Sibel Edmonds Sues Ashcroft Again: Actions Tied To 9-11 Evidence 

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FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds sues Ashcroft and DOJ again, asserting that re-classification of her 9-11 allegations was illegal and unconstitutional by Tom Flocco

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IMAGE: Sibel Edmonds was fired for reporting information she uncovered in the FBI's translation unit in Washington. Attorney General Ashcroft said the national interests of the United States “would be seriously impaired” if Edmonds' findings were to be made available to the public; so he made the decision to classify public information still available on the Internet.

WASHINGTON — June 24, 2004 2:45 pm — TomFlocco.com — On behalf of former FBI contract linguist Sibel Edmonds, The Project On Government Oversight (POGO) sued Attorney General John Ashcroft and the Department of Justice (DOJ) today, seeking judicial reclassification of information that alleges corruption, incompetence and cover-ups in an FBI investigation unit.

POGO, a politically independent non-profit government watchdog, is challenging Ashcroft's information reclassification and concomitant invocation of State Secret Privilege in the withholding of certain information that is widely available to the public.

  The information is related to Sibel Edmonds' allegations reported to her superiors concerning numerous instances of wrongdoing in the FBI translation unit—much of it closely linked to the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001. Georgetown University Law Center professor David Vladeck and Public Citizen are representing POGO in the civil action.

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