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17-31 MAY 2005


‘COTTON farming is dangerous in Uzbekistan’
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
CHINAZ, Uzbekistan: For Buribek, like for many Uzbek farmers, growing cotton
is a dangerous affair. “Being a cotton farmer here …

IN Uzbekistan, Washington should side with no one
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
Until violence erupted in Uzbekistan in the second week of May, most Americans
didn’t know much about the country – including where to find it on a map.

RFE/RL Led to Mass Grave Site in Uzbekistan
Radio Free Europe – Prague,Czech Republic
… 2005) A Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty correspondent was led to a
secret mass grave on the outskirts of the embattled city of Andijon, Uzbekistan
and spoke to …

US Senators In Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan
Radio Free Europe – Prague,Czech Republic
… Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and John Sununu discussed the
status of the refugees who fled the deadly clashes in eastern Uzbekistan
earlier this month …

OPPOSITION activists arrested in Uzbekistan
Times of Oman – Oman
TASHKENT ---- At least a dozen opposition activists, most from the volatile
Fergana Valley in east Uzbekistan, were arrested in their hotel in Tashkent
on …


US Senators Press Uzbekistan on Uprising
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
TASHKENT, Uzbekistan — US senators said Sunday that the Uzbek government’s
harsh response to an uprising will affect relations with Washington, adding
their …

ANGER as US backs brutal regime in Uzbekistan
ZNet – Woods Hole,MA,USA
… last night over ‘double standards’ by Washington over human rights,
democracy and ‘freedom’ as fresh evidence emerged of just how brutally
Uzbekistan, a US …

US warns its citizens against travelling to Uzbekistan
ITAR-TASS – Moscow,Russia
WASHINGTON, May 29 (Itar-Tass) – The US authorities on Saturday warned
about possible terrorist acts in Uzbekistan and recommended its citizens
to refrain from …

US Warns Americans of Possible Violence
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
The United States warned its citizens about potential attacks on American
targets in Uzbekistan after deadly riots in the Central Asian nation.


US Warns Americans in Uzbekistan
Guardian Unlimited – UK
TASHKENT, Uzbekistan (AP) – The United States warned its citizens Saturday
of potential terror attacks against American targets in Uzbekistan following
the …,1280,-5037778,00.html

RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
WASHINGTON, May 28 (RIA Novosti, Arkady Orlov) – It is up to Uzbekistan
to decide on international investigation of the May 13 events in Andizhan
(Uzbekistan …

US government warns Americans of terrorist threats in Uzbekistan
WHO-TV – Des Moines,IA,USA
The State Department is warning of potential terror attacks against American
targets in Uzbekistan following recent deadly riots in the Central Asian
nation. …

CHINA to help Uzbekistan struggle against revolutions
Pravda – Moscow,Russia
Uzbekistan’s President Islam Karimov has arrived in China on a state visit.
This the first country he decided to visit following …

UZBEK Forces Present in Andijan Crackdown
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
ANDIJAN, Uzbekistan — The armed, masked guard behind the gate at police
headquarters projected sheer force, but his eyes brightened as he fondly
remembered …


UZBEKISTAN President leaves Beijing at end of his China visit
Xinhua – Beijing,China
BEIJING, May 27 (Xinhuanet) — President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov left
Beijing Friday at the end of his three-day state visit to China aimed
at boosting …

NEW envoys to Uzbekistan, Mexico, Ivory Coast appointed
Hindu – Chennai,India
New Delhi, May 28 (PTI): India on Friday appointed new envoys to Uzbekistan,
Mexico and Ivory Coast. SR Tayal, Consul General in …

UZBEKISTAN Riots Will Not Develop Into Revolution — Russian …
MOSNEWS – Russia
As Uzbekistan recovers from the disastrous bloody rebellion that was as
far as it could be from anything resembling a “velvet revolution,” is
there a …

RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
MOSCOW, May 27 (RIA Novosti) – Events in Uzbekistan are unlikely to take
the roads followed by those in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan because
Uzbekistan does …

NATO Parliamentary Assembly To Vote Resolution on Uzbekistan (subscription) – USA
… “If they don’t (allow the inquiry), then we are calling on NATO to
cut any military cooperation with Uzbekistan,” Pierre Lellouche told journalists
as …


CHINA pushes economic and trade cooperation with Uzbekistan
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
China hopes to substantially carry out cooperation with Uzbekistan on energy
resources, mining, telecommunication and infrastructure, Chinese Premier
Wen …

UZBEKISTAN Again Rejects UN Calls for Andijan Bloodshed Probe
MOSNEWS – Russia
Uzbekistan reiterated Wednesday it would not allow an international investigation
into bloodshed in the eastern town of Andijan, and won Russian backing
for …

UZBEKISTAN faces bloodshed, state failure -think tank
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
ALMATY, May 26 (Reuters) – Uzbekistan faces further unrest and could become
a “failed state” unless foreign governments press much harder for rapid
political …

CHINA ‘honors’ Uzbekistan crackdown
International Herald Tribune – France
BEIJING China acclaimed a new treaty with Uzbekistan on Thursday as a milestone
promising closer cooperation between the two countries, even as the Uzbek

UZBEKISTAN: Further crackdown on human rights feared
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
ANKARA, 26 May (IRIN) – International rights groups have warned of a further
increase in human rights violations in Uzbekistan, where upwards of 1,000
people …


The Moscow Times – Moscow,Russia
… In the very same issue that featured the expose on how to trash Russian,
another article appeared that discussed the mass shootings in Andijan,
Uzbekistan. …

UZBEKISTAN: Government Shuts Off Andijan
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
(Jalal Abad, May 26, 2004)-The government of Uzbekistan is trying to block
information about the killings of hundreds of people in Andijan on May
13, Human …

CHINA, Uzbekistan sign friendship treaty
Hindustan Times – Delhi,India
China and Uzbekistan on Wednesday signed a treaty on friendly and cooperative
partnership as also 13 bilateral agreements, with Beijing firmly backing
Uzbek …,00050004.htm

NATION, Uzbekistan consolidates ties
China Daily – China
The leaders of China and Uzbekistan signed an agreement to establish a
“friendly co-operative partnership” yesterday, signalling a new determination
on both …

UZBEKISTAN rejects UN calls for Andizhan probe
Peninsula On-line – Qatar
TASHKENT: Uzbekistan said yesterday it would not allow an international
investigation into bloodshed in the eastern town of Andizhan, and won
Russian backing …


KYRGYZSTAN-UZBEKISTAN: Status of Uzbek asylum seekers unclear
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… The office of the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
chief of mission to Uzbekistan, Abdul Karim Gul, who recently returned
from Andijan …

CHINA supports Uzbekistan’s efforts to maintain stability
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
China firmly supports Uzbekistan’s moves to crack down on the “three evil
forces” of terrorism, separatism and extremism, and maintain domestic
and regional …

NATO Warns Uzbekistan on Crackdown
Voice of America – USA
By VOA News. NATO has warned Uzbekistan that its ties with the security
alliance depend on its commitment to upholding basic human rights. …

HRW: Uzbekistan arrests actvists – Doha,Qatar
Uzbekistan has arrested a human rights activist who gave reporters first-hand
testimony about a bloody government crackdown on protesters, the New York-based

EU Foreign Ministers Bombard Uzbekistan with Criticism
Zaman Online – Istanbul,Turkey
By Zaman. Having been accused of not reacting seriously against the massacre
in Andijan, the European Union (EU) has fiercely condemned Uzbekistan.


KYRGYZSTAN opens two checkpoints on border with Uzbekistan
Xinhua – Beijing,China
ALMA-ATA, May 23 (Xinhuanet) — Kyrgyzstan on Monday opened two checkpoints
on its border with neighboring Uzbekistan, as the situation in Uzbekistan
has …

UZBEKISTAN: Rights Defender in Andijan Arrested
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… reports following the events have quoted Zainabitdinov’s description
of the events as well as the human rights, political and economic context
in Uzbekistan. …

EU Financial aid to Uzbekistan not to be Reduced
Zaman Online – Istanbul,Turkey
The European Union (EU) will not suspend or reduce its financial aid to
Uzbekistan despite a government crackdown on protesters that is feared
to have left …

SPIRITUAL guide or scourge of Uzbekistan?
Globe and Mail – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
… If the man responding to that question was Islam Karimov, the President
of Uzbekistan and an important ally in the US struggle against terrorism,
the answer …

KYRGYZSTAN has not transferred refugees to Uzbekistan – migration … – Moscow,Russia
“The local media that said over 80 refugees were allegedly transferred
to Uzbekistan last weekend are not true,” the source said. …


RUSSIA and US jockey for position in Uzbekistan
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
ON the face of it, Russia and the United States seem to be of like minds
on how to respond to a military crackdown in Uzbekistan that left hundreds
of …

UZBEKISTAN’S president plays his only card: force – Lexington,KY,USA
KORASUV, Uzbekistan – President Islam Karimov, facing unprecedented public
protest, has opted for the tool most familiar to him: a crackdown. …

Muslim Uzbekistan – Uzbekistan
“They have no right,” a 60-year-old man said. “Uzbekistan is a sovereign
country that can resolve its problems … this is our internal business.”.

WE have urged restraint in Uzbekistan: Downer
ABC Online – Australia
The Federal Government says it is concerned about reports that unarmed
civilians have been fired on in the central Asian nation of Uzbekistan.

EDITORIAL: Crunch time in Uzbekistan
Australian – Australia
WHILE the claim by President Islam Karimov that his ruthless crackdown
in Uzbekistan is about containing Islamic extremism is largely empty,
there is certainly …,5744,15371808%255E7583,00.html


UZBEKISTAN tensions still high
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Australia
… as a popular local wrestler in the town of Karasuv, which straddles
the border between the Central Asian former Soviet republics of Uzbekistan
and Kyrgyzstan. …

UZBEKISTAN refuses UN inquiry into killing of protestors – London,UK
The United Nations says its efforts to launch an international investigation
into the recent violence in Uzbekistan, the most deadly since the country’s

STRAW accused of ‘pious hypocrisies’ over Uzbekistan – London,England,UK
Britain’s former ambassador to Uzbekistan has accused Jack Straw, the Foreign
Secretary, of “pious hypocrisies” over his statements condemning the shootings
of …

UZBEKISTAN: ‘In the narrow lane, the machine guns clattered …
Independent – London,England,UK
Witnesses and participants of last week’s bloody Uzbekistan massacre reveal
the dreadful secrets of that Friday 13th in May. Peter …

Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
THE BLOODY protests in Uzbekistan’s Andijan square have exposed the Bush
administration’s Janus-faced policy on regime change. Recent …


UZBEKISTAN rejects calls for investigation
Guardian Unlimited – UK
… In a sign of concern about the situation in Uzbekistan, which Washington
considers a key US ally in the “war on terror”, the head of US central
command …,3604,1488722,00.html

US urges international assessment of Uzbekistan events
Hindustan Times – Delhi,India
The United States has urged Uzbekistan for a “credible and transparent”
assessment of recent events in the country which led to a large number
of deaths and …,00050004.htm

INTERNATIONAL pressure on Uzbekistan
Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… Union have joined the United Nations in pressing for an international
probe into the alleged killing of hundreds during an authoritarian crackdown
in Uzbekistan …

RICE Presses Uzbekistan to Allow Probe of Deadly Clashes
Voice of America – USA
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Friday raised the prospect of a further
cut in US aid to Uzbekistan if the government of President Islam Karimov
continues …

TROUBLE in Uzbekistan
The Japan Times – Japan
In Uzbekistan, which likes to behave as a regional power in Central Asia,
large-scale antigovernment protests by citizens have begun to shake the
foundations …


GENERAL Says US Scaled Back Its Military Operations in Uzbekistan
Voice of America – USA
The head of the US Central Command, General John Abizaid, says the United
States has scaled back its military operations in Uzbekistan since last
week’s …

UZBEKISTAN Opposes Int’l Probe of Violence
Guardian Unlimited – UK
UNITED NATIONS (AP) – Uzbekistan’s President Islam Karimov said he opposes
an international investigation into the worst violence since the country’s,1280,-5018467,00.html

Yahoo News – USA
“Such people must be shot in the forehead,” Uzbekistan dictator Islam Karimov
once said of political dissidents. “If necessary, I …

1,000 killed in Uzbekistan, says rights group
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
… the recent unrest in the Central Asian republic, the International
Helsinki Federation for Human Rights and the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan
charged on …

DARING escape from Uzbekistan
International Herald Tribune – France
… Muminova said she and the child survived hours of violence last Friday
when the government of Uzbekistan used gunfire to respond to a prison
break and disperse …


FOREIGN diplomats, journalists visit Uzbekistan’s Andijan
Xinhua – Beijing,China
… country. After visiting for more than two hours, the diplomats and
journalists flew back to Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan. British …

AUTHORITIES in Uzbekistan Allowed Foreign Diplomats to Tour the …
Voice of America – USA
Authorities in Uzbekistan allowed a group of foreign diplomats and journalists
to tour the town of Andijan where violence last week left hundreds of
people dead …

KYRGYZSTAN-UZBEKISTAN: Border calm as official visit to Andijan …
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
BISHKEK, 18 May (IRIN) – The office of the United Nations High Commissioner
for Refugees (UNHCR)in Uzbekistan confirmed on Wednesday that it was conducting
an …

REBELS Seize Control of Uzbekistan Town
Guardian Unlimited – UK
KORASUV, Uzbekistan (AP) – Rebels cherishing the prospect of a strict Islamic
state were firmly in control of this border town Wednesday, throwing up
a new …,1280,-5014990,00.html

US Urges International Probe of Uzbekistan Protesters’ Deaths
Bloomberg – USA
… 18 (Bloomberg) — The US joined the European Union, United Nations
and the UK in calling for an international probe into the deaths of protesters
in Uzbekistan …


Opposition Counts 745 Deaths
By Burt Herman / The Associated Press
An opposition leader said Tuesday that her party had compiled a list of 745 people allegedly killed by government troops in Uzbekistan, the highest estimate so far, and that many were shot in the back of the head.

UZBEKISTAN leadership running out of options
Taipei Times – Taipei,Taiwan
The leaders of the Central Asian state of Uzbekistan have few palatable options that will enable them both to calm unrest fueled by economics and radical Islam …

RICE calls for openness in Uzbekistan
Hindustan Times – Delhi,India
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday called on Uzbekistan to open its society, following a bloody crackdown against demonstrators in the former …,00050004.htm

UZBEKISTAN: Refugees tell of horror in Andijan
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
The community, lying close to the Kyrgyz border with Uzbekistan, is now home to around 500 Uzbeks who fled the violence in eastern Uzbekistan over the past …

UZBEKISTAN Admits Its Crackdown Was Far More Deadly
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
KARASU, Uzbekistan, May 17 – Uzbekistan acknowledged today that its crackdown of an antigovernment demonstration and a prison break last week had been far more …

RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
… is why Karimov reviewed his foreign policy and announced the withdrawal from GUUAM, an organization comprising Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and …


Uzbek Refugees Are Denied Passage
The Associated PressAbout 150 Uzbek refugees trying to flee to neighboring Kyrgyzstan after a violent crackdown on protesters in Uzbekistan have been turned back by Kyrgyz authorities, who also warned they could quickly deport others who had previously crossed the border, officials said Monday.

Press Group Urges Karimov to Let Reporters Work
ReutersMedia rights group Reporters without Borders is urging Uzbek President Islam Karimov to allow media to operate freely, after journalists were told to leave Andijan.

EDITORIAL: Clash in Uzbekistan
Asahi Shimbun – Tokyo, Japan
In the Central Asian state of Uzbekistan, hundreds of citizens were reportedly
killed and wounded during a government crackdown. …

KYRGYZSTAN-UZBEKISTAN: Camp established as refugees flee Uzbek …
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… and the goverment has opened a refugee camp, after more than 1,000
Uzbeks crossed into the country following three days of violence in eastern
Uzbekistan. …

UZBEKISTAN agrees with Andijan access
Xinhua – Beijing,China
LONDON, May 16 (Xinhuanet) — Uzbekistan agreed on Monday to a visit to
Andijan by ambassadors and journalists after British Ambassador in Tashkent
David Moran …

TENSION simmers in Uzbekistan
Daily Telegraph – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
By Olga Nedbayeva in Andijan, Uzbekistan. GUNFIRE was heard early today
in the eastern Uzbek town of Andijan, days after Uzbek security …

US Appeals for Restraint in Uzbekistan Amid Civil Unrest
Voice of America – USA
By David Gollust. The United States Monday urged restraint by authorities
in Uzbekistan amid reports of continuing unrest in the Central Asian state.


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