The Jeb Bush Connection

"Fugitive Fingers Jeb Bush"

Confirming a prior Mother Jones report (Sept./Oct. 1992), a fugitive living in Spain told ABC's "20/20" that Jeb Bush made a crucial call to Washington when his HMO needed help.

Miguel Recarey's International Medical Centers faced pressure in 1985 to comply with the "50-50" rule, which prohibits certain HMOs from having more than half of its customers on Medicare. According to Recarey, the middle son of then-Vice President Bush called Health and Human Services Secretary Margaret Heckler (meanwhile, IMC paid Bush's company a $75,000 "real-estate consultant" fee). Former HHS chief of staff McClain Haddow says Bush's call gave IMC a waiver to the 50-50 rule, and Recarey allegedly bilked $200 million in Medicare funds while leaving 150,000 seniors without coverage. Jeb Bush, the GOP loser in Florida's 1994 governor's race, denies calling Heckler.

"Miami Mystery: Paid to Treat Elderly, IMC Moved in Worlds Of Spying and Politics - Medicare Money Flowed In; Only Mr. Recarey Knows Where It Flowed Next - Contras, ‘Bugs’ and the Mob" By Sydney P. Freedberg  08/09/1988 , The Wall Street Journal

MIAMI -- Miguel Recarey Jr. was a big man in this town. An immigrant from Cuba, he built a firm called International Medical Centers into America's largest health-maintenance organization for the elderly. He knew people, important enough people to be invited at least three times to the White House. 

But then last year Mr. Recarey started getting invitations to court. A grand jury accused him of conspiring to bribe union leaders to get patients for IMC. A second indictment charged him with running an illegal wiretapping operation. Finally came yet another indictment, charging him with defrauding the U.S. government.

By this time, Mr. Recarey had vanished. His company collapsed. And investigators found themselves puzzling over what had happened to nearly $1 billion in federal Medicare funds that had poured into IMC since 1981. . . .

-- Mr. Recarey had longstanding business ties to the late Santo Trafficante Jr., who prosecutors say was the Florida underworld boss -- and who told Congress he once was part of a botched Central Intelligence Agency plot to kill Fidel Castro. . . .

IMC also gained various waivers of HHS rules, among them lucrative waivers that let the HMO draw more than 50% of its revenue from Medicare. C. McClain Haddow, a top aide to HHS Secretary Margaret Heckler in 1985, testified to Congress that he approved such a waiver on her instructions -- after both he and Mrs. Heckler had received telephone calls from Vice President Bush 's son, Jeb. . . ."

Introducing Héctor Pesquera – gangsters’ buddy, protector of terrorists and FBI special agent
By Jean-Guy Allard –Special for Granma International

"Bush and business: Fast success, brushes with mystery"By Andres Viglucci And Alfonso Chardy, Miami Herald, Sat, Oct. 05, 2002
This is an amazing tale of bribery and corruption which starts in Nigeria, with a multi-million dollar deal underwritten by the US government. Jeb Bush deserves to be called the Teflon Kid #2:

"The only documented allegations come down to the fact that he [Jeb Bush] did business with people that turned out later to be deadbeats and crooks."
Tom Feeney, Bush's running mate in the 1994 governor's race


"The Jeb Connection - Part I
At Our Expense: The Costly Relationship between Jeb Bush and Right Wing Cuban Exiles",
Saul Landau - TNI Fellow Radio Progreso Weekly, 25 July 2002

Records of Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh relating to Iran/Contra
1986 to 1993
Volume: 1,948 feet (!)
Finally, the following link will take you to the definative source of information on the Iran-Contra affair, the superb US National Archives and Records Administration, of which IMC is just a ‘footnote’:

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