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Sunday, August 28, 2005 9:54 AM


UZBEKISTAN parliament backs move to evict US
Boston Globe – United States
TASHKENT, Uzbekistan — Uzbekistan’s upper house of parliament yesterday
backed the government’s decision to evict US troops from their base in
the Central …

UZBEKISTAN votes to expel US
San Francisco Chronicle – United States
Washington — Uzbekistan’s Senate voted unanimously Friday to expel the
US military from a base that it has used to support missions in Afghanistan,
a strong …

OVER 70% of Uzbekistan’s cotton is exported via Bandar Abbas … – Tehran,Iran
27 (MNA) — Iran’s transit routes in particular, Bandar Abbas and Chabahar
ports, are of significant importance for the transit of Uzbekistan’s goods

STATEMENT of Senate of Uzbekistan on Khanabad airbase – Tashkent,Uzbekistan
Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan, having considered issues related
to terms of use of Khanabad (Karshi) airbase by the USA, provided to them
in accordance …


UZBEKISTAN demands financial compensation from Washington
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
TASHKENT: Uzbekistan Senate gave final approval on Friday to an order evicting
US military forces from the country and many lawmakers demanded financial

UZBEKS step up pressure on US to leave air base
Reuters – USA
TASHKENT (Reuters) – Uzbekistan on Friday put further pressure on the United
States to withdraw troops from an air base near the Afghan border with
a …


UZBEKISTAN warns refugees might carry out terror attacks
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
TASHKENT: Uzbekistan’s top prosecutor said Thursday that alleged terrorists
among refugees evacuated by the UN from neighboring Kyrgyzstan to Romania
might …

UZBEKISTAN keeps insisting on return of 15 Uzbeks from Kyrgyzstan
ITAR-TASS – Moscow,Russia
TASHKENT, August 25 (Itar-Tass) – Uzbekistan keeps insisting on the return
of 15 Uzbek citizens who are kept in the detention ward in the Kyrgyz
city of Osh …

UZBEKISTAN forced confessions to justify massacre of protesters
Independent – London,England,UK
… When that did not happen, the EU ministers on 18 July expressed “profound
concern” as they called for an EU special representative to travel to
Uzbekistan. …

UZBEKISTAN: Repression continues in Andijan uprising’s aftermath
Forum 18 – Oslo,Norway
… Protestants in north-west Uzbekistan — whose activities in the region
are banned — are under great pressure, as are Hare Krishna devotees in
that region. …


UZBEKISTAN: UN refugee agency reacts to Tashkent’s criticism
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… His comments came one day after the office of Uzbekistan’s prosecutor
general accused the refugee agency of protecting terrorists and criminals,
while …

RUSSIA, Uzbekistan to hold joint antiterrorist drill
ITAR-TASS – Moscow,Russia
MOSCOW, August 24 (Itar-Tass) – Russia and Uzbekistan are planning to hold
a joint anti-terrorist drill. … The drill will be held in highland Uzbekistan.

PREPARATIONS under way for Uzbekistan show
Freshinfo (subscription) – London,UK
Preparation in Uzbekistan is under way as the republic gets ready to host
its tenth annual food exhibition, Food Week. Food Week …

UZBEKISTAN General prosecutor’s office aired discontent with the …
Kazinform – Astana,Kazakhstan
TASHKENT. August 24. KAZINFORM. /Rasul Bakhamov/ General prosecutor’s office
of Uzbekistan has aired discontent with the decisions of Kyrgyzstan and
UN High …


UN protecting terrorists: Uzbekistan
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
TASHKENT: Uzbekistan’s top prosecutor on Tuesday accused the UN refugee
agency of protecting criminals and terrorists by opposing deportations
of Uzbek …


KYRGYZSTAN still refusing to hand over refugees to Uzbekistan
RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
MOSCOW, August 22 (RIA Novosti) – Kyrgyzstan does not intend to hand over
refugees who fled Uzbekistan after the Andijan uprising, a Kyrgyz Foreign
Ministry …

CHINA appears to notch a win in oil race
Globe and Mail – Canada
… of the oil-rich countries of the Caspian Sea basin, including the mainly
Muslim former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and
Kyrgyzstan. …

KYRGYZSTAN still refusing to hand over refugees to Uzbekistan
Akipress (subscription) – Bishkek,Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan does not intend to hand over refugees who fled Uzbekistan after
the Andijan uprising, a Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry official said. …


CHINA Flexes Muscle in Post-Cold War Era
Chosun Ilbo – Seoul,South Korea
… kicked off on Thursday attracted observers from eight nations — the
other members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan …


UZBEKISTAN looks for new allies
Muslim Uzbekistan – Uzbekistan
Russian President Vladimir Putin walks past his counterparts Islam Karimov
of Uzbekistan (L), Hu Jintao of China (C) and Nursultan Nazarbayev of
Kazakhstan …

SALT Lake mayor to lead Bush protest
Science Daily (press release) – USA
… Many reported dead in Uzbekistan protest (May 14, 2005) — The Uzbekistan
president Saturday denied he gave the order to open fire during a protest
in which 10 …

MORE Uzbeks Appeal To UN For Protection
RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty – Prague,Czech Republic
The three said they have been hiding inside Kyrgyzstan since the authorities’
crackdown against protesters in eastern Uzbekistan. …


UZBEKISTAN denies receiving 4 refugees from Kyrgyzstan, torturing …
RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
… RIA Novosti) – Uzbek prosecutors are denying foreign press reports
that Kyrgyzstan handed over four refugees, one of whom was tortured to
death in Uzbekistan. …

RUSSIA helped Uzbekistan investigate Andijan uprising
RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
AKTAU (Kazakhstan), August 19 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s Federal Security
Service (FSB) helped Uzbekistan investigate the Andijan uprising, FSB
chief Nikolai …

ASIA/ Web editor updates world on Uzbekistan
Asahi Shimbun – Tokyo,Japan
MOSCOW-Daniil Kislov started his Web site in 1999 as a way to share the
history and culture of his native valley in Uzbekistan. …

RUSSIA helps Uzbekistan to investigate Andijan events – Tashkent,Uzbekistan
The Russian special services have provided help to their colleagues in
Uzbekistan in investigating the events in Andijon, Federal Security Service
Director …

UZBEK Refugees Speak Of Hard Life In Exile in Iran
Payvand – Iran
… Now, they are unable to return home, prevented by Uzbek authorities
who accuse them of being members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
(IMU) terrorist …


KYRGYZSTAN-UZBEKISTAN: Court overturns denial of refugee status to …
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… An appeal to overturn a decision by the Kyrgyz migration department
to deny refugee status to Uzbeks who fled violence in southeastern Uzbekistan
was granted …

UZBEKISTAN: Fear grips Andijan three months after killings
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… A report by UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Theo van Boven, released
in 2003 noted that torture was systematically practiced by Uzbekistan’s
law-enforcement …

UZBEKISTAN’S Eviction Notice: What Next? – Washington,DC,USA
… counter terrorist threats, Karimov did what his Islamist foes have
demanded all along: He demanded an end to the American “infidel” presence
in Uzbekistan. …


American Daily – Stow,OH,USA
Forum 18 News Service Central Asia Correspondent Igor Rotar was deported
from Uzbekistan on Aug. 13. … Formally, you are not on the territory
of Uzbekistan.’”. …

SLIPPAGE in Uzbekistan
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
… Uzbekistan formally ordered the closing of Karshi-Khanabad (K2) air
base, which houses some 1,000 troops supporting US efforts in Afghanistan.

REPLAY of the Great Game in Central Asia
The Moscow Times – Russia
… The United States, meanwhile, has an interest in the oil as well as
the bases it runs in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to back up its operations
in Afghanistan to …


UZBEKISTAN: New support for those living with HIV/AIDS
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… Hayot. Apart from their immediate medical needs, confidentiality is
a key concern for those living with the virus in Uzbekistan. …

EurasiaNet – New York,NY,USA
US officials believe that Uzbekistan’s eviction of American forces will
cause only minimal damage over the near-term to Washington’s strategic
interests in …

RELIGIOUS-FREEDOM investigator deported from Uzbekistan
Catholic World News – USA
16 (Forum 18/ – The government of Uzbekistan has reported a
correspondent for the Forum 18 news service, which specializes in issues
of religious …

UZBEKISTAN: “Entry to the Republic of Uzbekistan closed”
Forum 18 – Oslo,Norway
Forum 18 News Service’s Central Asia Corespondent, Igor Rotar, describes
how he was unjustifiably detained and deported from Uzbekistan. …


UZBEKISTAN: Russian human rights journalist deported
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… litmus test’ of the state of human rights and that attention should
remain on the extremely grave human rights situation still faced by Uzbekistan’s
people.”. …

UZBEK refugees recount harrowing tales three months after Andijan …
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… with Uzbek refugees awaiting resettlement from Romania have revealed
harrowing tales of violence, trauma and loss in eastern Uzbekistan’s Andijan
town, from …

HOME / Headlines / Geo-political and Geo-strategic Designs of …
Media Monitors Network – CA,USA
… From Bulgaria to Romania, Azerbaijan to, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan to
Turkey, Georgia to, Algeria and Nigeria to Afghanistan and the last not
the least Iraq the …

BRITAIN presses Kyrgyzstan not to deport refugees
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… Uzbekistan has put pressure on Kyrgyzstan to return the refugees, saying
that troops in Andizhan killed 187 people who were mostly bandits and
“terrorists”. …

RUSSIAN education minister visits Uzbekistan – Tashkent,Uzbekistan
A delegation of the Russian Federation le by the country’s Education and
Science Minister Andrey Fursenko visited Uzbekistan. During …


UZBEKISTAN Deports Detained Persecution Watchdog Correspondent
Christian Post – San Francisco,CA,USA
… former Soviet states, has on numerous occasions reported on the religious
persecution within Eastern European countries including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan
Serbia …


UZBEKISTAN Deports Russian Journalist
RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty – Prague,Czech Republic
13 August 2005 — Uzbekistan deported Russian journalist Igor Rotar, who
had been detained upon arriving in the country two days ago. …

BASELESS in Uzbekistan
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
Uzbekistan has unceremoniously invited America to leave the military base
on its soil, and has been simultaneously strengthening ties with Russia
and China. …

Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
Recently, those seeking to assure America of China’s peaceful rise received
a major setback with the announced eviction of US forces from Uzbekistan.

OIL diplomacy to bring peace in Southeast and central Asian …
Webindia123 – India
… The focus of the seminar was to understand the factors responsible
for recent developments in Kyrgzstan, Uzbekistan, religious extremism
and terrorism in …


UNHCR urges Uzbekistan over deported refugees
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
GENEVA: The United Nations refugee agency on Friday pressed for access
to four people who are in custody after being deported to Uzbekistan in
breach of an …

UZBEKISTAN: Authorities Must Release Detained Journalist
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… He is widely considered an expert on Uzbekistan’s Christian and Muslim
religious communities. He had traveled to Uzbekistan on assignment …

UZBEKISTAN: Journalist Igor Rotar detained at Tashkent airport
Central Asian and Southern Caucasus Freedom of Expression Network (CASCFEN) – Azerbaijan
… authorities. There are strong indications Igor Rotar was targeted to
prevent him from researching religious freedom issues in Uzbekistan. …

JOURNALIST Detained in Uzbekistan
New York Times – United States
… He remained in the airport Friday in what Forum 18 and human rights
organizations called a part of Uzbekistan’s pattern of harassing and intimidating

US, China entering new Cold War
Taipei Times – Taiwan
… indicated by recent incidents, including China National Offshore Oil
Corp’s (CNOOC) failure to take over the US oil company Unocal, Uzbekistan’s
decision to …


American Daily – Stow,OH,USA
… Airport. Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia, north of Afghanistan
( Igor …

AUTHORITIES Intensify State Propaganda On Andijon Tragedy
RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty – Prague,Czech Republic
… He fled Uzbekistan and instantly became one of the country’s most wanted
men. Parpiev spoke to RFE/RL from an undisclosed location. …


KYRGYZSTAN-UZBEKISTAN: Third country resettlement of Andijan 15 …
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… country accepts the Uzbek citizens as refugees, then Kyrgyzstan, in
compliance with international norms, will have to extradite them to Uzbekistan,”
the Kyrgyz …

RUSSIANS to Retake Uzbekistan Airbase After Americans Leave
Kavkaz Center – Istanbul,Turkey
Russian soldiers have been staying in Uzbekistan for more than a month
preparing to take charge of the Khanabad airbase after the US troops withdrawal

EurasiaNet – New York,NY,USA
I was assigned to Khorezm, in the western part of Uzbekistan, where the
climate is hot, dry and dusty. My host family during Peace …

JOHN Attard Montalto in Uzbekistan
Malta Independent – St. Julians,Malta
Labour MEP John Attard Montalto is in Uzbekistan after receiving an invitation
from the country’s parliament. He was invited as …


EurasiaNet – New York,NY,USA
With one court case over, a California-based media development organization
is bracing for more legal trouble in Uzbekistan. Two …

UZBEK courts to authorise arrests from 2008
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
… Uzbekistan has faced repeated international criticism for human rights
violations, including alleged routine torture in jails. ap.


PLAINCLOTHED Russian Commandos to Retake Uzbekistan Airbase After …
MOSNEWS – Russia
Russian soldiers have been staying in Uzbekistan for more than a month
preparing to take charge of the Khanabad airbase after the US troops withdrawal

FAREWELL K2: Uzbekistan’s American fallout
Open Democracy – London,UK
After 9/11, the United States and Uzbekistan found many reasons to pursue
a strategic partnership. The United States needed airbases …

THREE states ready to take refugees-Kyrgyz official
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… Nearly 500 people fled Uzbekistan after the government cracked down
on a demonstration in the eastern town of Andizhan last May. …

UZBEK Base And Human Rights
Voice of America – USA
The government of Uzbekistan has requested that the United States leave
the Karshi-Khanabad, or K-2, air base within one-hundred-eighty days.

A happy convergence
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
Uzbekistan’s eviction notice to the Pentagon, and neighboring Kyrgyzstan’s
continued welcome to the US military, offer the Bush administration the
chance to …


OUSTED From Uzbekistan
Washington Post – United States
… rights and democracy? For Islam A. Karimov, the dictatorial ruler of
Uzbekistan, the answer is a big NO. Karimov’s recent order …


NEW Telecom Network Launched in Central Uzbekistan
Black Enterprise – New York,NY,USA
The East Telecom British-Uzbek-Russian joint venture has launched a branch
in the town of Navoiy in central Uzbekistan, the Uzbek newspaper Ishonch
reported on …

THOMPSON seeks to aid Internews in Uzbekistan
Times-Standard – Eureka,CA,USA
Shortly after two Internews employees were found guilty of criminal activities
in Uzbekistan, Democratic Congressman Mike Thompson’s office contacted
the Arcata …

UZBEKISTAN tells US military to leave
Workers World – USA
The government of Uzbekistan hand-delivered an eviction notice to the Penta
gon on July 29, via US Embassy officials in the capital of Tashkent. …


US to Stay in Central Asia After Uzbekistan Pullout — Source
MOSNEWS – Russia
The USA intends to maintain its military presence in Central Asia despite
the upcoming closedown of its air base in Uzbekistan, the Interfax news
agency …

US: Uzbekistan’s withdrawal demand won’t hurt bilateral ties
Xinhua – China
4 (Xinhuanet) — The United States and Uzbekistan will continue their dialogue
and cooperation on a series of issuesalthough the Central Asian country
has …

KYRGYZ give Uzbek refugees 10-day asylum deadline
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
BISHKEK: Kyrgyzstan will send 15 refugees back to Uzbekistan, where the
United Nations fears they may face torture or execution, in 10 days unless
a third …

THE impact of ‘order for guest to leave’
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
Days ago, Uzbekistan formally issued to the United States the “order for
the guest to leave”, demanding US troops to pull out of Karshi-khanabad
airbase within …


AMERICA is kicked out of Uzbekistan
Economist – UK
THE government of Uzbekistan has given America 180 days to vacate its Karshi-Khanabad
airbase, which has been at the heart of American military operations into

IN Uzbekistan, Court Accuses Internews of Political Interference …
PR Newswire (press release) – New York,NY,USA
TASHKENT, Uzbekistan, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ — A leading international media
organization was accused today of meddling in the politics …

TOP Russian Lawmaker Welcomes Uzbekistan Move to Shut Down US Base – Alexandria,VA,USA
Moscow ( – A senior Russian politician has hailed a decision
by Uzbekistan to shut down a United States military base there, although
Moscow …


WISE choice in Uzbekistan
International Herald Tribune – France
When the despot of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, demanded over the weekend
that the United States pull out of an air base that it has been using
since 2001 for …

UZBEKISTAN: Activists welcome ban on death penalty
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… “Until today even discussing the issue of the death penalty was forbidden
in Uzbekistan,” she added. Chikunova was not alone in her assessment.

FATE of 15 citizens of Uzbekistan, being kept in Osh Temporary …
Muslim Uzbekistan – Uzbekistan
As for 15 citizens of Uzbekistan, arrived in Kyrgyzstan amid refugees after
the May 13 Andijan events, and currently being kept in Osh City Temporary
Prison …

UZBEKISTAN to abolish death penalty since 2008
Kazinform – Astana,Kazakhstan
TASHKENT. August 4. KAZINFORM. /Rasul Bakhamov/ It is planned to abolish
death penalty in Uzbekistan since January 1, 2005, our correspondent reports.

WHAT stands behind Uzbekistan’s demand to withdraw US base?
RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
… the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Astana,
the regional tour by US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and Uzbekistan’s
demand to pull …

UZBEKISTAN denounces refugee transfer from Kyrgyzstan to third …
China Daily – China
Uzbekistan on Monday denounced last Friday’s transfer of more than 400
Uzbek refugees from neighboring Kyrgyzstan to a third country, saying
the move violates …

UZBEKISTAN plans to abolish capital punishment in 2008
RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
… When Uzbekistan became independent in 1991, its criminal code contained
more than 30 articles stipulating capital punishment for various crimes.

UZBEKISTAN: Abolish the death penalty immediately
Amnesty International – USA
Amnesty International is calling on the President of Uzbekistan, Islam
Karimov, to abolish the death penalty with immediate effect and to lift
the secrecy …

UZBEKISTAN to abolish death penalty
ITAR-TASS – Moscow,Russia
… the “punishment in the form of lifetime imprisonment or long terms
in prison can be ruled y the Supreme Courts of the Republic of Uzbekistan,
the Supreme …


GERMANY fears loss of supplies facility in Uzbekistan after US …
Financial Times – London,England,UK
The German government is worried that it may have to give up a vital military
facility in Uzbekistan following the expulsion of US forces from their
air base …

WHAT Does Closure Of US Military Base In Uzbekistan Mean
RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty – Prague,Czech Republic
… Prague, 1 August 2005 (RFE/RL) — Craig Murray, a former British ambassador
to Uzbekistan, told RFE/RL that Uzbek President Islam Karimov did not
make a wise …

UZBEKISTAN views refugees’ evacuation as foreign intervention
RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
MOSCOW, August 1 (RIA Novosti, Abu-Ali Niyazmatov) – Uzbekistan views the
evacuation of its refugees as foreign intervention and an attempt to play
the so …

FEDERATION Council speaker supports withdrawal of US base from …
RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
Uzbek authorities allowed the deployment of a US military base in Uzbekistan
at a time when it was necessary for the counterterrorist operation in
Afghanistan …

EurasiaNet – New York,NY,USA
Uzbekistan’s decision to evict US military personnel from the Karshi-Khanabad
airbase effectively marks the start of the Russian-led counter-revolution
in …

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