The Miami Connection By Jean-Guy Allard



February 18, 2002 (Special for Granma International)

  • The anti-Cuban Miami Mafiosi — the same groups that sponsored the crimes of Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles 40 years ago — charge with impunity for their electoral services by blackmailing both a president and a people

IT would seem that George Bush was left with no other option than to pay his electoral debts and, at the same time, resolve in advance those of his brother Jeb. But when he offered a finger, they grabbed a whole arm. And it is thus that, in the Washington of the War on Terrorism, the Miami terrorist mafia — the same individuals that sponsored the crimes of Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles 40 years ago — have shamelessly grabbed the best seats.

While devoting themselves to internal fighting in their teeming Miami ghetto, which is seriously threatening their image, the capos have managed to impose on the federal capital the most powerful political network to have invaded the highest echelons of the U.S. governmental apparatus to date.

As the president has clearly acknowledged them as his past and future guides, they have crudely occupied the most strategic posts in relation to U.S. Latin American policy, even utilizing the most disparaged mercenaries in recent history for this task of infiltration.

Now in strong positions of power in Washington are those same people who organized a hysterical campaign to prevent Cuban Juan Miguel González recover his son Elián from distant relatives in Miami; the same individuals who have always stood by the authors of acts of terrorism against Cuba, by paying for their lawyers and applauding their most irresponsible statements; those Mafiosi who have converted blackmail, threats and violence into a lucrative business in the most retrograde city in the United States.

Since their participation alongside the CIA in all types of trafficking, in the dirty war in Nicaragua, as well as in terrorist conspiracies from Central America to Chile and Argentina, the Miami mafia have constantly penetrated federal circuits of power and now, with the George W. Bush as president, the peak of their power.

The picture is a frightening one and is even shocking the most hardened analysts of the U.S. “big media.”

Below are 10 of the most visible capos in the conspiracy.


First on the list must feature Otto Reich, the Cuban son of Austrian émigrés who left the island as an adolescent. Throughout his career, Reich has demonstrated total contempt for his country of adoption by specializing in the dirtiest political maneuvers without the merest hint of ethics, having blatant recourse to lies so as to develop his plans, and deceiving the Senate when necessary. His ultra-right exploits are so numerous and have been listed so many times that it is only necessary to mention a few of the grossest ones. Under Ronald Reagan’s administration, he headed the Public Diplomacy Office, an outfit engendered by his CIA partners to shamelessly manipulate U.S. public opinion concerning the illegal activities comprising the misnamed Iran-Contra scandal, really the Central America-Contra scandal.

Nevertheless, Reich’s infamy is even more closely linked to his period in Venezuela as the U.S. ambassador, during which time he devoted most of his energies to securing the release of CIA agent and arch-terrorist Orlando Bosch, who masterminded the explosion in full flight of a Cubana passenger plane, provoking 73 fatalities.

Subsequently, Reich secured entry into the United States for Bosch — without any doubt the most dangerous of the Miami terrorists together with his accomplice Posada Carriles — and, eventually, a presidential pardon, with the assistance of the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) and Congressman Lincoln Díaz Balart (Republican, Florida), head of the anti-Cuban gang at the Capitol.

They then used their authority over Governor Jeb Bush to get him to ‘move’ George Bush senior.

Reich’s new position as under-secretary of state for Western Hemispheric Affairs; in other words, chief of U.S. Latin American policies, was also the result of maneuvers by the anti-Cuban group, which once again “leant” heavily on Jeb Bush to make his presidential brother see reason.


Number two in the White House Latin American apparatus, Lino Gutiérrez, acted as temporary under-secretary of state for Western Hemispherical Affairs from June 4, 2001 until Bush forced through Reich’s appointment, against the clearly expressed will of the Senate. He is now Reich’s confidante, given that he has clearly demonstrated his aptitude for exercising the maneuvers of his chief. Born in Havana in 1951, Gutiérrez likewise left the island at an early age. He “distinguished” himself for the first time during the U.S. invasion of Grenada in October 1983. He then reappeared as head of the political section at the U.S. embassy in Porte-au-Prince, Haiti. He headed the Nicaragua desk at the State Department during the time of the dirty war against the Sandinista Revolution. In December 1996, he took on the post of ambassador in Managua until July 1999. Like his boss, he has always been openly associated with conspiracies hatched by the CANF and other fanatical Miami groups that have sustained him in his career.

During the Bush administration, he was the strategist behind the latest anti-Cuban maneuvers at the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva. He has publicly described his work as “extraordinary.” He conspired against the Chávez government in Venezuela. Last July he directly participated in the Nicaraguan elections, crudely threatening voters with reprisals in the case of Daniel Ortega being elected to the presidency.

Gutiérrez is a fanatical partisan of the blockade against Cuba. When Cuba recently made the first purchase of foodstuffs from the United States for many years, he rushed off to Miami to calm apprehensions in Mafiosi circles and to assure that this purchase did not constitute a change of U.S. policy toward Cuba.


Another figure in the service of the Miami Connection is Elliott Abrams, who hatched the Iran-Contra scandal and who, thanks to a presidential pardon by George Bush senior, escaped a prison term. He is now a member of the National Security Council, responsible for “promoting democracy and human rights.” This is as if nobody would remember that he was the evil brain of the dirty policy on Central America, who promoted the aggression against Nicaragua and Panama, and who, facing Senate investigation committees, defended the worst excesses of the death squads, denied the massacres that occurred and lied over clandestine support activities for the Nicaraguan Contras. And all this with his characteristic arrogance.


Another Mafiosi candidate, product of the fanatical anti-Cuban Miami circuits, is Emilio González, colonel of the U.S. armed forces and nominated aide to his partner Abrams on the very same National Security Council. Colonel González was an instructor at the famous West Point military academy and later in the high command of the Miami U.S. Southern Command, the “southern” leadership of the imperial army. Of Cuban origin, his brief on the National Security Council is attending to the Caribbean region, including Cuba.

And according to a recent comment in The New York Times, especially Cuba.


The anti-Cuban “coverage” of the U.S. state is total. Rogelio Pardo-Maurer, son of a Costa Rican father and a U.S. mother, was born in the United States but quickly identified himself with the most right-wing Latin American “causes”…to the point of becoming virtual spokesman for the Contras in Nicaragua. A reservist in the 20th Special Forces Group (Green Berets), he recently announced that he was thinking of leaving his post to return to military life. Secretary of Defense attaché, Rogelio Pardo-Maurer, the former Contra, is in charge of Latin America.


In the 1980’s, John Negroponte was U.S. ambassador to Honduras, and there — where he applied the methods he had learned in his years as a CIA agent in Viet Nam — he sponsored the most savage military terrorism, covering the persecution and execution of tens of thousands of persons in that country, Nicaragua and El Salvador. During his period in office in Tegucigalpa, U.S. personnel at the embassy increased tenfold and the most important CIA “command” in Latin America was located there.

He has been designated by Bush as none less than U.S. ambassador to the United Nations!


A man of trust was needed within the Organization of American States. And for such a post, how about the principal Latin American collaborator of semi-retired Jesse Helms, champion of the blockade against the island? It is a fact that Roger Noriega is a mediocre official and has had a disastrous reputation in diplomatic circles for some time now. On the other hand, he does possess verifiable ultra-right convictions in terms of Cuba (and Haiti).


Is there someone missing in the Justice Department? No, Mauricio J. Tamargo, new president of the Federal Claims Committee, is on guard there. A pure-bred Miami Cuban American, legal advisor to “Big Bad Wolf” Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Republican, Florida) — another eminent member of the conspiracy — from his position Mauricio J. Tamargo can intervene in all legal matters relating to Cuba. In the case of the total application of the Helms-Burton Act, Tamargo is already at his “combat” post, ready to serve the Miami terrorist capos.


Adolfo Franco is to assume the central post for Latin America within the so-called U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). His appointment responds to a clear will to intensify subversion against Cuba by expanding funds to fabricate, finance and direct tiny groups of Cuban traitors in the service of the United States: the so-called dissidents, paid a dollar-cash wage. Born in Cárdenas in Matanzas province, Franco is a “well-integrated” Cuban American like the others in this brigade. He studied in Iowa and worked in Missouri prior to joining the anti-Castro terrorist industry in Washington DC. One important detail: he is also one of Ros-Lehtinen’s cubs.


A high-ranking member of the anti-Cuban “cause” in Washington, José Cárdenas is the son of Colombian parents, natives of Medellín. He has been in the trust of the Miami mafia since 1986 for his ultra-conservatism and was offered the highest responsibility: CANF “embassy” chief in Washington, in a complex purchased for $1.7 billion USD by the Jorge Mas Santos gang.

Closely linked to Lincoln Díaz Balart and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the Colombian is moving to a strategic post in the Capitol building itself, where he is the principal advisor for Latin America to Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. What are his objectives? We want to advance beyond sanctions to a more active policy, an offensive strategy, Cárdenas affirmed recently.

From the mouth of a representative of the friends of terrorists Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles, such a declaration is more than worrying.

And one wonders: to what point have the Miami capos been able to charge with impunity for their electoral services, not only blackmailing a president but the entire U.S. people?

The power held by these 10 persons in the defense, justice and diplomatic sectors is vast. Moreover, there is an 11th individual “infiltrated” into the cabinet, Cuban-American Mel Martínez, secretary of housing and urban development.

When life sentences are handed down to persons like the five Cubans in Miami who were trying to neutralize the terrorist acts of these characters and their associates, while the latter are elevated, it is very difficult to believe in the good faith of the so-called war against terrorism.

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