Do you want the truth about 9/11 
or are you happy with the official "spin"? 

by Michael C. Ruppert 


Action Needed Monday and Tuesday, April 26 & 27

April 26, 2004 1400 PDT ( FTW) — FBI whistleblower and former translator Sibel Edmonds, who has appeared on 60 MINUTES and recently been interviewed in many of the largest newspapers in the world has something to say. We know already that Senator Charles Grassley has found her credible and that she has charged the government with lying for stating that it had no knowledge of the possibility that Al Qaeda might use hijacked airliners as weapons against buildings. She was placed under a gag order restricting her from speaking with the press about that knowledge by John Ashcroft in October of 2002 and she has pushed the envelope of that order in a multitude of recent interviews. The government has just moved to keep Edmonds from giving a deposition in response to a subpoena.

So scared of what she might say is the Bush administration that the Department of Justice has moved to impose the rarely used ìState Secretsî privilege to prevent Edmonds from giving a deposition in a 9/11-related lawsuit. The case is the $100 trillion action filed in 2002 by 600 9/11 victim families against officials of the Saudi government and prominent Saudi citizens. FTW believes that the greatest crimes of 9/11, the ones that deserve the fullest attention of the American people, were committed by persons inside the US government, not in Saudi Arabia. I leave aside any opinions of the nature of the Saudi regime, about which FTW has written extensively. That is not the point.

While FTW has reservations about the possible motives for the suit as setting the stage for a destabilization of Saudi Arabia as a pretext for seizing Saudi oilfields, those reservations have nothing to do with the fact that a law is being invoked to conceal a crime. That is exactly what John Ashcroft's DoJ is attempting to do. Whatever Sibel Edmonds has to say, whatever she knows, is something the American people have a right and a need to hear. That right should transcend any law.

Edmonds has stated that she did not believe that the Bush administration had specific knowledge relating to the dates of the attacks or their specific targets. From her compartmentalized position in the FBI, that opinion may reflect what she knew but it does not correspond to other facts that are known and which FTW was the first to document and publish.

Unfortunately the law itself is fairly clear and it is likely that the motion to quash the subpoena will be granted and subsequently affirmed by the Court of Appeals. That brings up a greater challenge as Americans must now question the legitimacy of the law itself.

Our Declaration of Independence says that whenever the government becomes an obstacle to the pursuit of liberty and democracy that it is the right and the duty of the people to change that government. The heavier issues behind 9/11, the ones that people have not wanted to face, are now appearing on the table.

Supporting Sibel Edmonds right now means supporting the principle of protection for whistle-blowers, and for government transparency. We need to stop the DOJ's efforts to terrorize the people who could bring out the truth, whether it is Edmonds or anyone who promotes transparency inside the machinery.

And it won't take much to turn the tide. The DOJ and the Courts desperately rely upon the appearance of the rule of law. They might back down if we confront them within the very court system they use to maintain the appearance of legitimacy. Don't underestimate your own power.

Here's what you can do to help. (Please do as many of these as you can.)


If you live in the DC area, please come to support Ms. Edmonds and to make sure the Judge and the DOJ know that the public insists on 9-11 transparency. The hearing will be held in the US District Court (3rd and Constitution Avenue), in Judge Reggie Walton's courtroom, on Monday, April 26, at 11:30 AM. Ms. Edmonds will be in front of the Constitution entrance at 11:00.

DC Court with map:


The Department of Justice budget is funded by the White House and the Congress. Please email John Ashcroft and cc Bush, Cheney, Rice, Frank Wolf (Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee), Roscoe C. Howard, Jr. (DC US Attorney), Peter D. Keisler (Assistant Attorney General), and Judd Greg (Chairman of the Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State and the Judiciary).

Simply copy and paste the following sample text in your email, or use your own words.


Dear Attorney General Ashcroft,

I have recently learned that the department of Justice is attempting to silence Sibel D. Edmonds, a former FBI translator who is attempting to tell the truth about 9-11. It is outrageous that my tax dollars are being used to prevent government transparency in what appears to be a 9-11 cover-up. Does this administration have something to hide? Ms. Edmonds and any other government employees or contractors who want to tell the truth have a right to do so. The public has a right to know the truth!


(your name)

cc: President George Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Frank Wolf, DC US Attorney Roscoe C. Howard, Jr, Assistant Attorney General Peter D. Keisler, Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State and the Judiciary Chairman, Judd Greg



Copy and paste the following addresses into the "to" field:

AskDOJ@usdoj.gov, president@whitehouse.gov, vice.president@whitehouse.gov, crice@whitehouse.gov, dc.outreach@usdoj.gov, peter.keisler@usdoj.gov, mailbox@gregg.senate.gov

And please copy and paste catherine@solari.com into the cc section. Catherine Austin Fitts is keeping track of how many emails are being sent.

To email Frank Wolf, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, use this web-mail form: http://www.house.gov/wolf/email.html

To email the entire House Appropriations Committee, use this web-mail form: http://appropriations.house.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=ContactInformation.ContactForm


President George W. Bush Vice President Richard Cheney: 202-456-1111 Attorney General John Ashcroft: 202-514-2001 Assistant Attorney General Peter D Keisler: 202-514-3301 DC US Attorney Roscoe C. Howard, Jr.: 202-514-7566 House Appropriations Committee Chairman Frank Wolf: 202-225-5136 Senate Appropriations Committee: 202-224-7363 Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State and the Judiciary Chairman, Judd Greg: 202-224-3324


Please post this action alert to relevant lists and forward it to ten or more people in your network who are interested in seeing the truth emerge on 9-11.

Also, contact your local media (use a Google search to find their emails and phone numbers) and encourage them to cover the story.


While we wait until November to vote at the polls, we can vote in the marketplace with our media attention, bank deposits, and our purchases and investments. When we shift our market "votes" to local banks and local media, we break up the economic power that is running the federal government. Shift your bank deposits from a large bank to a well managed local credit union or community bank. Shift your media attention and subscriptions to media that is telling the truth about 9-11 and your local media. Let's use our consumer power to break up the banking and corporate cartel that is running our government to stop transparency and accountability.


Our intention is for total transparency on 9-11. Keep believing and thinking, "May it be so!"



Documents related to the hearing on Monday : http://www.septembereleventh.org/edmonds

Catherine Austin Fitts' letter to Condoleezza Rice: http://www.whereisthemoney.org/hotseat/condoleezzarice.htm

Judge Reggie B. Walton overseeing the case: http://www.dcd.uscourts.gov/walton-bio.html

Alert from Citizens Watch for Monday Hearing : http://www.solariactionnetwork.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=910

Stories about Sibel D. Edmonds

Lost in Translation: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2002/10/25/60minutes/main526954.shtml

Statement of FBI Whistleblower Sibel D. Edmonds and her Attorneys: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/onpolitics/articles/whistleblowerpr.html

We should have had orange or red-type of alert in June or July of 2001: http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2004/03/26/translator/index_np.html



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