UQ Wire: A September 11th Widow Speaks Out 

04/05/04 Posting to International Wire of Scoop
Press Release: www.UnansweredQuestions.org Date: Tuesday, 4 May 2004
Time: 9:55 am NZT

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Press Release
NY 9/11 Truth ( www.ny911truth.org) Presents…

6 PM (doors), 7 PM (speakers)
The Riverside Church, Harlem NYC
THE EVENT IS FREE, with suggested donation




Lost her husband Neil on UA 175, is among the more than one hundred families of Sept. 11th who have refused the U.S. government's hush-money settlement (average award: $1.8 million) so that they can pursue legal action to discover the truth.


Former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, is Mrs. Mariani's counsel in her historic lawsuit against the Bush administration for racketeering (RICO), allowing the Sept. 11th attacks, and obstruction of justice.


Publisher of Jim Hatfield's controversial Bush biography “Fortunate Son,” journalist with INN World Report, is a powerful voice within the 9/11 Truth Movement.



Former Marine and UN Chief Weapons Inspector for Iraq, boldly stated before the invasion that Iraq had no significant weapons of mass destruction. He is a powerful voice against war and against the challenge to constitutional government at home.


Join 9/11 Widow Ellen Mariani and her lawyer Phil Berg, former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania to learn about their RICO (federal racketeering) suit against President Bush and other high level members of his administration based upon prior knowledge of 9/11; knowingly failing to act, prevent or warn of 9/11; and the ongoing obstruction of justice by covering up the truth of 9/11.

In this historic convergence of the 9/11 truth and anti-war movements, Ms. Mariani and her attorney Philip Berg will be joined at this event by outspoken Iraq war critic and former UNSCOM weapons inspector Scott Ritter, in his first appearance at a 9/11 centered event in what is largely seen as a sign, along with the high visibility of the 9/11 cover-up issue at the large March 20th anti-war events in New York and San Francisco, of the increasing perception among the anti-war movement that government complicity in the events of 9/11 is a very real possibility.

On May 22nd, at the Riverside Church, where Martin Luther King delivered his historic April 4, 1967 speech against the Vietnam War, the new Antiwar movement and the 9/11 Truth movement shall combine into a powerful new presence that declares:

“Those who seek peace and justice must fight first for truth and freedom.”

learn about what's going on around you.


Directions to Riverside Church
Riverside Drive (between 120 & 122 Streets) Take the 1 or 9 trains to 116 & Broadway, walk west to Riverside Drive.
see www.ny911truth.org for more information.


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