The Anglo-American War of Terror: An Overview by Michel Chossudovsky


The World is at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. In the largest display of military might since the Second World War, the United States and its indefectible British ally have embarked upon a military adventure, which threatens the future of humanity.

An understanding of the underlying historical background is crucial. This war agenda is not the product of a distinct neo-conservative project. From the outset of the Cold War Era, there is a consistent thread, a continuum in US military doctrine, from the “Truman doctrine” to Bush’s “war on terrorism”.

Foreign Policy adviser George F. Kennan had outlined in a 1948 State Department brief what was later described as the “’Truman doctrine.”

What this 1948 document conveys is continuity in US foreign policy, from “Containment” to “Pre-emptive” War. In this regard, the Neo-conservative agenda under the Bush administration should be viewed as the culmination of a post World War II foreign policy framework. The latter has been marked by a succession of US sponsored wars and military interventions in all major regions of the World. >From Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan, to the CIA sponsored military coups in Latin America and Southeast Asia, the objective has been to ensure US military hegemony and global economic domination, as initially formulated under the “Truman Doctrine” at the outset of the Cold War…

With regard to Asia, including China and India, Kennan hinted to the importance of articulating a military solution:

“The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better”…

An attack on Iran using tactical nuclear weapons (mini-nukes) has also been contemplated. Tactical nuclear weapons with an explosive capacity between one third to 6 times a Hiroshima bomb have been cleared for use in conventional war theaters. .

The mini-nukes have been redefined as a defensive weapon, which is “safe for civilians” “because the explosion is underground”. The Senate in a December 2003 decision, has authorized their use in conventional war theaters…

The war in the Middle East is part of a carefully defined military agenda. Formulated in September 2000, a few months before the accession of George W. Bush to the White House, the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) published its blueprint for global domination under the title: “Rebuilding America’s Defenses.”

The PNAC is a neo-conservative think tank linked to the Defense-Intelligence establishment, the Republican Party and the powerful Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which plays a behind-the-scenes role in the formulation of US foreign policy.

The PNAC’s declared objectives are:

   •     defend the American homeland;

   •     fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars;

   •     perform the “constabulary” duties associated with shaping the security environment in critical regions;

   •     transform U.S. forces to exploit the “revolution in military affairs;”

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, who now heads the World Bank, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney, had commissioned the PNAC blueprint prior to the 2000 presidential elections…

“While it has long been a U.S. policy to use nuclear weapons in order to respond to a nuclear attack∑ the new policy allows the U.S. to use nuclear weapons against states that do not have nuclear weapons and for a host of new reasons, including rapid termination of a conflict on U.S. terms or to ensure success of the U.S. forces.”…

(statement of Jorge Hirsh, see Global Research,


Meanwhile, a wave of racism and xenophobia directed against Muslims has been unleashed throughout the western world. The arbitrary arrests and detention of Muslims on trumped up charges has become common practice.

“Anti-terrorist” legislation has been adopted in a number of western countries which allows for the arrest and detention without charge of alleged terrorists, including leaders of so-called Œdomestic radical groups” (meaning antiwar activists), who are now categorized as a threat to Homeland Security.

While “expressing concern” regarding human rights violations, the so-called international community has nonetheless accepted the legitimacy of “the war on terrorism”. Moreover, in the wake of 9/11, a significant section of the antiwar movement, while condemning the US-led war, continues to uphold the legitimacy of the “war on terrorism”.

In turn, the UN has endorsed the “war on terrorism”. Under the disguise of peacekeeping, the United Nations, in violation of its own charter and the Nuremberg jurisprudence on war crimes, is collaborating with the US led military coalition…  

The so-called “War on Terrorism” is a lie.

Amply documented, the pretext to wage this war is totally fabricated.

Realities have been turned upside down. Acts of war are heralded as “humanitarian interventions” geared towards restoring Œdemocracy’.

Military occupation and the killing of civilians are presented as “peace-keeping operations.”…

Under the American Empire, millions of people around the world are being driven into abysmal poverty, and countries are transformed into open territories.

U.S. protectorates are installed with the blessing of the so-called “international community.” “Interim governments” are formed. Political puppets designated by America’s oil giants are casually endorsed by the United Nations, which increasingly performs the role of a rubber-stamp for the U.S. Administration…

A war agenda is not disarmed through antiwar sentiment. One does not reverse the tide by asking President Bush: “please abide by the Geneva Convention” and the Nuremberg Charter. Ultimately a consistent antiwar agenda requires unseating the war criminals in high office as first step towards disarming the institutions and corporate structure of the New World Order.

To break the Inquisition, we must also break its propaganda, its fear and intimidation campaign, which galvanizes public opinion into accepting the “war on terrorism”…

Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Center for Research on Globalization which hosts the critically acclaimed website: www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=CHO20051221&articleId=1576

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