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07/01/08 – Disappearing World

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Disappearing World: The Village Falling Into The Sea
By Mark Hughes
Skipsea is disappearing fast. It sits on the fastest-eroding coastline in Europe and every year the sea swallows another chunk of land. Mark Hughes visits the people living on the edge

Iraq Death Rate Belies US Claims Of Success
By Kim Sengupta
The death rate in Iraq in the past 12 months has been the second highest in any year since the invasion, according to figures that appear to contradict American claims that the troop “surge” has dramatically reduced the level of violence across the country

Iraq: Killer Of U.S. Soldiers Becomes A Hero
By Ali al-Fadhily & Dahr Jamail
Questions about U.S. military relations with the Iraqis they work with

Pakistan: Bhutto’s Murder
Rekindles Ethnic Suspicions
By Irfan Ahmed
The assassination of Benazir Bhutto, leader of the powerful Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and twice prime minister, has pushed to the brink a country already known for regionalism and ethnic suspicion

Babies Up Against The Occupation
By Eileen Fleming
On January 3, 2008, I received the following email from the Little Town of Bethlehem in Occupied Territory:I want to share with you some good news. On Dec. 31 at 3:00 pm Jerusalem time my wife gave birth to our second daughter…Both of them are doing good. Up to this very moment I am not able to see either of them because of the Israeli policies of preventing Palestinians from entering Jerusalem. It seems I am too dangerous and being with my wife represents a security threat to the state of Israel

Minorities And The American Electorate
By Mary Shaw
This is an historic election year in the U.S. For the first time ever, the pool of Democratic presidential candidates includes a woman, an African American, and a Latino. And, better yet, the first and third spots in the Iowa caucuses went to the African American and the woman, respectively

Riots In Orissa
By Angana Chatterji
Independent investigators charge that the violence was planned, that the police had prior knowledge of Hindutva groups’ intent to riot. The pertinent district collector and superintendent of police have been transferred, not discharged. A Judicial Review Commission (JRC) chaired by a former (not sitting) judge has been appointed by the government of Orissa to investigate the riots. Its power or legitimacy is in question

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