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Korea Newslinks 9-10 October 2006


Date: 10 October 2006

US urges sanctions to restrain North Korea
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
Analysis of the initial, sketchy information on North Korea’s apparent
underground nuclear test suggests the blast might have been relatively
small by …

White House rejects direct talks with N. Korea
Houston Chronicle – United States
WASHINGTON — While scientists tried to confirm North Korea’s purported
nuclear test, the White House on Monday strongly rejected direct talks with
Pyongyang …

N. Korea ‘humiliated’ closest ally China with nuclear test …
Mainichi Daily News – Japan
CANBERRA, Australia — North Korea has drawn universal condemnation and
humiliated its closest ally China with it first nuclear test, Australia’s
foreign …

South Korea’s Survival Strategy After the Nuclear Test
Chosun Ilbo – Seoul,South Korea
North Korea carried out a nuclear test. It closed its ears to the
international community’s warning that the day after the test …

Nations unite to condemn N. Korea nuclear test
Houston Chronicle – United States
AP. UNITED NATIONS – The world lined up against North Korea on Monday for
staging a nuclear test denounced even by key allies. The …

US urges North Korea sanctions
CNN International – USA
WASHINGTON (CNN) — The United States has vowed to press for tough
international sanctions against North Korea over its claimed nuclear test,
while scientists …

World condemns N. Korea: Nuclear test leaves international …
Globe and Mail – Canada
WASHINGTON — The world’s major powers condemned North Korea yesterday for
defiantly testing a nuclear bomb, but continued to struggle in their
efforts to …

Gillerman on North Korea, South Korean
Ynetnews – Israel
Israel’s ambassador to the UN tells Ynet that South Korea’s Ban could be
good for Israel, says treatment of N. Korea to serve as precedent to Iran.,7340,L-3313077,00.html

With all eyes on North Korea, Tehran could grow more defiant
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
AP. TEHRAN—North Korea’s claim to have tested an atomic bomb could
embolden Iran as it defies the UN Security Council and United States over
its own nuclear …

Bush warns N Korea but options are limited
MSN Money – USA
Although President George W. Bush delivered a stern warning to North Korea
over the consequences of its nuclear test, analysts say the US has few
options but …

Yen hits 8-mth low vs dlr on N.Korea jitters
Reuters – USA
LONDON (Reuters) – The yen hit an 8-month low against the dollar on Tuesday
as jitters lingered over North Korea’s nuclear test, while the greenback
was seen …

Japan seeks consensus on N Korea sanctions
Financial Times – London,England,UK
… seeking Tuesday to find a joint position on sanctions on which the main
countries could agree in order to present a unified response to North
Korea’s nuclear …

US pushes for sanctions on North Korea
ABC Online – Australia
ELEANOR HALL: The United Nations Security Council is to meet tomorrow, to
consider how to punish North Korea over its announcement that it has
conducted its …

Japan’s PM Abe gets a helping hand from N. Korea
Washington Post – United States
… Four years after Abe made a name for himself with his tough stand on
North Korea’s kidnapping of Japanese citizens, an announcement by Kim’s
government that it …

North Korea ‘could fire’ nuclear warhead
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
“We are still willing to abandon nuclear programs and return to six-party
talks,” South Korea’s Yonhap news agency quoted an unnamed North Korean
official as …

World rages over Korea crisis
Metro – London,UK
North Korea remained defiant in the face of worldwide outrage over its
first atomic weapons test yesterday. … But South Korea said it was far
smaller. …

Citizens of Nagasaki, Hiroshima react angrily to N. Korea’s …
Mainichi Daily News – Japan
Citizens of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and anti-nuclear groups are up in arms
over North Korea’s announcement of an underground nuclear test. …

Military action against N.Korea highly unlikely – Beijing
RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
BEIJING, October 10 (RIA Novosti) – China considers military actions
against North Korea following its nuclear tests to be ‘unimaginable’, the
Chinese Foreign …

S. Korea Keeps Eye on North’s Next Nuke Move
Korea Times – South Korea
Alarmed by North Korea’s first-ever alleged nuclear test, South Korea was
anxious yesterday to find clues as to whether the communist North would go
ahead …

North Korea Nuclear Test – Implications for India
Times of India – India
North Korea’s Nuclear test has brought into sharp focus Pakistan’s role as
a Nuclear Proliferator. The blast, at an underground …

Asian nations talk tough on N. Korea
Jerusalem Post – Israel
China and South Korea on Tuesday strongly opposed threatening North Korea
with a military strike, while the US and Japan focused on slapping
sanctions on the …

Democrat Calls for North Korea Talks
Washington Post – United States
WASHINGTON — The Bush administration should abandon its long-standing
refusal to engage in direct talks with North Korea, now that Pyongyang has
racheted up …

US urges sanctions to restrain North Korea
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
(10-10) 04:00 PDT Washington — The White House pushed Monday for
aggressive new sanctions on North Korea, including measures to limit trade
in military and …

North Korea eases the heat on Iran – for now
Asia Times Online – Kowloon,Hong Kong
In view of Pyongyang’s apparent nuclear test, with the new flare-up in
North Korea’s nuclear crisis promising serious geostrategic ramifications
on a long-term …

Bush: North Korea has defied international community
Irish Examiner – Cork,Ireland
Facing the prospect of a nuclear-armed North Korea, US President George
Bush is calling the regime’s claim of a nuclear test a provocative act
and has warned …

N Korea test is ‘threat to peace’
BBC News – UK
North Korea’s reported nuclear test poses a “clear threat to international
peace and security”, Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett has said. …

North Korea’s Test: The Good News
By ROMESH RATNESAR. By announcing that it has tested a nuclear device,
North Korea has ushered in a new age of global proliferation. …,8599,1544489,00.html

North Korea’s Nukes: What Next?
Washington Post – United States
North Korea’s official announcement, reported by the government-controlled
Korean Central News Agency said the test “will contribute to defending the
peace and …

North Korea: The Situation on Day Two
Rolling Stone – USA
After a proud, forty-year diplomatic career largely spent managing the
tense standoff between North and South Korea, your reputation swells to the
point where …

White House Rejects North Korea Talks
Forbes – NY,USA
The Bush administration rejected anew Tuesday direct talks with North Korea
and said it would not be intimidated by a reported threat from Pyongyang
that it …

Downer heaps shame on North Korea
Advertiser Adelaide – Adelaide,South Australia,Australia
FOREIGN AFFAIRS Minister Alexander Downer took the unusual step of trying
to shame North Korea as Australia registered its strong objections against
the rogue …,22606,20560133-910,00.html

Bush administration leads chorus of denunciations against North …
Asian Tribune – Bangkok,Thailand
The Bush administration has responded to North Korea’s announcement
yesterday that it had tested a nuclear device with denunciations and
threats of tough new …

Russia raps N.Korea nuke test, wants no force used – UK
MOSCOW, Oct 10 (Reuters) – Russia said on Tuesday North Korea’s first
reported nuclear test was a “colossal blow” to the non-proliferation
regime, but an …

Worldwide rebuke for North Korea’s test nuke
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
… The Japanese daily reports that “North Korea is believed to have used
plutonium from its Yongbyong reactor” in making the bomb that was exploded
yesterday. …

South Korea faces calls to scrap engagement policy after North’s …
International Herald Tribune – France
AP. SEOUL, South Korea South Korea has tried for eight years to engage
North Korea with trade and aid aimed at promoting stability on the divided
peninsula, but …

UN plans sanctions on N. Korea
The Daily Yomiuri – Osaka,Japan
NEW YORK—The United States on Monday presented the UN Security Council
with a draft resolution calling for stricter sanctions against North Korea,
based on …

White House Rejects North Korea Talks
ABC News – USA
… to the United Nations and prominent Democrat says the Bush
administration should abandon its long-standing refusal to engage in direct
talks with North Korea. …

UN weighs sanctions against North Korea
Financial Express – Bombay,India
UNITED NATIONS, OCT 10: With world leaders roundly condemning North
Korea’s announcement it had carried out a nuclear test, UN Security
Council members …

North Korea’s N-test: A bang or a fizzle?
Times of India – India
North Korea’s self-proclaimed nuclear test was a minor hiccup, seismically
speaking, but it’s US analysts who are choking with theories about what
really …

Bush, Kerry — Yes, Kerry — and Korea
Yahoo! News – USA
North Korea threatened to initiate nuclear weapons tests. There was no
certainty that North Korea’s weapons programs were advanced …

Date: 9 October 2006

Japanese leader says China also opposes N. Korea nuclear test
San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
BEIJING – Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Sunday that he won
agreement from China’s leaders that a nuclear test by North Korea “can
never be tolerated …

S Korea ‘provocation’ charges
News24 – South Africa
Seoul – North Korea on Sunday accused South Korea of groundless attacks on
its soldiers near the border, describing the incident as “intolerable”
provocation …,,2-10-1462_2009715,00.html

Japan, China demand N. Korea scrub A-bomb test
CBC News – Canada
North Korea must abandon its plans to test an atomic bomb, Japan and China
say. Leaders of the two countries met on Sunday for the …

As North Korea flaunts nuclear intent, actions easier to spy
International Herald Tribune – France
… North Korea all but yelled “look at me” in announcing that it planned
to conduct its first nuclear test, which experts say might come at any time
or perhaps …

South Korea Fall to Ghana in Friendly
OhmyNews International – South Korea
… After beating Japan 1-0 in a highly contested friendly, it was the turn
of South Korea on Sunday to receive her own share of new vengeance from the
Ghanaian …

North Korea
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Since the world appears to hate the USA for its interventionist foreign
policy, the USA should pull out of the Korean Peninsula and let the NKs and
SKs work it …

North Korea nuclear crisis timeline
Ninemsn – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
North Korea’s state news agency announced today that the country had
conducted its first nuclear test, less than a week after Pyongyang
threatened to do so. …

Text of North Korea’s Nuke Announcement
Washington Post – United States
By AP. AP. — North Korea said Monday it had conducted its first nuclear
weapons test. The text of the announcement by the country’s …

PM condemns N Korea nuclear test
The Australian – Sydney,Australia
PRIME Minister John Howard today strongly condemned a nuclear weapons test
by North Korea, saying seismic activity confirmed a test had taken place.,20867,20549283-1702,00.html

North Korea says it conducted successful nuclear weapons test
Chicago Sun-Times – United States
SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea said Monday it has performed its
first-ever nuclear weapons test. The country’s official Korean …,korea100806.article

Japan’s Abe Arrives in Seoul to Discuss N. Korea Nuclear Threat
Bloomberg – USA
Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) — Japan’s Prime Minster Shinzo Abe arrived in South
Korea to discuss North Korea’s threat to test- detonate a nuclear bomb, the
issue that …

Timeline of N. Korea nuclear weapons work
Newsweek – USA
1993: North Korea shocks world by saying it will quit the Nuclear
Nonproliferation Treaty, later suspends its withdrawal. 1994: North …

Asian Stocks Fall After North Korea Nuclear Test; Samsung Drops
Bloomberg – USA
By Kyung Bok Cho. Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) — Asian stocks dropped after North
Korea said it detonated a nuclear bomb, defying calls for restraint from
world leaders. …

Korea Could Face Labor Shortage in Service Sector
Chosun Ilbo – Seoul,South Korea
Korea may encounter a severe labor shortage in the coming years if the
country fails to boost productivity in the service sector. …

South Korea Stocks Plunge on Nuke Report
Houston Chronicle – United States
2006 AP. SEOUL, South Korea — South Korean stocks plunged Monday
following North Korea’s announcement that it conducted a nuclear test. …

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INTERVIEW-Red Cross urges continued aid to North Korea – UK
BEIJING, Oct 9 (Reuters) – The outside world should not stop providing aid
to North Korea because of its nuclear test, the Red Cross said on Monday,
adding …

North Korea nuclear test
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
No, I’d say it’s become a lot safer now. With a nuclear deterrent Korea is
now less likely to be invaded by the USA. When posting …

North Korea claims first nuclear test
Guardian Unlimited – UK
North Korea said today it had performed its first-ever nuclear weapons
test, a move that prompted swift international condemnation, with the prime
minister …,,1891043,00.html

North Korea says it held nuclear weapons test
Ha'aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
“The nuclear test was conducted with indigenous wisdom and technology 100
percent,” North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency said. …

N. Korea conducts nuke weapons test
HeraldNet – Everett,WA,USA
AP. SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea said today it had performed its first
nuclear weapons test, an underground explosion that defied international
warnings but …

Japan discusses DPRK’s reported nuclear test with US, S. Korea
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
… on Monday that he had discussed with his South Korean and US
counterparts the reported nuclear test by the Democratic People’s Republic
of Korea (DPRK) earlier …

Japan’s Abe in S.Korea as North announces test
Malaysia Star – Malaysia
SEOUL (Reuters) – Japan’s prime minister flew to South Korea on Monday to
mend relations with his key neighbour in a trip overshadowed almost as soon
as he had …

North Korea Says Nuclear Test Successful
Forbes – NY,USA
North Korea said Monday it has performed its first-ever nuclear weapons
test. The country’s official Korean Central News Agency …

Yen hits 8-mth low vs dollar on N.Korea jitters
Reuters – USA
LONDON (Reuters) – The yen slipped to an eight-month low against the dollar
on Monday after North Korea said it had successfully conducted an
underground …

North Korea announces nuclear test
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
(10-09) 04:00 PDT Tokyo — North Korea declared today that it had conducted
its first nuclear test in defiance of international calls for restraint,
claiming …

[Double Tenth Day] Korea, Taiwan: Partnership in Common Values
Korea Times – South Korea
The following was contributed by Chen Yeong-cho, representative of the
Taipei Mission in Korea, on the occasion of the National Day of Republic of
China, which …

N. Korea’s Nuclear Test Was `Sign of Desperation,’ Mobius Says
Bloomberg – USA
… 9 (Bloomberg) — North Korea’s announcement that it tested a nuclear
weapon is a ``sign of desperation’’ and declines in Asian stocks following
the statement …

N Korea tests nuclear weapon
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
North Korea has carried out an underground nuclear test, the nation’s
Central News Agency said today. “Our science research section …

Korea in Tug of War With US Over Beef Imports
Korea Times – South Korea
South Korea has been under pressure to import boned beef from US cattle as
the US beef industry has threatened to boycott a free trade agreement (FTA)
between …

US stocks seen lower after N. Korea nuclear test – UK
NEW YORK, Oct 9 (Reuters) – US stock futures fell on Monday as concern
about North Korea’s underground nuclear test and rising oil prices will
likely prompt …

N. Korea test will have fallout for India : Experts
Hindu – Chennai,India
9 (PTI): The nuclear test by North Korea will have “serious” implications
for India, former diplomats feel, with one of them blaming the US and its
western …

S. Korea suspends humanitarian aid to DPRK
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
… South Korean government announced on Monday that it had decided to
suspend scheduled humanitarian aid to the Democratic People’s Republic of
Korea (DPRK) as a …

Pak guards AQ Khan from N Korea nuke test heat
CNN-IBN – New Delhi,India
IN AQ’S DEFENSE: AQ Khan admitted on national TV in 2004 that he passed
atomic secrets to N Korea. New Delhi: Within hours of the …

North Korea’s announcement
Boston Globe – United States
``The field of scientific research in [North Korea] successfully conducted
an underground nuclear test under secure conditions on Oct. …

North Korea announces nuclear test
ABC Online – Australia
And when that explosion takes place in a country like North Korea, which
has openly defied the usual rules of conducting international relations,
the world …

Questions and Answers: North Korea’s Nuclear Program
New York Times – United States
By AP. Confirmed information about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities are

International community reacts to North Korea’s announcement
ABC Online – Australia
MARK COLVIN: The question now facing the world is how to stop North Korea
pressing ahead with its nuclear program. As David Mark …

Fury after North Korea explodes nuclear weapon
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Kim Jong-il, leader of North Korea, which yesterday announced the
detonation of its first nuclear weapon. NORTH Korea has sparked …

How North Korea bungled its nuclear timing
Asia Times Online – Kowloon,Hong Kong
SEOUL – North Korea’s nuclear test has altered the landscape of alliances
and enmities in East Asia, suddenly putting Japan in common cause with two
terrible …

N. Korea Nuke Test Shocks World Markets
Houston Chronicle – United States
… LONDON — Stocks fell in Asia, Europe and the United States on Monday
after North Korea said it carried out a nuclear weapon test, sparking fears
that …

Security Council Condemns N. Korea’s Claim of Nuclear Test
FOX News – USA
UNITED NATIONS — Members of the UN Security Council condemned North
Korea’s claim of a nuclear test Monday, demanding that it return to
six-party talks on …,2933,218920,00.html

US Envoy Sees UN Unity on N. Korea
New York Times – United States
The United Nations Security Council agreed this morning to condemn North
Korea for the nuclear test it announced and will begin considering a
resolution …

North Korea’s nuclear capabilities: An estimate
Hindustan Times – India
AP. Monday’s explosion of a nuclear device by North Korea, if true, makes
the Communist-ruled state the latest member of the elite club of nuclear
powers. …,00050004.htm

Free Market News Network – Pompano Beach,FL,USA
North Korea’s claim that it successfully tested a nuclear weapon didn’t
ignite a rush into gold on Monday. Contracts for December …

Analysis: N. Korea still unable to mount nuclear attack
CNN International – USA
VIENNA, Austria (AP) — North Korea may have the bomb. But the twin
complexities of developing nuclear warheads from a successful …

North Korea’s Nuclear Claim Revives Pressure on US for Talks
Bloomberg – USA
… 10 (Bloomberg) — North Korea’s claim that it tested a nuclear weapon
is reviving pressure on President George W. Bush to engage Kim Jong Il’s
government in …

North Korea: the play of a desperate man?
Financial Express – Bombay,India
The nuclear test by North Korea appears to have taken the world by
surprise. But to anyone who has been following the events in …

Nations condemn nuclear test by North Korea
San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
WASHINGTON – Global condemnation rained down on North Korea on Monday as
intelligence experts questioned the rogue nation’s claim that it had
successfully …

Nikkei opens lower after N.Korea nuclear test
Reuters – USA
… Corp. (6857.T: Quote, NEWS, Research), fell after North Korea’s
announcement that it had conducted its first nuclear test. Bucking …

Nuclear expert urges measured response to N Korea
ABC Online – Australia
… Institute for Strategic Studies senior fellow and nuclear
non-proliferation expert Mark Fitzpatrick discusses the implications of
North Korea’s nuclear test. …

North Korea may be far from being able to mount atomic attack …
International Herald Tribune – France
AP. VIENNA, Austria North Korea may have the bomb. But when will it be able
to use it — this year? The next? Within 10 years? The …

N. Korea ‘deliberately provocative’ – Clark – Wellington,New Zealand
The Government “utterly condemns” North Korea’s nuclear test and backed the
South Korean foreign minister’s quest to become the next United Nations
secretary …,2106,3824328a10,00.html

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