warming
is real, it’s happening now, and – most importantly – it can be solved.


CLIMATE change poses threat to food supply, scientists say
Independent – London,England,UK
… The benefits of higher levels of the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide,
will in fact be outweighed by the downsides of climate change, a Royal
Society …

CLIMATE change blamed for rise in hay fever (subscription) – London,England,UK
Spare a thought for Japan’s myriad hay-fever sufferers as they endure the
highest pollen levels on record this spring. Global warming …

THE shame of the climate-change deniers
The Mercury (subscription) – Durban,South Africa
… For more than a decade now, the climate-change deniers have been in
retreat, humbled by the thumping weight of scientific evidence against
them. …

USF teams with OSU to study climate change
The University of South Florida Oracle – FL,USA
Faculty, researchers and students from USF and archeologists from Ohio
State University have collaborated to research a climate change that occurred
nearly …

G8 will turn up heat on US over global warming
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
CHINESE and African leaders have been invited to a one-day conference on
global warming during this summer’s G8 summit at Gleneagles. …

AMEREN is asked to press fight on global warming
St. Louis Post-Dispatch – St. Louis,MO,USA
Environmental and consumer groups turned up the heat on Ameren Corp. on
Tuesday in a bid to persuade the utility to do more to combat global warming.
St. …

BLACK Hawk County data useful in global warming study
WHO-TV – Des Moines,IA,USA
WATERLOO, Iowa Scientists trying to determine whether farming practices
contribute to global warming have been testing their theories in Black
Hawk County. …

JPMORGAN Chase´s new environmental policy includes global warming
Waste News – Akron,OH,USA
has adopted a comprehensive environmental policy that addresses global
warming and deforestation, while encouraging its clients to do the same.

GLOBAL Warming Could Be Risky for Satellites Too
Universe Today – USA
Summary – (Apr 26, 2005) Since they’re orbiting hundreds of kilometres
above the Earth’s surface, satellites should be safe from climate change,
right? Well… …

GLOBAL Warming and Data
Outside the Beltway – VA,USA
… looks mainly at economic research there is also a lesson to be drawn
from this paper about the current state of research for global warming/climate
change. …

STORMS Of The Future: Is Global Warming For Real?
WISC – Madison,WI,USA
MADISON, Wis. — You find evidence of global warming right in your own
back yard, said Chief Meteorologist Gary Cannalte. News 3 …

WHERE’S my global warming, ya stupid Bush voters? – USA
… See, we were doing good with the Democrats. Al Gore was going to get
us some of that fancy global warming. … It’s too damned cold. I want
my global warming. …

TORIES support nuclear option in fight against climate change
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
THE Conservatives paved the way for a new generation of nuclear reactors
yesterday by backing the controversial energy source as a way to tackle
climate change …

GREENS say big three ignore climate change
Guardian – UK
The Greens today accused the three major parties of ignoring climate change
in the election campaign, and released a mini-manifesto on cutting carbon
emissions …,15803,1469903,00.html

DEAD-END research: GAO faults federal studies on climate change
The Register-Guard – Eugene,Oregon,USA
… to The New York Times, GAO investigators have concluded that not one
of the more than 20 pending administration reports on climate change addresses
the …

ELECTION campaigns avoid climate change — NGO
Green Consumer Guide – UK
The ongoing election campaigns of both the Labour party and Conservative
party have so far ignored climate change, despite both party leaders admitting
to the …

LET’S Talk About Climate Change
Grist Magazine – Seattle,WA,USA
… risk. This article is part of a six-week global discussion on climate
change — read more and respond at And …


CLIMATE Change Is Melting Antarctic Glaciers
Sci-Tech Today – USA
Most of the glaciers on the Antarctic peninsula are in headlong retreat
because of climate change, according to a leading scientist. …

LET logic join the global warming debate
USA Today – USA
By Kathleen Parker. When it comes to global warming, Americans have a right
to be confused. … Google “global warming,” and you’ll find more than
14 million links. …


HOLLYWOOD stars, Inuit protest global warming
Globe and Mail – Canada
… such as Salma Hayek and Jake Gyllenhaal descended on the Nunavut capital
of Iqaluit yesterday to take part in an art project to draw attention
to global warming …

GLOBAL Warming and the Elephant in the Living Room
Global Public Media – Vancouver,BC,Canada
The discussion of global warming is heating up to a withering temperature
in the press, at conferences and in diplomatic circles. …

EXXON Spends Millions Funding Global Warming Skeptics
EV World – Papillion,Nebraska,USA
Audio and transcript of Chris Mooney, author of Mother Jones article, ‘Some
Like It Hot’. IMPORTANT NOTICE: This news item or feature …

AWARENESS growing about global warming
Marietta Times – Marietta,OH,USA
… Cars are a necessary and important part of life but they cause pollution
and release greenhouse gases into the air, contributing to global warming.

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