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Date: Tuesday, 6 April 2004
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Terrorist's Name On Manifest Raises Questions About Saudi Flights After 9/11
List and testimony indicates FBI may have allowed alleged hijacker's kin to leave U.S. with son of Saudi defense minister without questioning them.

by Tom Flocco
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WASHINGTON – April 4, 2004 — Posted 07:45 ET — TomFlocco.com — A copy of a previously unpublished manifest, obtained late Thursday night and dated September 15, 2001, provides evidence of a private Boeing-727 Saudi flight from Lexington, Kentucky to London. But the names on the manifest raise serious questions about FBI policies and procedures related to witness identification, criminal investigations and obstruction of justice.

Ahmad A. M. Alhazmi, 20, (Saudi passport no. B805019) is listed on the manifest with Prince Sultan bin Fahad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, 19, (Saudi passport no. 406 A), son of Saudi defense minister Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.

The name Alhazmi and its ties to laundered Riggs Bank cashiers checks may become a subject of interest when National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice testifies later this week—especially since young Ahmad Alhazmi has the same last name as Nawaf Alhazmi, one of the terrorists identified as an alleged hijacker of American Airlines flight 77.

The White House had originally asserted that flights evacuating Saudis from the United States after 9/11 never existed, but author Craig Unger—who has written a book about clandestine Bush-Saudi relationships—obtained flight manifest lists which were drawn up by the Saudi embassy.
Besides the Alhazmi list, three other manifests confirm a total of four separate Saudi flights leaving the United States on September 15, 16, 22 and 24, 2001, after the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. Unger, author of "House of Bush / House of Saud: The Secret Relationship Between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties," has now posted all four manifests online.

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