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2-12 JUNE 2005
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FORGET global warming. Let’s make a real difference – London,England,UK
Last Tuesday, 11 of the world’s leading academies of science, including
the Royal Society, told us that we must take global warming seriously.

THE debate’s over: Globe is warming
USA Today – USA
Don’t look now, but the ground has shifted on global warming. … “Global
warming is a universal moral challenge,” the partnership’s statement says.

BECKETT exposes G8 rift on global warming
Independent – London,England,UK
… In a rare, outspoken critique of the US position on global warming,
Margaret Beckett told The Independent of the Government’s frustration
at the lack of …

BLAIR Begins European Mission on Africa and Global Warming
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
By Jon Smith, PA Political Editor. Prime Minister Tony Blair will tonight
fly to Moscow on the first leg of a hectic diplomatic mission …

WHITE House aide quits after climate change row – London,England,UK
… blower project and published last week in The New York Times showed
that Mr Cooney repeatedly deleted warnings in official policy papers about
climate change. …

PUTIN wooed on climate change plan
Guardian Unlimited – UK
Tony Blair will today seek the backing of President Vladimir Putin in Moscow
for Britain’s ambitious plan of action on climate change, despite worsening,11538,1505164,00.html

KEY to climate change
The Herald – Glasgow,Scotland,UK
Gordon Brown’s declaration that the UK is confident of “making progress”
on climate change is the strongest indication yet that a deal on which
the US can …

BIG Business Urges Global Solution to Climate Change at G8 Summit
Earth Vision – Arlington,VA,USA
MONTREAL, June 13, 20054 – Twenty-three international businesses are calling
for urgent global action to combat climate change, endorsing a package
of …

DISASTROUS Kyoto policies must change (press release) – New Zealand
… Figures produced by the Climate Change Office last year indicate New
Zealand will now have a negative greenhouse gas balance in the first Kyoto
commitment …

OFFICIAL in flap over global warming quits
Seattle Times – Seattle,WA,USA
A former oil-industry lobbyist who changed government reports on global
warming has resigned in a long-planned departure, the White House said
yesterday. …

HOW will US curb global warming?
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
A consensus has been growing among scientists that global warming is one
of the biggest environmental problems facing humanity and the emission
of greenhouse …

GOVERNOR Calls for Effort to Halt Global Warming
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Saturday renewed his vow to make California
a leader in the battle against global warming, calling for reducing emissions
of …

COMMENT: Jenny Hjul: ‘Global warming’ is melting our brains
The Sunday Times – UK
In 1985 the Antarctic ozone hole was discovered. Man-made chemicals were
deemed to be responsible, and that was it: the global warming industry
was born. …,,2090-1651276,00.html

CLIMATE change: Reasons to be cheerful
Sunday Herald – Glasgow,Scotland,UK
It’s nearly 10 years since I first wrote a column on climate change. It
was on the publication in 1995 of the second report to …

PM hopes for G8 climate change deal
This is London – London,England,UK
Tony Blair expects progress in combating climate change at the G8 summit,
Gordon Brown says in a TV interview to be screened on Sunday. …

CLIMATE change is costing us, says BT boss
The Observer – UK
The chief executive of BT has become the first boss of a British company
to admit that climate change is already affecting his company, and that
environmental …,6903,1504416,00.html

GLOBAL Companies Call For Long-term Climate Change Policy (press release) – Spain
… companies told UK Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday that they want
to see more and longer-term market-based methods to tackle climate change,
reports Dow …


NEW findings show a slow recovery from extreme global warming … – Evergreen,VA,USA
… of California, Santa Cruz, led an international team of scientists
that analyzed marine sediments deposited during a period of extreme global
warming known as …

BUSH blows cold on Blair’s global warming plans
Environmental Data Interactive – UK
… UK and US diplomats are now working on a joint declaration for the
G8 summit to approve action on global warming, however, which would include
China and India. …

BUSINESS’S cool head on global warming
Times Online – UK
… Gatwick to Edinburgh Airport is not the best way to show your support
given greenhouse gas emissions from airliners are a major contributer
to global warming. …,,8210-1649108,00.html

BUSINESS pushes G8 on global warming
Sustain Online – Switzerland
… Mr Blair has made global warming one of the twin priorities, along
with Africa, for his chairmanship of the G8 summit in Scotland. …

LETTER: Global warming and Romney
Westborough News – Westborough,MA,USA
It’s about time someone did something serious about global warming. If
we don’t get a handle on this problem, it’s literally going to change
our way of life. …

BLAIR tries for elusive climate change deal to shore up plans
Guardian Unlimited – UK
Tony Blair will seek an elusive Europe-wide consensus on a framework to
limit climate change when he undertakes a four-nation tour to shore up
his plans for a …,9061,1504092,00.html

CLIMATE change ‘will prolong’ drought conditions
ABC Online – Australia
Leading environmentalist Professor Tim Flannery has warned that Australia
is now entering long-term climate change, which could cause longer and
more frequent …

SCIENTISTS warn of dramatic impact of climate change on Africa – Evergreen,VA,USA
… hard data, the team used a computer programme written by Dr Colin McClean,
of York’s Environment Department to study the response of plants to climate
change …

WHITE house denies political interference in climate change …
ResearchResearch – UK
The White House continues to defend its climate change science in the wake
of a New York Times report that found a Bush Administration official—and
former …

CLIMATE change debate is shifting: ACF
Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Recent developments in Australia and overseas show a historic shift in
the climate change debate is underway, the Australian Conservation Foundation
(ACF …

BLAIR expects global warming plan at G8 summit
New Zealand Herald – Auckland,New Zealand
… His plan is to create a permanent forum to address the issue that would
include the United States, the biggest contributor to global warming,
and the fast …

BIG business urges urgent g8 global warming action – Wellington,New Zealand
… Thursday to a growing crescendo of calls on the governments of the
world’s richest nations to take urgent action to curb potentially catastrophic
global warming …,2106,3309550a12,00.html

IF we make global warming history we’ll all be better off
Guardian Unlimited – UK
… The lesson here is that if we want to halt global warming, we cannot
leave the volume of carbon emissions to be the plaything of the free market.,9236,1503467,00.html

SHRINKING lakes of Siberia blamed on global warming
Guardian Unlimited – UK
… Arctic mining town of Norilsk. They claim the disappearance of the
lakes is a consequence of global warming. The warning comes as …,12374,1503264,00.html

BUSINESS pushes G8 on global warming
Financial Times – London,England,UK
… the world’s biggest businesses on Thursday increased the pressure on
the Group of Eight industrialised nations ahead of a summit on global
warming, urging them …

WHITE House accused of doctoring climate change reports
Japan Today – Tokyo,Japan
WASHINGTON — Two senior US lawmakers on Thursday called for a congressional
probe into charges the White House altered government documents to cast
doubt on …

AMC Launches Program To Track Indicators of Climate Change and Air …
AlpineZone News – Oakville,CT,USA
… A new program by the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) provides the public
with an easy, hands-on way of observing indicators of climate change and
tracking air …

ALCAN to Target Global Solution to Climate Change at July 2005 G8 …
Canada NewsWire (press release) – Canada
(NYSE, TSX: AL) joins 23 international businesses today in calling for
urgent global action to combat climate change, with its President and
Chief Executive …

FARMING Showing the Way on Climate Change (press release) – UK
UK – The NFU has welcomed comments from Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and
Secretary of State, Margaret Beckett, acknowledging climate change as
“one of the …

SCIENTISTS warn of African climate change impact – USA
… of hard data, the team used a computer programme written by Dr Colin
McClean, of York’s Environment Department to study the response of plants
to climate change …


WHITE House defends Bush aide’s spin on global warming reports
Winnipeg Sun – Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
WASHINGTON (CP) – The White House is fending off attacks that an official
watered down reports on global warming just as British Prime Minister
Tony Blair is …

GLOBAL warming is a Œclear and increasing threat’
New Scientist (subscription) – UK
… The statement, issued ahead of the G8 economic summit in Gleneagles,
UK, in July, outlines the strong evidence for global warming. …

HOUSE members pass resolution on global warming (subscription) – Portland,OR,USA
… Ted Kulongoski’s recent announcement of several initiatives designed
to fight global warming, including a campaign to reduce state agency energy
use by at …

BLAIR: US set for new climate change treaty
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Story in full TONY Blair is negotiating a “Gleneagles Declaration” on climate
change that would sign the United States up to a new world plan of action
on …

CLIMATE Change: Spinning global science
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
… York Times yesterday reported details of how a former oil industry
lobbyist with no scientific training repeatedly edited documents on climate
change to make …

“PROMPT action needed on climate change”
Hindu – Chennai,India
LONDON: United States scientists have increased the pressure on President
George Bush and other world leaders to tackle climate change by signing
a joint …

BLAIR says US involvement on climate change vital
China Daily – China
Prime Minister Tony Blair said Wednesday it was vital that the United States
was involved in international dialogue on climate change. …

BLAIR Urges US on Climate Change
CRI – China
British Prime Minister Tony Blair says it’s vital that the United States
get involved in international dialogue on climate change. …


BUSH, Blair Agree to Lift African Debt, Discuss Global Warming
Environment News Service – USA
… in a safe way.”. President Bush did not, as he has in the past, cast
doubt on the existence of global warming. To ensure that the …

OFFICIAL Played Down Emissions’ Links to Global Warming
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
… on greenhouse gases has repeatedly edited government climate reports
in ways that play down links between such emissions and global warming,
according to …

WORLD scientists say humans causing global warming
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… from the United States and China, threw down the gauntlet to world
leaders on Tuesday saying mankind was the major source of global warming
and urging action …

BUSH ‘needs to know more’ about global warming
Financial Times – London,England,UK
… W. Bush yesterday promised to take action on US greenhouse gas emissions,
but said the US first needed to know more about the phenomenon of global
warming. …

BLAIR seeks Bush support in boosting Africa, fighting global …
San Diego Daily Transcript (subscription) – San Diego,CA,USA
By BETH GARDINER, The Associated Press. WASHINGTON (AP) — A US commitment
to providing $674 million for famine relief in Africa …

US scientists pile on pressure over climate change
Guardian Unlimited – UK
US scientists have increased the pressure on George Bush and other world
leaders to tackle climate change by signing a joint statement calling
on G8 nations to …,12374,1501659,00.html

CLIMATE change serious: Bush
Brisbane Courier Mail – Brisbane,Queensland,Australia
US President George W. Bush said today that global climate change is a
“serious long term” problem and insisted that the United States, which
rejected the …,5936,15547652%255E1702,00.html

US in double trouble over aid and climate change inaction
Times Online – UK
By Roland Watson. WHEN it comes to giving aid to developing countries,
is the United States hero or villain? It gives a smaller percentage …,,3-1645152,00.html

ACADEMIES call for G8 action on climate change
Financial Times – London,England,UK
The national science academies from the Group of Eight industrialised nations
intervened in the climate change debate yesterday, calling on the G8 to
take …

BLAIR tries to broker climate change deal
Leeds Today – Leeds,UK
… Prime Minister Tony Blair was meeting President George Bush today to
try to try secure a deal on climate change ahead of the G8 summit of the
world’s leading …


G8 seen as chance for climate change break
Financial Times – London,England,UK
Tony Blair is still hoping for a breakthrough on climate change under Britain’s
presidency of the Group of Eight leading industrial nations and will use
his …,dwp_uuid=d4f2ab60-c98e-11d7-81c6-0820abe49a01.html

GREENPEACE UK – Road-pricing must have climate change angle – London,UK
… The scheme should recognise that car driving was a major contributor
to climate change, he said: “We want to see a climate angle to it, not
just a congestion …$8682507.htm

NEW and bleak climate-change study:-
Webindia123 – India
A French study finds global warming is proceeding apace, even under a best-case
green scenario. Published jointly by the Pierre-Simon …

GOVERNOR’S Global Warming Announcement Continues Tradition of …
YubaNet – Nevada City,CA,USA
Gov. Schwarzenegger’s new global warming initiative keeps California at
the forefront of national and international efforts to fight the world’s
most pressing …

GLOBAL warming ‘less threat to diversity than habitat damage by …
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
GLOBAL warming may not have the catastrophic effect on the diversity of
the world’s species that has been forecast, according to a new book. …

GORE urges global warming fight
Bradenton Herald – Bradenton,FL,USA
SAN FRANCISCO – Former Vice President Al Gore urged an assembly of international
mayors to fight global warming Saturday, warning of catastrophic consequences

GLOBAL Warming Trek Cancelled Due To Snow
Outside the Beltway – VA,USA
… conditions, as well as some aggressive polar bears. Dupre and Larsen
were attempting the crossing to call attention to global warming.

SEA helps in global warming prevention
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
The study, conducted by Japan’s Meteorological Agency, is the first to
prove that the sea helps prevent global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide.


GLOBAL-WARMING fight goes grass roots
Christian Science Monitor – USA
… Indeed, the increasing activity in cities and states is just one facet
of a broader change in public opinion about global warming. …

AL Gore Urges World Mayors To Fight Global Warming
HomeTown – Fort Smith,AR,USA
SAN FRANCISCO — Former Vice President Al Gore is urging an assembly of
international mayors to fight global warming. The former …

BRITISH leader heading to Washington to talk Africa, global …
KTVO – Kirksville,MO,USA
… But Bush has rejected the idea, with aides saying US assistance already
has jumped sharply. Blair is also seeking new commitments on global warming.

AL Gore says Global Warming a Real Threat
CBS 5 – San Francisco,CA,USA
… environmental conference in San Francisco Saturday, former Vice President
Al Gore gave an impassioned speech urging people to fight global warming
even if …

SCIENTISTS: Global warming is real
Macon Area Online – Macon,GA,USA
New computer models that look at ocean temperatures instead of the atmosphere
show the clearest signal yet that global warming is well under way, Tim
Barnett …

DISSAPEARING Arctic Lakes Linked To Climate Change
Science Daily (press release) – USA
… Smith and his co-authors were surprised by the overall loss in surface
water. “We were expecting the lake area to have grown with climate change,”
said Smith. …

BLAIR confident of change of climate in White House
Times Online – UK
TONY BLAIR is increasingly confident that he can persuade President Bush
to usher in a new era of climate change talks as well as poverty relief
for Africa as …,,2-1642685,00.html

STUDIES show climate change melting permafrost under roads …
Winnipeg Sun – Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
(CP) – Roads and airstrips across the Western Arctic are sagging, cracking
and washing away as climate change slowly melts the permafrost beneath
them. …

CLIMATE Change Breakthrough Remains Priority
Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
The Prime Minister remains committed to achieving a breakthrough on climate
change, Labour former environment minister Michael Meacher insisted today.

CONNAUGHT V-10 Hybrid Showcased at Climate Change Conference
Green Car Congress – USA
The UK Energy Saving Trust has asked Connaught Motors to represent sustainable
vehicle technology at the Climate Change—Focus on Scotland conference
opening …


MIXED reactions to Schwarzenegger’s global warming plan
Press Esc – India
… “Governor Schwarzenegger should be commended for taking action on the
very real threat of global warming,” said the trust’s president Philip
E. Clapp. …

WARNING from Gore on future Global warming called an emergency
San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco,CA,USA
When former Vice President Al Gore gave a long list of doom-and- gloom
statistics Saturday about global warming — warning people that rising
sea levels could …

0, 1, 2, 5…mercury is rising!
Deccan Herald – Bangalore,India
… For that is what the dire predictions of climate change wrought by
global warming is telling us. That life could be very different in another
50 years or so. …


NUCLEAR climate change
Australian – Australia
… Even the Labor Party has sensed the climate change and there are signs
that Labor’s policy on limiting uranium mining is elastic and there is
room for debating …,5744,15500032%5E28737,00.html

GROWTH in flights will wreck climate change targets
Luchtzak Aviation – Belgium
New research published today (Wednesday 1st June) by Friends of the Earth,
carried out by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, shows that
unless the …

SCHWARZENEGGER Vow on Climate Change Short-Sighted;Policy Will …
ArriveNet (press release) – Castle Rock,CO,USA
DALLAS, June 3 /US Newswire/ — As the so-called science underpinning most
current claims about the causes of climate change continue to erode, Gov.

DISSAPEARING arctic lakes linked to climate change
EurekAlert – Washington,DC,USA
… Smith and his co-authors were surprised by the overall loss in surface
water. “We were expecting the lake area to have grown with climate change,”
said Smith. …

CLIMATE change victory
Advertiser Adelaide – Adelaide,South Australia,Australia
SOUTH Australia scored a victory at yesterday’s premiers conference by
convincing Prime Minister John Howard to instigate a national approach
to climate change …,5936,15502147%255E911,00.html

GLOBAL warming causes Arctic lakes disappear
Xinhua – Beijing,China
… 3 (Xinhuanet) — Arctic lakes have been disappearing for the last 30
years, probably in response to thawing permafrost linked to global warming,
according to a …

MAKE That Latte Iced: Seattle Heat Kindles Global-Warming Talk
Bloomberg – USA
… The hot weather is kindling talk about global warming and giving ammunition
to regional activists. ``The topic is on people’s minds …

Azer Tag – Azerbaijan
Cinema actor and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared war
on global warming, using a UN global environment conference to adopt bold
new steps to …
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GLOBAL-WARMING study finds its culprits: Homo sapiens
Human activities are the prime reason the world’s oceans have slowly warmed
over the past 40 years, a trend that will continue and affect Western
snowpack …

ARNOLD Targets Global Warming
CBS News – USA
Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a plan to combat global warming by setting
goals for reducing California’s emissions of greenhouse gases. …

RANN pushes for global warming talks at COAG
ABC Online – Australia
… “My view is that global warming is a bigger threat to Australia in
the long term than terrorism,” he said. “Yet we don’t have a …

A Lag in Global Warming
Science Magazine (subscription) – USA
Earth’s climate is thermally stable only when the amount of radiation it
absorbs from the Sun is balanced by the amount emitted back into space.
Hansen et al. …

BLAIR looks to sell Bush on Africa, global warming
ABC News – USA
… Britain’s Tony Blair will try to sell his plans to lift Africa out
of poverty and tackle global warming to a reluctant President Bush next
week with supporters …

BLAIR looks to sell Bush on Africa, global warming – UK
LONDON (Reuters) – Tony Blair will try to sell his plans to lift Africa
out of poverty and tackle global warming to a reluctant President George
W. Bush next …

GOVTS to work together on climate change
Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
The federal and state governments will look at new ways to work together
to save Australia from the ravages of climate change. The …

EPA, State AGs Argue Climate Change in Appellate Court
The Heartland Institute – Chicago,IL,USA
… Nowhere, however, does it mention carbon dioxide or climate change
prevention, except for one mention in the context of non-regulatory provisions.

ARCTIC Lakes Disappear; Researchers Blame Global Climate Change
Newswise (press release) – USA
Newswise — More than 100 lakes in an Arctic region of Siberia disappeared
during the last 30 years, and scientists say global climate change is
the reason. …

CLIMATE change impact report published
RTE Interactive – Ireland
A new report from Met Éireann and UCD on the likely impact of climate
change on Ireland has concluded there will be dryer summers in the southeast
and wetter …

HEWITT – Targets balance climate change objectives with … – London,UK
… the Government’s approach to carbon dioxide emission targets was “consistent”
with the Energy White Paper and balanced Britain’s climate change objectives
with …


SCHWARZENEGGER unveils global warming plan at UN conference
San Diego Union Tribune – San Diego,CA,USA
… Arnold Schwarzenegger Wednesday put California’s considerable influence
behind an international campaign to combat global warming, but restless
state lawmakers …

GLOBAL warming forces rethink of Japanese dress code
ABC Online – Australia
… delay. “The Kyoto Protocol went into effect this February and we need
to take actual steps to prevent global warming,” he said.’. …

NUKES-AGAINST-GLOBAL Warming Strategy Scored as Too Costly
Inter Press Service (subscription) – World
BROOKLIN, Canada, Jun 1 (IPS) – Faced with the rising toll of global warming
and soaring petroleum prices, countries like Canada and the United States
are …

SEABIRDS put at risk by global warming
The Herald – Glasgow,Scotland,UK
Conservationists have warned colonies on Orkney and Shetland could face
collapse if the problem, blamed on global warming, continues. …

GLOBAL warming tackled on county level
… Global warming, rising seas and severe weather are some of the biggest
threats, requiring an immediate 60 percent to 80 percent drop in emissions,
according to …

GREEN Week: Flying high for climate change
EUpolitix – Brussels,Belgium
… Federation for Transport and Environment and Roy Griffins of Airports
Council International, Europe debate the issues surrounding climate change
and aviation. …

CLIMATE change workshop at start of the hurricane season
Cayman Net News – grand cayman,Cayman Islands
Climate change is a pressing global issue and with the start of the hurricane
season few people here need reminding about the devastation that can be
caused by …

INDIA: UN says climate change poses threat to crops in India
EmptyWells – Brecon,UK
Climate change threatens to sharply increase crop losses in many developing
countries like India, says the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

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